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This page lists all 76 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 6,450,751.

Total games played: 2.

Total broadcast hours: 701 (29 days).

Average length of broadcast: 9h 13m 7s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-01-16Saturday13: 25World of WarcraftKAYS MOUNTS! Officially CLOSED | !RAID !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR06:05:1430936
2021-01-15Friday11: 42World of WarcraftVault Feeder! Closing Call Waiting Room | !RAID !GFUEL !STOR06:46:5341887
2021-01-13Wednesday22: 53World of WarcraftAfternoon Tankage! 6/10M Council Prog | !RAID !GFUEL !STORE 07:13:3921369
2021-01-13Wednesday01: 48Raid: Shadow LegendsThe Doom Tower! !RAID #AD | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow 04:14:5011433
2021-01-12Tuesday12: 13World of WarcraftVAULT DAY! The Doom Tower! | !RAID #AD | !GFUEL !STORE !GUN06:52:1552262
2021-01-11Monday11: 24World of WarcraftMonday Ketchup | !RAID !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @towel07:13:3433802
2021-01-10Sunday12: 24World of WarcraftDoing <insertthing> or else <insertgiftedsubshere> | !GFUEL 07:27:3141072
2021-01-08Friday11: 42World of WarcraftFeeding The Great Vault | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @to07:27:4529156
2021-01-07Thursday23: 40World of WarcraftMythic Lady 5/10M | The Maw Mounter | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR 06:39:2315749
2021-01-07Thursday00: 07World of WarcraftLayer 7 & 8 Corridor! Mythic Raid After | !GFUEL !STORE !GUN07:57:5423257
2021-01-06Wednesday02: 15World of WarcraftRaid Night towGold Edition | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow 04:30:3610757
2021-01-05Tuesday11: 28World of WarcraftVault Day! Twisting Corridors OPENS! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR08:19:1640780
2021-01-04Monday10: 49World of WarcraftBrM Ulduar, KAYS, and Juicy New Cinematic [SPOILER] | Sponso07:17:0729393
2021-01-02Saturday06: 05World of WarcraftViewer Ulduar, Arenas , and Pushing! | Sponsored by ORIGIN P09:30:1737293
2020-12-29Tuesday12: 39World of WarcraftHAPPY GREAT VAULT DAY! REESET THANGS! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNA06:18:4029472
2020-12-28Monday23: 09World of WarcraftAfternoon Dailies and Heroic/Mythic CN | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNN07:01:0121174
2020-12-27Sunday08: 58World of WarcraftJust Shadowlands Things| !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @tow07:02:4725905
2020-12-25Friday12: 01World of WarcraftA TOWELCLAUS CHRISTMAS WITH THIS BIG SAC! | !GFUEL !STORE !G06:22:2052667
2020-12-24Thursday11: 17World of WarcraftLiMiT WINS RWF! BrM Main Thoon? Breaking Bad Edition | !GFUE06:16:3137296
2020-12-23Wednesday22: 26World of WarcraftLiMiT WINS RWF! HEAD SHAVE TIME | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Fo05:51:4337466
2020-12-23Wednesday01: 58World of WarcraftMythic Castle Nathria 2/10M | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow04:41:3313707
2020-12-22Tuesday11: 21World of WarcraftGREAT VAULT DAY! RWF IS towTinfoil | !GFUEL 30% OFF !STORE !11:42:0350454
2020-12-21Monday04: 03World of WarcraftJust Shadowlands Things | !GFUEL 30% OFF !STORE !GUNNAR | Ne05:24:5719437
2020-12-20Sunday06: 25World of WarcraftJust Shadowlands Things | !GFUEL 30% OFF !STORE !GUNNAR | Ne09:03:1831841
2020-12-17Thursday22: 02World of WarcraftHeroic Splits 2/10M | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | LiMiT WINS RWF09:41:4833877
2020-12-16Wednesday23: 25World of WarcraftHeroic Splits 2/10M | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | LiMiT WINS RWF07:10:4330280
2020-12-15Tuesday12: 43World of WarcraftRWF WAITING ROOM! Mythic Nathria Day Raid? | !GFUEL !STORE !18:16:45138061
2020-12-14Monday05: 01World of WarcraftRWF is NIGHT! 9/10H | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | LiMiT WINS RWF07:44:4337428
2020-12-11Friday11: 55World of WarcraftMorning EM+ FWACATA 7/10H | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @08:18:1032266
2020-12-10Thursday23: 11World of WarcraftHeroic Castle Nathria Progression 2/10H | !GUEL !STORE !ORIG06:56:3638301
2020-12-09Wednesday23: 18World of WarcraftSire Normal into Mains | !GUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !GUNNAR | Foll07:24:1642998
2020-12-08Tuesday11: 09World of WarcraftSHADOWLANDS S1 WAITING ROOM! | #ChooseYourVoice !Blue Yeti 18:59:55206731
2020-12-07Monday06: 09World of WarcraftTurning LvL 40..Birthday Weekend! | !GFUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !G07:54:3634653
2020-12-06Sunday09: 00World of WarcraftPreRaid Castle Nathria P.R.E.P! | !GFUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !GUN07:11:4944936
2020-12-06Sunday08: 55World of WarcraftPreRaid Castle Nathria P.R.E.P! | !GFUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !GUN00:01:26219
2020-12-04Friday13: 25World of WarcraftDH #4 Tank Let's GOOOO! | !GFUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !GUNNAR | Ca06:57:3041832
2020-12-03Thursday14: 44World of WarcraftFINAL DAY OF 240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! !GIVEAWA08:24:2649523
2020-12-01Tuesday14: 44World of WarcraftFIRST REEESET OF SHADOWLANDS! | 240 Hour Shadowlands Launch 23:59:53650961
2020-11-29Sunday14: 44World of Warcraft!DCARTER | 240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! !GIVEAWAYS23:59:52385023
2020-11-27Friday14: 43World of Warcraft240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! !GIVEAWAYS | !STORE I23:59:51334109
2020-11-25Wednesday14: 43World of Warcraft240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! !GIVEAWAYS | !STORE I23:59:511410222
2020-11-23Monday14: 43World of Warcraft240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! | !ORIGIN PC Laptop G23:59:51857268
2020-11-22Sunday11: 07World of WarcraftONE...DAY...TILL 240HR Marathon! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT !TWITCH Ex07:27:3582869
2020-11-21Saturday12: 40World of Warcraft2 DAYS! NEW EMOTES | !GFUEL !TSHIRT !TWITCH Exclusive !PRIME07:12:2863765
2020-11-20Friday11: 09World of Warcraft3 DAYS! SL Channel Overhaul | !GFUEL !TSHIRT !TWITCH Exclusi07:49:4048900
2020-11-19Thursday17: 53World of WarcraftTESTING | Back Friday! PRE-SL BREAK! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT !TWIT01:05:054377
2020-11-17Tuesday12: 39World of WarcraftSIX DAYS! 9.0.2 TODAY | Sponsored by Origin PC | !GFUEL !TS03:29:5242152
2020-11-16Monday10: 59World of WarcraftMonday Surprise? 7 DAYS TILL SL! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowland05:57:0340308
2020-11-15Sunday10: 27World of Warcraft8 DAYS TILL SHADOWLANDS | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowlands LE !TWI08:17:0561604
2020-11-14Saturday06: 26World of WarcraftLast P50..50! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowlands LE !TWITCH Exclus07:45:2345395
2020-11-13Friday12: 21World of WarcraftShadowlands Launch Test! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowlands LE !TW08:18:5963569
2020-11-11Wednesday11: 31World of WarcraftScourge Invasion 3.0 TODAY | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowlands LE !06:49:1138411
2020-11-08Sunday03: 18World of WarcraftNever Burnt Never Tired !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | POLITICS 08:15:0542531
2020-11-07Saturday10: 16World of WarcraftP50 & Mounts | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | POLITICS FREE CHAN07:07:4948216
2020-11-05Thursday11: 27World of WarcraftP50 44/50 | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | POLITICS FREE CHANNEL05:05:1838480
2020-11-04Wednesday11: 19World of WarcraftPROJECT 50 44/50 | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | POLITICS FREE 06:21:3843154
2020-11-03Tuesday21: 06World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 05:46:1934070
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 46World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:15:512227
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 45World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:00:40469
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 43World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:01:34579
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 39World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:02:59694
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 34World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:04:31724
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 34World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:00:14194
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 31World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:00:58449
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 27World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:02:02619
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 18World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | Follow @towel00:07:38870
2020-11-03Tuesday06: 01World of WarcraftProject 50 43/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | Follow @towel08:14:3665409
2020-11-02Monday10: 56World of WarcraftProject 50 41/50 PWAR NEXT! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | Fol09:25:5695889
2020-11-01Sunday08: 52World of WarcraftProject 50 41/50 Ele NEXT! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | Foll09:08:5285632
2020-10-31Saturday09: 41World of WarcraftProject 50! 40/50 | SL RELEASES NOV 23rd | Announcements Wee07:07:5448438
2020-10-30Friday10: 35World of WarcraftSHADOWLANDS RELEASES NOV 23rd 3PM PST | Scourge NOVEMBER 10t09:44:2666642
2020-10-27Tuesday10: 24World of WarcraftAnything Can Happen Today! | 38/50 LvL 50s! SL Beta Key GA! 08:37:2997370
2020-10-26Monday09: 23World of WarcraftSL Would-Be Launch PePeHands | 36/50 LvL 50s! We Continue! S07:18:1853227
2020-10-25Sunday06: 53World of WarcraftGOT TIME-LOST | BOOMY TO 50! TEACH ME! | !RAID !UI | BETA KE06:37:1737618
2020-10-23Friday05: 04World of WarcraftProject Get 50 ON MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT...and Mounts | !RAID !UI09:07:4361001
2020-10-22Thursday05: 25World of Warcraft!RAID !UI !SHA | OP DEEPS 9.0 Tank LvLing, NEW BETA BUILD! |05:26:1827646

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