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This page lists all 926 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 1,224,854.

Total games played: 127.

Total broadcast hours: 6,785 (282 days).

Average length of broadcast: 7h 19m 39s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-02-27Thursday10: 06Escape From TarkovLEDX & GAME GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !eftfaq01:53:3522
2020-02-26Wednesday10: 08Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !eftfaq11:38:54933
2020-02-24Monday10: 06Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !eftfaq13:24:071858
2020-02-23Sunday10: 04Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !eftfaq10:47:171730
2020-02-22Saturday10: 03Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !eftfaq13:09:491454
2020-02-21Friday10: 03Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !eftfaq13:16:271499
2020-02-21Friday12: 34Zombie Army 4: Dead WarGame change  
2020-02-21Friday15: 09Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-02-19Wednesday10: 08Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !eftfaq09:49:161714
2020-02-18Tuesday10: 07Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !eftfaq11:19:047610
2020-02-17Monday10: 09Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq12:30:211381
2020-02-16Sunday10: 05Escape From TarkovBANNER DAY | EFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !13:10:101478
2020-02-15Saturday10: 02Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq10:07:261656
2020-02-14Friday10: 04Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq12:27:371433
2020-02-13Thursday10: 11Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq08:51:061534
2020-02-12Wednesday10: 07Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq14:04:031465
2020-02-11Tuesday10: 05Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq11:38:296762
2020-02-10Monday10: 01Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq06:49:531889
2020-02-09Sunday10: 04Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq10:59:501982
2020-02-09Sunday17: 59GTFOGame change  
2020-02-08Saturday10: 03Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq09:28:131283
2020-02-07Friday10: 04Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq07:55:031183
2020-02-06Thursday10: 02Escape From TarkovEFT GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq12:05:261293
2020-02-05Wednesday10: 04Escape From TarkovPATCH WAITING ROOM! !goldtee !eftfaq10:41:491472
2020-02-04Tuesday10: 09Escape From TarkovGAME GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !goldtee !eftfaq12:44:581411
2020-02-04Tuesday19: 42Zombie Army 4: Dead WarGame change  
2020-02-03Monday10: 00Escape From Tarkov!goldtee GAME GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM !eftfaq11:55:281246
2020-02-02Sunday10: 07Escape From Tarkov!goldtee GAME GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM [!eftfaq] || 13:29:251328
2020-02-01Saturday10: 04Escape From Tarkov!goldtee GAME GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM [!eftfaq] || 12:06:031729
2020-02-01Saturday20: 11Subnautica: Below ZeroGame change  
2020-01-31Friday10: 02Escape From TarkovSE/EoD GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM [!eftfaq] || Follow 11:13:451550
2020-01-31Friday19: 11Subnautica: Below ZeroGame change  
2020-01-30Thursday10: 04Escape From TarkovEoD GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM [!eftfaq] || Follow @Sa11:34:551226
2020-01-29Wednesday10: 04Escape From TarkovEoD GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM [!eftfaq] || Follow @Sa11:35:121302
2020-01-28Tuesday10: 03Escape From TarkovEoD GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM [!eftfaq] || Follow @Sa13:27:301317
2020-01-27Monday09: 48Escape From TarkovKEY GIVEAWAYS! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM [!eftfaq] || Follow @Sa12:25:331590
2020-01-26Sunday10: 09Escape From Tarkov[!eftfaq] TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @Sacriel42 for mem09:55:251881
2020-01-25Saturday10: 04Escape From Tarkov[!eftfaq] SAC+SUMMIT DUOS || Follow @sacriel42 for memes14:12:091635
2020-01-25Saturday21: 45Just ChattingGame change  
2020-01-25Saturday21: 50Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-01-24Friday10: 03Escape From TarkovTOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel42 for memes14:30:311362
2020-01-22Wednesday10: 07Escape From Tarkov13K SUBS WHAT?! TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel42 f10:19:281971
2020-01-21Tuesday10: 05Escape From TarkovTOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel42 for memes09:54:271141
2020-01-20Monday10: 00Escape From TarkovTOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel42 for memes14:20:071055
2020-01-19Sunday10: 06Escape From TarkovTOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel42 for memes13:10:321164
2020-01-18Saturday10: 11Escape From TarkovTOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel42 for memes13:03:261284
2020-01-17Friday10: 08Escape From TarkovS.A.C. = Sacriel, Anthony, Cohh 👊🏻 || Follow @sacriel42 f11:47:471165
2020-01-16Thursday10: 01Escape From TarkovPROFESSOR SACRIELI SNIPEROV || Follow @sacriel42 for memes10:38:381185
2020-01-15Wednesday10: 08Escape From TarkovDay off, back THURSDAY! | TEACHING TARKOV || Follow @sacriel11:43:311159
2020-01-14Tuesday10: 16Escape From TarkovBUDGET ZORRO TEACHES TARKOV || Follow @sacriel42 for memes11:21:371353
2020-01-13Monday10: 00Escape From TarkovDR STRANGE TEACHES TARKOV || Follow @sacriel42 for memes10:13:501107
2020-01-12Sunday10: 02Escape From TarkovDR STRANGE TEACHES TARKOV || Follow @sacriel42 for memes10:45:081562
2020-01-11Saturday10: 00Escape From TarkovDR STRANGE TEACHES TARKOV || Follow @sacriel42 for memes11:00:421075
2020-01-09Thursday10: 01Escape From Tarkov[WE HIT !10ksubs] TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel4208:47:401494
2020-01-08Wednesday10: 01Escape From Tarkov[WE HIT !10ksubs] TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel4209:43:131142
2020-01-08Wednesday19: 31Talk Shows & PodcastsGame change  
2020-01-07Tuesday10: 05Escape From Tarkov[WE HIT !10ksubs] TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel4211:06:091337
2020-01-06Monday10: 31Escape From Tarkov[WE HIT !10ksubs] TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel4213:37:091214
2020-01-05Sunday10: 00Escape From Tarkov[DROPS ENABLED] TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel42 f11:18:292416
2020-01-04Saturday09: 59Escape From Tarkov[DROPS HERE] TOP EDUCATIONAL STRIM || Follow @sacriel42 for 14:57:111327
2020-01-03Friday10: 12Escape From Tarkov[DROPS HERE] SACRIELORIAN || Follow @sacriel42 for memes08:53:26984
2020-01-02Thursday10: 07Escape From Tarkov[DROPS HERE] SACRIELORIAN || Follow @sacriel42 for memes09:32:13824
2020-01-01Wednesday10: 19Escape From Tarkov[!dropsinfo] Teaching Cohh! Happy NYE! || Follow @sacriel42 10:12:111263
2019-12-31Tuesday10: 09Escape From Tarkov[!dropsinfo] FREE TARKOV GEAR HERE || Thermal Hunter Style!10:00:061291
2019-12-30Monday09: 58Escape From TarkovDROPS ENABLED! No command required || follow @sacriel42 on 09:52:341352
2019-12-29Sunday11: 11Escape From TarkovNew Patch Who This? || follow @sacriel42 on Socials09:32:35795
2019-12-28Saturday12: 05Escape From TarkovNew Patch Who This? || follow @sacriel42 on Socials08:10:57934
2019-12-27Friday11: 18Escape From Tarkov[!drops] PATCH DAY? sacPRAY in the chat || Follow @Sacriel4208:44:24793
2019-12-27Friday16: 58Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-12-23Monday11: 29Escape From TarkovGAMES, GIFTS, GIVEAWAYS - 1st Annual Community Awards Dec 2309:14:141508
2019-12-23Monday13: 08Insurgency: SandstormGame change  
2019-12-23Monday13: 48Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-12-22Sunday11: 25Escape From TarkovTeaki Breeki || Follow @sacriel42 on socials!07:46:04944
2019-12-22Sunday16: 58Insurgency: SandstormGame change  
2019-12-21Saturday11: 07Escape From TarkovTea Salesman || !feed - Legends follow @sacriel4208:57:55749
2019-12-21Saturday16: 55Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-12-20Friday11: 26Escape From TarkovTea and Fish Salesman || !feed - Legends follow @sacriel42 09:05:12655
2019-12-20Friday16: 58WarframeGame change  
2019-12-20Friday19: 29Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-12-19Thursday11: 06Escape From Tarkov!feed Tea and Fish Salesman || Legends follow @sacriel4209:13:50449
2019-12-19Thursday13: 01Call of Duty: Modern WarfareGame change  
2019-12-19Thursday15: 32Death SquaredGame change  
2019-12-19Thursday17: 01Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-12-18Wednesday11: 12Escape From Tarkov!feed Tea Salesman || Legends follow @sacriel4209:15:45722
2019-12-18Wednesday16: 53WarframeGame change  
2019-12-18Wednesday19: 03Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-12-16Monday12: 01Escape From TarkovCheekiest Tea Salesman || Legends follow @Sacriel4207:32:311078
2019-12-16Monday16: 50WarframeGame change  
2019-12-15Sunday12: 04Escape From TarkovCheekiest Tea Salesman || Legends follow @Sacriel4207:12:19765
2019-12-15Sunday12: 08Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-12-15Sunday16: 55ControlGame change  
2019-12-14Saturday12: 34Escape From TarkovTea Salesman || [!VS] NEW SPONSOR: VIEWSONIC!07:20:06665
2019-12-14Saturday16: 49WarframeGame change  
2019-12-12Thursday11: 54Escape From TarkovKingsman Duos || Legends follow @sacriel4208:51:591318
2019-12-10Tuesday11: 20Escape From TarkovThe Cheekiest of Breekies || Legends follow @sacriel4209:13:461261
2019-12-09Monday10: 14Escape From TarkovThe Cheekiest of Breekies || Legends follow @sacriel4210:01:15864
2019-12-08Sunday11: 03Escape From TarkovBANNER DAY! Tarkoving my life away || Legends follow @sacri08:32:511019
2019-12-08Sunday11: 12Escape from TarkovGame change  
2019-12-08Sunday17: 36Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-12-07Saturday12: 08Escape From TarkovTarkoving my life away || Legends follow @sacriel4207:26:37803
2019-12-07Saturday12: 09Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-12-05Thursday12: 05Escape From TarkovSeasons Yeeteings! Russian Tetris || Legends follow @sacrie09:03:511144
2019-12-05Thursday18: 57DayZGame change  
2019-12-04Wednesday12: 12Escape From TarkovXMAS EMOTES! Season's Yeetings (DayZ later!) || Legends foll08:53:18730
2019-12-04Wednesday18: 51DayZGame change  
2019-12-03Tuesday12: 03Escape From TarkovXMAS EMOTES! Season's Yeetings || Legends follow @sacriel4209:42:221035
2019-12-02Monday12: 15Escape From TarkovXMAS EMOTES! Season's Yeetings || Legends follow @sacriel4208:15:15829
2019-12-01Sunday12: 03Escape From TarkovLootin' n Scootin' || Legends follow @sacriel4207:59:18775
2019-11-29Friday12: 04Escape From TarkovLootin n Shootin || Legends follow @sacriel4208:01:44980
2019-11-28Thursday12: 10Escape From TarkovJohn Wick Simulator || Legends follow @sacriel4207:06:31551
2019-11-28Thursday16: 54WarframeGame change  
2019-11-26Tuesday12: 06Escape From TarkovJohn Wick Simulator || Legends follow @sacriel4207:02:13784
2019-11-26Tuesday17: 00WarframeGame change  
2019-11-25Monday12: 03Escape From TarkovJohn Wick Simulator || Legends follow @sacriel4207:09:00752
2019-11-24Sunday12: 14Escape From TarkovJohn Wick Simulator || Legends follow @sacriel4208:08:19627
2019-11-23Saturday12: 09Escape From TarkovLootin' n shootin' || Legends follow @sacriel4206:56:29516
2019-11-23Saturday16: 57Kingdom Under Fire IIGame change  
2019-11-22Friday12: 14Escape From TarkovBack on the grind | Legends follow @Sacriel4206:52:10506
2019-11-22Friday16: 38Kingdom Under Fire IIGame change  
2019-11-21Thursday14: 41Escape From TarkovBack on the grind | Legends follow @Sacriel4204:38:15565
2019-11-21Thursday11: 57Escape From TarkovBack on the grind | Legends follow @Sacriel4202:34:51459
2019-11-20Wednesday12: 03Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderWhy don't they make more games this good?! | Legends follow 07:20:19592
2019-11-18Monday12: 07Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderFrench Musketeer Padawan | Legends follow @sacriel4207:08:53465
2019-11-18Monday14: 58Sea of ThievesGame change  
2019-11-17Sunday12: 07Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order[French Muskateer Padawan | Legends follow @sacriel4205:08:14323
2019-11-16Saturday12: 00Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderMusketeer Jedi Roleplay | Legends follow @sacriel4207:11:54512
2019-11-16Saturday16: 52Kingdom Under Fire IIGame change  
2019-11-15Friday11: 29Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderPadawan level Facial Hair || Legends follow @Sacriel4206:33:34536538
2019-11-15Friday17: 00Star Trek Fleet CommandGame change  
2019-11-14Thursday13: 27Escape From TarkovTarkov escapes me! || Legends follow @Sacriel4208:13:22798
2019-11-14Thursday13: 00Escape From TarkovTarkov escapes me! || Legends follow @Sacriel4200:25:57121
2019-11-12Tuesday12: 11Escape From TarkovDay 5 Tarkov! || Legends follow @Sacriel4207:08:44970
2019-11-11Monday12: 03Escape From TarkovTarkov! .12 Day 4 || Legends follow @Sacriel4208:13:45909
2019-11-10Sunday12: 08Escape From TarkovTarkov! .12 Day 4 || Legends follow @Sacriel4207:32:07992
2019-11-07Thursday18: 58Escape From TarkovFinally checking out .12 Tarkov! Advice welcome || Legends f02:25:01731
2019-11-07Thursday12: 01Escape From TarkovFinally checking out .12 Tarkov! Advice welcome || Legends f06:52:401701
2019-11-05Tuesday14: 27DayZLate start 2:30pm UK! || Let's explore the new map! || Legen02:55:45621
2019-11-04Monday11: 56DayZLet's explore the new map! ! || Legends follow @Sacriel4210:06:111115
2019-11-03Sunday11: 16Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCheeky bit of COD, DayZ/Tarkov Later? ! || Legends follow @S08:46:24389
2019-11-02Saturday11: 14Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCheeky bit of COD, DayZ/Tarkov Later? ! || Legends follow @S08:07:01308
2019-10-31Thursday11: 56Call of Duty: Modern WarfarePrincess Bride Halloween - WIN RTX 2080ti below stream (Drop09:45:43524
2019-10-31Thursday19: 07DayZGame change  
2019-10-30Wednesday11: 11Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[!CODRTX] WIN RTX 2080ti (Drops enabled) || M4 and Shotgun s09:20:14339
2019-10-29Tuesday13: 20Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[!CODRTX] Drops Enabled, 2080ti Giveaway! | M4 and Shotgun s06:20:49294
2019-10-28Monday10: 47Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[!CODRTX] WIN RTX 2080ti (Drops enabled!) || | Legends follo08:16:58350
2019-10-28Monday17: 09Brunch ClubGame change  
2019-10-28Monday18: 32Gang BeastsGame change  
2019-10-28Monday18: 36Call of Duty: Modern WarfareGame change  
2019-10-27Sunday10: 34Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[!CODRTX] WIN RTX 2080ti (Drops enabled!) || | Legends follo10:46:45337
2019-10-26Saturday08: 12Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2PC DEEP FRIED KINGSMEN COD&CHIPS || legends follow @sacriel09:27:16306
2019-10-25Friday08: 20Call of Duty: Modern WarfareRear General Gerk Manderin | Legends follow @sacriel4209:13:10345
2019-10-24Thursday17: 06Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[!COD] WINNING YOU STUFF AT THE LAUNCH EVENT || Sponsored by02:15:42369
2019-10-22Tuesday10: 05DayZBack on the stalk! | Legends follow @sacriel4207:31:491044
2019-10-21Monday10: 04DayZBack on the stalk! | Legends follow @sacriel4207:58:51726
2019-10-19Saturday11: 56Rocket LeagueCheeky Rocket League stream from EGX!01:35:25155
2019-10-18Friday10: 17DayZBack on the hunt | Legends follow @sacriel42 05:44:42519
2019-10-18Friday12: 51Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-10-17Thursday13: 14DayZBack on the Hunt! | Legends follow @Sacriel4204:36:49313
2019-10-17Thursday13: 29DayZGame change  
2019-10-17Thursday14: 50Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for NeighborvilleGame change  
2019-10-16Wednesday10: 11SpellbreakNvG Navy Seal Style (unmodded) ! New emote: sacYEET | Legend09:10:47370
2019-10-16Wednesday10: 23SpellbreakGame change  
2019-10-15Tuesday10: 02DayZNvG Navy Seal Style (unmodded) ! New emote: sacYEET | Legend08:00:53519
2019-10-14Monday10: 13DayZBack on the hunt | Legends follow @Sacriel4207:29:18501
2019-10-13Sunday10: 09DayZBack on the hunt | Legends follow @Sacriel4208:15:01553
2019-10-12Saturday10: 04DayZBack on the hunt!. | Legends follow @Sacriel4208:15:25580
2019-10-10Thursday10: 04DayZ30hr Character, will we ever find an AR? | Legends follow @S06:43:24784
2019-10-09Wednesday10: 05DayZThe hunt continues | Legends follow @Sacriel4206:35:31530
2019-10-08Tuesday10: 04DayZThe hunt is on!t| Legends follow @Sacriel4208:06:19615
2019-10-06Sunday10: 04DayZA nice chill Sunday, come and enjoy! | Legends follow @Sacri07:28:42564
2019-10-05Saturday10: 12DayZHunting the hunters | Legends follow @Sacriel4205:50:51557
2019-10-05Saturday12: 59Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-10-05Saturday10: 05DayZHunting the hunters | Legends follow @Sacriel4200:03:5873
2019-10-04Friday17: 03Talk Shows & PodcastsCrowning the #StreamLikeAPro winner of £4700 streaming setup01:14:27476
2019-10-04Friday17: 27Talk Shows & PodcastsGame change  
2019-10-04Friday15: 18Apex LegendsCrowning the #StreamLikeAPro winner of £4700 streaming setup01:38:5187
2019-10-03Thursday09: 50Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon BreakpointGetting my Tacticool on | Legends follow @Sacriel42 07:51:46485
2019-10-02Wednesday09: 56DayZHunting in the north! | Legends follow @Sacriel4207:04:16534
2019-10-02Wednesday09: 57DayZGame change  
2019-10-01Tuesday12: 36DayZBack from Twitchcon! Chilling with Dayz until Apex Patch!09:26:29429
2019-10-01Tuesday17: 04Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGame change  
2019-10-01Tuesday19: 01Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-09-29Sunday21: 47Apex LegendsApex rivals finals from TwitchCon 2019! | Follow @sacriel42 01:27:56258
2019-09-29Sunday21: 47Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-09-25Wednesday10: 13DayZ[!winpc] King in the North! || Legends follow @Sacriel4207:19:19786
2019-09-25Wednesday12: 59Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-09-25Wednesday17: 00Just ChattingGame change  
2019-09-24Tuesday10: 10DayZ[!intelprizes !winpc] King in the North || Sponsored by Inte07:20:44465
2019-09-24Tuesday12: 57Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-09-23Monday10: 07Call of Duty: Modern WarfareTrying out new lvl 30 builds! || Legends follow @Sacriel4207:05:23303
2019-09-23Monday13: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-09-23Monday15: 11Pummel PartyGame change  
2019-09-22Sunday09: 16Call of Duty: Modern WarfareTrying out new lvl 30 builds! || Legends follow @Sacriel4208:35:00320
2019-09-21Saturday09: 01Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCOD KINGSMEN || Ground War Today?! || Legends follow @Sacrie09:49:24364
2019-09-20Friday09: 06Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[!winpc] MORE KEY GIVEAWAYS! BETA W/KINGSMEN || Thanks to Ac11:01:33346
2019-09-19Thursday10: 02DayZ[!winpc] Lone Kingsman vs the wild! || Legends follow @sacri09:12:51427
2019-09-19Thursday15: 48Call of Duty: Modern WarfareGame change  
2019-09-18Wednesday10: 09DayZ[!winpc] A deeper look at 1.05! || Legends follow @Sacriel4211:50:16399
2019-09-18Wednesday12: 36Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-09-17Tuesday09: 52DayZ[!winpc] Checking out 1.05! || Legends follow @Sacriel4206:44:22508
2019-09-17Tuesday14: 06Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-09-16Monday10: 27Borderlands 3[!goxlr] Beneath the Meridian! || Sponsored by TC Helicon06:49:05235
2019-09-15Sunday10: 16Two Point HospitalA nice chill Sunday! [!winpc] | Legends follow @sacriel4208:02:05396
2019-09-15Sunday11: 45BreathedgeGame change  
2019-09-13Friday10: 05Borderlands 3[!BL3 !winpc] THE KINGSMEN || Code provided by 2K || Epic St06:52:27252
2019-09-12Thursday10: 01Borderlands 3[!BL3 in chat] THE KINGSMEN || Code provided by 2K || Epic S09:19:27335
2019-09-11Wednesday10: 17Dota Underlords[!winpc] Cheeky Underlords while Borderlands 3 Installs | Le07:07:05414
2019-09-11Wednesday11: 54Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-09-11Wednesday12: 06Dota UnderlordsGame change  
2019-09-11Wednesday13: 44Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-09-11Wednesday13: 51Dota UnderlordsGame change  
2019-09-11Wednesday14: 01Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-09-10Tuesday10: 12PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS[!winpc] Cheeky bit PUBG | Legends follow @sacriel42 on soci05:42:12395
2019-09-08Sunday10: 01Risk of Rain 2[!winpc] Cheeky bit of Risk of Rain 2 | Legends follow @sacr08:22:06402
2019-09-08Sunday13: 12Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2019-09-06Friday10: 05Gears 5[!winpc] *SPOILERS* First time playing Gears - Thanks Micros09:09:55551
2019-09-06Friday11: 23Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon BreakpointGame change  
2019-09-04Wednesday10: 47Gears 5Gears 5 [!winpc] *SPOILERS* First time playing Gears - Thank07:28:33612
2019-09-02Monday10: 02Risk of Rain 2[!winpc] Cheeky bit of Risk of Rain 2? || Legends follow @sa06:56:50418
2019-09-02Monday15: 39Just ChattingGame change  
2019-09-02Monday15: 47Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-09-01Sunday10: 06Risk of Rain 2[!steelhunter] Cheeky bit of Risk of Rain 2? || Legends foll09:13:49289
2019-09-01Sunday14: 57Two Point HospitalGame change  
2019-09-01Sunday17: 05Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-08-31Saturday12: 01Control[!ror2 !winpc] ALL THE GAMES TODAY at 2pm || Risk of Rain 2 08:05:18305
2019-08-31Saturday15: 01Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-08-31Saturday17: 54World of TanksGame change  
2019-08-30Friday13: 03ControlCheeky bit of Control before R6! | Legends follow @sacriel405:39:50321
2019-08-30Friday16: 59Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2019-08-29Thursday10: 03ControlKingsmen Memes | Legends follow @sacriel4207:20:29447
2019-08-29Thursday10: 14ControlGame change  
2019-08-28Wednesday09: 57PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen PUBG | [!intelprizes !winpc] | Legends follow @Sacr10:15:24492
2019-08-28Wednesday17: 52Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2019-08-26Monday10: 00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPUBG Kingsmen | Legends follow @Sacriel4208:28:12536
2019-08-26Monday10: 58ControlGame change  
2019-08-26Monday11: 40PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-08-26Monday13: 59Gang BeastsGame change  
2019-08-26Monday14: 07Sea of ThievesGame change  
2019-08-26Monday16: 47Gang BeastsGame change  
2019-08-24Saturday09: 59SlitherSlitherin, playing w/ the !RAF @4pm | Legends follow @Sacrie03:57:12394
2019-08-24Saturday10: 34Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGame change  
2019-08-24Saturday10: 36SlitherGame change  
2019-08-22Thursday10: 00Hunt: ShowdownGoing live at 12 with Hunt Showdown | Legends follow @Sacrie08:02:07746
2019-08-22Thursday15: 47PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-08-22Thursday16: 28Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2019-08-21Wednesday10: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen PUBG | Legends follow @Sacriel4207:44:50496
2019-08-20Tuesday10: 03PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky bit of PUBG || Legends follow @sacriel4207:03:03360
2019-08-20Tuesday12: 45Remnant: From the AshesGame change  
2019-08-19Monday10: 30PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky bit of PUBG || Legends follow @sacriel4206:49:50328
2019-08-18Sunday09: 56Teamfight TacticsTFT Until 2pm then Remnant with the BOYS || Legends follow @10:04:15259
2019-08-18Sunday11: 51Remnant: From the AshesGame change  
2019-08-17Saturday10: 13Teamfight TacticsCheeky TFT - Remnant begins at 3pm! | Legends follow @sacrie07:59:52590
2019-08-17Saturday12: 03Remnant: From the AshesGame change  
2019-08-16Friday09: 55PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBack to shooting things in the face || Follow our adventures08:10:28329
2019-08-16Friday14: 47Drone Strike ForceGame change  
2019-08-16Friday15: 03Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-08-16Friday15: 48Drone Strike ForceGame change  
2019-08-15Thursday09: 59PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBack to shooting things in the face || Follow our adventures08:06:01499
2019-08-14Wednesday09: 50Teamfight TacticsNew Patch Hypu! || Follow our adventures @sacriel42 @Shanno05:51:23144
2019-08-13Tuesday10: 27Teamfight TacticsMarried Boi Plays TFT || Follow our adventures @sacriel42 @07:03:45222
2019-08-12Monday14: 28Teamfight TacticsMarried Boi Plays TFT - Short strim || Follow our adventures03:17:27547
2019-08-07Wednesday10: 13Teamfight TacticsCheeky bit of TFT, Three Kingdoms 8 Princes later! || Leavin04:58:37697
2019-08-07Wednesday13: 00Total War: Three KingdomsGame change  
2019-08-06Tuesday10: 18Teamfight TacticsCheeky bit of TFT || Leaving for my Wedding in: 2 days!06:04:57244
2019-08-05Monday10: 00Odd RealmExplore a new world with me || Leaving for my Wedding in: 3 07:56:34533
2019-08-04Sunday10: 32Odd RealmExplore a new world with me || Leaving for my Wedding in: 5 08:34:26595
2019-08-03Saturday10: 03Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhWW2 Snipey Boi - TFT Later? || Legends follow @sacriel4206:23:39340
2019-08-03Saturday13: 21Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-08-02Friday10: 02Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhWW2 Sniper, new gore added! || Legends follow @sacriel4207:39:29284
2019-07-31Wednesday10: 01Teamfight TacticsLearn TFT with me, fps games later? || Legends follow @sacri07:29:59360
2019-07-29Monday10: 07Teamfight Tactics[!wintrx] 2080ti Giveaway Worldwide | Legends follow @sacrie07:59:50398
2019-07-29Monday16: 00Rocket LeagueGame change  
2019-07-28Sunday13: 01Teamfight Tactics[!winrtx] HLL Intel stream later! || Sponsored by NVIDIA06:32:41259
2019-07-28Sunday14: 01Hell Let LooseGame change  
2019-07-28Sunday16: 24Gang BeastsGame change  
2019-07-28Sunday18: 08Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-27Saturday10: 04Teamfight Tactics[!hugeaway !winrtx] Learning TFT! Day 4 | Legends follow @sa05:58:23274
2019-07-27Saturday14: 47Battlefield VGame change  
2019-07-27Saturday15: 02Just ChattingGame change  
2019-07-27Saturday15: 16Battlefield VGame change  
2019-07-26Friday10: 02Teamfight TacticsLearning TFT! Day 3 | Legends follow @sacriel4209:52:54209
2019-07-24Wednesday10: 00Teamfight TacticsLearning TFT! Day 2 | Legends follow @sacriel4207:12:28381
2019-07-23Tuesday10: 01DayZLet's try DayZ BR? Teamfight Tactics later? | Legends follow10:00:26907
2019-07-23Tuesday13: 45Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-22Monday10: 07WarframeCheeky bit of Warframe, cheekier Rocket League later!| The S08:04:43476
2019-07-22Monday15: 57Rocket LeagueGame change  
2019-07-20Saturday10: 03Warframe3 NEW EMOTES! The Sacrifice finished | Legends follow @sacri09:57:04835
2019-07-20Saturday16: 56Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-07-19Friday10: 03Warframe3 NEW EMOTES! Nekros/Saryn still learning | Legends follow @07:15:50872
2019-07-18Thursday10: 43Warframe3 NEW EMOTES! Should I get a Nekros?! | Legends follow @sacr07:02:32562
2019-07-18Thursday10: 02Warframe3 NEW EMOTES! Should I get a Nekros?! | Legends follow @sacr00:38:4798
2019-07-17Wednesday10: 06Warframe3 NEW EMOTES! The War Within completed! | Legends follow @sa03:48:32462
2019-07-16Tuesday10: 06WarframeThe War Within! 3 NEW EMOTES!!! | Legends follow @sacriel4207:41:20964
2019-07-15Monday10: 05WarframeSecond Dream complete, apparently we are past the tutorial n08:05:34822
2019-07-14Sunday10: 05Warframe900 hours in, apparently we are past the tutorial now! | Le07:59:391209
2019-07-13Saturday12: 01Apex LegendsApex w/ Jackfrags and Onscreen! #SponsoredbyEA07:58:45500
2019-07-13Saturday12: 02WarframeGame change  
2019-07-13Saturday16: 51Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-07-11Thursday12: 54Remnant: From the AshesIN BERLIN: PRE-RELEASE EVENT! | Sponsored by Remnant: From t03:11:201209
2019-07-10Wednesday10: 12Warframe[!wfreferral] I might be addicted to Warframe | Legends foll08:05:36605
2019-07-09Tuesday10: 05Warframe[!wfreferral] I might be addicted to Warframe | Legends foll07:03:37368
2019-07-08Monday10: 13WarframeI migtht be addicted to Warframe.| Legends follow @Sacriel4207:46:22848
2019-07-06Saturday14: 01Hell Let LooseHLL / DayZ, TennoCon/Warframe later! | Legends follow @Sacri08:33:381325
2019-07-06Saturday18: 15SquadGame change  
2019-07-06Saturday19: 47WarframeGame change  
2019-07-04Thursday10: 15DayZDayZ Sneaky Snipey | Legends follow @Sacriel4205:47:34849
2019-07-04Thursday12: 20Hell Let LooseGame change  
2019-07-03Wednesday10: 10DayZDayZ Duos with Break | Legends follow @Sacriel4207:55:50946
2019-07-02Tuesday10: 02DayZDayZ w/BreaK | Legends follow @Sacriel4208:26:46854
2019-07-01Monday08: 42DayZDayZ with Kongphan and Grimzimimiz | Sponsored by Intel09:21:28740
2019-06-30Sunday10: 07DayZCheeky bit of DayZ | Community games later | Legends follow 07:07:03505
2019-06-30Sunday13: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-06-28Friday10: 09DayZWhat year is it!? || Legends follow @sacriel4206:05:24644
2019-06-28Friday15: 24Hell Let LooseGame change  
2019-06-27Thursday10: 06DayZDayz Adventures - PUBG with Break Later || Legends follow @s08:45:59587
2019-06-27Thursday13: 30PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-06-26Wednesday10: 04DayZTrying Dayz again - More WW2 later! || Legends follow @sacri07:44:03627
2019-06-25Tuesday10: 11Steel Division 2NEW EMOTE: sacNOYOU || Trying out Steel Division || Legends06:25:44637
2019-06-24Monday10: 01DayZNEW EMOTE: sacNOYOU || Checking out New DayZ || Legends fol04:21:29508
2019-06-24Monday10: 09Insurgency: SandstormGame change  
2019-06-24Monday12: 39Hell Let LooseGame change  
2019-06-23Sunday10: 00Insurgency: SandstormSicario simulator 2019 | Legends follow @sacriel4206:37:28591
2019-06-22Saturday10: 16Hell Let LooseWW2 until DayZ Experimenttal is back | Legends follow @sacr07:53:22638
2019-06-22Saturday11: 54DayZGame change  
2019-06-22Saturday15: 03Hell Let LooseGame change  
2019-06-22Saturday16: 00Insurgency: SandstormGame change  
2019-06-21Friday10: 06Hell Let LooseSurprise Mechanics | Legends follow @sacriel4207:32:14282
2019-06-17Monday10: 03Hell Let LoosePrivate Jackson Simulator 2019 | Legends follow @sacriel4207:32:53731
2019-06-17Monday15: 56Quake IIGame change  
2019-06-16Sunday10: 07Hell Let LooseHLL Sniper/Tanker Beast | Legends follow @sacriel4207:25:15434
2019-06-15Saturday09: 59Hell Let LooseHLL Sniper/Tanker Beast | Legends follow @sacriel4209:11:40418
2019-06-14Friday10: 08Hell Let LooseChecking out HLL | Legends follow @sacriel4207:19:42742
2019-06-13Thursday11: 02World of WarcraftBack on that Classic! Home from e3 | Legends follow @sacriel07:30:16300
2019-06-13Thursday17: 17Hell Let LooseGame change  
2019-06-12Wednesday15: 07Borderlands 3[!BL3] E3 FIRST LOOK: Borderlands 3 || Sponsored by 2K02:44:31404
2019-06-11Tuesday20: 16Roller Champions[!roller] E3 FIRST LOOK: Roller Champions! || Sponsored by U01:01:56279
2019-06-10Monday20: 23Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeCELEBRITY CHARITY TWITCH RIVALS [!PUBGskin] 00:32:43334
2019-06-08Saturday10: 09World of WarcraftBirthday Boy| [!PUBGskin] | Legends follow @Sacriel4207:15:43590
2019-06-06Thursday10: 41World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] Nostalgriel lvling up to 40 in WoW Classic | Leg06:07:28429
2019-06-06Thursday14: 57Quake IIGame change  
2019-06-06Thursday15: 25World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-06-06Thursday09: 38World of WarcraftBANNER DAY Nostalgriel lvling up to 40 | !pubgskin Legends f00:58:5763
2019-06-05Wednesday10: 05World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] LVL 40 HYPU! WoW Classic! | Legends follow @sac07:05:14249
2019-06-05Wednesday11: 44Just ChattingGame change  
2019-06-05Wednesday11: 56World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-06-04Tuesday09: 25World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] Nostalgriel with WoW Classic! | Legends follow @05:50:42274
2019-06-03Monday10: 06World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] Nostalgriel with WoW Classic! | Legends follow @07:36:44215
2019-06-02Sunday10: 05World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] Nostalgriel | Legends follow @sacriel42 07:18:32244
2019-06-01Saturday10: 11World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] Nostalgriel | Legends follow @sacriel42 08:31:36407
2019-05-31Friday13: 18Barotrauma[!PUBGskin] Let's try Barotrauma! | Legends follow @sacriel404:40:261059
2019-05-31Friday10: 54Barotrauma[!PUBGskin] Let's try Barotrauma! | Legends follow @sacriel402:20:57654
2019-05-29Wednesday12: 11World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] Nostalgriel plays WoW Classic | !sub4free Legend00:25:55438
2019-05-29Wednesday10: 07World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] Nostalgriel plays WoW Classic | !sub4free Legend02:01:19151
2019-05-28Tuesday10: 08World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] Nostalgriel plays WoW | Legends follow @sacriel406:56:33405
2019-05-28Tuesday15: 04Splitgate: Arena WarfareGame change  
2019-05-27Monday10: 16World of WarcraftNostalgriel plays WoW - Warframe later || Legends follow @sa07:57:43274
2019-05-27Monday15: 58WarframeGame change  
2019-05-26Sunday10: 02World of Warcraft[!PUBGskin] World of Nostlagia - PUBG Community later! | !su06:58:08500
2019-05-26Sunday12: 56PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-05-25Saturday10: 08World of WarcraftWoW Classic?! PUBG/Rocket Arena later| Sacriel Ghost of Vik07:29:28551
2019-05-25Saturday15: 59Rocket ArenaGame change  
2019-05-23Thursday10: 13MordhauMordhau Monster - PUBG Later! | !sub4free Legends follow @sa06:23:28902
2019-05-23Thursday10: 36PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-05-22Wednesday10: 10MordhauMordhau Monster - Dauntless later! | !sub4free Legends follo07:59:54463
2019-05-22Wednesday11: 10Just ChattingGame change  
2019-05-22Wednesday11: 17MordhauGame change  
2019-05-22Wednesday15: 25Total War: Three KingdomsGame change  
2019-05-22Wednesday16: 01DauntlessGame change  
2019-05-21Tuesday10: 05MordhauHeadshots now, Total War 3k later | !sub4free Legends follow07:15:06517
2019-05-21Tuesday12: 01Total War: Three KingdomsGame change  
2019-05-20Monday10: 17MordhauMore-dhau, Squad later? | !sub4free Legends follow @sacriel07:42:36529
2019-05-20Monday15: 29Total War: Three KingdomsGame change  
2019-05-19Sunday10: 06Escape From TarkovBaba Yaga | !sub4free Legends follow @sacriel4207:16:41938
2019-05-16Thursday10: 04Escape From TarkovEscaping from Tarkov, maybe smashing heads later | !sub4free07:14:061259
2019-05-16Thursday15: 52MordhauGame change  
2019-05-15Wednesday10: 49Escape From TarkovCheeky bit of Tarkov, Maybe More-dhau later | !sub4free Lege06:48:08563
2019-05-15Wednesday11: 00MordhauGame change  
2019-05-15Wednesday10: 42Escape From TarkovCheeky bit of Tarkov, Maybe More-dhau later | !sub4free Lege00:04:3758
2019-05-15Wednesday10: 07Escape From TarkovCheeky bit of Tarkov, Maybe More-dhau later | !sub4free Lege00:34:5688
2019-05-15Wednesday10: 14Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-05-13Monday10: 03MordhauMore-dhau Current level: Drunk Podrick | !sub4free Legends f08:26:32709
2019-05-12Sunday10: 13MordhauMore-dhau stabbery | !sub4free Legends follow @sacriel4208:38:46466
2019-05-11Saturday10: 02MordhauMore-dhau stabbery, Tarkov later? | !sub4free Legends follow09:26:16435
2019-05-09Thursday16: 43Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands[!ghostrecon] ANNOUNCEMENT CO-STREAM! Ghost Recon: Wildlands02:51:07581
2019-05-09Thursday10: 01MordhauMore-dhaou? #dadjokes | !sub4free Legends follow @sacriel4206:41:43392
2019-05-09Thursday16: 29Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: WildlandsGame change  
2019-05-08Wednesday10: 04MordhauTrying our Mordhau, Tarkov later? | !sub4free Legends follow10:08:00800
2019-05-06Monday10: 11Escape From TarkovBaba Yaga Simulator | !sub4free Legends follow @sacriel4207:34:031598
2019-05-05Sunday10: 04Escape From TarkovBaba Yaga Simulator | !sub4free Legends follow @sacriel4206:17:04716
2019-05-03Friday10: 54Escape From TarkovThat Friday Feeling! | !sub4free Legends follow @sacriel4207:20:27892
2019-05-02Thursday10: 00Escape From TarkovOn dat Grind | !sub4free Legends follow @sacriel4204:55:38699
2019-05-01Wednesday10: 12Escape From TarkovThe escape continues | Legends follow @Sacriel42 06:53:05734
2019-05-01Wednesday16: 01Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-04-29Monday10: 10Escape From TarkovStill havent escaped | Legends follow @Sacriel42 07:15:431251
2019-04-28Sunday10: 40Total War: Three KingdomsNEW PC REVEAL! Trying out Three Kingdoms, then Intel Sub gam06:30:15729
2019-04-28Sunday12: 59PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-04-28Sunday10: 21Total War: Three KingdomsTrying out Three Kingdoms! Intel Sub game later | Legends f00:19:06165
2019-04-27Saturday10: 05Hell Let LooseChecking out Hell Let Loose, Tarkov later | Legends follow @06:26:38446
2019-04-26Friday10: 05Escape From TarkovAnother day in Paradise | Legends follow @Sacriel4208:41:52722
2019-04-26Friday16: 24Hell Let LooseGame change  
2019-04-24Wednesday10: 10Escape From TarkovTHE RETURN TO TARKOV | Legends follow @Sacriel4208:26:261018
2019-04-23Tuesday10: 05Escape From TarkovChecking out the latest Tarkov | Legends follow @Sacriel4208:45:141090
2019-04-22Monday10: 05Anno 1800Britain Simulator, we Tier4 now! BATTLESHIPS | Legends follo08:37:24649
2019-04-21Sunday13: 32Overwatch!Overwatch is FREE?! Time to team up with lads! || #ad | Leg04:55:30314
2019-04-21Sunday15: 34Anno 1800Game change  
2019-04-21Sunday10: 05Anno 1800Britain Simulator - Overwatch Later || Legends follow @Sacri03:25:56175
2019-04-20Saturday10: 34Anno 1800Britain Simulator || Legends follow @Sacriel4209:33:08380
2019-04-20Saturday10: 12Anno 1800Britain Simulator || Legends follow @Sacriel4200:18:1837
2019-04-19Friday10: 04Anno 1800Tier4 Anno today?! Gert Lush! ! || Legends follow @Sacriel4208:13:14545
2019-04-17Wednesday10: 01Anno 1800[ HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY] An English Peasant presents...ANN09:01:11704
2019-04-17Wednesday13: 06World War ZGame change  
2019-04-17Wednesday14: 56OverwatchGame change  
2019-04-16Tuesday09: 58Anno 1800Enjoying some Gert Lush™ || Legends follow @sacriel42 10:01:331494
2019-04-16Tuesday15: 59World War ZGame change  
2019-04-14Sunday12: 00DayZLIVE AT TWITCHCON! DayZ and chatting || Sponsored by NVIDIA02:00:00654
2019-04-13Saturday15: 51Apex LegendsApex Legends Rivals Finals | !TwitchCon stream Saturday || L01:23:34471
2019-04-13Saturday15: 07Apex LegendsApex Legends Rivals Finals | !TwitchCon stream Saturday || L00:43:22148
2019-04-10Wednesday10: 05DayZKing in the North DayZ || !giveawayinfo !sub4free Legends fo07:40:191615
2019-04-10Wednesday15: 43Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-04-09Tuesday10: 15DayZKing in the North DayZ || !giveawayinfo !sub4free Legends fo04:27:12833
2019-04-08Monday10: 20DayZKing in the North DayZ || !giveawayinfo !sub4free Legends fo07:54:271219
2019-04-07Sunday10: 10Hell Let LooseLetting some Hell Loose until DayZ! || !giveawayinfo !sub4fr08:31:021009
2019-04-07Sunday11: 20DayZGame change  
2019-04-05Friday09: 07DayZReveal of the 42nd Anthem! !corsair !giveawayinfo !sub4free 10:53:081447
2019-04-05Friday17: 55Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-04-03Wednesday09: 04DayZCheeky bit of DayZ Duos! !giveawayinfo !sub4free | Legends f07:02:181731
2019-04-02Tuesday14: 59Apex LegendsKINGSMEN APEX RIVALS TOURNY EU || Legends follow @sacriel4204:22:45513
2019-04-02Tuesday09: 21DayZDayZ DUOS #whatyearisit !sub4free || Legends follow @sacriel05:37:10425
2019-04-02Tuesday14: 04Battlefield VGame change  
2019-04-02Tuesday14: 38Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-04-01Monday09: 32DayZWhat year is it?! DayZ Time !sub4free || Legends follow @sac07:04:491307
2019-03-31Sunday10: 12Battlefield VFIRESTORM MEMES !sub4free || Legends follow @sacriel4206:15:44655
2019-03-30Saturday12: 09Battlefield VFIRESTORM MEMES W/LADS !subgames || !sub4free Legends follow06:52:46414
2019-03-29Friday12: 07Battlefield VFirestorm Memes with British lads! || FIRESTORM BR sacWOO ||06:48:30343
2019-03-27Wednesday12: 00Battlefield VFIRESTORM BR sacWOO || !sub4free Legends follow @Sacriel4206:34:10662
2019-03-26Tuesday11: 06Battlefield VFIRESTORM BR sacWOO || !sub4free Legends follow @Sacriel4207:48:29541
2019-03-25Monday09: 48Battlefield VLads on TOUR! Firestorm edition || !sub4free @Sacriel42 on S10:30:53965
2019-03-24Sunday12: 07SatisfactorySac-isfactory until 3pm Sub Games in PUBG || !WinaPC !sub4fr02:35:17604
2019-03-23Saturday12: 11DayZThe King in the North || !WinaPC !sub4free @Sacriel42 on Soc06:32:31496
2019-03-21Thursday12: 06SatisfactorySac-isfactory! || !WinaPC !sub4free @Sacriel42 on Socials07:56:35867
2019-03-20Wednesday10: 59SatisfactorySac--isfactory, maybe Apex later! || !sub4free @Sacriel42 on07:36:24820
2019-03-19Tuesday12: 02DayZDayZ Now, Apex Season 1 later!! || !sub4free @Sacriel42 on S08:02:32630
2019-03-19Tuesday14: 10Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-03-16Saturday12: 04DayZDayz Now - Apex later - 2pt Hospital Laterer || Sponsored by06:58:271019
2019-03-16Saturday12: 54Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-03-16Saturday16: 50Two Point HospitalGame change  
2019-03-15Friday12: 03DayZBabaYaga returns to DayZ! || !sub4free @sacriel42 on Socials07:00:20685
2019-03-15Friday16: 59Tom Clancy's The Division 2Game change  
2019-03-14Thursday12: 07Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns to Tarkov! || !sub4free @sacriel42 on Socia04:38:22673
2019-03-14Thursday12: 08Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-03-13Wednesday12: 05Escape From TarkovThe Return of Baba Yaga || !sub4free @sacriel42 on Socials07:53:49733
2019-03-13Wednesday16: 39Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-03-12Tuesday12: 01Tom Clancy's The Division 2Budget John Wick Simulator || Legends follow @sacriel42 on S06:44:42366
2019-03-11Monday12: 10Metro ExodusCompleting Metro to begin with! || !winApex !sub4free Socia07:50:56730
2019-03-11Monday15: 30Tom Clancy's The Division 2Game change  
2019-03-11Monday19: 06Just ChattingGame change  
2019-03-10Sunday11: 55SatisfactorySacisfactory until the Apex boys are on! || !winApex !sub4fr06:29:25700
2019-03-08Friday12: 13Metro ExodusMetro until the boys are on for Apex || !winApex !sub4free S08:22:261047
2019-03-08Friday17: 03SatisfactoryGame change  
2019-03-07Thursday12: 02Apex LegendsBritish Apex Memes || !winApex !sub4free Socials: @sacriel4205:24:36899
2019-03-06Wednesday12: 15Metro ExodusAPEX OF BRITISH MEMERY || !winApex !sub4free Socials: @sacri07:15:54852
2019-03-06Wednesday12: 37Metro ExodusGame change  
2019-02-23Saturday11: 59Apex LegendsGIVING AWAY FOUNDERS PACKS !winapex || !giveawayinfo !sub4fr07:46:05515
2019-02-22Friday11: 13Metro ExodusJumpscare Simulator until the APEX Boys are on !winapex || #07:38:18676
2019-02-22Friday12: 21Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-02-21Thursday11: 02Apex LegendsBANNER DAY! GIVING AWAY FOUNDER'S PACKS !winapex || !giveawa08:01:34877
2019-02-21Thursday16: 22Metro ExodusGame change  
2019-02-20Wednesday11: 32Apex LegendsGIVING AWAY FOUNDER'S PACKS !winapex || !giveawayinfo !sub4f08:14:17574
2019-02-18Monday12: 02Apex LegendsMoar Kingsmen Apex! || !giveawayinfo !sub4free08:14:03934
2019-02-17Sunday11: 01Apex LegendsMoar Kingsmen Apex! || !giveawayinfo !sub4free08:15:04540
2019-02-16Saturday11: 11Apex LegendsMoar Kingsmen Apex! || !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:49:17477
2019-02-15Friday11: 00Apex LegendsMoar Kingsmen Apex! || !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:30:27510
2019-02-13Wednesday10: 58Apex LegendsTrying our new classes! || !giveawayinfo !sub4free08:37:561076
2019-02-12Tuesday17: 08Apex Legends$50K TOURNY AT 5PM UK (CAPTAIN OF TEAM KINGSMEN) !tourny for04:03:26975
2019-02-12Tuesday13: 55Apex LegendsRIVALS TOURNY AT 5PM UK TIME || !giveawayinfo !sub4free @sac03:11:37281
2019-02-11Monday10: 11Apex LegendsNEW EMOTES sacWOO sacPEEK sacSMUG || !giveawayinfo !sub4free08:46:43853
2019-02-10Sunday17: 57Apex LegendsNEW EMOTES sacWOO sacPEEK sacSMUG || !giveawayinfo !sub4free01:16:32279
2019-02-10Sunday11: 11Apex LegendsNEW EMOTES sacWOO sacPEEK sacSMUG !alita | Link sponsored by06:42:47547
2019-02-09Saturday10: 17Apex LegendsFORGING THE META w/LADS !alita | Link sponsored by Alita: Ba10:27:38610
2019-02-08Friday10: 26Apex LegendsFORGING THE META w/LADS !alita | Link sponsored by Alita: Ba09:57:04693
2019-02-07Thursday10: 05Apex LegendsFORGING THE META w/LADS powered by !alita | !giveawayinfo !s09:22:05674
2019-02-06Wednesday14: 58Apex LegendsFORGING THE META w/LADS #ad !alita | !giveawayinfo !sub4free06:48:51519
2019-02-06Wednesday11: 09Apex LegendsFORGING THE META w/LADS | !giveawayinfo !sub4free03:49:10228
2019-02-05Tuesday08: 57Apex LegendsAPEX W/LADS! Forging that meta | !giveawayinfo !sub4free12:13:011557
2019-02-04Monday12: 10Anno 1800BRITAIN SIMULATION 2019 (New BR Later?!)) | !giveawayinfo !s11:39:271131
2019-02-04Monday20: 13Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-02-03Sunday12: 02Escape From TarkovShooting n' Lootin - Downloading Anno | !giveawayinfo !sub4f08:16:491377
2019-02-03Sunday13: 15Anno 1800Game change  
2019-02-02Saturday13: 47AnthemTrying out the other Javelins - Tarkov later? | !giveawayinf06:28:53560
2019-02-02Saturday16: 51Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-02-01Friday12: 08Escape From TarkovChecking out the new changes | !giveawayinfo !sub4free @Sacr09:02:18970
2019-02-01Friday16: 52AnthemGame change  
2019-01-30Wednesday12: 04DayZGetting my Survive on - Preparing for SubNautica!!| !giveawa09:04:082124
2019-01-30Wednesday14: 39Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-01-30Wednesday15: 00SubnauticaGame change  
2019-01-30Wednesday15: 43Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-01-30Wednesday18: 01Subnautica: Below ZeroGame change  
2019-01-29Tuesday12: 44Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's FPS and Netcode Emporium | !giveawayinfo !sub404:45:21895
2019-01-29Tuesday12: 08Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's FPS and Netcode Emporium | !giveawayinfo !sub400:36:12104
2019-01-28Monday12: 08Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's FPS and Netcode Emporium | !giveawayinfo !sub407:01:15999
2019-01-27Sunday12: 06AnthemMoarh Antham, Community/Giveaway event Later! | !giveawayinf07:08:52705
2019-01-27Sunday15: 03PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-01-26Saturday11: 59AnthemChecking out Anthem! | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 Socials07:47:341011
2019-01-25Friday12: 50Escape From TarkovJohn Wick Simulator 2019, Maybe SoT with Break later | !give07:41:31811
2019-01-25Friday16: 56Sea of ThievesGame change  
2019-01-23Wednesday11: 56Escape From TarkovJohn Wick Simulator 2019, Maybe DayZ Later | !giveawayinfo @06:40:391495
2019-01-22Tuesday12: 07Escape From TarkovThis lab is filthy and covered in blood. Weird tour but ok. 06:31:14817
2019-01-21Monday12: 55Escape From TarkovThird Strim at new house!! | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 Social06:12:121047
2019-01-20Sunday16: 28Escape From TarkovSecond Strim at new house!! | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 Socia03:01:28676
2019-01-20Sunday12: 04Escape From TarkovSecond Strim at new house!! | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 Socia04:21:21533
2019-01-19Saturday12: 01Escape From TarkovFirst Strim at new house!! | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 Social07:48:231008
2019-01-17Thursday12: 03Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S06:10:441113
2019-01-16Wednesday12: 18Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S06:27:58973
2019-01-15Tuesday15: 47Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S02:50:08315
2019-01-15Tuesday12: 03Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S03:42:48335
2019-01-14Monday12: 02Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S06:35:39800
2019-01-13Sunday12: 10Hell Let LooseBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S09:18:25693
2019-01-13Sunday12: 15Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-01-12Saturday12: 38Hell Let LooseNew Hell Let Loose Build! | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 Socials07:10:13398
2019-01-11Friday12: 41Hell Let LooseNew Hell Let Loose Build! | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 Socials07:26:20620
2019-01-09Wednesday12: 13Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S07:46:24848
2019-01-08Tuesday12: 22Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S01:38:20686
2019-01-07Monday14: 33Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S05:21:36587
2019-01-07Monday12: 16Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S02:15:31187
2019-01-06Sunday12: 15Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S07:29:25487
2019-01-05Saturday12: 04Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S08:17:20551
2019-01-04Friday12: 11Escape From TarkovBoris Yager's Lab Tour Emporium | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 S07:19:35765
2019-01-02Wednesday12: 20DayZHappy 2019 everyone! Let's goooo | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 06:56:54988
2018-12-31Monday12: 07Ring Of ElysiumRoE wit Smithy, maybe DayZ/Rimworld later? | !giveawayinfo @05:53:45929
2018-12-31Monday12: 09Ring Of ElysiumGame change  
2018-12-31Monday15: 46RimWorldGame change  
2018-12-29Saturday12: 04DayZSnowZ bringing the Slaybells | !giveawayinfo @sacriel42 Soci08:01:391288
2018-12-29Saturday15: 15RimWorldGame change  
2018-12-28Friday12: 16Ring Of ElysiumLIVE FROM EBUYER HQ! GIVEAWAYS AND GAMES (!rtx in chat) #ad04:46:57360
2018-12-27Thursday12: 12RimWorldRimming my life away | @sacriel42 on Socials05:57:151321
2018-12-26Wednesday12: 11Just ChattingWut do we play?! | !freesubmas !winter07:21:47931
2018-12-26Wednesday12: 19DayZGame change  
2018-12-24Monday12: 02Ring Of ElysiumPUTTING THE SLAY IN SLEIGHBELLS (DayZ Later) | !RoE !freesub06:15:07989
2018-12-23Sunday18: 07Ring Of ElysiumFrom Dusk to Dawn - Ring of Elysium! (!roe in chat) #ad03:11:47446
2018-12-23Sunday18: 10Ring Of ElysiumGame change  
2018-12-23Sunday12: 07DayZDayZ Adventures, Intel Community games later! RoE after that05:59:25606
2018-12-23Sunday13: 59PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-12-21Friday12: 07DayZBoris Yager's night vision Emporium || !freesubmas !winter !06:35:261378
2018-12-20Thursday12: 06DayZBoris Yager's night vision Emporium || !freesubmas !winter !07:59:12971
2018-12-19Wednesday12: 03DayZBoris Yager's night vision Emporium || !freesubmas !winter !07:19:491077
2018-12-17Monday14: 49DayZBoris Yager's Running and Headshot Emporium || !freesubmas !04:35:061246
2018-12-17Monday12: 04DayZBoris Yager's Running and Headshot Emporium || !freesubmas !02:43:30263
2018-12-16Sunday12: 06DayZBoris Yager's Running and Headshot Emporium || !freesubmas !07:35:01887
2018-12-15Saturday12: 10DayZBoris Yager's running and Headshot Emporium (!charitycheer) 07:07:421140
2018-12-14Friday12: 05DayZTrying out DayZ Launch (!charitycheer) | @sacriel42 on soci07:44:251145
2018-12-13Thursday12: 24PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPUBG Christmas time - DayZ Launch later | @sacriel42 on soci10:28:111087
2018-12-13Thursday19: 10DayZGame change  
2018-12-12Wednesday12: 08PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSIt''s beginning to look a lot like PUBG, everwhere I go | @s07:26:34675
2018-12-10Monday12: 14PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSIt's beginning to look a lot like PUBG, everwhere I go | @sa05:20:05961
2018-12-10Monday17: 07Battlefield VGame change  
2018-12-09Sunday11: 58PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSIt's beginning to look a lot like PUBG, everwhere I go | @sa06:44:27385
2018-12-09Sunday18: 26Battlefield VGame change  
2018-12-08Saturday11: 59PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSIt's beginning to feel a lot like PUBG, everwhere I go | @sa07:02:53675
2018-12-07Friday12: 07Battlefield VBobby Yager's Vintage Headshot Emporium | @sacriel42 on soci08:53:24996
2018-12-07Friday19: 00Path of ExileGame change  
2018-12-05Wednesday13: 20Battlefield VNew Patch Hypu?! | @sacriel42 on Socials07:00:501006
2018-12-05Wednesday16: 19Path of ExileGame change  
2018-12-05Wednesday17: 54Just Cause 4Game change  
2018-12-05Wednesday12: 09Battlefield VNew Patch Hypu?! | @sacriel42 on Socials01:10:11183
2018-12-04Tuesday12: 16Battlefield VSacriel's Headshot Emporium || @sacriel42 all socials06:47:08619
2018-12-04Tuesday16: 57Just Cause 4Game change  
2018-12-04Tuesday12: 09Battlefield VSacriel's Headshot Emporium || @sacriel42 all socials00:05:1618
2018-12-03Monday12: 08Battlefield VMoar 20mm Cannon strafing || @sacriel42 all socials08:19:34671
2018-12-03Monday17: 08Path of ExileGame change  
2018-12-02Sunday12: 12Battlefield VTrying out 20mm HE Strafing | All socials: @sacriel4206:54:37651
2018-12-02Sunday15: 01Path of ExileGame change  
2018-12-02Sunday16: 59Magic: The GatheringGame change  
2018-11-30Friday15: 23Battlefield VBFV memes! Just Cause 4 later! | All socials: @sacriel4204:40:29790
2018-11-30Friday16: 58Just Cause 4Game change  
2018-11-30Friday12: 02Battlefield VBFV memes | All socials: @sacriel4203:19:04262
2018-11-29Thursday12: 29Battlefield VBFV naow, PoE Later! | ll socials: @sacriel4208:12:26789
2018-11-29Thursday16: 12Path of ExileGame change  
2018-11-28Wednesday12: 51Battlefield VBobby Yager's Bomb Emporium - PoE Later | All socials: @sacr07:56:09789
2018-11-28Wednesday16: 14Path of ExileGame change  
2018-11-27Tuesday12: 11Path of ExileI have no idea what I'm doing! send help | All socials: @sac11:23:531830
2018-11-26Monday14: 57Battlefield VBack From Holiday! Big Boy streams from here on | All social06:39:07950
2018-11-19Monday12: 04Battlefield VKingsmen BFV! || !giveawayinfo !sub4free08:58:242410
2018-11-18Sunday12: 19Battlefield VThe Cricket Bat Ninja | !sub4free !giveawayinfo !mtg06:53:521058
2018-11-18Sunday14: 55PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-11-17Saturday12: 23Battlefield VThe Cricket Bat Ninja | !sub4free !giveawayinfo !mtg09:56:38938
2018-11-16Friday12: 40Battlefield VSniping bombing and assaulting | !sub4free !giveawayinfo06:24:55721
2018-11-16Friday17: 02Magic: The GatheringGame change  
2018-11-15Thursday13: 13Battlefield VNew patch!? BFV Ownage | All socials: @sacriel4207:48:27759
2018-11-15Thursday16: 48Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-11-14Wednesday12: 10Battlefield VNew patch!? BFV Ownage | All socials: @sacriel4210:26:56992
2018-11-12Monday12: 06Battlefield VFor King and Country !poppy | All socials: @sacriel4212:35:501465
2018-11-11Sunday12: 32Battlefield VFor King and Country | All socials: @sacriel4212:36:191424
2018-11-11Sunday16: 02Overkill's The Walking DeadGame change  
2018-11-11Sunday18: 06Battlefield VGame change  
2018-11-10Saturday18: 17Battlefield VKINGSMAN on the frontline | All socials: @sacriel4205:41:51643
2018-11-10Saturday12: 05Battlefield VKINGSMEN SQUAD !access | All socials: @sacriel4206:11:46470
2018-11-10Saturday15: 57WarframeGame change  
2018-11-10Saturday18: 08Battlefield VGame change  
2018-11-09Friday11: 56Battlefield VKINGSMEN SQUAD !access | All socials: @sacriel4209:09:501022
2018-11-08Thursday12: 02Red Dead Redemption 2Hording all the tree-magnets | !sub4free !giveawayinfo10:32:261021
2018-11-07Wednesday12: 00Red Dead Redemption 2Hording all the tree-magnets | !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:22:43808
2018-11-06Tuesday12: 07Red Dead Redemption 2STILL HAVEN'T FOUND R2D2 | !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:39:49887
2018-11-05Monday12: 05Red Dead Redemption 2Still haven't found R2D2 | !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:32:101190
2018-11-03Saturday12: 05Red Dead Redemption 2FINALLY PLAYING R2D2, I LOVE STAR WARS! | !sub4free !giveawa07:30:141400
2018-11-02Friday12: 11Red Dead Redemption 2Finally playing R2D2, I love Starwars!| !sub4free !giveawayi08:47:511901
2018-11-01Thursday12: 30RimWorldRimming my life away. 1.0 full release! | !sub4free !giveawa07:59:45983
2018-10-31Wednesday12: 01RimWorldRimming my life away | !sub4free !giveawayinfo09:20:201408
2018-10-30Tuesday12: 15World War 3Baba Yaga returns from TwitchCon! I miss your faces! | !sub407:47:03525
2018-10-29Monday15: 36World War 3Baba Yaga returns from Twithcon! I miss your faces! | !sub4f06:09:52632
2018-10-26Friday20: 05Just ChattingTwitchcon stream powered by GOXLR! @helicongaming01:52:40524
2018-10-26Friday20: 23Just ChattingGame change  
2018-10-24Wednesday13: 49Thronebreaker: The Witcher TalesMORE THRONEBREAKER !GOG in chat | Sponsored by GOG (
2018-10-23Tuesday13: 54Thronebreaker: The Witcher TalesFIRST LOOK: THRONEBREAKER !GOG | Sponsored by GOG (
2018-10-21Sunday10: 10World War 3WW3 (hopefully) BLOPS Community games later | !subgames !giv06:56:30883
2018-10-21Sunday11: 14Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Game change  
2018-10-20Saturday09: 55World War 3WW3 Operator style - BLOPS later | !sub4free !giveawayinfo06:10:34861
2018-10-20Saturday13: 09Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Game change  
2018-10-19Friday10: 12World War 3Thermal Pimped IFV in WW3 - MTG Later | !sub4free !giveawayi06:56:00562
2018-10-19Friday13: 01Magic: The GatheringGame change  
2018-10-18Thursday10: 01World War 3Let's try WW3! MTG Later! @sacriel42 || !giveawayinfo !sub407:01:47863
2018-10-18Thursday12: 53Magic: The GatheringGame change  
2018-10-17Wednesday10: 05Call of Duty: Black Ops 4WANT DAT FROGMAN SKIN @sacriel42 || !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:18:56821
2018-10-16Tuesday10: 08Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Baba Yaga or Bobby Yager? @sacriel42 || !giveawayinfo !sub4f07:13:47493
2018-10-15Monday10: 06Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Baba Yaga or Bobby Yager? @sacriel42 || !giveawayinfo !sub4f07:35:34668
2018-10-14Sunday10: 00Call of Duty: Black Ops 4BLACKOUT KINGSMEMES (NEW EMOTES: sacL sacHMM) !giveawayinfo07:25:28724
2018-10-13Saturday11: 08Call of Duty: Black Ops 4BLACKOUT KINGSMEN (NEW EMOTES: sacL sacHMM) !giveawayinfo06:52:32550
2018-10-12Friday02: 46Call of Duty: Black Ops 4BLACKOUT DUOS (NEW EMOTES: sacL sacHMM) !giveawayinfo09:49:23831
2018-10-11Thursday11: 43Magic: The GatheringMTG, then Hulk! || 5AM START TOMOZ FOR BO4 || !giveawayinfo05:51:52412
2018-10-11Thursday14: 57Space Hulk: TacticsGame change  
2018-10-10Wednesday10: 00Magic: The GatheringMTG Now, AC: Odyssey | Blackout soon! !sub4free !giveawayinf07:06:23480
2018-10-10Wednesday15: 01Assassin's Creed OdysseyGame change  
2018-10-08Monday10: 09Magic: The Gathering🎉 6 YEARS OF PARTNERSHIP PARTY! 🎉 4 NEW EMOTES! CELEBRAAAT08:11:00835
2018-10-07Sunday10: 09DayZBoris Yager's Canned goods Emporium || Total Warhammer 2 Lat05:56:48444
2018-10-07Sunday10: 59Magic: The GatheringGame change  
2018-10-07Sunday12: 00Total War: Warhammer IIGame change  
2018-10-06Saturday10: 05DayZDayZ Custom Survival Server! Boris Yager's bug Emporium || !08:32:42632
2018-10-06Saturday12: 11Magic: The GatheringGame change  
2018-10-05Friday10: 14DayZDayZ Experimental Custom Servers! || !giveawayinfo08:08:30708
2018-10-04Thursday10: 21DayZDayZ Custom Servers! || !giveawayinfo07:11:14480
2018-10-03Wednesday10: 03DayZChecking out DayZ Custom Servers?! || !giveawayinfo07:56:10901
2018-10-02Tuesday10: 11Escape From TarkovProudly Sponsored by the Honda-Chevy f-150 || 🎁 !giveawayin06:01:38800
2018-10-01Monday10: 08Escape From TarkovBarbera Yagers Nail, Hair and Jiu Jitsu Salon || 🎁 !giveawa06:52:53600
2018-09-30Sunday10: 12Escape From TarkovBarbera Yagers Nail, Hair and Jiu Jitsu Salon || 🎁 !sactemb04:30:18748
2018-09-28Friday10: 11Escape From TarkovBarbera Yagers Nail, Hair and Jiu Jitsu Salon || 🎁 !sactemb06:45:22797
2018-09-27Thursday11: 55Escape From TarkovBobby Yaeger's Gun Emporium || 🎁 !sactember !giveawayinfo06:04:09331
2018-09-26Wednesday10: 03Escape From TarkovBobby Yaeger's Gun Emporium || 🎁 !sactember !giveawayinfo08:38:48721
2018-09-25Tuesday09: 58Escape From TarkovBobby Jaeger's Gun Emporium || 🎁 !sactember !giveawayinfo07:31:04488
2018-09-24Monday09: 59Escape From TarkovBobby Jaeger's Gun Emporium || 🎁 !sactember !giveawayinfo07:46:08516
2018-09-23Sunday11: 39Escape From TarkovBobby Jaegers Gun Emporium || 🎁 !sactember !giveawayinfo06:52:35599
2018-09-21Friday11: 58Escape From TarkovBobby Jaeger strikes again! || 🎁 !sactember !giveawayinfo06:21:13703
2018-09-20Thursday10: 03Escape From TarkovOne, Two, BABA YAGA'S COMING FOR YOU || 🎁 !sactember !givea08:39:43543
2018-09-19Wednesday09: 52Escape From Tarkov1, 2 BABA YAGA'S COMING FOR YOU || 🎁 !sactember !giveawayin06:57:30633
2018-09-17Monday09: 39Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Bobby Yeager on !Blackout || 🎁 !sactember !giveawayinfo08:39:371373
2018-09-16Sunday10: 05Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Baba Yaga on !Blackout || 🎁 !sactember !giveawayinfo08:23:42832
2018-09-15Saturday10: 04Call of Duty: Black Ops 4KINGSMEN on !Blackout || 🎁 !sactember08:40:20744
2018-09-14Friday10: 06Dying Light: Bad BloodBAD BLOOD | Blackout at 6pm! || 🎁 !sactember !blackout10:07:20687
2018-09-14Friday15: 25Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Game change  
2018-09-13Thursday15: 47Dying Light: Bad BloodDownloading DYING LIGHT BAD BLOOD w/ key giveaways! !badbloo03:44:04586
2018-09-13Thursday10: 10DayZWuts new in DayZ?🎁 !SACTEMBER in chat bois || !blackout !gi05:27:21429
2018-09-13Thursday15: 07Dying Light: Bad BloodGame change  
2018-09-11Tuesday14: 02SCUM🎁 !SACTEMBER in chat bois || !blackout !giveawayinfo03:36:041050
2018-09-11Tuesday13: 40SCUM🎁 !SACTEMBER in chat bois || !blackout !giveawayinfo00:03:32114
2018-09-11Tuesday12: 13Battlefield V🎁 !SACTEMBER in chat bois || !blackout !giveawayinfo01:27:13131
2018-09-11Tuesday13: 28SCUMGame change  
2018-09-11Tuesday10: 03Battlefield V🎁 !SACTEMBER in chat bois || !blackout !giveawayinfo02:08:01108
2018-09-10Monday10: 01Battlefield VSgt. BabaYaga on Duty || !subtember !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:41:06522
2018-09-09Sunday10: 23Battlefield VSgt. BabaYaga on Duty || !scumbuild !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:20:22462
2018-09-07Friday10: 26Battlefield VGeneral Domination || !scumbuild !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:44:11581
2018-09-06Thursday10: 26Battlefield VBFV NEW CONTENT! | !bfbeta !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:01:35558
2018-09-06Thursday16: 15SCUMGame change  
2018-09-05Wednesday10: 36Battlefield VBFV NEW CONTENT! | !bfbeta !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:03:01614
2018-09-04Tuesday08: 17Battlefield VBFV Hype! New maps and guns and more || !subtember !scumbuil11:22:25866
2018-09-02Sunday17: 15PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGRAND FINALS w/BreaK || Type in chat: !brfinals !subtember 05:37:17950
2018-09-01Saturday20: 11PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGRAND FINALS w/BreaK || Type in chat: !brfinals !subtember 02:02:49632
2018-09-01Saturday19: 39PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGRAND FINALS w/BreaK || Type in chat: !brfinals !subtember 00:31:2596
2018-09-01Saturday19: 27PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGRAND FINALS w/BreaK || Type in chat: !brfinals !subtember 00:11:1541
2018-09-01Saturday17: 22PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGRAND FINALS w/BreaK || Type in chat: !brfinals !subtember 02:04:42191
2018-09-01Saturday17: 13PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGRAND FINALS w/BreaK || Type in chat: !brfinals !subtember 00:09:2576
2018-08-30Thursday10: 00SCUMShooting and Pooping, Mainly pooping. | Follow: @Sacriel42 |13:16:181811
2018-08-29Wednesday17: 20SCUMSCUMRIEL! | Follow: @Sacriel42 | !sub4free !giveawayinfo04:15:321013
2018-08-29Wednesday10: 03SCUMSCUM now, Two Point Hospital Later! | !sub4free !giveawayinf07:17:22758
2018-08-29Wednesday15: 03Two Point HospitalGame change  
2018-08-29Wednesday17: 05SCUMGame change  
2018-08-28Tuesday14: 55SCUMSCUM (rank: Sensation!) | !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:08:33874
2018-08-28Tuesday10: 08SCUMSCUM (Testing and Pooping) | !sub4free !giveawayinfo04:45:41819
2018-08-27Monday10: 21Escape From TarkovBabaYaga back Home! Checking out Scum later | !sub4free !giv11:08:441789
2018-08-27Monday13: 36SCUMGame change  
2018-08-26Sunday09: 54Escape From TarkovBabaYaga back Home! | !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:38:34574
2018-08-25Saturday19: 45Not TonightCheeky Hotel Stream - Playing Not Tonight00:54:59256
2018-08-25Saturday15: 36Not TonightCheeky Hotel Stream - Playing Not Tonight04:06:05221
2018-08-25Saturday08: 11Warface@GAMESCOM, CHECKING OUT WARFACE || Sponsored by Warface01:19:30266
2018-08-25Saturday07: 40Warface@GAMESCOM, CHECKING OUT WARFACE || Sponsored by Warface00:30:5772
2018-08-24Friday15: 28Not TonightHotel Stream! Cheeky Brexit Simulator | Gamescom catch-up! !04:54:15419
2018-08-24Friday12: 57Super Meat BoyAXE Gold Rush @GamesCom00:45:29243
2018-08-24Friday13: 00Super Meat BoyGame change  
2018-08-23Thursday15: 44RendLIVE FROM GAMESCOM, MORE REND || Sponsored by Frostkeep Stud01:20:58409
2018-08-23Thursday15: 43RendLIVE FROM GAMESCOM, MORE REND || Sponsored by Frostkeep Stud00:00:2636
2018-08-23Thursday13: 13RendLIVE FROM GAMESCOM, MORE REND || Sponsored by Frostkeep Stud02:29:2445
2018-08-22Wednesday13: 14RendLIVE FROM GAMESCOM, FIRST LOOK: REND || Sponsored by Frostke03:48:47616
2018-08-19Sunday10: 13Escape From TarkovAdventures of BabaYaga - Total War Later! | !sub4free !givea08:01:381363
2018-08-19Sunday13: 48Total War: Warhammer IIGame change  
2018-08-18Saturday10: 08Escape From TarkovAdventures of BabaYaga | !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:57:11435
2018-08-17Friday10: 08Escape From TarkovAdventures of BabaYaga | !sub4free !giveawayinfo06:55:40446
2018-08-16Thursday10: 02Battlefield VBF5 Alpha BabaYaga! | !bfvalpha !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:53:33582
2018-08-16Thursday13: 26Escape From TarkovGame change  
2018-08-15Wednesday10: 28Battlefield VBF5 Alpha BabaYaga! | !bfvalpha !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:59:44284
2018-08-14Tuesday13: 49Battlefield VBF5 Alpha BabaYaga! | !bfvalpha !sub4free !giveawayinfo02:59:42409
2018-08-14Tuesday07: 07Battlefield VBF5 Alpha BabaYaga !| !sub4free !giveawayinfo06:41:20249
2018-08-12Sunday10: 13Call of Duty: Black Ops 4BLOPS BabaYaga, Sentry gun Hype!| !sub4free !giveawayinfo09:19:35324
2018-08-11Saturday10: 00Escape From TarkovTarkov BabaYaga style | Maybe BLOPS later | !sub4free !givea11:21:58461
2018-08-11Saturday17: 04Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Game change  
2018-08-10Friday09: 50Escape From TarkovBeast Squads | BLOPS4 Later | !sub4free !giveawayinfo01:22:53714
2018-08-09Thursday10: 05Escape From TarkovBeast Squad with Sequisha/Kongphan/Grimmmmmmmz! || !sub4free07:05:57711
2018-08-09Thursday14: 40World of TanksGame change  
2018-08-07Tuesday10: 27Escape From TarkovJohn Wick Simulator 2018 || !sub4free !giveawayinfo !EGX07:53:18680
2018-08-06Monday09: 36Escape From TarkovHunting that Scavboss | !sub4free !WoT !giveawayinfo08:27:31487
2018-08-06Monday15: 44Total War: Warhammer IIGame change  
2018-08-05Sunday10: 04Escape From TarkovTarkov now, !TWW2 later || News: !EGX || !sub4free !giveaway09:19:23504
2018-08-05Sunday13: 50Total War: Warhammer IIGame change  
2018-08-03Friday10: 09Escape From TarkovEscaping from Tarkovistan again | !sub4free !giveawayinfo !W07:45:37801
2018-08-02Thursday10: 07Escape From TarkovTarkov - Trying DayZ again tmrw | !NUC !wot !sub4free !givea07:11:00582
2018-08-02Thursday14: 39DayZGame change  
2018-08-02Thursday14: 54World of TanksGame change  
2018-08-01Wednesday10: 33Escape From TarkovTarkov and DayZ Scope Patch | !NUC !wot !sub4free !giveawayi08:48:06531
2018-08-01Wednesday10: 39Escape From TarkovGame change  
2018-08-01Wednesday12: 54DayZGame change  
2018-08-01Wednesday14: 04Escape From TarkovGame change  
2018-07-31Tuesday10: 07Escape From TarkovBabaYaga Returns - New patch, new wipe hype | !NUC !sub4free08:08:11666
2018-07-31Tuesday14: 00Fractured LandsGame change  
2018-07-30Monday09: 59Escape From TarkovBabaYaga Returns - New patch, new wipe hype | ! NUC !sub4fre07:43:15924
2018-07-29Sunday10: 07Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhBack from PGI! New Stamina in Post Scrimpton | World of Tank07:56:34353
2018-07-29Sunday14: 33World of TanksGame change  
2018-07-25Wednesday10: 09Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhMy MI:6 Adventure later (6pm) Invisible souls leave .303 hol07:36:48644
2018-07-25Wednesday16: 04Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhGame change  
2018-07-25Wednesday16: 05IRLGame change  
2018-07-24Tuesday10: 21Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh👀 NEW CHANNEL OVERLAY! Gerk The Jerk Manderin | !NUC !pubge07:08:40276
2018-07-24Tuesday13: 33PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-07-23Monday10: 04RimWorldNew test version Rimworld now, PUBGin later! | !NUC !pubgev08:24:44489
2018-07-22Sunday15: 31Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhBritish Sniper Extraordinaire | !NUC !pubgevent !giveawayinf03:50:37160
2018-07-22Sunday10: 02Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhBritish Sniper Extraordinaire | !NUC !pubgevent !giveawayin05:27:06123
2018-07-21Saturday10: 03Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhBritish Sniper Extraordinaire | !NUC !pubgevent !giveawayin09:31:31154
2018-07-20Friday10: 00Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhGerk Manderin Sniper Extraordinaire | !NUC !giveawayinfo !s08:44:22244
2018-07-19Thursday09: 53Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhGerk Manderin Sniper Extraordinaire | !NUC !pubgevent !give11:40:27238
2018-07-19Thursday14: 48World of TanksGame change  
2018-07-19Thursday17: 23Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhGame change  
2018-07-17Tuesday12: 03The Last of UsFinishing the Last Of Us! | !NUC !giveawayinfo !sub4free !en05:47:001211
2018-07-17Tuesday15: 26The Last of Us: Left BehindGame change  
2018-07-17Tuesday15: 28The Last of UsGame change  
2018-07-15Sunday09: 59The Last of UsThe Last Of Us - BLIND RUN | !NUC !giveawayinfo !sub4free !e08:45:041690
2018-07-14Saturday13: 09The Last of UsThe Last Of Us - BLIND RUN | !NUC !giveawayinfo !sub4free !e05:12:011263
2018-07-14Saturday10: 08The Last of UsThe Last Of Us - Blind Run | !NUC !giveawayinfo !sub4free !e02:51:40992
2018-07-13Friday11: 35Battlefield 1British Sniper Simulator | !NUC !giveawayinfo !sub4free !eng07:41:48220
2018-07-12Thursday10: 12Battlefield 1Snipey McSniperson| !NUC !giveawayinfo !sub4free !engagement06:43:28132
2018-07-09Monday10: 07Battlefield 1British Sniper Simulator 2018 | !NUC !giveawayinfo !sub4free06:28:22239
2018-07-08Sunday10: 09Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhBritish Sniper Simulator 2018 | !giveawayinfo !sub4free !eng09:14:36386
2018-07-07Saturday10: 02Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhBritish Sniper Simulator 2018 || !giveawayinfo !sub4free !en12:02:27527
2018-07-07Saturday18: 57WarframeGame change  
2018-07-06Friday10: 02Battlefield 1 BF1, Warframe, and Post Scriptum, oh my! Win a: !NUC || !gi07:03:15204
2018-07-06Friday14: 39WarframeGame change  
2018-07-05Thursday10: 23Battlefield 1BACK FROM CANADA AND ENGAGED! !acer !winners07:42:52231
2018-07-05Thursday11: 03Battlefield 1Game change  
2018-07-05Thursday11: 15For HonorGame change  
2018-07-05Thursday11: 16Battlefield 1Game change  
2018-07-05Thursday15: 51DayZGame change  
2018-07-04Wednesday10: 24Battlefield 1BACK FROM CANADA AND ENGAGED! !acer !winners09:30:04572
2018-07-04Wednesday13: 07For HonorGame change  
2018-06-28Thursday07: 13Battlefield VBFV UK Sniper B O I Presented by EA Game Changers !| !acer !11:32:4211214
2018-06-28Thursday06: 37Battlefield VBFV Waiting room!! Let's go! 8:30am UK Start !| !acer !givea00:35:37169
2018-06-27Wednesday12: 49RimWorldVersion 1.0 RImworld Testing!| !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4free05:40:24442
2018-06-27Wednesday13: 38Battlefield 1Game change  
2018-06-26Tuesday10: 05Battlefield 1WW1 shooter lad! | !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4free08:14:20546
2018-06-25Monday10: 09Battlefield 1WW1 Sniperino | !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:37:11468
2018-06-25Monday11: 56PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-06-25Monday15: 18Battlefield 1Game change  
2018-06-23Saturday09: 59Jurassic World EvolutionFallen Kingdom Update - Jurassic Hype | ! giveawayinfo !acer11:09:18954
2018-06-22Friday10: 04Battlefield 1Some Cheeky BF1! BFV Training grounds! | Today’s Broadcast i07:32:18549
2018-06-22Friday11: 10PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-06-22Friday15: 24Battlefield 1Game change  
2018-06-21Thursday13: 06DayZ.63 ONLINE TESTING! | Today’s Broadcast is Sponsored by Beth04:18:23658
2018-06-20Wednesday10: 31WarframeFIRST LOOK: WARFRAME! | (!Fallout in chat) Today’s Broadcast08:09:551042
2018-06-20Wednesday10: 24WarframeFIRST LOOK: WARFRAME! | (!Fallout in chat) Today’s Broadcast00:00:33109
2018-06-17Sunday10: 16Jurassic World EvolutionLife finds a way... - Rimworld 1.0 Testing later! | !jwgivea09:55:501875
2018-06-16Saturday10: 53Realm RoyaleCheeky Realm Royale - Jurassic Later! | !jwgiveaway | !acer 08:26:55732
2018-06-16Saturday11: 24Jurassic World EvolutionGame change  
2018-06-16Saturday10: 47Realm RoyaleCheeky Realm Royale - Jurassic Later! | !jwgiveaway | !acer 00:05:4968
2018-06-15Friday10: 16Jurassic World EvolutionLife found a way... || !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4free11:36:45848
2018-06-14Thursday10: 24Jurassic World EvolutionLife found a way... || !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4free09:46:001183
2018-06-13Wednesday10: 13Jurassic World EvolutionThis is a UNIX stream! I know this || !acer !giveawayinfo !s10:37:362023
2018-06-12Tuesday10: 25Realm RoyaleWoW Pvp + BR Gunplay? Lets go || !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4fr08:18:15346
2018-06-10Sunday10: 10Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhIf they run, They'll only die tired || !acer !giveawayinfo !09:28:28526
2018-06-09Saturday10: 04Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhSnipey Mc Sniperface || !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4free06:23:40551
2018-06-08Friday14: 29Battlefield 1Birthday B O I! Post Scriptum waiting room || !acer !giveaw09:11:23413
2018-06-08Friday18: 16Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhGame change  
2018-06-07Thursday10: 06DayZ.63 ONLINE STRESS TEST || !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:49:41301
2018-06-07Thursday11: 55Battlefield 1Game change  
2018-06-06Wednesday12: 12DayZ.63 ONLINE TESTING! | !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4free06:41:05409
2018-06-04Monday10: 13RimWorldRimworld LOTR Mod! ENTER TO WIN: !acer | !giveawayinfo !sub407:38:03360
2018-06-03Sunday10: 09RimWorldRImworld LOTR Mod! | !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:31:51366
2018-06-02Saturday10: 19DayZChecking out the latest test! | !acer !giveawayinfo !sub4fre06:29:58680
2018-06-02Saturday11: 10PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-06-01Friday12: 05State of Decay 2State of Decay - DayZ (if stress test comes)| !acer !giveawa05:19:26228
2018-06-01Friday15: 13DayZGame change  
2018-06-01Friday11: 58State of Decay 2State of Decay - DayZ (if stress test comes)| !acer !giveawa00:05:1546
2018-06-01Friday11: 38State of Decay 2State of Decay - DayZ (if stress test comes)| !acer !giveawa00:05:3931
2018-06-01Friday10: 06State of Decay 2State of Decay - DayZ (if stress test comes)| !acer !giveawa01:29:3946
2018-05-28Monday10: 09Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhPost Scrimpton - Best job I ever had !giveawayinfo !sub4fre10:29:021380
2018-05-27Sunday10: 04Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhPost Scrimpton - WW2 Simulator Hype! !giveawayinfo !sub4fre09:50:18500
2018-05-26Saturday09: 40Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhPost Scrimpton - WW2 Simulator Hype! !giveawayinfo !sub4fre09:20:10644
2018-05-25Friday10: 04State of Decay 2BabaYaga vs. State of Decay! !giveawayinfo !sub4free 07:46:57425
2018-05-25Friday16: 43DayZGame change  
2018-05-24Thursday10: 10State of Decay 2BabaYaga checks State of Decay !giveawayinfo !sub4free 07:18:27506
2018-05-24Thursday13: 21DayZGame change  
2018-05-24Thursday14: 37State of Decay 2Game change  
2018-05-23Wednesday10: 07RimWorldCelebrating Buster's life (all support today goes to Batters08:06:32404
2018-05-23Wednesday12: 57DayZGame change  
2018-05-23Wednesday13: 22RimWorldGame change  
2018-05-23Wednesday13: 25DayZGame change  
2018-05-23Wednesday13: 31RimWorldGame change  
2018-05-23Wednesday13: 55DayZGame change  
2018-05-23Wednesday14: 25RimWorldGame change  
2018-05-23Wednesday17: 39IRLGame change  
2018-05-20Sunday12: 46DayZBabaYaga returns to Cherno! . #sponsored by !Acer and NVIDIA06:56:15762
2018-05-20Sunday18: 51Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-05-19Saturday10: 06DayZBabaYaga visits Chernarus | !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:02:021018
2018-05-18Friday10: 13Judgment: Apocalypse Survival SimulationCheeky Judgment - R6 Siege later! | !merch !sub4free !giveaw07:45:34274
2018-05-18Friday13: 13DayZGame change  
2018-05-18Friday15: 58Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-05-17Thursday11: 15Judgment: Apocalypse Survival SimulationJudgment while R6 Downloads!! || !merch !sub4free !giveawayi06:16:24275
2018-05-17Thursday12: 37Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-05-17Thursday15: 30Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Game change  
2018-05-16Wednesday13: 02IRLESCAPE ROOM! The "You Are Wanted" season 2 experience - LIVE01:57:26731
2018-05-15Tuesday10: 19Judgment: Apocalypse Survival SimulationDownloading State of Decay !merch || !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:41:15851
2018-05-15Tuesday11: 22State of Decay 2Game change  
2018-05-15Tuesday12: 36DayZGame change  
2018-05-13Sunday10: 07Judgment: Apocalypse Survival SimulationSaving the World from Demons!! | NEW: !merch || !sub4free !g07:08:34813
2018-05-13Sunday11: 12PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-05-12Saturday10: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGerk Manderin Simulator | NEW: !merch || !sub4free !giveaway07:32:40533
2018-05-11Friday09: 59PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSNew Map Hype! Gerk Time! | NEW: !merch || !sub4free !giveawa07:39:50452
2018-05-11Friday11: 51DayZGame change  
2018-05-11Friday14: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-05-10Thursday10: 01Judgment: Apocalypse Survival SimulationSaving the World from Demons! NEW: !merch || !sub4free !give07:20:43667
2018-05-10Thursday12: 18DayZGame change  
2018-05-09Wednesday10: 08Radical HeightsRadical Heights Tourney Practice! NEW: !merch || !sub4free !07:05:20357
2018-05-08Tuesday09: 55Radical HeightsLet's Try Radical Heights NEW: !merch || !sub4free !giveaway07:29:40635
2018-05-07Monday09: 58Judgment: Apocalypse Survival SimulationChecking out Judgement! Survival Colony Simulator NEW: !merc08:24:31692
2018-05-07Monday10: 29Judgment: Apocalypse Survival SimulationGame change  
2018-05-05Saturday10: 00Hell Let LooseHell Let Looooose WW2 Rifletime! !merch promo code: pewpew |08:19:55827
2018-05-05Saturday11: 44FrostpunkGame change  
2018-05-04Friday10: 18FrostpunkCanada Simulator !merch || !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:44:58739
2018-05-04Friday11: 31DayZGame change  
2018-05-04Friday11: 37FrostpunkGame change  
2018-05-04Friday12: 54DayZGame change  
2018-05-04Friday16: 56SquadGame change  
2018-05-01Tuesday11: 10Escape From TarkovBabaYaga, the Triple Threat! new: !merch || !sub4free !givea07:05:061666
2018-04-30Monday10: 10Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns !merch || !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:18:31592
2018-04-29Sunday10: 16Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns !merch || !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:31:05305
2018-04-28Saturday11: 59Escape From TarkovBaba-Yaga (Post Scriptum event later!) NEW !merch || !sub4fr11:00:401311
2018-04-28Saturday18: 46Post Scriptum: The Bloody SeventhGame change  
2018-04-25Wednesday10: 00Escape From TarkovBabaYaga! || !bitsale !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:49:27728
2018-04-25Wednesday16: 00FrostpunkGame change  
2018-04-24Tuesday10: 01Escape From TarkovBabaYaga Returns || !bitsale !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:44:09829
2018-04-24Tuesday12: 36DayZGame change  
2018-04-24Tuesday14: 36Escape From TarkovGame change  
2018-04-23Monday10: 03Escape From TarkovBabaYaga Returns || !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:48:19244
2018-04-22Sunday10: 02Escape From TarkovBabaYaga Returns || !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:42:37388
2018-04-21Saturday09: 58PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSHappy National Tea Day w/Kingsmen! Giveaways #sponsored by C08:42:46474
2018-04-20Friday10: 06Escape From TarkovNew Tarkov Hype! Maybe Frostpunk later! || !bitsale !sub4fre07:43:49383
2018-04-19Thursday10: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPUBG BabaYaga, new Tarkov BabaYaga later?! || !bitsale !sub406:43:39415
2018-04-17Tuesday10: 07PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS4x4 Savagery! Map key giveaways all day! | !bitsale !sub4fre06:31:29580
2018-04-16Monday09: 59Hell Let LooseShaving Ryan's Privates | !sub4free !giveawayinfo06:26:14502
2018-04-15Sunday13: 59Hell Let LooseStream start at 4pm BST / 11am EDT || @sacriel42 on Twitter.08:41:19196
2018-04-15Sunday18: 54PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-04-14Saturday08: 57Hell Let LooseHell let loose! We've run out of tea! || Follow @sacriel42 o07:54:28627
2018-04-13Friday09: 45PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga squados! || Follow @sacriel42 on Twitter for the la06:30:51454
2018-04-12Thursday10: 15PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga squados! || Follow @sacriel42 on Twitter for the la07:16:18240
2018-04-12Thursday09: 42RimWorldBabaYaga time! || Follow @sacriel42 on Twitter for the lates00:32:1153
2018-04-12Thursday09: 44PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-04-10Tuesday12: 27RimWorldStarwars Rimming || Follow @sacriel42 !sub4free !giveawayin05:33:05534
2018-04-10Tuesday09: 36RimWorldStarwars Rimming || Follow @sacriel42 !sub4free !giveawayin02:48:52352
2018-04-09Monday10: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga Time || Follow @sacriel42 !sub4free !giveawayinfo02:46:41457
2018-04-08Sunday09: 36PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSWar games with the 42nd! || Follow @sacriel42 !sub4free !giv06:44:18458
2018-04-06Friday08: 28PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGerk "God Plays" Manderin! || Follow @sacriel42 !sub4free !g06:29:05575
2018-04-05Thursday08: 19PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGerk "God Plays" Manderin! !testkeyinfo || Follow @sacriel4206:23:36585
2018-04-04Wednesday15: 00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKINGSMEN ON NEW MAP! Win map keys! !testkeyinfo || Follow @s01:57:52288
2018-04-04Wednesday08: 21PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGiving away keys for new map ALL DAY !testkeyinfo || Follow 06:38:40347
2018-04-03Tuesday11: 23PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGiving away keys for new map ALL DAY !testkeyinfo || Follow 05:34:00363
2018-04-03Tuesday09: 16FortniteNew Map Hyperino! Giving away keys for it || Follow @sacriel02:05:29209
2018-04-03Tuesday09: 24PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-04-01Sunday14: 41PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGIVEAWAYS ALL DAY: PUBG Savage !testkeyinfo || Follow @sacri02:45:17784
2018-04-01Sunday16: 08FortniteGame change  
2018-04-01Sunday10: 31PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGIVEAWAYS ALL DAY: PUBG Savage !testkeyinfo || Follow @sacri04:08:47175
2018-03-30Friday10: 15PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga on Chicken Duty | Follow @sacriel42 !geforce !sub4f09:06:29327
2018-03-29Thursday10: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga on Chicken Duty | Follow @sacriel42 !geforce !sub4f06:25:46241
2018-03-28Wednesday10: 11PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga on Chicken Duty | Follow @sacriel42 !geforce !sub4f07:57:46431
2018-03-27Tuesday10: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga on Chicken Duty | Follow @sacriel42 !geforce !sub4f04:32:32229
2018-03-26Monday10: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga on Chicken Duty | Follow @sacriel42 !geforce !sub4f07:36:30395
2018-03-25Sunday10: 09PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga on Chicken Duty | Follow @sacriel42 !sub4free !give07:46:59220
2018-03-24Saturday13: 07PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSFinger Lickin' Savagery | !geforce !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:21:19269
2018-03-23Friday12: 22RimWorldRimming my life away (Maybe PUBG later) | !geforce !sub4free08:43:46496
2018-03-23Friday15: 18PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-03-21Wednesday12: 12Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeSieging it up! !sub4free !giveawayinfo Follow @sacriel4208:12:10854
2018-03-21Wednesday15: 08RimWorldGame change  
2018-03-20Tuesday12: 06Sea of ThievesBritish Captain searching for Boston habour !sub4free !givea08:51:32666
2018-03-18Sunday12: 00Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegePainbow 6 !sub4free !giveawayinfo Follow @sacriel4207:39:15723
2018-03-17Saturday11: 59Surviving MarsSaint Sacriel's "Retirement" Dome !sub4free !giveawayinfo Fo07:14:56489
2018-03-17Saturday12: 00Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-03-16Friday11: 52Surviving MarsSaint Sacriel's "Retirement" Dome !sub4free !giveawayinfo Fo08:32:36840
2018-03-15Thursday12: 15Surviving MarsSurvive mars LAUNCH day? Get it?!! !sub4free !giveawayinfo F08:50:31492
2018-03-13Tuesday11: 59Surviving MarsTrying to plant tea leaves | !sub4free !giveawayinfo Follow 06:49:45463
2018-03-13Tuesday15: 56PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-03-12Monday12: 18Surviving MarsMusk simulator 2018 | !sub4free !giveawayinfo Follow @sacrie08:29:05443
2018-03-12Monday15: 51PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-03-11Sunday11: 50Surviving MarsDay 2 Applying what we learned | !sub4free !giveawayinfo06:33:01443
2018-03-11Sunday15: 22Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-03-10Saturday12: 00Surviving MarsMatt Damon Simulator 2018 - PUBG/Fornite later| !sub4free !g08:40:421220
2018-03-09Friday12: 03RimWorldA long time ago in a rim far, far away! | !sub4free !giveaw08:56:05807
2018-03-07Wednesday11: 34RimWorldStarwars Colony! !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:06:421201
2018-03-07Wednesday15: 36Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-03-07Wednesday17: 59FortniteGame change  
2018-03-06Tuesday11: 54RimWorldStarWars mods?! | NEW BADGES! !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:10:131184
2018-03-06Tuesday17: 58Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-03-05Monday11: 39FortniteFattest builder in the West | NEW BADGES! !sub4free !giveawa09:43:31597
2018-03-05Monday17: 33RimWorldGame change  
2018-03-04Sunday12: 05RimWorldLeaving the planet! New Starwars Rim run after | !winners !s10:09:42813
2018-03-03Saturday11: 59RimWorldRimming my life away | Fortnite later | !winners !sub4free !07:43:03488
2018-03-03Saturday17: 27FortniteGame change  
2018-03-01Thursday13: 15RimWorldCheeky Rimworld Strim - Winners will be announced on Friday07:51:17634
2018-03-01Thursday13: 38Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2018-03-01Thursday13: 43RimWorldGame change  
2018-03-01Thursday18: 00FortniteGame change  
2018-02-28Wednesday12: 00RimWorldLearning the Caravan/airdrop system! | !1080ti !sub4free !gi07:03:26873
2018-02-28Wednesday18: 51Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2018-02-27Tuesday12: 06RimWorldMid day Rimming - Maybe Hunt later | !1080ti !sub4free !give09:12:45672
2018-02-26Monday12: 00RimWorldChilling on the Rim, Maybe Hunt later | !sub4free !giveawayi07:38:40865
2018-02-26Monday18: 07Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2018-02-25Sunday12: 39RimWorldRimworld now, Siege later | !1080ti Giveaway @Sacriel42 | !s07:47:54639
2018-02-25Sunday18: 02Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-02-23Friday12: 35RimWorldChill Rimming Strim | !1080ti Giveaway @Sacriel42 | !sub4fre07:21:211080
2018-02-22Thursday12: 06Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeSiegin' until BabaYaga Fortnite later! | !1080ti Giveaway @S07:28:43684
2018-02-22Thursday14: 54FortniteGame change  
2018-02-21Wednesday11: 42Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeBritish Operator !1080ti Giveaway @sacriel42 | !sub4free !g08:35:34315
2018-02-20Tuesday12: 37Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeTest Server! 1080ti Giveaway @sacriel42 | !sub4free !giveaw06:43:10402
2018-02-19Monday12: 02Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege1080ti Giveaway @sacriel42 Breachin' and Siegin' | !sub4fre06:02:36587
2018-02-18Sunday12: 07Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeLearning to be an operator! !r6siege !1080ti !giveawayinfo !06:52:15430
2018-02-17Saturday13: 56IRLSacriel's mobile stream00:34:371065
2018-02-15Thursday12: 27Hunt: ShowdownNtiro express ownage | !1080ti !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:52:54650
2018-02-15Thursday17: 48Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2018-02-14Wednesday13: 30Hunt: ShowdownHappy Valentines day! | !1080ti !giveawayinfo !sub4free06:06:07557
2018-02-13Tuesday12: 57Hunt: ShowdownMosin Nagant hype! | !1080ti !giveawayinfo !sub4free03:34:51719
2018-02-12Monday12: 18Hunt: ShowdownMosin Nagant hype! | !1080ti !giveawayinfo !sub4free08:13:11695
2018-02-09Friday12: 00Hunt: ShowdownHunt Duos! | !1080ti !giveawayinfo !sub4free08:04:201230
2018-02-09Friday16: 22SquadGame change  
2018-02-09Friday18: 17HuntGame change  
2018-02-09Friday18: 17Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2018-02-08Thursday12: 25Hunt: ShowdownIt's sacSCAV time! | !1080ti !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:47:23747
2018-02-08Thursday12: 29Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2018-02-08Thursday15: 26Escape From TarkovGame change  
2018-02-08Thursday16: 58SquadGame change  
2018-02-07Wednesday12: 20SquadMore Squados! !giveawayinfo 08:18:41702
2018-02-07Wednesday15: 17Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2018-02-06Tuesday13: 03SquadSquad v10! - !winners !giveawayinfo !sub4free06:58:01681
2018-02-05Monday12: 55SquadSquad v10 then PUBG - !winners !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:59:43715
2018-02-04Sunday12: 32Escape From TarkovTarkov until Hunt returns! - !winners !giveawayinfo !sub4fre07:38:09591
2018-02-04Sunday18: 54PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2018-02-02Friday12: 24Hunt: ShowdownBabaYaga hunting Spideys - !winners !giveawayinfo !sub4free10:04:261132
2018-02-01Thursday12: 15Hunt: ShowdownSpider huntin' with BabaYaga- Jan !winners announced! !givea09:14:21844
2018-01-31Wednesday14: 06Escape From TarkovTarkov until Hunt returns! - !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:40:03845
2018-01-31Wednesday16: 03HuntGame change  
2018-01-31Wednesday16: 11Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2018-01-30Tuesday13: 13Escape From TarkovTarkov until Hunt Showdown with Jacky Boii - !giveawayinfo !07:59:48814
2018-01-30Tuesday14: 54HuntGame change  
2018-01-30Tuesday15: 01Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2018-01-30Tuesday18: 55Black SquadGame change  
2018-01-28Sunday12: 09SubnauticaEndgame! (Blind Run) | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free09:18:063445
2018-01-28Sunday16: 42Escape From TarkovGame change  
2018-01-28Sunday16: 43EscapeGame change  
2018-01-28Sunday16: 49Escape From TarkovGame change  
2018-01-27Saturday12: 13SubnauticaI have become PRAWN! (Blind Run) | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !s10:01:273643
2018-01-26Friday12: 13SubnauticaI have become PRAWN! (Blind Run) | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !09:41:433481
2018-01-25Thursday14: 28SubnauticaBack from Launch event! Let's get wet! | !intelpc !giveawayi08:54:235029
2018-01-21Sunday12: 11SubnauticaBritannia rule the waves | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free 10:58:4416183
2018-01-20Saturday12: 05Escape From TarkovBaba-Yaga | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winners08:07:081243
2018-01-19Friday12: 36Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winners07:49:04666
2018-01-19Friday17: 10They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-01-19Friday18: 12Battalion 1944Game change  
2018-01-19Friday20: 15Escape From TarkovGame change  
2018-01-18Thursday13: 20Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winners08:36:52638
2018-01-17Wednesday12: 15Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winners09:30:46696
2018-01-14Sunday12: 34Escape From TarkovBabaYaga tries Sniping in Tarkov| !intelpc !giveawayinfo !su07:56:59967
2018-01-13Saturday15: 15Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winners05:46:31701
2018-01-13Saturday13: 09Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winners02:04:26199
2018-01-12Friday13: 17Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winners07:24:39770
2018-01-10Wednesday12: 16Escape From TarkovBabaYaga returns | !intelpc !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winners08:17:00726
2018-01-09Tuesday12: 11Escape From TarkovSmooth Operator! | !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winners06:15:19689
2018-01-07Sunday12: 05Escape From TarkovBaba Yaga returns to Tarkov | !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winne05:18:22967
2018-01-06Saturday12: 23Escape From TarkovBaba Yaga returns to Tarkov | !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winne09:18:06654
2018-01-05Friday12: 05Escape From TarkovBaba Yaga returns to Tarkov | !giveawayinfo !sub4free !winn08:58:38769
2018-01-03Wednesday13: 14Escape From TarkovTarkov needs to escape from me! | !giveawayinfo !sub4free !08:33:221437
2018-01-02Tuesday12: 05They Are Billions42 Billion Zombies! Map 2 120% Diff. | !giveawayinfo !sub4fr09:32:411222
2018-01-02Tuesday15: 36EscapeGame change  
2018-01-02Tuesday15: 36Escape From TarkovGame change  
2018-01-01Monday12: 09PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky PUBG - Maybe Billions later | 1080ti Giveaway | !give09:37:47946
2018-01-01Monday18: 49TheyGame change  
2018-01-01Monday18: 50They Are BillionsGame change  
2017-12-30Saturday12: 04They Are BillionsThere's about 42 of them! Diff 100% | 1080ti Giveaway | !giv08:35:101008
2017-12-29Friday11: 58They Are BillionsThere's about 42 of them! Diff 100% | 1080ti Giveaway | !giv09:47:181017
2017-12-28Thursday11: 59They Are BillionsThere's about 30 of them - PUBG Later | 1080ti Giveaway | !g08:28:58849
2017-12-27Wednesday11: 50PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Christmas BabYaga | 1080ti Giveaway | !giveawayinfo !07:58:14617
2017-12-25Monday14: 37RimWorldCheccky Christmas Rimming 1080ti Giveaway | !giveawayinfo !s06:23:281001
2017-12-23Saturday12: 33PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBABA YAGA! 1080ti Giveaway | !giveawayinfo !sub4fre06:26:31917
2017-12-22Friday12: 17PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPUG DUOS | 1080ti Giveaway! | !20off !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:55:12311
2017-12-22Friday15: 42DreadnoughtGame change  
2017-12-21Thursday12: 53PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSv1 Launch waiting room! | 1080ti Giveaway! | !20off !sub4fre07:41:20521
2017-12-20Wednesday12: 07PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSLaunch day Hypu!! | 1080ti Giveaway | !20off !sub4free !give09:32:57719
2017-12-20Wednesday17: 45StationeersGame change  
2017-12-18Monday12: 29PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBABA YAGA! | 1080ti Giveaway | !20off !sub4free !giveawayinf11:06:061182
2017-12-18Monday17: 43StationeersGame change  
2017-12-17Sunday12: 30PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSDUOS N' BANTZ! | !20off !sub4free !giveawayinfo05:58:57512
2017-12-16Saturday12: 07PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBABA YAGA! | !20off !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:47:39391
2017-12-15Friday12: 08PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSQUADOS! | !20off !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:09:21307
2017-12-14Thursday12: 00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSQUADOS! BANNER DAY! | !20off !sub4free !giveawayinfo06:59:07294
2017-12-13Wednesday11: 51PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBABA YAGA! | !20off !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:57:29288
2017-12-11Monday12: 07PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSIN DA HEAT! | !starwarstitan !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:27:05450
2017-12-10Sunday12: 18PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSOG KINGSMEN IN DA HEAT! | !starwarstitan !sub4free !giveaway08:05:47389
2017-12-09Saturday11: 49PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky new map! | !holiday !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:06:44586
2017-12-08Friday12: 35FortniteNEW PATCH! DUOS! | !holiday !sub4free !giveawayinfo09:09:14468
2017-12-08Friday19: 42PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-12-07Thursday12: 00FortniteNew Patch Hypu | FASTEST BUILDER IN THE WEST! | !holiday !su06:44:27301
2017-12-06Wednesday11: 53FortniteFattest builder in the West! | !holiday !sub4free !giveawayi08:16:15250
2017-12-04Monday11: 39FortniteFASTEST BUILDER IN THE WEST! | !holiday !sub4free !giveawayi08:10:59487
2017-12-03Sunday12: 04FortniteFastest Builder in the West | !holiday !sub4free !giveawayin08:36:05230
2017-12-02Saturday11: 50Fortnite🏆 TODAY: 6! SQUAD LADS ! | !holiday !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:12:11252
2017-12-02Saturday17: 49Battle CarsGame change  
2017-12-02Saturday17: 52Talk ShowsGame change  
2017-12-02Saturday17: 58IRLGame change  
2017-12-02Saturday17: 59Talk ShowsGame change  
2017-12-01Friday11: 53Fortnite🏆 WINS TODAY: 14! DUOS w/Ninja! | !holiday !giveawayinfo !s08:09:26234
2017-11-30Thursday11: 29FortniteFastest builder in the West! | !holiday !giveawayinfo !sub4f07:54:59259
2017-11-29Wednesday11: 19FortniteFASTEST BUILDER IN THE WEST | !holiday !giveawayinfo !sub4fr09:27:26393
2017-11-28Tuesday10: 59FortniteFastest builder in the West | !holiday !giveawayinfo !sub4fr08:34:16263
2017-11-27Monday12: 28FortniteBaba Yaga returns | $2,000+ Monlthy Giveaway! !sub4free08:57:35423
2017-11-27Monday19: 15RimWorldGame change  
2017-11-25Saturday19: 13FortniteBouncy Bois! | $2,000+ Monlthy Giveaway! !sub4free02:27:05291
2017-11-25Saturday12: 54RimWorldRimming my life away | $2,000+ Monlthy Giveaway! !sub4free06:17:11595
2017-11-25Saturday17: 36FortniteGame change  
2017-11-24Friday12: 15FortniteBouncy Bois - Dreadnought later | $2,000+ monthly giveaway !08:46:50296
2017-11-24Friday16: 02DreadnoughtGame change  
2017-11-23Thursday12: 09FortniteSupressed SMG? Let's go | $2,000+ monthly giveaway !sub4free09:30:52348
2017-11-23Thursday17: 13Star Wars Battlefront IIGame change  
2017-11-22Wednesday12: 56Star Wars Battlefront IIBattlefront and AoV (later) $2,000+ monthly giveaway !sub4f08:37:20557
2017-11-22Wednesday19: 00Arena of ValorGame change  
2017-11-22Wednesday12: 48Star Wars Battlefront IIBattlefront and AoV (later) $2,000+ monthly giveaway !sub4f00:05:0333
2017-11-21Tuesday14: 34Star Wars Battlefront IIBack from Paris! TeamUK came 2nd! ! $2,000+ monthly giveaway07:59:57457
2017-11-19Sunday17: 22IRLGTX HYPE WITH TEAM UK00:06:24256
2017-11-17Friday12: 03Star Wars Battlefront IIShort strim before Paris! $2,000+ monthly giveaway !sub4free03:47:41940
2017-11-16Thursday12: 22Star Wars Battlefront IILi'l guy called Yoda - $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinfo !sub09:29:52633
2017-11-16Thursday19: 00Arena of ValorGame change  
2017-11-15Wednesday13: 06Star Wars Battlefront IILi'l guy called Yoda - $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinfo !sub08:44:58485
2017-11-14Tuesday15: 18Star Wars Battlefront IIBack from E-Sports Awards. $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinfo !08:27:14521
2017-11-12Sunday18: 52Star Wars Battlefront IIVader Unlocked! $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinfo !sub4free06:20:04901
2017-11-10Friday16: 27Star Wars Battlefront IIMemedeclorians - NEW EMOTES! $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinfo07:08:37937
2017-11-10Friday12: 38Star Wars Battlefront IIMemedeclorians - new emotes! $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinfo03:48:32352
2017-11-09Thursday12: 21Star Wars Battlefront IISabers n that - $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinfo !sub4free09:48:07880
2017-11-08Wednesday12: 38FortniteLVL 56! ROCKET RIDERS! - $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinfo !su07:22:30730
2017-11-08Wednesday17: 19Star Wars Battlefront IIGame change  
2017-11-07Tuesday11: 52FortniteRocket Riders - $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:52:08471
2017-11-06Monday12: 31FortniteFattest builder in the west - $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinf10:08:132089
2017-11-05Sunday12: 46FortniteFattest builder in the west - $2,000+ giveaways !giveawayinf07:43:46374
2017-11-03Friday12: 39FortniteLvl. 42 Fastest builder in the West $5,000+ monthly giveawa08:23:02306
2017-11-02Thursday12: 34FortniteLvl. 40 Fastest builder in the West $5,000+ monthly giveawa08:10:11360
2017-11-01Wednesday12: 12FortniteS P O O K I E - B O I $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !giveawayinf08:00:01299
2017-10-31Tuesday12: 31FortniteS P O O K I E - B O I $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !giveawayinf06:50:03271
2017-10-30Monday12: 13FortniteFattest builder in the West $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !givea06:42:41246
2017-10-29Sunday13: 30FortniteSunday Funday $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !giveawayinfo !sub4f07:52:31271
2017-10-27Friday10: 02FortniteMassive new patch! $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !sub4free !give08:10:49519
2017-10-26Thursday10: 03FortniteMassive new patch! $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !sub4free !give06:20:28371
2017-10-25Wednesday10: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba-Yaga $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !sub4free !giveawayinfo06:17:25383
2017-10-25Wednesday11: 05FortniteGame change  
2017-10-25Wednesday11: 31PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-10-25Wednesday11: 31FortniteGame change  
2017-10-24Tuesday11: 19PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !sub4free !giveawayinfo09:03:44430
2017-10-24Tuesday15: 28FortniteGame change  
2017-10-24Tuesday10: 45PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !sub4free !giveawayinfo00:28:5963
2017-10-22Sunday10: 29PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba-Yaga $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:02:34587
2017-10-22Sunday13: 12FortniteGame change  
2017-10-21Saturday11: 00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba-Yaga! $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:40:22627
2017-10-21Saturday16: 12FortniteGame change  
2017-10-20Friday11: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba-Yaga! $5,000+ monthly giveaway! !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:06:36394
2017-10-19Thursday11: 13PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba-Yaga! $5,000 monthly giveaway! !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:39:45421
2017-10-18Wednesday10: 37FortniteFastest builder in then west | $4,000+ Monthly Giveaway! !su08:29:01388
2017-10-18Wednesday16: 50South Park: The Fractured But WholeGame change  
2017-10-17Tuesday10: 55FortniteFastest builder in the west ! | $4,000+ monthly giveaway! !s08:22:37616
2017-10-17Tuesday16: 57South Park: The Fractured But WholeGame change  
2017-10-15Sunday10: 52FortniteConstruction BabaYaga | $4,000+ monthly giveaway! !sub4free07:24:42403
2017-10-14Saturday11: 06FortniteCheeky British Fella! $4,000+ Monthly Giveaways! !sub4free04:57:02241
2017-10-14Saturday14: 58World of Tanks BlitzGame change  
2017-10-13Friday18: 50PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSNVIDIA ShadowPlay PUBG SQUADS #ad01:17:10239
2017-10-13Friday11: 01FortniteFornite now, PUBG later! $4,000+ in giveaways !giveawayinfo 07:47:39313
2017-10-13Friday16: 56PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-10-12Thursday12: 13Middle-earth: Shadow of WarBritish guy stabs things $4,000+ in giveaways !giveawayinfo 08:58:28422
2017-10-10Tuesday11: 04FortniteSome Cheeky Duos $4,000+ in giveaways !giveawayinfo !winlapt08:45:26669
2017-10-10Tuesday17: 31Star Wars Battlefront IIGame change  
2017-10-09Monday10: 39Star Wars Battlefront IISome Cheeky Mauling $4k+ prizes !giveawayinfo !winlaptop !su08:37:38614
2017-10-08Sunday10: 31Star Wars Battlefront IIMoar Starwars | Fortnite Later? $4k+ prizes !giveawayinfo !w08:38:29469
2017-10-07Saturday10: 37Star Wars Battlefront IIStarwars naow | Fornite later? $4k+ prizes !giveawayinfo !w08:41:35912
2017-10-07Saturday16: 12FortniteGame change  
2017-10-06Friday10: 30Star Wars Battlefront IIStarwars naow | Fornite later? $4k+ prizes !giveawayinfo !w10:03:28474
2017-10-05Thursday11: 08Star Wars Battlefront IICheeky day-off Stream!! $4k+ prizes !giveawayinfo !winlaptop07:35:04480
2017-10-04Wednesday07: 56Star Wars Battlefront IICheeky Starwars - $4k+ giveaways !winlaptop !sub4free10:52:54736
2017-10-03Tuesday10: 39FortniteFornite now, Eve later, PUBG TMRW! - $4k+ giveaways !winlapt08:20:50407
2017-10-03Tuesday15: 52EVE: Valkyrie – WarzoneGame change  
2017-10-02Monday13: 27FortniteBaba Yaga - $4,000+ in giveaways !winlaptop !sub4free06:19:10530
2017-10-01Sunday10: 36FortniteSquads with Sequisha !winlaptop !sub4free08:38:59600
2017-09-29Friday10: 42PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba-Yaga - New Emotes! ! SQUADS !winlaptop !sub4free06:23:38648
2017-09-29Friday12: 14FortniteGame change  
2017-09-28Thursday14: 37FortniteSQUADS (more PUBG later maybe) !winlaptop04:31:55444
2017-09-28Thursday10: 32PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCan't decide which BR game to play !winlaptop !sub4free !giv03:21:52311
2017-09-28Thursday13: 19FortniteGame change  
2017-09-27Wednesday11: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga! | NEW EMOTES! !winlaptop !sub4free !giveawayinfo09:18:57429
2017-09-27Wednesday13: 24FortniteGame change  
2017-09-27Wednesday17: 00EVE: Valkyrie – WarzoneGame change  
2017-09-27Wednesday10: 38PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga! | NEW EMOTES! !winlaptop !sub4free !giveawayinfo00:20:1451
2017-09-26Tuesday10: 32PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Baba-Yaga! | NEW EMOTES! !winlaptop !sub4free !giveaw08:37:19490
2017-09-26Tuesday12: 56FortniteGame change  
2017-09-25Monday14: 31PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSQUADPLAY! NEW EMOTES! !winlaptop !sub4free !giveawayinfo04:35:24444
2017-09-25Monday17: 49FortniteGame change  
2017-09-25Monday10: 35PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSNEW EMOTES! !winlaptop !sub4free !giveawayinfo03:54:15209
2017-09-24Sunday10: 47PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Baba-Yaga! | !winlaptop !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:37:08380
2017-09-23Saturday12: 11PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSEGX HYPU! At the Intel Experience Zone #ad02:45:45442
2017-09-21Thursday10: 12PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga Style! | !giveawayinfo !subtember08:27:04896
2017-09-20Wednesday10: 29PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga! | !giveawayinfo !subtember06:56:16399
2017-09-20Wednesday14: 10Total War: Warhammer IIGame change  
2017-09-20Wednesday14: 15FortniteGame change  
2017-09-19Tuesday10: 09PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga Duos! | !giveawayinfo !subtember07:57:38378
2017-09-18Monday10: 22PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga Squads! !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:22:31522
2017-09-17Sunday11: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga! #Top10 EU !1080 giveaway! | !subtember !sub4free !08:47:12500
2017-09-17Sunday16: 22FortniteGame change  
2017-09-15Friday10: 54PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba-Yaga returns! !1080 giveaway! | !subtember !sub4free !g07:26:51733
2017-09-14Thursday11: 49PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba-Yaga returns! !subtember !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:24:24555
2017-09-13Wednesday11: 28PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSMini14 Hypu! BABA YAGA! !subtember !sub4free !giveawayinfo08:32:03534
2017-09-13Wednesday17: 45FortniteGame change  
2017-09-12Tuesday11: 50PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSNew Patch Hype! BABA YAGA! !subtember !sub4free !giveawayinf07:23:11603
2017-09-10Sunday12: 58PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga!! %50 off new subs! !subtember !sub4free !giveawayi10:03:121043
2017-09-09Saturday12: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga!! %50 off new subs! !subtember !sub4free !giveawayi00:51:3496
2017-09-08Friday12: 04Oxygen Not IncludedSuffocating - PUBG later %50 off new subs! !subtember !sub407:03:24658
2017-09-07Thursday11: 47PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba Yaga! %50 off new subs! !sub4free !giveawayinfo07:10:20675
2017-09-06Wednesday11: 41PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBaba Yaga! !sub4free [Shorter sub sounds]08:24:54450
2017-09-04Monday11: 44PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabayaga! | 7k sub hype | !sub4free @sacriel4209:11:13663
2017-09-04Monday17: 50Blood Bowl 2Game change  
2017-09-03Sunday11: 48PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabayaga! | 7k sub hype | !sub4free !108008:02:30369
2017-09-02Saturday11: 45PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabayaga Simulator 2016 | 7k sub hype | !freesub !108007:45:10628
2017-09-01Friday11: 40PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS1080 Giveaway Day! 7K SUB HYPE! sacBABA | !1080 !sub4free08:45:02344
2017-09-01Friday17: 59Quake ChampionsGame change  
2017-08-31Thursday11: 56PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS1080ti Giveaway Day! sacBABA | !1080ti !sub4free08:46:59334
2017-08-29Tuesday11: 33PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga Duos!!! !1080 !sub4free07:03:27595
2017-08-28Monday11: 45PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS ! Giving away 1007:22:09366
2017-08-28Monday15: 58Destiny 2Game change  
2017-08-27Sunday11: 56PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabaYaga! !sub4free !giveawayinfo !gear11:20:38997
2017-08-26Saturday09: 15PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSLive from Insomnia 61 Corsair Booth! !sub4free !giveawayinfo01:33:37349
2017-08-25Friday11: 53PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabayaga!! !sub4free !giveawayinfo !gear07:25:24679
2017-08-24Thursday11: 43PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabayaga!! !sub4free !giveawayinfo !gear10:47:03554
2017-08-23Wednesday11: 38PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBabayaga!! !sub4free !giveawayinfo !gear08:12:09508
2017-08-21Monday11: 42PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners! !sub4free !giveawayinfo !gear07:36:26638
2017-08-20Sunday11: 40PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners! !sub4free !giveawayinfo !gear07:59:10519
2017-08-19Saturday11: 48PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners! !sub4free !giveawayinfo !gear07:57:42424
2017-08-18Friday11: 42PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners! !sub4free !giveawayinfo !gear07:32:57404
2017-08-16Wednesday11: 39PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky British Duos! Shorter sub sounds! !sub4free !giveaway06:05:59466
2017-08-16Wednesday11: 39PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-08-15Tuesday12: 00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe beast is back - [shorter sub sounds] !sub4free !giveaway07:37:49464
2017-08-15Tuesday17: 59For HonorGame change  
2017-08-14Monday11: 41PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe beast is back - [shorter sub sounds] !sub4free08:26:25495
2017-08-12Saturday15: 40For HonorPre-Show Streamage! #sponsored New stream highlight https://01:05:11219
2017-08-10Thursday11: 29PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheekY 1pp Dinners !giveawayinfo !sub4free [shorter sub soun08:06:01844
2017-08-10Thursday17: 51For HonorGame change  
2017-08-09Wednesday12: 59PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheek 1pp Dinners !giveawayinfo !sub4free [shorter sub sound07:04:43383
2017-08-07Monday12: 17PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky British Duos - $1500 Monthly Giveaway !giveawayinfo !07:38:59817
2017-08-06Sunday11: 59PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky British Dinners !freesub [shorter sub sounds]08:27:34485
2017-08-05Saturday13: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Briitish Duos! !freesub [Shorter sub sounds] 07:00:48444
2017-08-05Saturday18: 02MXMGame change  
2017-08-04Friday12: 57PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Duos with Smithy! | !award !gear !giveawayinfo !sub4f07:07:01462
2017-08-04Friday18: 02Fractured SpaceGame change  
2017-08-02Wednesday12: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen Dinners | !award !gear !giveawayinfo !sub4free07:48:55924
2017-08-01Tuesday12: 15PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen Dinners | !award !gear !giveawayinfo !sub4free08:07:32471
2017-07-31Monday12: 31PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen Dinners | !award !gear !giveawayinfo !sub4free06:13:48480
2017-07-30Sunday14: 12PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners | !award !gear !giveawayinfo !sub4fre04:42:11513
2017-07-30Sunday17: 45GiganticGame change  
2017-07-30Sunday12: 29PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners!01:40:58208
2017-07-29Saturday12: 24PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Dinners - Breakaway at 6pm UK! !award !gear !giveaway07:38:48315
2017-07-29Saturday16: 04BreakawayGame change  
2017-07-28Friday14: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheekiest Dinners EU - Lawbreakers later! - !award !giveawa04:18:27267
2017-07-28Friday16: 00LawBreakersGame change  
2017-07-28Friday12: 09PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheekiest Dinners EU - Lawbreakers later! - !award !giveawa01:51:4894
2017-07-28Friday12: 16PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-07-26Wednesday12: 10PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheekiest Chicken Dinners EU - !award !giveawayinfo !gear !10:57:40911
2017-07-26Wednesday20: 01GiganticGame change  
2017-07-25Tuesday12: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheekiest Chicken Dinners EU - !award !giveawayinfo !gear !08:23:55475
2017-07-24Monday15: 37PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheekiest Chicken Dinners EU - !award !giveawayinfo !gear !00:07:51205
2017-07-24Monday12: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSChicken Dinners and Tea - !award !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4f03:31:59254
2017-07-24Monday12: 47GiganticGame change  
2017-07-24Monday14: 17PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-07-23Sunday12: 07PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSChicken Dinners and Tea - !award !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4f08:44:31575
2017-07-21Friday12: 07PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners - Gigantic Later! Type in chat: !giga07:07:28563
2017-07-21Friday14: 43GiganticGame change  
2017-07-20Thursday12: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky dinners!! Gigantic Later!! !gigantic !award !giveaway07:43:45366
2017-07-20Thursday16: 42GiganticGame change  
2017-07-19Wednesday12: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky dinners!! -- !award !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4free 07:21:04426
2017-07-18Tuesday12: 03PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky dinners! Island of Nyne later! -- !award !giveawayinf08:02:20555
2017-07-17Monday12: 03PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky dinners! Island of Nyne later! -- !award !giveawayinf06:22:30635
2017-07-16Sunday12: 15PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky dinners! Island of Nyne later! -- !award !giveawayinf07:50:14668
2017-07-16Sunday11: 32PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky dinners! Island of Nyne later! -- !award !giveawayinf00:38:3289
2017-07-14Friday11: 24PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners -- !award !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4fr10:11:31713
2017-07-13Thursday16: 53PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSLet's give this another go -- !award !giveawayinfo !gear !su03:09:20338
2017-07-13Thursday13: 18PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSLet's give this another go -- !award !giveawayinfo !gear !su03:27:55233
2017-07-12Wednesday20: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners -- !award !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4fr02:52:21393
2017-07-12Wednesday12: 33PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners -- !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4free 07:28:37507
2017-07-09Sunday11: 07PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners -- !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4free 08:15:50696
2017-07-08Saturday11: 12PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners -- !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4free 05:57:52550
2017-07-07Friday11: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners -- !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4free 01:46:27226
2017-07-06Thursday12: 03PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners -- !giveawayinfo !gear !sub4free 07:37:35469
2017-07-06Thursday12: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-07-05Wednesday11: 10PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners -- !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo10:13:00415
2017-07-05Wednesday17: 52Darkest DungeonGame change  
2017-07-04Tuesday11: 12PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners -- !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo08:28:02477
2017-07-02Sunday12: 16PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Dinners! -- !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo07:33:48547
2017-07-02Sunday18: 48SquadGame change  
2017-07-02Sunday12: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Dinners! -- !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo00:09:2348
2017-07-01Saturday12: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Dinners! -- !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo07:12:16439
2017-06-30Friday12: 50PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Dinners! (!pubgevent today!) -- !sub4free !gear !give09:22:29590
2017-06-29Thursday17: 23PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPUBG duos w/Stodeh (!pubgevent tomorrow!) -- !sub4free !gear03:23:31459
2017-06-28Wednesday10: 25PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSTesting the Test server -- !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo08:45:16853
2017-06-28Wednesday17: 55Darkest DungeonGame change  
2017-06-25Sunday11: 09PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky PUBG -- !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo08:54:27842
2017-06-24Saturday11: 16PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky PUBG -- !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo10:35:24725
2017-06-23Friday15: 51PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCOD vs CS with Transformers: The Last Knight - Two Worlds Co02:31:141032
2017-06-21Wednesday14: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheekiest PUBG EU | !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo07:57:40948
2017-06-21Wednesday15: 03Darkest DungeonGame change  
2017-06-20Tuesday11: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky PUBG | !breakingpoint !sub4free !gear !giveawayinfo09:26:13854
2017-06-19Monday12: 10PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky PUBG - Oculus VR at 4pm UK !| !breakingpoint !sub4fre07:52:10526
2017-06-19Monday14: 04SuperhotGame change  
2017-06-19Monday16: 10PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-06-18Sunday11: 10PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheeky Chicken Dinners| !breakingpoint !sub4free !merch !giv09:34:53692
2017-06-18Sunday13: 12SquadGame change  
2017-06-18Sunday16: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-06-17Saturday10: 26PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSsolos then duos | !breakingpoint !sub4free !merch !giveawayi09:07:26563
2017-06-16Friday12: 21PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSHunting dem Chickens !breakingpoint !sub4free !merch !givea08:50:34492
2017-06-16Friday20: 24SquadGame change  
2017-06-16Friday10: 09PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSHunting dem Chickens !breakingpoint !sub4free !merch !givea01:30:24216
2017-06-14Wednesday09: 34PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSDuos and chill | !breakingpoint !sub4free !merch !giveawayin09:28:27871
2017-06-14Wednesday16: 50SquadGame change  
2017-06-13Tuesday10: 38PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSReturn of the Kingsmen | !breakingpoint !sub4free !merch !gi08:36:25653
2017-06-12Monday10: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSReturn of the Kingsmen07:50:26689
2017-06-10Saturday19: 00Star Wars Battlefront IIBATTLEFRONT II HYPE! #ad00:16:011333
2017-06-10Saturday19: 03Star Wars Battlefront IIGame change  
2017-06-08Thursday09: 15PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSBIG BIRTHDAY MARATHON STREAM | !breakingpoint !sub4free !mer12:38:501912
2017-06-08Thursday20: 06Talk ShowsGame change  
2017-06-06Tuesday11: 25PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSI am one with the Pan | !bptrailer !merch !giveawayinfo !che10:56:181322
2017-06-06Tuesday17: 33Oxygen Not IncludedGame change  
2017-06-05Monday18: 07PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen w/BreaK | !bptrailer !merch !giveawayinfo !cheersbo04:41:54665
2017-06-05Monday22: 03Oxygen Not IncludedGame change  
2017-06-05Monday18: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen w/BreaK | !bptrailer !merch !giveawayinfo !cheersbo00:00:3877
2017-06-05Monday10: 34PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen with Stodeh and Jackfrags! | !bptrailer !merch !giv07:29:58396
2017-06-05Monday13: 13Oxygen Not IncludedGame change  
2017-06-05Monday15: 10PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-06-04Sunday10: 25PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSChicken Sunday Brunch | !bptrailer !merch !giveawayinfo !che10:11:09692
2017-06-02Friday13: 53PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen | Monthly giveaway winners rolled! !winners | !bptr05:44:50904
2017-06-01Thursday12: 59PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen | Monthly giveaway winners rolled! !winners | !bptr08:35:15960
2017-05-31Wednesday13: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen | !bptrailer !merch !giveawayinfo !cheersboard 09:29:33734
2017-05-31Wednesday15: 46SquadGame change  
2017-05-31Wednesday18: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-05-30Tuesday13: 09PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen| !breakingpoint !merch !giveawayinfo !cheersboard 07:20:51872
2017-05-30Tuesday20: 19Star Trek: Bridge CrewGame change  
2017-05-28Sunday12: 52PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSub games! Zero Dark 42 !breakingpoint !merch !giveawayinfo 08:07:291069
2017-05-28Sunday16: 38SquadGame change  
2017-05-27Saturday12: 56PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen !breakingpoint !merch !giveawayinfo !cheersboard 08:31:521125
2017-05-26Friday13: 25DayZTrees n' stuff !merch !giveawayinfo !cheersboard 07:58:421190
2017-05-26Friday17: 10PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-05-25Thursday13: 03PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSac Hawk Down! KICKSTARTER: !breakingpoint | !merch !giveawa09:08:28921
2017-05-23Tuesday13: 15For HonorA proper English stream, #sponsored by King Arthur: Legend o05:53:561004
2017-05-23Tuesday13: 16For HonorGame change  
2017-05-23Tuesday15: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-05-22Monday13: 01For HonorA proper English stream, #sponsored by King Arthur: Legend o06:17:04869
2017-05-22Monday15: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-05-21Sunday13: 35PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSLaptop giveaway this weekend #sponsored Legion by Lenovo !4209:10:191279
2017-05-21Sunday17: 26IRLGame change  
2017-05-21Sunday17: 29Talk ShowsGame change  
2017-05-21Sunday18: 31PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-05-21Sunday18: 31Talk ShowsGame change  
2017-05-21Sunday18: 42PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-05-20Saturday12: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen! Laptop giveaway this weekend #sponsored Legion by 10:48:441362
2017-05-19Friday12: 44For HonorProper English stream #sponsored by King Arthur: Legend of t08:40:22616
2017-05-19Friday15: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-05-17Wednesday12: 00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen action! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !che08:43:181404
2017-05-16Tuesday16: 46PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSac Hawk Down! BACK FROM LA! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+E04:04:07763
2017-05-15Monday18: 11For HonorFor Honor Season 2 launch event in LA! Starting at noon PDT 01:23:44441
2017-05-13Saturday12: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSac Hawk Down! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheer09:59:021646
2017-05-13Saturday12: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-05-13Saturday15: 13Quake ChampionsGame change  
2017-05-13Saturday17: 56PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-05-12Friday15: 13Quake ChampionsQUAKE CHAMPIONS and PUBG after! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsai07:31:45740
2017-05-12Friday12: 31Mirage: Arcane WarfareMirage: Arcane Warfare beta! #ad Kingsmen later! | !giveaway02:41:14161
2017-05-11Thursday12: 00PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen duos with JackFrags | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+E08:06:421338
2017-05-10Wednesday12: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCommunity Event! Sac Hawk Down! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsai10:02:53865
2017-05-09Tuesday12: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSTesting custom gaimz! Kingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair08:52:491153
2017-05-08Monday18: 08PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersboard02:59:15752
2017-05-08Monday13: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersboard05:02:51683
2017-05-07Sunday12: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCustom Gaimz | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersb09:20:192392
2017-05-05Friday12: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSKingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersboard10:35:161305
2017-05-04Thursday12: 50PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSInvitational Tournament Hypu!! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair09:07:461714
2017-05-02Tuesday13: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSub Gaimz - The Kingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuye07:23:331498
2017-05-01Monday12: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe Kingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersb10:16:031085
2017-04-30Sunday13: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCustom sub games and then UK squad! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Co10:57:40951
2017-04-29Saturday13: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe Kingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersb10:43:451039
2017-04-28Friday12: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe Kingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersb10:39:21959
2017-04-27Thursday16: 32PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe Kingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersb07:58:18808
2017-04-27Thursday11: 59PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe Kingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersb04:31:15380
2017-04-25Tuesday12: 34PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe Kingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersb09:31:561433
2017-04-24Monday12: 57PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe Kingsmen | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !cheersb11:29:27959
2017-04-23Sunday12: 14PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSunday roast dinners | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | 13:02:031110
2017-04-23Sunday12: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSSunday roast dinners | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | 00:12:0872
2017-04-21Friday13: 23PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSUK duos! Squads with Day9tv/itmejp later! | !giveawayinfo In11:28:492033
2017-04-20Thursday12: 38PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSTesting the new patch w/ squads! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsa10:42:371116
2017-04-19Wednesday15: 46PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSTest Server Hype!! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !08:31:29860
2017-04-19Wednesday13: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSTest Server Hype!! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer | !02:39:42360
2017-04-18Tuesday12: 21PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSFinger lickin' savagery! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuye11:14:06712
2017-04-17Monday12: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSFinger lickin' savagery! | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuye10:22:16781
2017-04-16Sunday12: 19PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe King is back, Chicken dinners for all! | !giveawayinfo I11:30:31808
2017-04-14Friday12: 01PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe King is back! Hungry as ever | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsa08:50:451107
2017-04-13Thursday12: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSThe King is back! Hungry as ever | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsa11:21:44836
2017-04-11Tuesday12: 32PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS#1kDay 6mbps | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuye11:20:081216
2017-04-11Tuesday01: 01IRLPutting KFC out of biz 6mbps | !giveawayinfo Int00:43:11602
2017-04-11Tuesday01: 25IRLGame change  
2017-04-10Monday13: 09PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPutting KFC out of biz 6mbps | !giveawayinfo Int11:49:221530
2017-04-09Sunday12: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPutting KFC out of biz 6mbps | !giveawayinfo Int12:18:16649
2017-04-08Saturday16: 11PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSDubz 6mbps | !giveawayinfo Intel+Corsair+Ebuyer 08:55:42645
2017-04-08Saturday11: 15PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSUK Squad! Let's go!! 6000kbps | Intel+Corsair+Eb04:52:41276
2017-04-07Friday11: 43PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSUK Squad! Let's go!! TWO !newsponsors: Intel & E09:32:34653
2017-04-05Wednesday10: 50PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPUBG on 1080p 6000kbps TWO !newsponsors: Intel & Ebuyer! | $10:46:36857
2017-04-04Tuesday11: 55PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSTesting 1080p 6000kbps TWO !newsponsors: Intel & Ebuyer! | $08:33:37514
2017-04-03Monday12: 05PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSFinger lickin' savagery! TWO !newsponsors: Intel & Ebuyer! |09:55:53610
2017-04-02Sunday11: 43PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSFinger lickin' savagery! TWO !newsponsors: Intel & Ebuyer! |08:31:47573
2017-03-31Friday12: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPUBG Ownage - NEW sponsor: Intel! | $500 Corsair !giveawayin09:24:31859
2017-03-30Thursday11: 46PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSPUBG Ownage - New sponsor announcement | $500 Corsair !givea08:18:43755
2017-03-29Wednesday12: 04PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSWet Ninjas! sacWAR | $500 Corsair !giveawayinfo | !cheersboa11:01:10610
2017-03-28Tuesday12: 09PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSFinger licking savagery @sacriel42 | $500 Corsair !giveawayi03:47:47847
2017-03-27Monday11: 02PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSFinger licking savagery @sacriel42 | $500 Corsair !giveawayi11:56:062122
2016-03-11Friday17: 22The CullingSacniss Everdeen w/ @Sacriel42 || !discord #The42nd03:07:03670

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