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This page lists all 46 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 1,173,295.

Total games played: 19.

Total broadcast hours: 292 (12 days).

Average length of broadcast: 6h 21m 30s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-02-23Tuesday17: 57Dark Soulsfingering my g string | !guitar also playing dark souls03:37:1414525
2021-02-22Monday16: 45Full ThrottleFull Throttle [Remastered] | Classic Adventure Game for !pod07:28:1826054
2021-02-22Monday22: 04Just ChattingGame change  
2021-02-22Monday22: 11Into the BreachGame change  
2021-02-21Sunday16: 59The Legend of DragoonThe Legend of Dragoon First Playthrough (Day 4?)07:26:3424678
2021-02-20Saturday16: 49Dark SoulsGuitar Souls | DS3 Slow Run Later07:07:0234408
2021-02-20Saturday20: 37Dark Souls IIIGame change  
2021-02-19Friday21: 40Special EventsBlizzConline Co-Stream!01:21:027959
2021-02-15Monday16: 49Dark SoulsGuitar Souls in Anor Londo | Valheim After05:54:4235365
2021-02-15Monday21: 05ValheimGame change  
2021-02-13Saturday16: 50Dark SoulsGuitar Souls, then Valheim07:05:4733709
2021-02-13Saturday20: 40ValheimGame change  
2021-02-12Friday17: 46The Legend of DragoonThe Legend of Dragoon | Day 3 No Tips!05:59:5418338
2021-02-11Thursday16: 48ValheimExtremely Comfy Viking Time07:47:3028526
2021-02-10Wednesday16: 45Dark SoulsGuitar Souls day 207:00:3237046
2021-02-09Tuesday15: 56ValheimValheim First Time | Guitar Souls Tomorrow08:51:4435408
2021-02-08Monday16: 44Dark SoulsPlaying Dark Souls w/ an Electric !Guitar07:01:4450225
2021-02-06Saturday16: 51BloodborneBloodborne: The Board Game | Chapter 3 Playthrough05:23:0820782
2021-02-06Saturday16: 45BloodborneBloodborne: The Board Game | Chapter 3 Playthrough00:04:50532
2021-02-05Friday16: 48The Legend of DragoonThe Legend of Dragoon First Playthrough [FFXIV Showcase @ 7:10:41:4433172
2021-02-05Friday01: 22Special EventsGame change  
2021-02-03Wednesday16: 50Dark SoulsDark Souls ReMaster Chief Edition06:45:1035875
2021-02-01Monday16: 48Dragon QuestDragon Warrior Day 2 (THE Original JRPG)07:33:2025490
2021-01-31Sunday16: 59Bloodborne[Ch. 2] Bloodborne Board Game Solo Campaign04:59:4621538
2021-01-31Sunday16: 55Bloodborne[Ch. 2] Bloodborne Board Game Solo Campaign00:04:04494
2021-01-30Saturday16: 46BloodborneBloodborne Board Game Solo Campaign04:02:0624348
2021-01-29Friday16: 49The Legend of DragoonThe Legend of Dragoon (Blind Playthrough)07:02:5726901
2021-01-28Thursday16: 49The MediumThe Medium! (new horror game)07:40:0228127
2021-01-25Monday16: 48Dragon QuestDragon Warrior (NES) for !podcast07:05:1823446
2021-01-24Sunday16: 51Diablo IIIDiablo 3 Hardcore Ladder (Day 2)07:13:5627048
2021-01-22Friday16: 46Chrono TriggerChrono Trigger Finale! 04:27:5815138
2021-01-20Wednesday17: 15Dark SoulslobosSFX then DS3 Slow Run06:37:4426107
2021-01-18Monday16: 48Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact returns :O05:39:3720722
2021-01-17Sunday16: 52Diablo IIDiablo 2 Hell Zealadin/Trapsin | Uber today??07:07:4426527
2021-01-16Saturday16: 51Dark Souls IIIDS3 Slow Run NG+3 Fresh Start (STR Build)07:06:1833505
2021-01-15Friday16: 49Chrono TriggerChrono Trigger Day 4!06:23:0316586
2021-01-14Thursday16: 56Dark Souls IIIDS3 Slow Run...?05:20:4225569
2021-01-13Wednesday17: 00BloodborneBloodborne Arcane Run05:03:3224753
2021-01-12Tuesday16: 49Dark SoulsDS1 Of Dust & Ash | then PS5 BLOODBORNE07:26:0236933
2021-01-10Sunday16: 48Diablo IIDiablo 2 HELL! SoSnowy Outside!07:08:0922319
2021-01-09Saturday16: 56Dark SoulsPrepare to Die Again: Of Dust & Ash Mod07:05:0831034
2021-01-08Friday16: 48Chrono TriggerChrono Trigger continues! 06:25:5415164
2021-01-06Wednesday16: 52Cyberpunk 2077CYBERPUNK End Game?07:28:4224003
2021-01-04Monday16: 49Max PayneMax Payne for !podcast07:49:0825274
2021-01-03Sunday16: 56Diablo IIDiablo 2 HELL 07:13:3020344
2021-01-02Saturday16: 52Fallout 3Fallout 3 "Everyone Gets A Fat Man" Mod06:40:5630570
2021-01-01Friday16: 54Chrono TriggerHappy 2021 | Chrono Trigger Day 2!06:52:2625277
2020-12-31Thursday23: 36Dark Souls IIIt Is New Year's Eve07:37:4822671
2020-12-31Thursday16: 49Dark SoulsIt Is New Year's Eve | lobosSFX then DS206:47:0628831
2020-12-30Wednesday16: 48Dark SoulsDS1 Prepare To Die Again: Of Ash & Dust Mod07:07:3230298
2020-12-29Tuesday16: 52Diablo IIDiablo 2sday | Hell Trap Assassin07:32:3019031
2020-12-26Saturday16: 48Dark SoulsPrepare to Die Again - Of Ash & Blood MOD06:09:3638645

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