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This page lists all 47 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 98,603.

Total games played: 24.

Total broadcast hours: 266 (11 days).

Average length of broadcast: 5h 40m 5s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2019-10-13Sunday14: 49Code VeinCode Vein First Playthrough! Day #407:10:42114
2019-10-12Saturday14: 58Code VeinCode Vein First Playthrough! Day #307:11:121087
2019-10-12Saturday13: 26RetroSaturday Morning Gaming Show #9: Myst | !podcast | Code Vein01:19:09183
2019-10-11Friday15: 23Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIILightning Returns continues on ~Final Fantasy Friday~06:56:43700
2019-10-10Thursday14: 47Code VeinCode Vein First Playthrough Day #2!!07:35:541689
2019-10-09Wednesday14: 49Code VeinCode Vein BEGINS! Day #107:04:452640
2019-10-08Tuesday14: 44MystMYST Playthrough for !podcast | Code Vein tomorrow!07:30:241110
2019-10-08Tuesday21: 21Argonus and the Gods of StoneGame change  
2019-10-06Sunday14: 43The Surge 2The Surge 2 Day #3 | !podcast | !displate07:29:501408
2019-10-05Saturday15: 05The Surge 2The Surge 2 Day #2 | !podcast | !displate07:26:221934
2019-10-05Saturday13: 25RetroSaturday Morning Gaming Show #8: Super Mario RPG!01:29:56286
2019-10-04Friday14: 46Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsFinishing SMRPG? Then Lightning Returns~07:13:541044
2019-10-04Friday21: 23Mega Man XGame change  
2019-10-03Thursday14: 45Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsSuper Mario RPG Day #2 [for !podcast this Saturday]07:30:181177
2019-10-02Wednesday14: 52Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsSuper Mario RPG First Playthrough?? [for !podcast this Satur06:36:222314
2019-09-28Saturday16: 52Dark SoulsDark Souls w/ Crowd Control | Live from TwitchCon 2019!02:01:503038
2019-09-26Thursday14: 40The Surge 2The Surge 2 Begins! | Leaving for TwitchCon today!04:35:013749
2019-09-25Wednesday14: 50Untitled Goose GameNOW: Untitled Goose Game | 2pm CT: Ashes of Creation Sponsor06:42:132301
2019-09-25Wednesday17: 59Ashes of Creation ApocalypseGame change  
2019-09-25Wednesday19: 22The Surge 2Game change  
2019-09-25Wednesday19: 28Untitled Goose GameGame change  
2019-09-22Sunday14: 47The Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningZelda: Link's Awakening Remake Day 2! 07:33:562074
2019-09-22Sunday18: 51World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-09-21Saturday14: 41The Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningZelda: Link's Awakening Remake!! 07:35:523836
2019-09-20Friday15: 51Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy Friday! Lightning Returns Continues~05:57:331855
2019-09-20Friday15: 38Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy Friday! Lightning Returns Continues~00:06:20166
2019-09-20Friday14: 45Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy Friday! Lightning Returns Continues~00:51:27323
2019-09-19Thursday14: 51World of WarcraftWoW Day: 42 Enhance Shaman 04:49:301057
2019-09-18Wednesday15: 27GreedFallChecking out Greedfall! | !displate | !podcast07:26:341841
2019-09-18Wednesday20: 17World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-09-14Saturday15: 05BlasphemousBlasphemous Day 4? ~WoW Classic Later~07:12:003521
2019-09-14Saturday19: 26World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-09-14Saturday13: 33RetroSaturday Morning Gaming Show #7: World of Warcraft01:22:44431
2019-09-13Friday14: 45Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIILightning Returns RETURNS | PROBABLY some WoW later07:56:001982
2019-09-13Friday20: 42world of waGame change  
2019-09-13Friday20: 43World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-09-12Thursday15: 01BlasphemousBlasphemous then more WoW06:15:582570
2019-09-12Thursday17: 18World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-09-11Wednesday14: 45Blasphemous~Blasphemous~ | More Classic leveling later07:39:312959
2019-09-11Wednesday17: 52World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-09-10Tuesday13: 13World of WarcraftI'M BACK! Speedrun to LVL 6009:10:152810
2019-09-10Tuesday13: 34BlasphemousGame change  
2019-09-10Tuesday15: 05World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-08-28Wednesday12: 39World of WarcraftEarly Morning Strats~ | Stalagg, Horde, Shaman08:33:583632
2019-08-27Tuesday13: 26World of WarcraftCLASSIC OUT | Stalagg, Horde, Shaman07:48:103860
2019-08-26Monday19: 27Remnant: From the AshesRemnant Melee Playthrough for a bit | WOW CLASSIC SOON17:42:303290
2019-08-26Monday20: 36World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-08-26Monday00: 04Dark SoulsGame change  
2019-08-26Monday01: 48World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-08-25Monday23: 50Dark SoulsShort Stream, We might have a house?? | !podcast02:16:562001
2019-08-24Saturday13: 28RetroSaturday Morning Gaming Shows #6: Shadowgate | !podcast01:28:441098
2019-08-23Friday14: 46Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIILIGHTNING RETURNS BEGINS! [First Playthrough] | !displate | 08:50:043596
2019-08-23Friday22: 49ShadowgateGame change  
2019-08-22Thursday13: 43LifelineLifeline Race w/ Elajjaz & Distortion 2
2019-08-22Thursday19: 53Remnant: From the AshesGame change  
2019-08-21Wednesday14: 55Demon's SoulsDemon's Souls @ 60 FPS?? | !displate | !podcast05:48:182972
2019-08-21Wednesday18: 04Super Mario 64Game change  
2019-08-21Wednesday20: 30Remnant: From the AshesGame change  
2019-08-18Sunday14: 50Remnant: From the AshesRemnant Day 2 (First Playthrough) | !displate | !podcast08:06:365425
2019-08-17Saturday18: 54Remnant: From the AshesBy Popular Demand | !displate | !podcast02:56:233313
2019-08-17Saturday18: 45Remnant: From the AshesBy Popular Demand | !displate | !podcast00:07:28586
2019-08-17Saturday14: 11Remnant: From the AshesBy Popular Demand | !displate | !podcast04:31:257166
2019-08-17Saturday14: 02Remnant: From the AshesBy Popular Demand | !displate | !podcast00:00:10738
2019-08-16Friday15: 32Final Fantasy XIII-2FFXIII-2 Post Game! | !displate | !podcast11:03:251642
2019-08-16Friday15: 12Final Fantasy XIII-2FFXIII-2 Post Game! | !displate | !podcast00:03:44152
2019-08-16Friday14: 58Final Fantasy XIII-2FFXIII-2 Post Game! | !displate | !podcast00:02:2291
2019-08-15Thursday17: 44BloodborneTriple Orphan of Kos monkaS | !rpg | !podcast | !displate04:50:502617
2019-08-15Thursday18: 20Just ChattingGame change  
2019-08-15Thursday19: 33BloodborneGame change  
2019-08-15Thursday14: 44Dark SoulsDS1 Ascension Mod Day #4 | !rpg | !podcast | !displate02:57:513217
2019-08-15Thursday17: 35BloodborneGame change  

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