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This page lists all 50 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 95,480,526.

Total games played: 41.

Total broadcast hours: 565 (23 days).

Average length of broadcast: 11h 17m 50s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-09-25Saturday02: 46Just Chatting(VIDEO GAMES AND VIDEOS)(TOP TIER REACTING+GAMING) NUMBER ON11:45:501636115
2021-09-25Saturday06: 34Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-25Saturday13: 18Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-23Thursday19: 06Just ChattingGAMING GOD FINALLY REACHES MAXIMUM LEVEL AND ASCENDS PAST TH10:05:301934213
2021-09-23Thursday21: 48NBA 2K22Game change  
2021-09-23Thursday01: 36FIFA 22Game change  
2021-09-23Thursday02: 38Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-23Thursday03: 04VALORANTGame change  
2021-09-23Thursday03: 45Diablo II: ResurrectedGame change  
2021-09-23Thursday04: 41Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-22Wednesday22: 25Just ChattingLOST GAMER PLAYS RANDOM GAMES NO ONE ASKED FOR AND WATCHES V10:33:001677036
2021-09-22Wednesday01: 42Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-22Wednesday02: 01FIFA 22Game change  
2021-09-22Wednesday05: 17Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-22Wednesday07: 01Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-21Tuesday20: 37Just ChattingCRAZED MAN WITH ONLY ONE GOAL GOES LIVE AND SNAPS. INCREDIBL10:29:202224925
2021-09-21Tuesday22: 45Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-21Tuesday05: 40VALORANTGame change  
2021-09-20Monday20: 45Just ChattingMAXIMUM SKILLED VIDEO REACTOR AND GAME PLAYER. CLICK HERE TO12:25:401778801
2021-09-20Monday01: 41Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-19Sunday21: 19Just ChattingMAXIMUM RATED GAMER (OF ALL GAMES) SHOWS HOW ITS DONE TO NOO11:00:001680425
2021-09-19Sunday00: 31Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-19Sunday00: 55VALORANTGame change  
2021-09-19Sunday02: 41Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-18Saturday15: 24Just ChattingCLICK HERE TO FIND OUT THE SECRETS TO BE #1 CHIEFTAIN GENERA11:29:302037667
2021-09-18Saturday19: 11Call of Duty: VanguardGame change  
2021-09-18Saturday21: 03Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-18Saturday21: 03Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-18Saturday21: 16Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-17Friday03: 24Just ChattingWOW IT FINALLY HAPPENED FEELSOGOODMAN THIS SCHEDULE IS GOOD 16:01:002181128
2021-09-17Friday19: 21Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-15Wednesday04: 53Just ChattingCLICK HERE TO FIND THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED (CRAZY) VID19:12:103102269
2021-09-14Tuesday16: 00Special EventsGame change  
2021-09-14Tuesday16: 01Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-12Sunday04: 15Just ChattingCRAZED WILD MAN DOES INCREDIBLE THINGS. CLICK TO SEE (LONG L21:43:403758370
2021-09-12Sunday18: 57FortniteGame change  
2021-09-12Sunday19: 19Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-12Sunday20: 16Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutGame change  
2021-09-12Sunday21: 16Dark Roll: Free Kick ChallengeGame change  
2021-09-12Sunday21: 25VALORANTGame change  
2021-09-10Friday01: 11Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-10Friday01: 50Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-09Thursday22: 50Just ChattingDID IT HAPPEN11:01:301480987
2021-09-09Thursday01: 41Life is Strange: True ColorsGame change  
2021-09-09Thursday04: 20Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday17: 42Just ChattingIMMENSIVE COLOSSAL W STREAM. W ONLY. DOUBLE YOU. U HEARD THA14:07:202372089
2021-09-08Wednesday00: 57Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday02: 34Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-08Wednesday03: 57Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday01: 53Just ChattingWHO KNOWS ANYMORE? I DO, THATS F****ING WHO. OMG BIG !!1111111:08:501578159
2021-09-08Wednesday07: 46VALORANTGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday07: 49FortniteGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday07: 57RobloxGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday08: 09FortniteGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday09: 24RobloxGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday09: 27Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday10: 11OverwatchGame change  
2021-09-07Tuesday05: 08Just ChattingSOMETHING CRAZY HAPPENED, CLICK TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS OMG??06:56:20906206
2021-09-07Tuesday06: 50Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-07Tuesday08: 06Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-05Monday23: 41Just ChattingYOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TODAY OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW 10:13:301621163
2021-09-05Monday01: 19Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-04Saturday22: 02Just ChattingBIG HUGE INSANE MACHINE MAN GOES HARDCORE IN EVERY GAME AND 11:45:301718125
2021-09-04Saturday02: 39Dark Roll: Free Kick ChallengeGame change  
2021-09-04Saturday04: 18Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-04Saturday04: 19VALORANTGame change  
2021-09-04Saturday05: 06Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-03Saturday23: 58Just ChattingBIG BIG JUICER INSANE GAMING EXTRAORDINAIRE CLAPS EVERY SING11:08:201529100
2021-09-03Saturday03: 35Just ChattingGame change  
2021-09-03Saturday03: 47Rocket LeagueGame change  
2021-09-03Saturday04: 15Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-09-03Friday01: 14Just ChattingOLD WASHED UP SKELETAL MAN SITS ON OLD MEDIEVAL CHAIR AND WA11:50:301651258
2021-09-03Friday05: 51Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-31Tuesday06: 31Just Chatting(NEW TTS) GAMING GOD SLEEPS FOR A FULL EARTH SPIN JUST TO CO22:14:103688158
2021-08-31Tuesday22: 30Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-31Tuesday00: 04Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-31Tuesday00: 06Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-29Sunday12: 35Just Chatting🔴 🎵 DONDA LISTENING PARTY🎵 🔴 LISTENING TO MUSIC, WATCHIN19:14:403767688
2021-08-29Sunday01: 33Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-29Sunday02: 44Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-08-29Sunday03: 36Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-28Saturday02: 55Just ChattingCONTENT MAGICIAN, GENIUS GOBLIN INSANE WORLDWIDE CHAMPION10:40:201576851
2021-08-28Saturday06: 31Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-08-28Saturday07: 56FortniteGame change  
2021-08-28Saturday08: 45VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-28Saturday09: 42Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-28Saturday10: 53Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-26Thursday05: 28Just ChattingVAX ANDY WAKES UP FROM A LONG NEEDED SLEEP TO ATTEND GAMING 01:55:104142478
2021-08-26Thursday00: 14RobloxGame change  
2021-08-26Thursday02: 56Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-26Thursday02: 57VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-26Thursday04: 52Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-24Tuesday19: 04Just ChattingYOU WONT GUESS WHAT HAPPENED - VAX 2ND SHOT TODAY - OMG!!!! 11:45:392096623
2021-08-24Tuesday00: 37PowerWash SimulatorGame change  
2021-08-24Tuesday01: 00Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-24Tuesday03: 14VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-24Tuesday04: 08Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-08-24Tuesday04: 57Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-24Tuesday05: 02Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-23Monday20: 53Just ChattingTHIS STREAM WILL LEAVE YOU STUNNED (WTF) YOU WONT BELIEVE WH11:43:192007266
2021-08-23Monday02: 25Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-08-23Monday03: 01Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-23Monday03: 09Aliens: Fireteam EliteGame change  
2021-08-23Monday05: 01Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-23Monday05: 41Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-22Sunday19: 23Grand Theft Auto V[Nopixel WL] MAN WITH UNMATCHED TITANIC MUSCLES BRUTEFORCES 11:15:282088591
2021-08-22Sunday01: 56Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-22Sunday01: 59SuchArt: Genius Artist SimulatorGame change  
2021-08-22Sunday03: 08Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-22Sunday03: 13Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-08-22Sunday03: 58Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-22Sunday04: 40VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-21Saturday18: 23Just ChattingMAN WITH UNMATCHED TITANIC MUSCLES BRUTEFORCES HIS WAY THROU13:05:342168465
2021-08-21Saturday02: 06Dark Roll: Free Kick ChallengeGame change  
2021-08-21Saturday02: 50ShieldwallGame change  
2021-08-21Saturday02: 52Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-21Saturday03: 00Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-08-21Saturday04: 31Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-21Saturday05: 04VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-21Saturday06: 10Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-19Thursday17: 36Just ChattingTITANIC MAN WITH UNREAL UNMATCHED UNBELIEVABLE STRENGHT AND 10:11:412040426
2021-08-19Thursday23: 27Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-19Thursday23: 28Dark Roll: Free Kick ChallengeGame change  
2021-08-19Thursday01: 39Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-19Thursday01: 44Lawn Mowing SimulatorGame change  
2021-08-19Thursday02: 43Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-19Thursday01: 43Hivemind GameshowHIVEMIND SEASON FINALE w/ Ludwig & MoistCr1TiKaL | ft.xQcOW,08:16:401169119
2021-08-19Thursday03: 03Summer of '58Game change  
2021-08-19Thursday04: 10Dark Roll: Free Kick ChallengeGame change  
2021-08-19Thursday07: 41Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-18Thursday23: 58Grand Theft Auto VLAST RANK IN EVERY GAME GAMING NEWB TRIES TO GET BETTER...I 01:44:28482959
2021-08-18Thursday00: 00Hivemind GameshowGame change  
2021-08-17Wednesday23: 16Just ChattingLAST RANK IN EVERY GAME GAMING NEWB TRIES TO GET BETTER...I 10:11:321524257
2021-08-17Wednesday03: 28Ghost Hunters CorpGame change  
2021-08-17Wednesday04: 24Dark Roll: Free Kick ChallengeGame change  
2021-08-17Wednesday05: 01Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-17Wednesday06: 11Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-17Wednesday06: 29Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-17Wednesday06: 35Jump KingGame change  
2021-08-17Wednesday06: 39Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-16Monday18: 28Just ChattingNO SLEEP GIANT COLOSSUS GENIUS JUMPING MANIAC GOES AGAINST A10:12:262196464
2021-08-16Monday20: 58Jump KingGame change  
2021-08-16Monday00: 38Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-16Monday02: 36Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-15Monday23: 41Just ChattingTRADING IN THE LAST BIT OF MY SANITY LEFT TO FINISH A FREE D10:52:381786551
2021-08-15Monday02: 26Jump KingGame change  
2021-08-15Monday05: 30Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-15Monday07: 54Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-15Sunday01: 10Just ChattingEXILED MAN WANTED BY NONE COMES BACK TO THE TOWN THE PUSHED 10:05:401661630
2021-08-15Sunday04: 48King KongGame change  
2021-08-15Sunday04: 48Jump KingGame change  
2021-08-15Sunday07: 02Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-15Sunday10: 04Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-13Friday22: 55Just ChattingWHAT WHO WHEN HOW WHY WHOM WOW WINNING WIRLWIND WHALE? WOOOO10:51:461758484
2021-08-13Friday02: 59Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-13Friday03: 01Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-13Friday05: 50VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-13Friday07: 48Jump KingGame change  
2021-08-13Friday08: 51Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday17: 59Just ChattingVIDEO GAME REVENANT CLAPS THE CHEEKS OF EVERY GAME UNTIL SWO10:08:581915515
2021-08-12Thursday22: 29Jump KingGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday00: 09Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday00: 10Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday02: 10Jump KingGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday03: 03Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday03: 05Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday01: 58Hivemind GameshowHivemind on TwitchGaming w/Ludwig & /MoistCr1TiKaL | ft/Mizk08:04:411166588
2021-08-12Thursday03: 04Jump KingGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday04: 16Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday04: 43Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-12Thursday08: 55Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-08-11Thursday23: 58Just ChattingDEGEN STREAMING SCHEDULE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL IDIOT NO CONTE01:59:36535960
2021-08-11Thursday00: 02Hivemind GameshowGame change  
2021-08-10Wednesday23: 18Just ChattingGAMING KING SKELETON REVENANT WARLORD CHIEFTAIN PHARAOH PRIN10:34:131636305
2021-08-10Wednesday04: 06Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-10Wednesday05: 31Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-10Wednesday07: 12VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-10Wednesday08: 52Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-08-09Monday22: 11Just ChattingBEST VIRTUAL GAMER TO WALK THE EARTH BEATS THE TOUGHEST CHAL11:04:591972112
2021-08-09Monday04: 06Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-09Monday05: 53Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-09Monday08: 01Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-08-08Monday01: 42Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-08Monday02: 02Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-08Monday02: 05Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-08Monday04: 59VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-08Monday06: 22Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-08Monday07: 14Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-08-08Monday07: 17Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-08-08Sunday22: 11PICO PARKGame change  
2021-08-07Saturday19: 50Just ChattingJUICELORD CHIEFTAIN SIGMA MALE GRINDSET GOD GENIUS GOLEM PHA10:49:382098269
2021-08-07Saturday23: 35Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-07Saturday03: 42Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-07Saturday03: 48VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-07Saturday04: 31Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-07Saturday04: 57League of LegendsGame change  
2021-08-06Friday18: 21Just ChattingGAMING GOLEM DOMINATES THE WORLD AND ITS CHALLENGES IN A WAY11:11:062159665
2021-08-06Friday00: 50Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-06Friday01: 37SplitgateGame change  
2021-08-06Friday01: 54Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-06Friday02: 45Back 4 BloodGame change  
2021-08-06Friday03: 56Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-06Friday03: 58VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-04Wednesday22: 08Just ChattingBIG BRAIN GENIUS MAN WATCHES BAD, BORING AND CRINGE VIDEOS U10:24:422493614
2021-08-04Wednesday03: 11Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-08-04Wednesday03: 12Friday the 13th: The GameGame change  
2021-08-04Wednesday03: 15Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-04Wednesday03: 55Friday the 13th: The GameGame change  
2021-08-04Wednesday05: 24Among UsGame change  
2021-08-04Wednesday07: 59Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-03Tuesday18: 37Just ChattingINSANELY SKILLED AND GIFTED GAMER DESTROYS ANY HOPE FOR THE 11:39:122168074
2021-08-03Tuesday00: 16VALORANTGame change  
2021-08-03Tuesday01: 25Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-03Tuesday01: 34SlappyballGame change  
2021-08-03Tuesday01: 43Golf With Your FriendsGame change  
2021-08-03Tuesday02: 25Gartic PhoneGame change  
2021-08-03Tuesday04: 49Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-08-02Monday17: 25Just ChattingRETIRED GARBAGE FAKE-FPS PLAYER (M1 HOLDER) SITS DOWN ON A W10:38:352254316
2021-08-02Monday23: 42Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-02Monday23: 54SWAT 4Game change  
2021-08-02Monday01: 08Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-02Monday01: 36Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-08-02Monday03: 01DepthGame change  
2021-08-01Sunday18: 20Just ChattingFIRST STREAM EVER (LOL) WARLORD SKELETON CHIEFTAIN BECOMES A10:46:562405188
2021-08-01Sunday23: 05Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-01Sunday23: 22Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-08-01Sunday01: 18Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-01Sunday01: 48Friday the 13th: The GameGame change  
2021-08-01Sunday03: 14Witch ItGame change  
2021-08-01Sunday03: 56Gartic PhoneGame change  
2021-07-28Wednesday15: 50Just ChattingVIDEO GAMING LEGEND RELIC GOLEM TAKES THE WHEELS ONCE MORE A01:35:586140

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