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This page lists all 51 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 101,714,858.

Total games played: 52.

Total broadcast hours: 545 (22 days).

Average length of broadcast: 10h 40m 51s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-12-06Monday01: 43Minecraft🔴ALERT. THIS IS A MASTERCHEF ALERT. TUNE IN NOW. NOW. NOW. 09:22:1930547
2021-12-06Monday05: 25VALORANTGame change  
2021-12-06Monday07: 03Escape Room: The Sick ColleagueGame change  
2021-12-06Monday08: 18FortniteGame change  
2021-12-06Monday08: 25MinecraftGame change  
2021-12-06Monday10: 05Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday23: 24Just Chatting🔴CHILL DAY (IM HURT) WARLORD WITH LOW HP HEALS UP AND WAITS10:44:382257467
2021-12-04Saturday04: 07Just ChattingGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday04: 15PropnightGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday05: 53Mario Kart 8 DeluxeGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday06: 45Just ChattingGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday08: 19VALORANTGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday08: 50MinecraftGame change  
2021-12-03Friday20: 43Just Chatting🔴[IRL] UNIVERSAL WITH LUD (BANNED) VALK MIZ SHROUD TOAST SY05:23:012091743
2021-12-03Friday02: 36Just ChattingCHILL NICE NIGHT COZY STREAM (MASTERCHEF SEASON2 FINALE) AND06:13:401283096
2021-12-03Friday05: 42Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-12-02Thursday01: 18Just ChattingLOST DEHYDRATED MAN LOOKS FOR ONE DROP OF CONTENT IN A GAMEL10:39:261901082
2021-12-02Thursday05: 02Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-12-01Wednesday03: 39Just ChattingLAST MAN STANDING ON TWITCH.TV HAVING MID-LIFE CRISIS STREAM10:26:171683051
2021-12-01Wednesday07: 39Just ChattingGame change  
2021-12-01Wednesday07: 43Mario Kart 8Game change  
2021-12-01Wednesday08: 16Crab GameGame change  
2021-12-01Wednesday08: 21Just ChattingGame change  
2021-12-01Wednesday10: 29Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-11-29Monday22: 07Just ChattingGOOD MORNING --- OOOoooOOOOooOOoooOOooOoOOOOO 5IU435982Y89YR10:51:062382062
2021-11-29Monday00: 39Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-11-29Monday06: 43Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-28Sunday23: 59Just ChattingAYYYYYYYYY YOOOOOO. DRAMA DAY ? AHAHAH!!!! OMG!! CONTENTTTTT11:33:012333776
2021-11-28Sunday07: 19Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-28Sunday08: 58Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-11-27Saturday08: 12Just ChattingJUST ANOTHER WEEKLY 24 HOUR STREAM TO STIR THE POT AGAIN (WO21:33:004428177
2021-11-27Saturday03: 30Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-25Thursday23: 50Just Chatting9843874304687648972622378 ENCRYPTED MESSAGE 594875843567850911:07:421899183
2021-11-25Thursday04: 31Marbles On StreamGame change  
2021-11-25Thursday05: 19Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-25Thursday05: 31Mario Kart 8 DeluxeGame change  
2021-11-25Thursday07: 26Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-11-24Wednesday22: 21Just ChattingACTUAL GAMING WARLORD AND VIDEO GAME REACTION RANDAL POPS OF09:56:561782199
2021-11-24Wednesday02: 26Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-24Wednesday04: 24Halo InfiniteGame change  
2021-11-24Wednesday06: 26Crab GameGame change  
2021-11-24Wednesday06: 42Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-24Wednesday06: 45Marbles On StreamGame change  
2021-11-24Wednesday07: 24Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-11-23Tuesday22: 38Just ChattingOMGGGGGGG!! THIS HAPPENED FEWKJFHKJWQHFQWHFKLJQWFHEW8U4YR87411:48:142107320
2021-11-23Tuesday03: 56Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-23Tuesday05: 31Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-11-23Tuesday01: 51Just ChattingBIG BIG BIG STUFF HAPPENING. DRAMA IS SURROUNDING US. NEWS. 06:22:431199234
2021-11-23Tuesday03: 42Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-11-21Sunday03: 14Just ChattingWHAT YEAR IS THIS? MAJOR DRAMA AND OMG! ESPORTS AWARDS (MORE08:12:121559915
2021-11-21Sunday05: 32The ForestGame change  
2021-11-21Sunday09: 07Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-21Sunday09: 28RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-11-21Sunday09: 46Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-11-21Sunday09: 50Marbles On StreamGame change  
2021-11-21Sunday10: 45VALORANTGame change  
2021-11-21Sunday11: 23Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-19Friday02: 33Just ChattingMAYBE 24HR STREAM (ALL NIGHT ALL DAY) I DONT KNOW. WHO KNOWS23:09:464020064
2021-11-19Friday18: 43MinecraftGame change  
2021-11-19Friday19: 27Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-19Friday21: 20Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-19Friday23: 03Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-19Friday23: 25League of LegendsGame change  
2021-11-18Thursday00: 02Just ChattingECRYPTED TITLE : 230986709329846562348094647398347654378436610:40:501794111
2021-11-18Thursday03: 36Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-18Thursday04: 18The Asylum IncidentGame change  
2021-11-18Thursday05: 22Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-18Thursday07: 32Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-11-17Wednesday01: 28Just ChattingOMG IT HAPPENED, I CANT BELIEVE IT. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THI09:50:281562099
2021-11-17Wednesday05: 26Crab GameGame change  
2021-11-17Wednesday05: 33Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-17Wednesday06: 32Halo InfiniteGame change  
2021-11-17Wednesday08: 33Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-17Wednesday09: 42The Mortuary AssistantGame change  
2021-11-17Wednesday10: 17Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-17Wednesday10: 20Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-16Tuesday01: 34Just ChattingBANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BING 11:13:051809444
2021-11-16Tuesday04: 50Halo InfiniteGame change  
2021-11-16Tuesday06: 51Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-16Tuesday07: 42Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-11-14Sunday22: 20Just ChattingHALF DEAD INFECTED ZOMBIE STREAMER ATTEMPTS TO FIND THINGS T11:11:122235091
2021-11-14Sunday02: 47Mario Party SuperstarsGame change  
2021-11-14Sunday04: 59Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-14Sunday07: 48Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-14Sunday08: 58Battlefield 2042Game change  
2021-11-14Sunday01: 07Just ChattingHALF DEAD INFECTED ZOMBIE STREAMER ATTEMPTS TO FIND THINGS T10:02:081674846
2021-11-14Sunday05: 08Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-14Sunday06: 16Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasGame change  
2021-11-14Sunday09: 39Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-11-14Sunday10: 12Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-12Friday23: 21Just ChattingIM OLD AND DUSTY (26 YEARS OLD BTW) VERY SICK AND WANTING TO09:25:332155375
2021-11-12Friday03: 56Elden RingGame change  
2021-11-12Friday06: 04Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-12Friday06: 58ALTF4Game change  
2021-11-12Friday07: 14Battlefield 2042Game change  
2021-11-12Friday08: 20Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-11Thursday23: 35Just ChattingBIG NEWS (BIG BIG) VERY SICK (COLD) TODAY. BATTLEFIELD* BETA14:35:292672417
2021-11-11Thursday06: 34Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-11Thursday08: 06Battlefield 2042Game change  
2021-11-11Thursday10: 58Elden RingGame change  
2021-11-11Thursday14: 08Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-10Wednesday21: 02Just ChattingBIG DRAMA AND INSANE STUFF HAPPENING OMGGGG!!! CLCK NOW TO S09:38:192174031
2021-11-10Wednesday23: 14Among UsGame change  
2021-11-10Wednesday23: 16Crab GameGame change  
2021-11-10Wednesday01: 36Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-10Wednesday04: 05Assetto CorsaGame change  
2021-11-10Wednesday05: 49Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday22: 31Just ChattingBEST ONE ONLY TOP CRAZED ALWAYS TODAY OK MAYBE YES RIGHT NOW10:09:301942719
2021-11-09Tuesday02: 25Call of Duty: VanguardGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday03: 21Mario Party SuperstarsGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday05: 15Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday05: 39Assetto CorsaGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday07: 16Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday07: 53Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday08: 05Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday05: 54Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday05: 59Call of Duty: VanguardGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday07: 19Five Nights at Freddy's 4Game change  
2021-11-09Tuesday08: 24Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday09: 20SuperliminalGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday09: 56Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday10: 03Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-07Sunday23: 16Just ChattingYUH YUH YUH YUH BOI WE HERE. CLICK THIS LINK OR PERISH. NO C11:07:282181389
2021-11-07Sunday05: 57Mario Party SuperstarsGame change  
2021-11-07Sunday08: 12Crab GameGame change  
2021-11-07Sunday08: 33Call of Duty: VanguardGame change  
2021-11-07Sunday09: 26Assetto CorsaGame change  
2021-11-06Saturday22: 05Just ChattingBACK FROM VEGAS (COUPLE STORIES FIRST) THEN VIDEOS, GARBAGE,10:50:542371510
2021-11-06Saturday02: 41Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-06Saturday02: 45Forza Horizon 5Game change  
2021-11-06Saturday05: 24Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-06Saturday05: 50Assetto CorsaGame change  
2021-11-06Saturday06: 50Crab GameGame change  
2021-11-06Saturday08: 52Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-05Friday18: 07Special Events[WINNER POV] VEGAS TWITCHRIVALS. DAY1 (PHYSICAL CHALLENGES) 04:38:411466261
2021-11-05Friday18: 07Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-05Friday18: 10Special EventsGame change  
2021-11-04Thursday18: 27Just Chatting[WINNER POV] VEGAS TWITCHRIVALS. DAY1 (PHYSICAL CHALLENGES) 04:30:301855837
2021-11-04Thursday18: 47Special EventsGame change  
2021-11-01Monday23: 39Just Chatting**CERTIFIED GAMING WARLORD** GOING BING BONG BING BONG BIG T02:28:01756941
2021-11-01Monday01: 45Crab GameGame change  
2021-11-01Monday00: 21Just ChattingLOST MAN TURNING INTO SKELETON FORM DOESNT BACK DOWN FROM AN10:04:562033357
2021-11-01Monday02: 00Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-01Monday02: 00Crab GameGame change  
2021-11-01Monday06: 10Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-30Saturday22: 02Just ChattingGAMING ILLUMINATOR PLAYS WASHED UP GAMES NO ONE CARES ABOUT 10:09:021915083
2021-10-30Saturday23: 53Crab GameGame change  
2021-10-30Saturday03: 05Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-30Saturday03: 07Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-10-30Saturday04: 20Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-30Saturday04: 31Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-30Saturday07: 30Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-10-30Saturday08: 20RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-29Friday20: 02Just ChattingDOING SQUID GAMES IN GTA RP (BIG EVENT) THEN PROBABLY NORMAL10:43:523262268
2021-10-29Friday20: 54Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-28Thursday22: 44Just ChattingCOOL VERY WICKED AND TALENTED PERSON DOES VERY CRAZY THINGS.11:06:122393407
2021-10-28Thursday01: 06Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-27Wednesday19: 03Just Chatting(WINNER POV) BIGGEST TOURNAMENT WIN EVER (TWITCH RIVALS) COM10:28:102825908
2021-10-27Wednesday19: 52Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutGame change  
2021-10-27Wednesday22: 26Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-27Wednesday22: 48Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday20: 47Just ChattingCRAZED MANCHILD GOES INSANE BECAUSE OF VIDEO GAME WITHDRAWAL11:25:532166614
2021-10-26Tuesday22: 58Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday00: 36Plague Inc: EvolvedGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday01: 25Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday02: 26Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday02: 56Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday08: 11Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-25Monday17: 30Just Chatting**MEDIASHARE** FINISHING UP FROM YESTERDAYS VIDEO CONTENT QU10:41:282368006
2021-10-25Monday19: 33Jump KingGame change  
2021-10-25Monday20: 01Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-25Monday20: 47Poly BridgeGame change  
2021-10-25Monday21: 21Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-25Monday21: 40RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-25Monday22: 06Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-25Monday22: 45MinecraftGame change  
2021-10-25Monday23: 20Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-25Monday23: 48Plague Inc: EvolvedGame change  
2021-10-25Monday00: 47Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-25Monday01: 20PhasmophobiaGame change  
2021-10-25Monday03: 01Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-25Monday03: 36VALORANTGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday00: 09Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-10-24Sunday00: 41Jump KingGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday02: 30Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday02: 55The Long DriveGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday04: 41Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-10-24Sunday05: 28RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday05: 54Jump KingGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday00: 07Just Chatting(O M G) CRAZY WICKED DANK NEWS (REAL) INCREDIBLE STUFF HAPPE10:50:201744526
2021-10-24Sunday01: 27Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-10-24Sunday03: 35Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday05: 57Jump KingGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday06: 24Welcome to the Game IIGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday07: 14Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday07: 19Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-22Friday22: 29Jump KingGame change  
2021-10-22Friday00: 26Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-22Friday00: 39RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-22Friday01: 13Welcome to the Game IIGame change  
2021-10-22Friday04: 17Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-22Friday04: 24Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-21Thursday18: 58Just ChattingNEW HOUSE NEW ME NEW NOTHING NEW CAT NEW SKILLS NEW GAMES NE10:23:101834350
2021-10-21Thursday22: 43Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-21Thursday22: 50RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-21Thursday23: 26Geometry DashGame change  
2021-10-21Thursday23: 40The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of AshesGame change  
2021-10-19Tuesday18: 47Just ChattingMOST SCUFFED STREAMER IN LA (REAL AND TRUE) SURMOUNTS ALL PO10:14:401941276
2021-10-19Tuesday22: 01The Cycle: FrontierGame change  
2021-10-19Tuesday00: 13Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-19Tuesday02: 24Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister LocationGame change  
2021-10-19Tuesday03: 52Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-19Tuesday04: 05Escape SimulatorGame change  
2021-10-18Monday02: 02Just Chatting(NEW LOCATION) X SEASON 29 (REAL) CONTENT GOLEM GOES WACKY-W01:47:31523462
2021-10-16Saturday04: 21Just ChattingGAMING BEING REVIVED BY THE ONLY GAMING NECROMANCER KNOWN TO20:33:203230568
2021-10-16Saturday19: 09RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-16Saturday19: 25Holdfast: Nations At WarGame change  
2021-10-16Saturday20: 45Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-16Saturday22: 06RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-16Saturday22: 37Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutGame change  
2021-10-16Saturday00: 15Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-16Saturday00: 17Games + DemosGame change  
2021-10-16Saturday00: 49Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-15Friday07: 07Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-15Friday07: 21RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-15Friday07: 54Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-15Friday08: 00Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-15Friday11: 19Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-10-14Thursday02: 48Just ChattingGREAT INSANE GAMING JUICER WITH A ROCK SOLID, CEMENT-LIKE SC09:38:501170924
2021-10-14Thursday07: 16Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-14Thursday07: 46Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-14Thursday11: 43RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-12Tuesday04: 19Just ChattingNIGHT STREAM INTO DAY STREAM INTO NIGHT STREAM INTO DAY STRE21:49:303344980
2021-10-12Tuesday20: 17RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-12Tuesday21: 24Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-10-12Tuesday22: 45Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-12Tuesday00: 02RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-12Tuesday00: 59Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-12Tuesday01: 03Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-10-10Sunday20: 21Just ChattingBIG INSANE STRIMER! BING BONG BANG BOOM, BING BANG BANG BOOM11:42:201860225
2021-10-10Sunday01: 14FortniteGame change  
2021-10-10Sunday01: 59Before Your EyesGame change  
2021-10-10Sunday03: 52Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-10Sunday03: 55Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-09Saturday21: 36Just ChattingDID YOU KNOW THAT.......? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS.11:10:501768034
2021-10-09Saturday01: 56NososGame change  
2021-10-09Saturday02: 18DEVOURGame change  
2021-10-09Saturday03: 22Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-10-09Saturday04: 38RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-09Saturday05: 17Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-08Friday22: 03Just Chatting#2 (NOT NUMBER 1 SADGE) LOGS INTO ANY VIDEO GAME AVAILABLE A12:04:501738706
2021-10-08Friday02: 51Nickelodeon All-Star BrawlGame change  
2021-10-08Friday03: 41Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-08Friday04: 46RISK: The Game of Global DominationGame change  
2021-10-08Friday05: 57Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-10-07Thursday22: 04Just Chatting#2 INSANE VIDEO GAME GOLEM DOES INCREDIBLY INTERESTING THING12:13:101697066
2021-10-07Thursday02: 53Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarGame change  
2021-10-07Thursday04: 37Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-07Thursday04: 55The CaregiverGame change  
2021-10-07Thursday05: 47Grand Theft Auto VGame change  

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