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This page lists all 45 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 466,271.

Total games played: 11.

Total broadcast hours: 282 (11 days).

Average length of broadcast: 6h 16m 2s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-07-29Thursday14: 18Just ChattingGAMER DOES GAMER THINGS! - LAST DAY AT LAKE HOUSE!06:55:259799
2021-07-29Thursday15: 07Eldest SoulsGame change  
2021-07-28Wednesday14: 38Hell Let LooseHELL LET LOOSE 1.0 - FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!07:25:2279323
2021-07-28Wednesday13: 22Just ChattingHELL LET LOOSE 1.0 - FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!01:15:191686
2021-07-28Wednesday14: 27Just ChattingGame change  
2021-07-28Wednesday14: 27Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-07-27Tuesday13: 31Just ChattingHELL LET LOOSE - UPDATE 10 - FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!06:22:178383
2021-07-27Tuesday14: 23Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-07-26Monday15: 28Just ChattingNERD WENT KAYAKING MANAGED TO RETURN ALIVE05:00:464086
2021-07-26Monday15: 29Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-26Monday14: 17Just ChattingNERD WENT KAYAKING MANAGED TO RETURN ALIVE01:09:201578
2021-07-24Saturday13: 40Just ChattingI REFUSE TO DIE IN THIS GAME ANYMORE06:24:049239
2021-07-24Saturday15: 04Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-23Friday14: 10Just ChattingLOST IN THE WOODS06:06:385488
2021-07-23Friday14: 57Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-22Thursday21: 58Just ChattingTHE MOST SCUFFED COOKING STREAM YOU'VE EVER SEEN! - LAKE HOU02:19:364306
2021-07-22Thursday14: 03Just Chattingsup - Lake House Day 506:53:327200
2021-07-22Thursday17: 01Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-21Wednesday14: 33Just ChattingWE ARE GAMERS! - Lake House Day 408:05:185982
2021-07-21Wednesday15: 27Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-20Tuesday13: 24Just ChattingNEW WORLD! - Lake House Day 3!04:03:447222
2021-07-20Tuesday14: 56New WorldGame change  
2021-07-19Monday14: 22Escape from TarkovDay 1 Lake house - no bears yet07:42:189053
2021-07-19Monday14: 22Just ChattingGame change  
2021-07-19Monday15: 23Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-18Sunday14: 02Just ChattingDay 1 Lake house - no bears yet06:20:5611615
2021-07-18Sunday16: 14Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-18Sunday01: 57Just Chattingtest stream / setup stream shhhhh01:56:193255
2021-07-15Thursday13: 55Just ChattingBUILDING A PC @ THE PARENTS HOUSE IN CHICAGO!06:28:3812381
2021-07-13Tuesday13: 28Just ChattingT U E S D A Y!06:13:555042
2021-07-13Tuesday15: 01Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-10Saturday14: 05Just ChattingC H A D!08:21:439356
2021-07-10Saturday15: 36Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-09Friday14: 24Just ChattingC O P I U M04:38:134329
2021-07-09Friday15: 43Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-08Thursday15: 02Just ChattingT H U R S D A Y!07:38:1811381
2021-07-08Thursday19: 33Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-07Wednesday13: 11Just ChattingW E D N E S D A Y!08:09:397901
2021-07-07Wednesday14: 34Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-07Wednesday18: 41Just ChattingGame change  
2021-07-07Wednesday18: 41Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-06Tuesday13: 34Just ChattingT U E S D A Y!06:20:409420
2021-07-03Saturday13: 47Just ChattingM I L L I O N A I R E07:49:019226
2021-07-03Saturday16: 20Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-02Friday13: 39Just ChattingONE CANNOT SIMPLY ESCAPE TARKOV!08:05:156973
2021-07-02Friday14: 56Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-07-01Thursday14: 03Just ChattingONE DOES NOT SIMPLY ESCAPE TARKOV07:31:228326
2021-07-01Thursday14: 49Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-06-30Wednesday13: 42Just ChattingTARKOV WIPE DAY!07:55:207777
2021-06-30Wednesday14: 03Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-06-29Tuesday13: 45Just ChattingGARFIELD HATES TUESDAYS09:52:0711092
2021-06-26Saturday13: 41Just ChattingTHE WEEKEND!05:06:446644
2021-06-26Saturday15: 31Hell Let LooseGame change  
2021-06-25Friday13: 28Just ChattingBETTER DAY TODAY?!05:46:366382
2021-06-25Friday15: 34Mario Kart 8Game change  
2021-06-25Friday16: 41Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-06-25Friday17: 33Just ChattingGame change  
2021-06-24Thursday17: 25Just ChattingTODAY WAS NOT A GOOD DAY05:52:2211058
2021-06-23Wednesday13: 32Just ChattingHAPPY HUMP DAY!05:07:438187
2021-06-23Wednesday16: 42Mario Kart 8Game change  
2021-06-22Tuesday13: 06Just ChattingCOFFEE + BAGELS = GOOD MORNING!07:00:257305
2021-06-22Tuesday15: 07Sea of ThievesGame change  
2021-06-22Tuesday16: 37Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-06-22Tuesday19: 14Just ChattingGame change  
2021-06-19Saturday13: 19Just ChattingGOOD MOOD TODAY! LET'S TEST MY PATIENCE!06:16:587818
2021-06-19Saturday15: 54Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-06-18Friday13: 32Just Chattingwhat even is this website anymore05:35:488044
2021-06-17Thursday14: 02Just ChattingYOOOOOOO!06:24:1910815
2021-06-17Thursday18: 03Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-06-16Wednesday13: 09Just ChattingWE ARE GAMERS.06:25:239513
2021-06-16Wednesday14: 18Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-06-15Tuesday13: 02Just ChattingWE ARE GAMERS.04:56:2110022
2021-06-12Saturday13: 56Just ChattingT H E W E E K E K E N D!05:22:418240
2021-06-12Saturday15: 07Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-06-12Saturday17: 56Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-11Friday13: 25Just ChattingIT'S FRIDAY.10:48:5118423
2021-06-11Friday14: 58Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartGame change  
2021-06-10Thursday13: 46Just ChattingSUSSY BAKA GOES FULL WEEB05:19:0312415
2021-06-10Thursday15: 09Phantasy Star Online 2 New GenesisGame change  
2021-06-10Thursday17: 00Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-09Wednesday13: 35Just ChattingBATTLEFIELD REVEAL + PSO2 NEW GENESIS AFTER!08:20:4721200
2021-06-09Wednesday13: 48Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-09Wednesday15: 30Phantasy Star Online 2 New GenesisGame change  
2021-06-08Tuesday13: 49Just ChattingGAMER.06:36:3610966
2021-06-08Tuesday15: 16Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-06-04Friday14: 00Just ChattingWE ARE GETTING DIAMOND TODAY!07:30:1116926
2021-06-04Friday14: 44Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-06-04Friday18: 59Just ChattingGame change  
2021-06-03Thursday15: 01Just ChattingAPEX RAAAAAAAGE!05:50:078869
2021-06-03Thursday15: 35Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-06-02Wednesday13: 42Just ChattingW DAY.06:36:1112025
2021-06-02Wednesday14: 03Apex LegendsGame change  

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