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This page lists all 59 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 20,985,602.

Total games played: 20.

Total broadcast hours: 536 (22 days).

Average length of broadcast: 9h 5m 27s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-12-05Sunday21: 46Grand Theft Auto Vchawa. nopixel. !gfuel !merch - @summit1g12:45:245505
2021-12-05Sunday05: 50World of WarcraftGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday22: 38Grand Theft Auto Vchillin. !gfuel !merch - @summit1g09:31:22489354
2021-12-04Saturday23: 34Just ChattingGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday23: 36Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday06: 05Sea of ThievesGame change  
2021-12-03Friday19: 47Halo InfiniteHALO TOURNEY. IM BAD. !gfuel !merch - @summit1g11:09:36592085
2021-12-03Friday02: 45Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2021-12-02Thursday22: 11Grand Theft Auto VChawa. NoPixel. BROKE. !gfuel !merch - @summit1g11:21:48618906
2021-12-02Thursday04: 30Halo InfiniteGame change  
2021-12-01Wednesday22: 22Grand Theft Auto VNEW GFUEL FLAVOR LAUNCH TODAY #AD LIMITED TIME !gfuel - NEW 08:22:07529612
2021-12-01Wednesday00: 32Grand Theft Auto Vmessin around - NEW MERCH !merch - @summit1g08:38:52525901
2021-11-29Monday23: 25Grand Theft Auto Vchillin then racing - NEW MERCH !merch - @summit1g08:21:30401348
2021-11-29Monday04: 49iRacingGame change  
2021-11-28Sunday22: 33Grand Theft Auto Vgta maybe - NEW MERCH !merch - @summit1g10:17:39611463
2021-11-28Sunday05: 05iRacingGame change  
2021-11-27Saturday23: 11iRacingmx5 rookie Corsair Sponsored Stream !corsair - NEW MERCH !me06:45:11222730
2021-11-27Saturday04: 09Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-26Friday22: 55iRacingmx5 rookie class races and pracc - @summit1g10:49:45382460
2021-11-26Friday00: 13iRacingpraccin and chillin - @summit1g08:25:22299707
2021-11-25Thursday00: 15Halo Infinited2 gamin - @summit1g09:46:37315226
2021-11-25Thursday06: 33iRacingGame change  
2021-11-23Tuesday22: 52Halo Infinited2 gamin - @summit1g09:55:05434048
2021-11-22Monday21: 06Halo InfiniteHalo chillin and IRacing prac later - @summit1g11:50:13570677
2021-11-22Monday06: 20iRacingGame change  
2021-11-22Monday01: 50Halo Infinitehalo chillin racing later - @summit1g07:48:25535818
2021-11-22Monday06: 57iRacingGame change  
2021-11-20Saturday21: 37Just Chattingchillin a bit before sponsored stream. - @summit1g14:14:36543218
2021-11-20Saturday04: 45Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-20Saturday06: 24iRacingGame change  
2021-11-19Friday23: 33iRacingNew summit1g GFUEL Flavor - Raspberry Creamsicle LETS GO #gf10:11:45319856
2021-11-18Thursday22: 47iRacingNew summit1g GFUEL Flavor - Raspberry Creamsicle LETS GO #gf11:03:25329145
2021-11-17Wednesday23: 57iRacingNew summit1G GFUEL Flavor - Raspberry Creamsicle LETS GO #gf09:03:17282387
2021-11-16Tuesday00: 44iRacingeither mx5 or street stock. - @summit1g08:00:06280046
2021-11-15Monday02: 07iRacingeither mx5 or street stock. - @summit1g05:17:59250337
2021-11-12Friday20: 36iRacingrunning MX5 Cup. - @summit1g12:00:23341906
2021-11-11Thursday22: 55iRacingrunning MX5 Cup. - @summit1g09:28:56273254
2021-11-10Wednesday22: 46iRacingrunning MX5 Cup. - @summit1g08:57:00279942
2021-11-09Tuesday21: 11iRacingchillin. - @summit1g12:31:09387335
2021-11-09Tuesday00: 02iRacingchillin. - @summit1g09:59:22287169
2021-11-07Sunday23: 42iRacingchillin. - @summit1g10:05:26346692
2021-11-06Saturday19: 40iRacingchillin. - @summit1g06:28:55272635
2021-11-05Friday20: 35iRacingchillin. - @summit1g12:15:10449461
2021-11-04Thursday22: 11iRacingchillin. - @summit1g12:22:49522980
2021-11-03Wednesday23: 20Assetto Corsachillin. - @summit1g11:29:44482358
2021-11-03Wednesday03: 02iRacingGame change  
2021-11-01Monday21: 28Cyberpunk 2077chillin. - @summit1g09:36:10481539
2021-11-01Monday01: 59Assetto CorsaGame change  
2021-11-01Monday03: 58Just Chattingchillin. - @summit1g03:53:11158044
2021-11-01Monday05: 35Assetto CorsaGame change  
2021-11-01Monday03: 16Just Chattingchillin. - @summit1g00:41:4637986
2021-10-30Saturday21: 57Cyberpunk 2077day 2 cyberchillin. - @summit1g08:52:14468261
2021-10-30Saturday04: 44Assetto CorsaGame change  
2021-10-29Friday21: 02Cyberpunk 2077we tryin it - @summit1g08:40:24467861
2021-10-29Friday03: 04Assetto CorsaGame change  
2021-10-27Wednesday22: 04Hell Let Loosechillin today - @summit1g07:14:56229410
2021-10-27Wednesday23: 34Rising Storm 2: VietnamGame change  
2021-10-27Wednesday23: 48Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday22: 01Hell Let Looserecon/antitank gameplay - @summit1g08:35:33252813
2021-10-26Tuesday23: 52Heroes & GeneralsGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday00: 52Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday01: 23SquadGame change  
2021-10-26Tuesday03: 41Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-10-25Monday18: 18Hell Let Loosestill game rut - @summit1g11:19:50366340
2021-10-25Monday21: 59Assetto CorsaGame change  
2021-10-25Monday23: 03Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-10-25Monday00: 58FoxholeGame change  
2021-10-24Sunday20: 46Hell Let Loosestill game rut - @summit1g09:03:36391540
2021-10-24Sunday02: 08SquadGame change  
2021-10-23Saturday20: 00Just Chattingstill game rut - @summit1g09:44:50489786
2021-10-23Saturday22: 46SquadGame change  
2021-10-23Saturday22: 59Insurgency: SandstormGame change  
2021-10-23Saturday23: 29SquadGame change  
2021-10-23Saturday23: 39Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-10-23Saturday00: 20SquadGame change  
2021-10-22Friday19: 37Just Chattingstill game rut - @summit1g13:51:00548969
2021-10-22Friday04: 40Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-10-22Friday09: 15SquadGame change  
2021-10-21Thursday21: 52Star Citizenchillin - @summit1g07:43:54361080
2021-10-21Thursday04: 01SquadGame change  
2021-10-21Thursday01: 30Just Chattingchillin - @summit1g03:45:46194700
2021-10-21Thursday02: 35Star CitizenGame change  
2021-10-20Wednesday20: 25Just Chattingchillin - @summit1g05:02:49222831
2021-10-20Wednesday20: 54FoxholeGame change  
2021-10-20Wednesday21: 47Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-19Tuesday22: 03The Cycle: Frontierchillin - @summit1g07:56:58357172
2021-10-19Tuesday01: 35Project CARS 3Game change  
2021-10-19Tuesday05: 45iRacingGame change  
2021-10-18Monday20: 02The Cycle: Frontierchillin - @summit1g10:52:46458746
2021-10-18Monday04: 30Project CARS 3Game change  
2021-10-17Sunday19: 29The Cycle: Frontierchillin - @summit1g11:16:56482273
2021-10-16Saturday20: 06Squadchillin - @summit1g12:12:25474712
2021-10-16Saturday22: 42The Cycle: FrontierGame change  
2021-10-15Friday21: 13Just Chattingchillin - @summit1g15:23:20484441
2021-10-15Friday05: 36FoxholeGame change  
2021-10-15Friday08: 01The Cycle: FrontierGame change  
2021-10-15Friday08: 19Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-15Friday08: 23SquadGame change  
2021-10-13Wednesday21: 34Squadchillin - @summit1g08:51:26251809
2021-10-13Wednesday01: 02FoxholeGame change  
2021-10-12Tuesday20: 02Back 4 BloodBack4Blood Available Now on Xbox Game Pass w/ Lirik. #Back4B10:28:19414931
2021-10-12Tuesday23: 09Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-10-12Tuesday23: 59FoxholeGame change  
2021-10-12Tuesday03: 48SquadGame change  
2021-10-12Tuesday05: 52Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-11Monday21: 10FoxholeFrontline Partisan John. - @summit1g12:16:45415578
2021-10-11Monday05: 19SquadGame change  
2021-10-11Monday08: 34Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-10-10Sunday21: 05FoxholePartisan john pls no streamsnipe. - @summit1g09:37:42269050
2021-10-10Sunday23: 03Just ChattingGame change  
2021-10-10Sunday23: 15PlanetSide 2Game change  
2021-10-10Sunday01: 54FoxholeGame change  
2021-10-09Saturday22: 11FoxholePartisan john pls no streamsnipe. - @summit1g07:32:51207862
2021-10-08Friday10: 23FoxholePartisan john. - @summit1g00:48:5930001
2021-10-08Friday07: 11FoxholePartisan john. - @summit1g03:01:1862001
2021-10-08Friday03: 01FoxholePartisan john. - @summit1g02:32:3858018
2021-10-07Thursday20: 43FoxholePartisan john. - @summit1g06:04:45164287

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