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This page lists all 242 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 13,884,943.

Total games played: 19.

Total broadcast hours: 1,933 (80 days).

Average length of broadcast: 7h 59m 12s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-06-12Saturday22: 57World of Warcraft!TBC Karazhan Prince + Dragonboi !UI !WA | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !G03:21:2215093
2021-06-11Friday21: 51World of Warcraft!TBC Karazhan Guild First Run !UI !WA | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !GUNN06:28:0328406
2021-06-11Friday05: 56World of Warcraft!TBC Kara P.R.E.P, Warrior LvLing, More LOOT !UI !WA | !GFUE06:05:5725981
2021-06-10Thursday12: 24World of WarcraftThe People's Paladin !TBC !UI !WA | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !GUNNAR !07:26:4233655
2021-06-07Monday15: 28World of WarcraftHEROICS | NEW TBC !SHIRT | Classic MARATHON 7 DAYS 168HR+ !U07:33:32517974
2021-06-05Saturday15: 28World of WarcraftNEW TBC !SHIRT | Classic MARATHON 7 DAYS 168HR+ !UI !WA | 3023:59:51475436
2021-06-03Thursday15: 28World of WarcraftNEW TBC !SHIRT | Classic MARATHON 7 DAYS 168HR+ !UI !WA | 3023:59:51363819
2021-06-01Tuesday15: 28World of Warcraft!TBC Classic MARATHON 7 DAYS 168HR+ !UI !WA <The Hammer Squa23:59:51389619
2021-05-31Monday06: 38World of Warcraft!TBC !UI 1 DAY TILL TBC MARATHON 7 DAYS 168HR+ GET HYPED! | 06:58:0844430
2021-05-28Friday20: 45World of Warcraft!TBC !UI 4 DAYS! LvL 60 Gearing P.R.E.P | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !GU00:03:101691
2021-05-28Friday11: 46World of Warcraft9.1 Mythic Testing Kel'Thuzad! | 30% OFF !GFUEL !ORIGIN !GUN07:00:1539156
2021-05-27Thursday12: 46World of Warcraft!UI !TBC WE 60! Next....LOOT! 5 DAYS TILL TBC! BE Paladin P.07:07:4754986
2021-05-26Wednesday11: 45World of Warcraft!UI !TBC 60 TODAY! 6 DAYS TILL TBC! BE Paladin P.R.E.P | 30%11:50:3972706
2021-05-25Tuesday11: 48World of Warcraft!UI !TBC Road To 60! BE Paladin P.R.E.P | Sponsored by GFUEL10:45:2154427
2021-05-24Monday11: 51World of Warcraft!UI !TBC 50 INC! BE Paladin P.R.E.P | 30% OFF !GFUEL !ORIGIN11:19:2179244
2021-05-23Sunday10: 58World of Warcraft!UI !TBC LvL 42+ BE Paladin P.R.E.P | 30% OFF !GFUEL !ORIGI11:09:0994928
2021-05-22Saturday12: 25World of Warcraft!UI !TBC LvL 35+ SM/Mara! BE Paladin P.R.E.P | 30% OFF !GFUE12:32:1470935
2021-05-21Friday12: 35World of Warcraft!UI !TBC LvL 30 Mount INC! BE Paladin P.R.E.P | 30% OFF !GFU13:23:5379757
2021-05-20Thursday12: 55World of Warcraft!UI !TBC BE Paladin Main 1-60 | Entire Starting Zone, Prof L14:21:0785900
2021-05-19Wednesday17: 14World of WarcraftBE Paladin Main 1-60 | Entire Starting Zone, Prof LvLing, Ex11:39:4171920
2021-05-18Tuesday10: 50World of WarcraftTBC Pre-Patch Waiting Room | BE Paladin 1-60 Towelliee Refor00:45:26264262
2021-05-17Monday16: 48World of WarcraftLAST TBC Pre-Patch P.R.E.P Day | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !GUNNAR !STO05:11:4323940
2021-05-15Saturday10: 59World of Warcraft!Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am !DONATE Cadre Compadres Shocking The09:48:0143415
2021-05-14Saturday23: 36World of Warcraft9.1 Mythic Raid Testing! Terrygrue & Eye of the Jailer | !GF02:57:5612271
2021-05-14Saturday23: 48Phantasy Star Online 2 New GenesisGame change  
2021-05-14Friday17: 31World of Warcraft9.1 Mythic Raid Testing! Terrygrue & Eye of the Jailer | !GF03:12:5615323
2021-05-14Friday09: 24World of WarcraftLast Day of TBC PP P.R.E.P! | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !GUNNAR !STORE 05:57:0327785
2021-05-13Thursday17: 17World of Warcraft9.1 Heroic/Mythic Raid Testing! | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !STORE | F03:25:2912641
2021-05-12Wednesday10: 12World of Warcraft!Survey 9.1 NEW MEGA DUNGEON Taza'vesh | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !STO07:12:5745911
2021-05-11Tuesday09: 15World of WarcraftTBC PP IN 7 DAYS! Sloot/Morgan Day Interview 12pm PST | !GF09:55:4042650
2021-05-11Tuesday15: 47MLB The Show 21Game change  
2021-05-11Tuesday17: 53World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-05-10Monday09: 12World of WarcraftTBC PP IN 7 DAYS! Monday Ketchup! | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !STORE | 08:28:4043836
2021-05-10Monday15: 52MLB The Show 21Game change  
2021-05-09Sunday09: 16World of WarcraftTBC JUNE 1ST! PRE-PATCH MAY 18TH! FULL P.R.E.P MODE! | !GFU08:04:2343343
2021-05-09Sunday16: 23MLB The Show 21Game change  
2021-05-07Friday18: 48World of Warcraft9.1 Heroic Testing x 3 GARROSH TIME! | RE Village After | !G08:31:4625346
2021-05-07Friday22: 02Resident Evil VillageGame change  
2021-05-07Friday02: 16World of WarcraftRE Village Launch! Big Knockers, Big Slappers, Good Tymes! 08:16:5323602
2021-05-07Friday02: 48Resident Evil VillageGame change  
2021-05-06Thursday19: 16World of WarcraftTBC JUNE 2ND - PRE PATCH MAY 18TH! | BACK TO MY ROOM! | !GFU02:30:1516958
2021-05-06Thursday10: 19World of WarcraftTODAY IS A GOOD DAY! BACK TO MY ROOM! | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !STOR06:53:5729356
2021-05-05Wednesday18: 59World of Warcraft9.1 PTR BUILD! TBC SOON..NO TM...THURSDAY IS A GOOD DAY | !G00:09:57948
2021-05-05Wednesday09: 14World of Warcraft9.1 PTR BUILD! TBC SOON..NO TM...THURSDAY IS A GOOD DAY | !G07:18:4730713
2021-05-04Tuesday09: 54World of WarcraftTBC June 1st? SUS! 18th PP? towPOG | TBC Beta !GIVEAWAYS | !08:06:4627796
2021-05-04Tuesday16: 01MLB The Show 21Game change  
2021-05-03Monday09: 46MLB The Show 21Triple-A Blues, Please YANKEES | !GFUEL !ORIGIN !STORE | Fol08:51:0335579
2021-05-03Monday10: 13World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-05-02Sunday08: 34World of WarcraftTBC Beta !Giveaways | BIG BIG WoW Week Coming! | !Mythic+ Ch08:56:3831930
2021-05-02Sunday15: 21MLB The Show 21Game change  
2021-05-01Saturday04: 06World of WarcraftTBC Beta !Giveaways | BIG BIG WoW Week Coming! | !Mythic+ Ch06:37:0925831
2021-04-30Friday01: 29World of Warcraft9.1 PTR BUILD - TBC Beta Giveaway | Returnal Launch Party! I08:39:2621236
2021-04-30Friday02: 51ReturnalGame change  
2021-04-29Thursday03: 00ScavengersTBC Beta Key !Giveaways - Classic LvLing | !Mythic+ Charity 04:47:5312416
2021-04-29Thursday03: 02World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-04-28Wednesday10: 02World of WarcraftScavengers !DROPS Enabled for EA | !TBC Beta Key Giveaways! 06:57:0735570
2021-04-28Wednesday15: 28ScavengersGame change  
2021-04-27Tuesday09: 49World of WarcraftVault Day! Ion Interview Watch Party | !ROOM !GFUEL !ORIGIN 07:58:4030161
2021-04-26Monday07: 50World of WarcraftOondasta Finale, TBC & 9.1 Waiting Room | !ROOM !GFUEL !ORIG08:34:4937661
2021-04-26Monday14: 33Diablo ImmortalGame change  
2021-04-25Sunday10: 06World of WarcrafttowUnforch Kind of Sunday! Oondasta Mount, !TBC, 9.1 PREP | 06:43:3632126
2021-04-25Sunday14: 52Diablo ImmortalGame change  
2021-04-24Saturday11: 23World of WarcraftWarrior/Bear 9.1 Gearing Banner Boi | !ROOM !GFUEL !STORE | 09:43:4730503
2021-04-24Saturday15: 43EnlistedGame change  
2021-04-23Friday09: 01World of Warcraft!TBC BETA UI/WA SETUP! 9.1 TANK P.R.E.P CONT.. | !ROOM !GFUE06:26:4520928
2021-04-22Thursday19: 35World of WarcraftTESTING CANCELLED 9.1 Tank P.R.E.P | Diablo Immortal Later |03:05:3213443
2021-04-22Thursday21: 03Diablo ImmortalGame change  
2021-04-22Thursday17: 54World of Warcraft9.1 Heroic Raid Testing | Diablo Immortal Later | !ROOM !GFU01:40:435301
2021-04-22Thursday03: 19Diablo ImmortalDIablo Immortal Alpha | !ROOM !GFUEL !STORE | Follow @towelt05:26:4719953
2021-04-22Thursday05: 45World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-04-21Wednesday10: 16World of Warcraft9.1 PTR Boss/Tank P.R.E.P !TBC S00per Th00n | !ROOM !GFUEL !08:12:4030907
2021-04-21Wednesday16: 35MLB The Show 21Game change  
2021-04-20Tuesday09: 53World of WarcraftScuffed Stream Vault Day! 9.1 Tanks, !TBC THOON | !ROOM !GFU08:32:0834414
2021-04-17Saturday12: 13World of WarcraftScuffed Stream !ROOM WoW & Beisbawl | !GFUEL !STORE | Follow06:50:2621900
2021-04-17Saturday16: 15MLB The Show 21Game change  
2021-04-17Saturday03: 23World of WarcraftScuffed Stream !ROOM WoW & Beisbawl | !GFUEL !STORE | Follow00:22:011940
2021-04-16Friday22: 17World of Warcraft9.1 PTR Heroic Raid Testing Terrygrue & Guardians | !GFUEL00:03:47839
2021-04-16Friday14: 07MLB The Show 21THE SHOW 21 [PS5] PACKS, RTTS, NEW FEATURES | 9.1 PTR Raid T08:05:5232586
2021-04-16Friday14: 10World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-04-16Friday14: 17MLB The Show 21Game change  
2021-04-16Friday19: 11World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-04-16Friday02: 00World of WarcraftMLB THE SHOW 21 [PS5] PACKS! LAUNCH PARTY! BIG DADDY IS BACK06:21:5420524
2021-04-16Friday02: 14MLB The Show 21Game change  
2021-04-15Thursday10: 08World of WarcraftMorning WoW | 9.1 Raid Testing Tomorrow | !GFUEL !ROOM !STOR05:29:4330346
2021-04-14Wednesday10: 02World of Warcraft9.1 PTR! Raid Boss Journal, Weapons/MOGS, Legos, Quests, BON07:24:3739527
2021-04-13Tuesday11: 17World of Warcraft9.1 PTR Waiting Room? Vault x4 | Classic LvLing | !GFUEL 30%11:43:0157570
2021-04-12Monday10: 37World of WarcraftTBC P.R.E.P Continues, EM+ Ketchup | !GFUEL 30% OFF !ROOM !S10:03:1858921
2021-04-12Monday17: 52OutridersGame change  
2021-04-11Sunday03: 32Diablo II: ResurrectedDiablo 2 Resurrected ACT II - First Time Player Backseating 07:55:5638909
2021-04-11Sunday03: 41World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-04-10Saturday09: 24World of WarcraftBoostie Boi Warrior LvLing! TBC PREP | !GFUEL 30% OFF !ROOM 08:00:0342142
2021-04-10Saturday13: 59Diablo II: ResurrectedGame change  
2021-04-09Friday17: 59Diablo II: Resurrected!Diablo 2 Resurrected Alpha - Chat Plats Towelliee First Tim01:43:588825
2021-04-08Thursday20: 26Diablo II: Resurrected!Diablo 2 Resurrected Alpha! Blind! Never Played | !GFUEL 3003:48:4715247
2021-04-08Thursday23: 16Just ChattingGame change  
2021-04-08Thursday00: 04Diablo II: ResurrectedGame change  
2021-04-08Thursday09: 11World of WarcraftBear 60! Warrior NEXT! Diablo 2 RM Alpha 10am PST | Shot #2 08:23:0247632
2021-04-08Thursday15: 30Diablo II: ResurrectedGame change  
2021-04-07Wednesday10: 18World of WarcraftBE Paladin TBC PREP! Bear HITS 60 TODAY | !ROOM !GFUEL !STOR08:16:5736874
2021-04-06Tuesday18: 08OutridersTank Looking for Some Seismic Activity | !ROOM !GFUEL !STORE05:08:3613692
2021-04-06Tuesday21: 42World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-04-06Tuesday00: 35OutridersT+ Farm! Trying Super Smash Brothers Build | !ROOM !GFUEL !S09:06:2037495
2021-04-06Tuesday05: 24World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-04-05Monday11: 57OutridersWe're In The ENDGAME Now EXPEDITIONS! | !ROOM !GFUEL !STORE 07:02:2032031
2021-04-04Sunday16: 38OutridersWe're In The ENDGAME Now | Finishing Sides then EXPEDITIONS 08:32:5535530
2021-04-03Saturday10: 11OutridersOUTRIDERS! God Tank WORKING TO ENDGAME | DOING IT ALL | !GFU16:48:4080819
2021-04-03Saturday10: 11World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-04-03Saturday10: 56OutridersGame change  
2021-04-02Friday11: 36World of WarcraftClassic Quickie | OUTRIDER "Devastated" Without A LEGO| !GFU13:42:0768905
2021-04-02Friday12: 19OutridersGame change  
2021-04-01Thursday10: 46World of WarcraftGOD TANK Collecting The Most Legendary Loot In The Game To B15:52:5864235
2021-04-01Thursday13: 12OutridersGame change  
2021-03-31Wednesday09: 23World of Warcraft9.1 PTR Waiting In Queue | !TBC P.R.E.P | !STAR | !GFUEL !ST06:58:1126484
2021-03-30Tuesday03: 38World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Cap 68! P.R.E.P | Vault Day | !STAR | !GFUEL !STOR06:56:3029601
2021-03-29Monday08: 26World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Sporeggar Shield Slamming | Invite Wave Out! | !ST09:46:1352132
2021-03-28Sunday03: 40World of Warcraft!TBC Beta God Tank, UB, 62-63 | Invite Wave Out! | !STAR | 07:10:4730236
2021-03-27Saturday05: 25World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Invite Wave Out! Zang, Slave Pens! | !STAR | !GFU07:24:3145004
2021-03-26Friday11: 16World of Warcraft!TBC Beta God Tank! 61-62, Zang, Dungos | !Star Trek Fleet C08:09:1941068
2021-03-26Friday17: 00Star Trek Fleet CommandGame change  
2021-03-26Friday19: 16World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-03-25Thursday04: 23World of Warcraft!TBC God Tank Collecting The Most Legendary Loot To Become T08:02:2546733
2021-03-24Wednesday13: 59World of Warcraft!TBC God Tank Collecting The Most Legendary Loot To Become T04:47:2440167
2021-03-24Wednesday10: 50World of Warcraft!TBC God Tank Collecting The Most Legendary Loot To Become T03:07:3322730
2021-03-23Tuesday10: 22World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Waiting Room | SL !YT Sadge | #ChooseYourVoice !BL12:58:15169450
2021-03-22Monday20: 45World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Waiting Room | SL !YT Sadge | #ChooseYourVoice !BL00:56:324149
2021-03-22Monday07: 18World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Attempt #2 !SL YT Sadge | Shadowbringers LvLing...07:41:4532198
2021-03-21Sunday18: 54FINAL FANTASY XIV OnlineShadowbringers LvLing...Still not 80 | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !STORE02:36:0310106
2021-03-21Sunday05: 44FINAL FANTASY XIV OnlineShadowbringers LvLing...Still not 80 | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !STORE07:33:0428846
2021-03-21Sunday05: 46World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-03-21Sunday10: 45FINAL FANTASY XIV OnlineGame change  
2021-03-20Saturday05: 22World of Warcraft!TBC P.R.E.P Warrior to 50 | Shadowbringers LvLing...Still n07:46:5436276
2021-03-20Saturday09: 32FINAL FANTASY XIV OnlineGame change  
2021-03-19Friday06: 52World of WarcraftILLIDAN ALERT IS BACK !TBC P.R.E.P BE Needs Chedda | FFXIV L07:08:0632699
2021-03-18Thursday10: 06World of WarcraftSO About that !TBC Beta.. | Covid Shot 1/2 | !GFUEL !GUNNAR 05:46:2226677
2021-03-17Wednesday05: 44World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Errrmm Thoon..ish #somechanges | Vaccine in AM Nig05:00:4517047
2021-03-16Tuesday13: 36World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Watch #somechanges | Vault Day! | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !04:39:2721739
2021-03-16Tuesday12: 11World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Watch #somechanges | Vault Day! | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !00:56:465569
2021-03-16Tuesday11: 54World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Watch #somechanges | Vault Day! | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !00:15:021907
2021-03-16Tuesday11: 53World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Watch #somechanges | Vault Day! | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !00:00:46599
2021-03-16Tuesday10: 51World of Warcraft!TBC Beta Soon™ #somechanges | Vault Day! | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !00:57:494365
2021-03-15Monday04: 10World of Warcraft!TBC Beta In The Queue #somechanges | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !STORE 07:17:5132428
2021-03-14Sunday04: 36World of Warcraft!TBC Keeping It Real #somechanges, Key Ketchup | !GFUEL !GUN06:40:3228849
2021-03-13Saturday14: 46World of Warcraft!TBC BETA NEXT WEEK! 40-50 LvLing | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !STORE | 04:57:1125165
2021-03-13Saturday19: 11Call of Duty: MobileGame change  
2021-03-13Saturday19: 42World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-03-13Saturday14: 43World of Warcraft!TBC BETA NEXT WEEK! P.R.E.P! 40 TODAY | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !STO00:01:06168
2021-03-10Wednesday13: 44World of WarcraftW0y3r Necro Boi Valor Grind | !RaiderIO Featured | !GFUEL CO07:30:0749383
2021-03-09Tuesday12: 59World of Warcraft9.0.5 TODAY! Valor Grind | !RaiderIO Featured | !GFUEL CODE 10:20:24213180
2021-03-08Monday14: 04World of Warcraft9.0.5 IS NIGH, !TBC | !RaiderIO Featured Streamer | !GFUEL C08:02:50140634
2021-03-07Sunday13: 00World of Warcraft!TBC, Warrior to 60 9.0.5 | !RaiderIO Featured Streamer | !G08:06:43153392
2021-03-06Saturday12: 38World of WarcraftProt Warrior LvLing 9.0.5 | !RaiderIO Featured Streamer | !G08:19:30145939
2021-03-05Friday16: 42World of Warcraft9.0.5 Next Week | !RaiderIO Featured Streamer | !GFUEL CODE 06:28:03106583
2021-03-04Thursday12: 42World of WarcraftClimbing | !RaiderIO Featured Streamer | !GFUEL CODE MADNESS06:45:24100759
2021-03-03Wednesday13: 14World of Warcraft!RaiderIO Featured Streamer | TBC Beta Soon? 9.0.5? | !GFUEL07:07:1140474
2021-03-02Tuesday02: 49Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarTBC P.R.E.P LvLing...EK | !GFUEL CODE MADNESS! 30% OFF | 9.007:34:5725473
2021-03-02Tuesday02: 55World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-03-01Monday10: 12Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarOutbreak! If The Boomer Dies We All Die! | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !S03:19:0011066
2021-02-28Sunday11: 33World of Warcraft!TBC P.R.E.P LvLing! | CoD Zombies Outbreak! | !GFUEL !GUNNA07:12:2932267
2021-02-28Sunday15: 41Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarGame change  
2021-02-26Friday12: 30World of Warcraft!TBC P.R.E.P 40 Grind | Outriders Demo | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !STO06:54:1424282
2021-02-26Friday16: 48OutridersGame change  
2021-02-25Thursday19: 41World of Warcraft!TBC P.R.E.P 40 Grind | Mythic Generals | !GFUEL !GUNNAR !ST05:22:3320054
2021-02-25Thursday05: 09World of WarcraftTBC P.R.E.P Classic LvLing! 1st Time Burrr Tank | !GFUEL !GU06:15:0718168
2021-02-25Thursday09: 51OverwatchGame change  
2021-02-25Thursday11: 24World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-02-24Wednesday06: 36World of WarcraftQuick Dailies Into !TBC P.R.E.P Classic LvLing! | !GFUEL !GU06:47:2721375
2021-02-23Tuesday12: 22World of Warcraft!TBC P.R.E.P Classic LvLing! Barrens | VAULT DAY | !GFUEL !G07:27:0435250
2021-02-22Monday10: 34World of WarcraftLAST LOVE ROCKET DAY! | !TBC P.R.E.P Classic LvLing...Hooves07:07:1826289
2021-02-21Sunday11: 57World of Warcraft!TBC P.R.E.P Classic LvLing | GUILD,SERVER, INFO! | !GFUEL 309:16:4141741
2021-02-21Sunday13: 27HadesGame change  
2021-02-21Sunday17: 33World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-02-20Saturday17: 48World of WarcraftWoW Q&A BLIZZCONLINE! | !TBC P.R.E.P Classic LvLing | GUILD,05:39:3727434
2021-02-20Saturday07: 53World of Warcraft!TBC GUILD,SERVER, INFO! BLIZZCONLINE Day 1 RECAP & DISCUSSI03:50:3215461
2021-02-19Friday12: 46World of WarcraftBLIZZCONLINE Waiting Room! Watch Party With the Bruvs! | Spo11:30:0868807
2021-02-18Thursday11: 24World of Warcraft!TBC APP | PTR Changes | Blizzconline Leaks?! | Love Rocket 07:00:1928968
2021-02-17Wednesday11: 25World of Warcraft!TBC APP | TBC Videos P.R.E.P | Love Rocket 0/450 Day 10 | !07:16:5423719
2021-02-16Tuesday18: 12World of Warcraft!TBC GUILD APP | !CAM| VAULT DAY | Love Rocket 0/400 Day 9 |04:22:0813145
2021-02-16Tuesday18: 10World of Warcraft!TBC GUILD APP | !cam | ! VAULT DAY | Love Rocket 0/400 Day 00:01:39509
2021-02-16Tuesday17: 56World of Warcraft!TBC GUILD APP | !cam | ! VAULT DAY | Love Rocket 0/400 Day 00:00:48514
2021-02-16Tuesday03: 33ValheimVALHEIM! The Bronze Age! Boss #2! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | 09:24:4122815
2021-02-16Tuesday03: 37World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-02-15Monday12: 17World of WarcraftVALHEIM! The Bronze Age! Boss #2! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | 05:35:4820839
2021-02-15Monday12: 55ValheimGame change  
2021-02-15Monday04: 14ValheimValheim! AGE OF BRONZE! Boss #2 | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | !T03:11:349155
2021-02-15Monday04: 14World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-02-14Sunday12: 43World of WarcraftLove Rocket Quick | Valheim! First Time Player Long Time Vik06:53:2530048
2021-02-14Sunday13: 22ValheimGame change  
2021-02-14Sunday01: 30World of WarcraftLove Rocket Quick | Valheim! First Time Player Long Time Vik02:34:316040
2021-02-13Saturday06: 00World of WarcraftRaid Loot BUFF | 50x50 Love Rocket 0/241💜 Day 5 | !GFUEL !S06:38:0618987
2021-02-12Friday12: 19World of Warcraft!VALOR | 50x50 Love Rocket 0/200 💜 Day 5 | !GFUEL !STORE !G06:12:4319384
2021-02-11Thursday18: 16World of Warcraft!VALOR | 50x50 Love Rocket 0/150💜 Day 4 | !GFUEL !STORE !GU05:34:3115492
2021-02-10Wednesday23: 41World of Warcraft!VALOR IS BACK! 50x50 Love Rocket 0/100💜 Day 3 | !GFUEL !ST06:41:4512878
2021-02-10Wednesday10: 54World of Warcraft!VALOR IS BACK! PTR 9.0.5 UP! | 50x50 Love Rocket 0/100💜 Da06:39:3121173
2021-02-10Wednesday10: 52World of Warcraft!VALOR IS BACK! PTR 9.0.5 UP! | 50x50 Love Rocket 0/100💜 Da00:02:14175
2021-02-09Tuesday13: 50World of WarcraftVAULT DAY! 50x50 Love Rocket 0/50💜 Day 2 | !GFUEL !STORE !G06:03:0723870
2021-02-08Monday12: 48World of Warcraft50x50 Love Rocket 💜 Day 1 | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Team Bl08:42:3029835
2021-02-07Sunday03: 43World of WarcraftTeam Bluther! Renown Farm | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @08:17:4023308
2021-02-05Friday11: 46World of WarcraftPushing EYE O! Prot PvP & B335 | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Fol05:14:2418339
2021-02-05Friday01: 49World of WarcraftMythic Sludge Daddy 14% | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @to04:11:398702
2021-02-05Friday01: 47World of WarcraftMythic Sludge Daddy 14% | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @to00:00:27198
2021-02-04Thursday11: 39World of WarcraftBaby Faced KSM TODAY! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @towe06:37:3021173
2021-02-04Thursday01: 45World of WarcraftMythic Sludge Daddy Prog 7/10M| !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Foll04:26:2210700
2021-02-03Wednesday11: 29World of WarcraftDonny LFR, KSM, Getting Gud | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow06:29:4417471
2021-02-03Wednesday01: 26World of WarcraftMythic Reeeclear to Sludgefist 7/10M | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR04:42:459950
2021-02-02Tuesday15: 36World of WarcraftVAULT & NERF/BUFF DAY! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @tow00:01:06981
2021-02-02Tuesday15: 31World of WarcraftVAULT & NERF/BUFF DAY! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @tow00:00:21833
2021-02-02Tuesday15: 29World of WarcraftVAULT & NERF/BUFF DAY! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @tow00:00:18192
2021-02-02Tuesday14: 42World of WarcraftVAULT & NERF/BUFF DAY! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @tow00:28:014179
2021-02-02Tuesday13: 42World of WarcraftVAULT & NERF/BUFF DAY! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @tow00:58:095326
2021-02-02Tuesday10: 44World of WarcraftVAULT & NERF/BUFF DAY! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @tow02:55:089422
2021-02-01Monday11: 54World of Warcraft4v4 KAY BACK TO IT! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | GT Giveaway/K08:37:0734703
2021-01-31Sunday03: 20World of WarcraftBurrvoke Gearing, TBC HYPE | !GFUEL 30% OFF | BLIZZCONLINE H06:27:4027252
2021-01-30Saturday01: 03World of WarcraftTGHAST L8 Account Wide, Mission Table BUFF! Class Tuning! | 05:04:2216152
2021-01-29Friday10: 54World of WarcraftBurrvoke LvLing Vault Daddy | !GFUEL 30% OFF | BLIZZCONLINE 05:28:3834155
2021-01-26Tuesday11: 21World of WarcraftMythic Vault Day! Bear LvLing | Sponsored by !GFUEL 30% OFF 07:52:5746275
2021-01-25Monday11: 11World of WarcraftSL COULD BE BETTER IF... | !GFUEL 30% OFF | BLIZZCONLINE DIS06:07:4138047
2021-01-24Sunday06: 06World of WarcraftA T T | !GFUEL 30% OFF | BLIZZCONLINE DISGUS! | !STORE !GUNN06:35:0321985
2021-01-22Friday09: 08World of WarcraftVault Daddy | !GFUEL 30% OFF | !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @towe08:21:3337786
2021-01-19Tuesday10: 40World of WarcraftVAULT DAY! Firelands TW Viewer Raid! | !RAID !GFUEL !STORE !08:28:0957735
2021-01-17Sunday13: 45World of WarcraftKAYS MOUNTS! Officially CLOSED | !RAID !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR05:17:3624597
2021-01-16Saturday13: 25World of WarcraftKAYS MOUNTS! Officially CLOSED | !RAID !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR06:05:1431459
2021-01-15Friday11: 42World of WarcraftVault Feeder! Closing Call Waiting Room | !RAID !GFUEL !STOR06:46:5341973
2021-01-13Wednesday22: 53World of WarcraftAfternoon Tankage! 6/10M Council Prog | !RAID !GFUEL !STORE 07:13:3921463
2021-01-13Wednesday01: 48Raid: Shadow LegendsThe Doom Tower! !RAID #AD | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow 04:14:5011488
2021-01-12Tuesday12: 13World of WarcraftVAULT DAY! The Doom Tower! | !RAID #AD | !GFUEL !STORE !GUN06:52:1552294
2021-01-11Monday11: 24World of WarcraftMonday Ketchup | !RAID !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @towel07:13:3433821
2021-01-10Sunday12: 24World of WarcraftDoing <insertthing> or else <insertgiftedsubshere> | !GFUEL 07:27:3141090
2021-01-08Friday11: 42World of WarcraftFeeding The Great Vault | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @to07:27:4529222
2021-01-07Thursday23: 40World of WarcraftMythic Lady 5/10M | The Maw Mounter | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR 06:39:2315772
2021-01-07Thursday00: 07World of WarcraftLayer 7 & 8 Corridor! Mythic Raid After | !GFUEL !STORE !GUN07:57:5423281
2021-01-06Wednesday02: 15World of WarcraftRaid Night towGold Edition | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow 04:30:3610780
2021-01-05Tuesday11: 28World of WarcraftVault Day! Twisting Corridors OPENS! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR08:19:1640801
2021-01-04Monday10: 49World of WarcraftBrM Ulduar, KAYS, and Juicy New Cinematic [SPOILER] | Sponso07:17:0729398
2021-01-02Saturday06: 05World of WarcraftViewer Ulduar, Arenas , and Pushing! | Sponsored by ORIGIN P09:30:1737303
2020-12-29Tuesday12: 39World of WarcraftHAPPY GREAT VAULT DAY! REESET THANGS! | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNA06:18:4029477
2020-12-28Monday23: 09World of WarcraftAfternoon Dailies and Heroic/Mythic CN | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNN07:01:0121183
2020-12-27Sunday08: 58World of WarcraftJust Shadowlands Things| !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @tow07:02:4725909
2020-12-25Friday12: 01World of WarcraftA TOWELCLAUS CHRISTMAS WITH THIS BIG SAC! | !GFUEL !STORE !G06:22:2052678
2020-12-24Thursday11: 17World of WarcraftLiMiT WINS RWF! BrM Main Thoon? Breaking Bad Edition | !GFUE06:16:3137300
2020-12-23Wednesday22: 26World of WarcraftLiMiT WINS RWF! HEAD SHAVE TIME | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Fo05:51:4337476
2020-12-23Wednesday01: 58World of WarcraftMythic Castle Nathria 2/10M | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow04:41:3313713
2020-12-22Tuesday11: 21World of WarcraftGREAT VAULT DAY! RWF IS towTinfoil | !GFUEL 30% OFF !STORE !11:42:0350466
2020-12-21Monday04: 03World of WarcraftJust Shadowlands Things | !GFUEL 30% OFF !STORE !GUNNAR | Ne05:24:5719447
2020-12-20Sunday06: 25World of WarcraftJust Shadowlands Things | !GFUEL 30% OFF !STORE !GUNNAR | Ne09:03:1831854
2020-12-17Thursday22: 02World of WarcraftHeroic Splits 2/10M | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | LiMiT WINS RWF09:41:4833882
2020-12-16Wednesday23: 25World of WarcraftHeroic Splits 2/10M | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | LiMiT WINS RWF07:10:4330285
2020-12-15Tuesday12: 43World of WarcraftRWF WAITING ROOM! Mythic Nathria Day Raid? | !GFUEL !STORE !18:16:45138073
2020-12-14Monday05: 01World of WarcraftRWF is NIGHT! 9/10H | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | LiMiT WINS RWF07:44:4337434
2020-12-11Friday11: 55World of WarcraftMorning EM+ FWACATA 7/10H | !GFUEL !STORE !GUNNAR | Follow @08:18:1032272
2020-12-10Thursday23: 11World of WarcraftHeroic Castle Nathria Progression 2/10H | !GUEL !STORE !ORIG06:56:3638310
2020-12-09Wednesday23: 18World of WarcraftSire Normal into Mains | !GUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !GUNNAR | Foll07:24:1643012
2020-12-08Tuesday11: 09World of WarcraftSHADOWLANDS S1 WAITING ROOM! | #ChooseYourVoice !Blue Yeti 18:59:55206752
2020-12-07Monday06: 09World of WarcraftTurning LvL 40..Birthday Weekend! | !GFUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !G07:54:3634661
2020-12-06Sunday09: 00World of WarcraftPreRaid Castle Nathria P.R.E.P! | !GFUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !GUN07:11:4944949
2020-12-06Sunday08: 55World of WarcraftPreRaid Castle Nathria P.R.E.P! | !GFUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !GUN00:01:26221
2020-12-04Friday13: 25World of WarcraftDH #4 Tank Let's GOOOO! | !GFUEL !STORE !ORIGIN !GUNNAR | Ca06:57:3041842
2020-12-03Thursday14: 44World of WarcraftFINAL DAY OF 240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! !GIVEAWA08:24:2649534
2020-12-01Tuesday14: 44World of WarcraftFIRST REEESET OF SHADOWLANDS! | 240 Hour Shadowlands Launch 23:59:53650977
2020-11-29Sunday14: 44World of Warcraft!DCARTER | 240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! !GIVEAWAYS23:59:52385059
2020-11-27Friday14: 43World of Warcraft240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! !GIVEAWAYS | !STORE I23:59:51334136
2020-11-25Wednesday14: 43World of Warcraft240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! !GIVEAWAYS | !STORE I23:59:511410279
2020-11-23Monday14: 43World of Warcraft240 Hour Shadowlands Launch !Marathon! | !ORIGIN PC Laptop G23:59:51857894
2020-11-22Sunday11: 07World of WarcraftONE...DAY...TILL 240HR Marathon! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT !TWITCH Ex07:27:3582881
2020-11-21Saturday12: 40World of Warcraft2 DAYS! NEW EMOTES | !GFUEL !TSHIRT !TWITCH Exclusive !PRIME07:12:2863766
2020-11-20Friday11: 09World of Warcraft3 DAYS! SL Channel Overhaul | !GFUEL !TSHIRT !TWITCH Exclusi07:49:4048902
2020-11-19Thursday17: 53World of WarcraftTESTING | Back Friday! PRE-SL BREAK! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT !TWIT01:05:054382
2020-11-17Tuesday12: 39World of WarcraftSIX DAYS! 9.0.2 TODAY | Sponsored by Origin PC | !GFUEL !TS03:29:5242155
2020-11-16Monday10: 59World of WarcraftMonday Surprise? 7 DAYS TILL SL! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowland05:57:0340311
2020-11-15Sunday10: 27World of Warcraft8 DAYS TILL SHADOWLANDS | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowlands LE !TWI08:17:0561606
2020-11-14Saturday06: 26World of WarcraftLast P50..50! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowlands LE !TWITCH Exclus07:45:2345409
2020-11-13Friday12: 21World of WarcraftShadowlands Launch Test! | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowlands LE !TW08:18:5963575
2020-11-11Wednesday11: 31World of WarcraftScourge Invasion 3.0 TODAY | !GFUEL !TSHIRT Shadowlands LE !06:49:1138413
2020-11-08Sunday03: 18World of WarcraftNever Burnt Never Tired !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | POLITICS 08:15:0542532
2020-11-07Saturday10: 16World of WarcraftP50 & Mounts | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | POLITICS FREE CHAN07:07:4948218
2020-11-05Thursday11: 27World of WarcraftP50 44/50 | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | POLITICS FREE CHANNEL05:05:1838484
2020-11-04Wednesday11: 19World of WarcraftPROJECT 50 44/50 | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | POLITICS FREE 06:21:3843156
2020-11-03Tuesday21: 06World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 05:46:1934076
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 46World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:15:512231
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 45World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:00:40474
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 43World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:01:34579
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 39World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:02:59695
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 34World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:04:31724
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 34World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:00:14194
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 31World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:00:58449
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 27World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | 1440p Test | 00:02:02622
2020-11-03Tuesday20: 18World of WarcraftProject 50 44/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | Follow @towel00:07:38873
2020-11-03Tuesday06: 01World of WarcraftProject 50 43/50! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | Follow @towel08:14:3665415
2020-11-02Monday10: 56World of WarcraftProject 50 41/50 PWAR NEXT! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | Fol09:25:5695892
2020-11-01Sunday08: 52World of WarcraftProject 50 41/50 Ele NEXT! | !GFUEL !TWITCH Exclusive | Foll09:08:5285637
2020-10-31Saturday09: 41World of WarcraftProject 50! 40/50 | SL RELEASES NOV 23rd | Announcements Wee07:07:5448442
2020-10-30Friday10: 35World of WarcraftSHADOWLANDS RELEASES NOV 23rd 3PM PST | Scourge NOVEMBER 10t09:44:2666657
2020-10-27Tuesday10: 24World of WarcraftAnything Can Happen Today! | 38/50 LvL 50s! SL Beta Key GA! 08:37:2997382
2020-10-26Monday09: 23World of WarcraftSL Would-Be Launch PePeHands | 36/50 LvL 50s! We Continue! S07:18:1853235
2020-10-25Sunday06: 53World of WarcraftGOT TIME-LOST | BOOMY TO 50! TEACH ME! | !RAID !UI | BETA KE06:37:1737630
2020-10-23Friday05: 04World of WarcraftProject Get 50 ON MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT...and Mounts | !RAID !UI09:07:4361029
2020-10-22Thursday05: 25World of Warcraft!RAID !UI !SHA | OP DEEPS 9.0 Tank LvLing, NEW BETA BUILD! |05:26:1827680

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