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This page lists all 21 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 293,407.

Total games played: 6.

Total broadcast hours: 158 (6 days).

Average length of broadcast: 7h 31m 55s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-11-24Tuesday19: 32World of WarcraftWoW Shadowlands - Demon Hunter - Level 60 Farm!08:13:1710771
2020-11-23Monday22: 54World of WarcraftWoW Shadowlands launch w/ Lirik, itmeJP, and Strippin!14:04:0419169
2020-11-22Sunday13: 45Destiny 2DESTINY 2 RAID DAY w/ Strippin and JP!04:57:1718036
2020-11-22Sunday02: 58Destiny 2DESTINY 2 RAID DAY w/ Strippin and JP!04:40:226378
2020-11-21Saturday16: 40Destiny 2DESTINY 2 RAID DAY w/ Strippin and JP!07:17:2816560
2020-11-20Friday15: 08Just Chattinglol destiny 2 farm17:22:3926254
2020-11-19Thursday15: 54Assassin's Creed ValhallaAC: VALHALLA! PILLAGE EVERYTHING!06:35:1712421
2020-11-17Tuesday15: 42Just ChattingGOOOOD MORNING! - Starting AC: Valhalla today!05:23:448461
2020-11-14Saturday16: 31Just ChattingDAY 3 - STILL NO PS507:26:3512616
2020-11-13Friday16: 11GodfallDAY 2 - NO PS5 GANG!07:43:5211929
2020-11-12Thursday18: 09GodfallNO PS5 GANG!07:19:1517651
2020-11-11Wednesday16: 33Just ChattingGOOD MORNING!06:43:588309
2020-11-10Tuesday16: 18Destiny 2Beyond Light Expansion!11:07:1824972
2020-11-09Monday16: 11Just ChattingWHAT IS GOING ON04:38:007880
2020-11-07Saturday16: 06Just Chattingshort stream - still sick03:55:489770
2020-11-03Tuesday15: 12Just ChattingGO VOTE!09:13:3219716
2020-10-31Saturday14: 12Monster Hunter: Worldyo06:04:3812163
2020-10-30Friday14: 20Just ChattingGOOOOOOD MORNING06:32:0110240
2020-10-30Friday16: 15Monster Hunter: WorldGame change  
2020-10-29Thursday14: 57Just ChattingPERMADEATH - WHOSE STORY WILL LIVE ON?!06:29:2618402
2020-10-28Wednesday14: 14Just ChattingNEW STREAMER WHO DIS?!06:58:1912346
2020-10-27Tuesday13: 56Just ChattingNEW STREAMER WHO DIS05:23:379363

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