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This page lists all 31 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 13,834.

Total games played: 4.

Total broadcast hours: 84 (3 days).

Average length of broadcast: 2h 41m 46s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-09-20Sunday01: 49DayZKickin' It | Ask Me Anything07:02:201
2020-09-19Saturday02: 07DayZヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)06:10:12796
2020-09-14Monday00: 59DayZSoma n' Chill03:10:36599
2020-09-13Sunday02: 31DayZ|~(>';')>>>*Sup Chat*<<<(';'<)~|06:12:561389
2020-09-12Saturday01: 57DayZEnd Of The World Preppers Welcome!08:07:051948
2020-09-07Monday01: 31Just ChattingSoma n' Chill w/ AnnALee02:26:22647
2020-09-05Saturday02: 31DayZ"Twitch Prime" Holdout - Welcome to the Bunker05:59:261121
2020-08-29Saturday02: 26DayZChill Snipe Mode Engaged | Ask Me Anything06:00:56946
2020-08-24Monday00: 17Escape From TarkovSoma n' Chill02:50:34493
2020-08-23Sunday01: 37Escape From TarkovHangin' & Gamin' | AMA05:56:42892
2020-08-22Saturday02: 35DayZChill Tunes + Adult Beverages | Ask Me Anything06:26:15829
2020-08-17Monday01: 00DayZSoma n' Chill w/ SamwisePow02:34:36449
2020-08-15Saturday02: 16DayZPlayer Huntin' Bandit Boi | AMA ;-)07:04:021196
2020-08-11Tuesday02: 33DayZStream Test - Don't Watch00:24:24111
2020-08-11Tuesday02: 28DayZStream Test - Don't Watch00:04:3221
2020-08-11Tuesday01: 53DayZStream Test - Don't Watch00:34:31149
2020-08-09Monday23: 44DayZLoL & DayZ | Soma n' Chill Later04:45:02963
2020-08-09Monday23: 42DayZLoL & DayZ | Soma n' Chill Later00:00:5822
2020-08-09Monday23: 38DayZLoL & DayZ | Soma n' Chill Later00:03:4033
2020-08-09Sunday22: 44DayZLoL & DayZ | Soma n' Chill Later00:53:40114
2020-08-09Sunday00: 53DayZXfinity: Coal-Powered Net Since 19GoFUrself00:04:3614
2020-08-08Sunday23: 04DayZTest Stream/Internet Check - Don't Watch00:12:5338
2020-08-08Saturday01: 09DayZIt's Friday. Cool. | Banditry n' Brews00:32:07149
2020-08-03Monday02: 46Just ChattingSoma n' Chill00:01:0631
2020-08-03Monday02: 39Just ChattingSoma n' Chill00:02:1522
2020-08-03Monday02: 13Just ChattingSoma n' Chill00:14:49122
2020-08-03Monday01: 39Just ChattingSoma n' Chill00:01:3017
2020-08-03Monday01: 34Just ChattingSoma n' Chill00:01:4921
2020-08-03Monday01: 20League of LegendsGamin' and then Soma n' Chill00:01:312
2020-08-02Sunday21: 53League of LegendsGamin' and then Soma n' Chill03:24:16682
2020-07-27Monday00: 59Just ChattingSoma n' Chill w/ TheInvisibleGentleman02:09:2217

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