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This page lists all 6 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 2,826,202.

Total games played: 8.

Total broadcast hours: 63 (2 days).

Average length of broadcast: 10h 26m 25s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-10-26Monday20: 56World of WarcraftFinalizing my gear before raid tomorrow. Im getting a merch 09:03:292605
2020-10-25Sunday22: 17World of WarcraftFinalizing my gear before raid tomorrow. Im getting a merch 07:27:04469925
2020-10-24Saturday20: 18Just ChattingJust doing stuff15:45:00742281
2020-10-24Saturday22: 27KohateGame change  
2020-10-23Friday19: 20world of warcraftjkawnbdinawdad12:35:31629706
2020-10-23Friday00: 35World of WarcraftGame change  
2020-10-22Thursday19: 08World of WarcraftGetting a merch store. Maybe shirt competition or something.12:28:38976608
2020-10-22Thursday01: 43World of WarcraftGame change  
2020-10-22Thursday03: 58Jackbox Party PacksGame change  
2020-10-22Thursday04: 19world of warcraftGame change  
2019-07-09Tuesday18: 43Just ChattingChillin take 205:18:525077
2019-07-09Tuesday19: 02Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-07-09Tuesday20: 49Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-07-09Tuesday22: 46Warcraft III: The Frozen ThroneGame change  

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