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This page lists all 43 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 961,904.

Total games played: 28.

Total broadcast hours: 309 (12 days).

Average length of broadcast: 7h 11m 28s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-10-16Saturday14: 52King's Field IIKing's Field: Return to Melanat (Fan Game!) | !pc !vpn !lasi08:19:5624991
2021-10-16Saturday20: 27Monster Hunter RiseGame change  
2021-10-15Friday14: 46Dark CloudDark Cloud Friday! Early End @ 4pm :( | !pc !vpn !lasik05:12:1012245
2021-10-12Tuesday14: 47Metroid DreadFinishing Metroid Dread? | New stream !pc build @ 7pm! | !pc08:51:1022073
2021-10-12Tuesday18: 43New WorldGame change  
2021-10-11Monday14: 49Metroid DreadStarting Metroid Dread! | !pc !vpn !lasik07:04:2429116
2021-10-10Sunday14: 53Tormented SoulsTormented Souls (RE/SH style horror) | !pc !vpn !lasik07:40:1824016
2021-10-09Saturday18: 31Tormented SoulsTormented Souls (RE/SH style horror) | !pc !vpn !lasik03:46:1213782
2021-10-08Friday15: 06Dark CloudDark Cloud First Time! | Horror Stuff This Weekend! | !pc !v06:56:0017132
2021-10-07Thursday14: 17New WorldI got LASIK AMA | New World 'n' Chill | Horror Stuff This We07:40:4019830
2021-10-03Sunday14: 50Silent Hill 2Silent Hill 2 [PS3] Continues~ | !pc !vpn07:14:3621023
2021-10-03Sunday19: 20New WorldGame change  
2021-10-02Saturday16: 23New WorldWAR @ 6:30pm ET | Sword & Shield / Greataxe | !pc !vpn05:45:0615844
2021-10-01Friday14: 48Dark CloudDark Cloud First Playthrough! | !pc !vpn06:58:5618819
2021-09-30Thursday13: 33New WorldFalias [NA East] Team Wolfpack | !newworld | !pc !vpn08:27:5219554
2021-09-29Wednesday12: 36New WorldFalias [NA East] Team Wolfpack | !newworld | !pc !vpn 08:53:5622778
2021-09-28Tuesday10: 29New World#Sponsored New World Launch Stream w/ Distortion2 | !pc !vp12:14:1239093
2021-09-27Monday15: 01Silent Hill 2Silent Hill 2 (PS3) New Playthrough! | !pc !vpn 07:03:1823901
2021-09-26Sunday14: 47Source of MadnessSource of Madness #sponsored Early Access Look 07:10:4024526
2021-09-26Sunday18: 31BloodborneGame change  
2021-09-25Saturday14: 50Kingdom Come: DeliveranceKingDumb Come Deliverance | !pc !vpn07:08:3119748
2021-09-21Tuesday14: 49PhasmophobiaSolo Phasmo! talking horror games too | BB later? | !pc !vpn06:55:3721198
2021-09-21Tuesday18: 54Amnesia: A Machine for PigsGame change  
2021-09-21Tuesday19: 12BloodborneGame change  
2021-09-20Monday14: 51Kingdom Come: DeliveranceThe Adventures of Henry | !pc !vpn07:18:3622605
2021-09-18Saturday14: 48PhasmophobiaPhasmo VR monkaS | !pc !vpn07:14:2628751
2021-09-18Saturday16: 43BloodborneGame change  
2021-09-17Friday14: 48Dark CloudDark Cloud First Playthrough! | !pc !vpn07:03:0419917
2021-09-16Thursday14: 46Loop HeroI'd Like to LOOP | Phasmophobia after!! | !pc !vpn07:12:3122108
2021-09-16Thursday17: 43PhasmophobiaGame change  
2021-09-13Monday14: 45Kingdom Come: DeliveranceHenry, Medieval Nerd Puncher | !pc !vpn07:20:0821948
2021-09-12Sunday14: 46BloodborneBloodborne NG+4 Bow Build | Sponsored No Man's Sky Later | !07:25:2226423
2021-09-12Sunday17: 52No Man's SkyGame change  
2021-09-11Saturday14: 51Kingdom Come: DeliveranceKingdom Come: Deliverance New Playthrough! | !pc !vpn07:02:4822591
2021-09-10Friday14: 48Dark CloudDark Cloud First Playthrough! | !pc !vpn06:59:5821983
2021-09-09Thursday14: 46Kingdom Come: DeliveranceKC:D New Playthrough | PS Showcase @ 3pm CST | !pc !vpn07:19:4226180
2021-09-09Thursday18: 54Special EventsGame change  
2021-09-09Thursday19: 46Kingdom Come: DeliveranceGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday14: 57Science & Technology!lobosSFX recording | BB Slow Run later | !pc !vpn04:59:5614889
2021-09-08Wednesday15: 04Software and Game DevelopmentGame change  
2021-09-08Wednesday17: 11BloodborneGame change  
2021-09-07Tuesday14: 46Metroid FusionFinishing Metroid Fusion, Starting ZERO MISSION | !pc !vpn08:18:0425069
2021-09-07Tuesday17: 33Metroid: Zero MissionGame change  
2021-09-05Sunday14: 45Metroid FusionMetroid Fusion FIRST Playthrough | !pc !vpn07:20:5227283
2021-09-04Saturday14: 47Star Wars: Dark ForcesFinishing Dark Forces | BB Slow Run After | !pc !vpn07:07:2122340
2021-09-04Saturday17: 20BloodborneGame change  
2021-09-03Friday14: 47Dark CloudDark Cloud Blind Playthrough Day 2! | !pc !vpn07:09:4626750
2021-08-30Monday14: 46Star Wars: Dark ForcesRetro Day: Dark Forces for !podcast | !pc !vpn06:53:4222919
2021-08-29Sunday14: 46DolmenDolmen Preview Day #3! | Darkborne Mod After | !pc !vpn06:49:4825212
2021-08-29Sunday16: 05BloodborneGame change  
2021-08-29Sunday20: 58Just ChattingGame change  
2021-08-28Saturday14: 49DolmenDolmen Preview Day #2 w/ Special Guests: Kiev & David! | Val07:01:1420305
2021-08-28Saturday16: 04ValheimGame change  
2021-08-27Friday14: 48DolmenDOLMEN Preview w/ Dev Special Guest: Kiev! 07:09:0329818
2021-08-27Friday16: 07Dark CloudGame change  
2021-08-25Wednesday14: 46Dark SoulsWatcing Gamescom @ 1pm CST! | Classic DS1 Run | !pc !vpn !po07:08:4428087
2021-08-25Wednesday16: 46Special EventsGame change  
2021-08-25Wednesday19: 07Mortal ShellGame change  
2021-08-22Sunday14: 49Super MetroidSuper Metroid Quick Run! | Valheim Mountains After! | !pc !v06:37:1620292
2021-08-22Sunday17: 31The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastGame change  
2021-08-22Sunday17: 43ValheimGame change  
2021-08-21Saturday14: 48Mortal ShellMortal Shell DLC !drops enabled | Roguelike Mode? | !pc !vpn06:09:5222005
2021-08-20Friday14: 46Persona 5 RoyalP5R Royal First Time | !pc !vpn !pontiff07:56:1815799
2021-08-19Thursday14: 46ValheimPermadeath Solo Valheim: Guthrie's Legacy | !pc !vpn !pontif07:33:1317007
2021-08-18Wednesday16: 23BloodborneDarkborne Mod? & Enemy Randomizer | !pc !vpn !pontiff05:43:0620123
2021-08-17Tuesday14: 57BloodborneBloodborne FPS Mod w/ Enemy Randomizer?? | !pc !vpn !pontiff06:55:0021831

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