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This page lists all 51 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 14,059.

Total games played: 36.

Total broadcast hours: 374 (15 days).

Average length of broadcast: 7h 19m 44s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-02-26Wednesday15: 13Just Chattingits cold, it's early, and i'm tired08:58:48117
2020-02-26Wednesday16: 06Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2020-02-26Wednesday20: 23WreckfestGame change  
2020-02-26Wednesday21: 22Broomstick LeagueGame change  
2020-02-26Wednesday21: 25Out of SpaceGame change  
2020-02-26Wednesday22: 42Super Smash Bros. UltimateGame change  
2020-02-26Wednesday23: 38Mario Kart 8Game change  
2020-02-25Tuesday15: 02Just Chattingwtf ????04:08:26142
2020-02-25Tuesday15: 48Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2020-02-25Tuesday00: 03Escape From TarkovTARKOV KIND OF NIGHT05:43:30103
2020-02-25Tuesday00: 03Just ChattingGame change  
2020-02-25Tuesday00: 32Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2020-02-25Tuesday03: 10Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-02-23Sunday00: 30Escape From TarkovTARKOV KIND OF NIGHT10:53:59267
2020-02-21Friday23: 18FortsEARLY SHORTY?!?!05:25:33204
2020-02-21Friday00: 13Hell Let LooseGame change  
2020-02-21Friday20: 03Just ChattingEARLY SHORTY?!?!03:10:43448
2020-02-21Friday20: 35WreckfestGame change  
2020-02-21Friday21: 28Mario Kart 8Game change  
2020-02-21Friday23: 02FortsGame change  
2020-02-20Thursday18: 30Just ChattingEARLY SHORTY?!?!05:56:02203
2020-02-20Thursday19: 36Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2020-02-20Thursday19: 58Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-02-20Thursday20: 22Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2020-02-20Thursday00: 04Escape From TarkovCHILL WEDNESDAY04:36:34166
2020-02-18Tuesday22: 18Escape From TarkovLUL TUESDAY11:44:27260
2020-02-17Monday23: 53Escape From TarkovLUL MONDAY07:17:38266
2020-02-17Monday00: 58Just ChattingGame change  
2020-02-17Monday01: 22Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-02-15Saturday22: 40Escape From Tarkov🐀 HUNTING!04:26:13299
2020-02-15Saturday00: 14Escape From Tarkov🐀 HUNTING!06:05:33213
2020-02-12Wednesday20: 06Just ChattingNS w/ the boys!13:27:28367
2020-02-12Wednesday20: 33Super Smash Bros. UltimateGame change  
2020-02-12Wednesday21: 07Mario Kart 8Game change  
2020-02-12Wednesday21: 48WreckfestGame change  
2020-02-12Wednesday22: 51Pummel PartyGame change  
2020-02-12Wednesday00: 14Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-02-11Tuesday21: 04Escape From Tarkov🐀 RAT CITY 🐀08:49:06340
2020-02-10Monday23: 52Escape From Tarkov🐀 RAT CITY 🐀06:16:58201
2020-02-09Sunday00: 35Escape From Tarkov🐀 RAT CITY 🐀04:39:55219
2020-02-07Friday23: 36Escape From Tarkov🐀 RAT CITY 🐀09:45:08229
2020-02-06Thursday22: 07Escape From Tarkov🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀06:57:56213
2020-02-05Wednesday20: 10Escape From TarkovRat man kills fellow rats + I GOT A NEW STREAM PC!09:00:56283
2020-02-05Wednesday20: 32WreckfestGame change  
2020-02-05Wednesday21: 41Super Smash Bros. UltimateGame change  
2020-02-05Wednesday22: 22Mario Kart 8Game change  
2020-02-05Wednesday22: 22ShellShock LiveGame change  
2020-02-05Wednesday23: 23Golf It!Game change  
2020-02-05Wednesday23: 49Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-02-04Tuesday20: 55Escape From TarkovRat man kills fellow rats + I GOT A NEW STREAM PC!10:29:19182
2020-02-03Monday21: 46Escape From TarkovRat Squad Power!02:47:56139
2020-02-01Saturday20: 07Escape From TarkovWe refuse to die!07:36:15344
2020-02-01Saturday07: 48minor test stream pls ignore00:05:0176
2020-01-31Friday22: 25Escape From Tarkovyea i'm wearing the same shirt as yesterday07:42:38134
2020-01-31Friday00: 01Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceLet's finish Sekiro!07:54:42423
2020-01-30Thursday00: 10Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceUltimate Ninja Warrior07:04:00302
2020-01-29Wednesday00: 01Sekiro: Shadows Die TwicewidePeepoHappy06:53:29245
2020-01-27Monday23: 58Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceDay 2 - First time Sekiro06:46:03319
2020-01-26Sunday00: 14Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceFirst time Sekiro! Let it begin!07:06:27571
2020-01-24Friday20: 05Escape From Tarkovplease don't die please don't die please don't die please do10:07:18368
2020-01-24Friday22: 44Duck GameGame change  
2020-01-24Friday23: 16Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-01-23Thursday20: 31Escape From Tarkovplease don't die please don't die please don't die please do07:03:18296
2020-01-22Wednesday23: 59Escape From TarkovTarkov Escapee05:24:48265
2020-01-21Tuesday21: 05Escape From TarkovRANK #1 MASTER LOOTER ELITE ANTARCTICA09:16:13333
2020-01-21Tuesday00: 09Escape From Tarkovmy inventory is full wtf do i do....08:06:34241
2020-01-18Saturday20: 29Escape From TarkovSUPER TACTICAL ULTRA STRATEGIC #1 LOOT MASTER ANTARCTICA12:58:32806
2020-01-17Friday22: 06Escape From TarkovSUPER TACTICAL ULTRA STRATEGIC #1 LOOT MASTER ANTARCTICA07:05:54263
2020-01-16Thursday22: 39Escape From TarkovTeach me please, backseating is welcome!06:00:12269
2020-01-15Wednesday20: 03Escape From TarkovSUPER TACTICAL ULTRA STRATEGIC #1 LOOT MASTER ANTARCTICA09:43:12285
2020-01-15Wednesday00: 13Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2020-01-15Wednesday00: 09Monster Hunter WorldWE ARE END GAME!06:50:39187
2020-01-13Monday23: 03Monster Hunter WorldMonster Hunter World: Iceborne - Weeb sword!10:47:21292
2020-01-13Monday00: 14Monster Hunter WorldDAY OFF SUPER SECRET STREAM!06:42:59294
2020-01-11Saturday22: 00Monster Hunter WorldLet's game! More MHW Iceborne!08:23:12386
2020-01-09Thursday16: 30Monster Hunter WorldMonster Hunter World: Iceborne!09:21:00562
2020-01-08Wednesday20: 04Just ChattingGAMES07:42:12188
2020-01-08Wednesday20: 20WreckfestGame change  
2020-01-08Wednesday21: 34SpeedRunnersGame change  
2020-01-08Wednesday22: 23Super Smash BrosGame change  
2020-01-08Wednesday22: 24Super Smash Bros. UltimateGame change  
2020-01-08Wednesday23: 07Tricky TowersGame change  
2020-01-08Wednesday23: 43Duck GameGame change  
2020-01-08Wednesday00: 52Hell Let LooseGame change  
2020-01-07Tuesday21: 09Just ChattingLet's play some GAMES!07:20:32195
2020-01-07Tuesday21: 25Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2020-01-07Tuesday00: 02Just ChattingLet's play some GAMES!05:19:22206
2020-01-07Tuesday02: 45Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2020-01-04Saturday00: 19Just Chattinghappy friday! :)05:48:54319
2020-01-04Saturday00: 54Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2020-01-04Saturday01: 13Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2020-01-02Thursday22: 40Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siegei'm trying :(05:11:56218
2020-01-02Thursday22: 47Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGame change  
2020-01-02Thursday00: 41Tom CLancy's Rainbow Six siegeGame change  
2020-01-02Thursday01: 35Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGame change  
2020-01-02Thursday01: 35Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2020-01-01Wednesday23: 49Just ChattingNew Year, Same Shorty!05:36:46207
2020-01-01Wednesday00: 07counter-strik: global offensiveGame change  
2020-01-01Wednesday00: 08counter-strike: global offensiveGame change  
2020-01-01Wednesday02: 57Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2019-12-31Tuesday23: 14Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeLAST STREAM OF THE DECADE!05:54:58216
2019-12-31Tuesday04: 40just chattingGame change  
2019-12-30Monday17: 58Just ChattingThe TI of the decade! Games w/ Lirik and Waffle!11:10:25388
2019-12-30Monday18: 23pummel partyGame change  
2019-12-30Monday18: 23Pummel PartyGame change  
2019-12-30Monday19: 29unoGame change  
2019-12-30Monday19: 40timbermanGame change  
2019-12-30Monday19: 48speedrunnersGame change  
2019-12-30Monday20: 08duck gameGame change  
2019-12-30Monday20: 43worms: revolutionGame change  
2019-12-30Monday21: 29Worms RevolutionGame change  
2019-12-30Monday22: 01mario kart 8 deluxeGame change  
2019-12-30Monday22: 02Mario Kart 8Game change  
2019-12-30Monday22: 28Super Smash Bros. UltimateGame change  
2019-12-30Monday23: 18tricky towersGame change  
2019-12-30Monday23: 37hyper jamGame change  
2019-12-30Monday00: 01golf it!Game change  
2019-12-30Monday00: 36Marbles On StreamGame change  
2019-12-30Monday00: 52Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  

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