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This page lists all 48 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 1,359,070.

Total games played: 16.

Total broadcast hours: 338 (14 days).

Average length of broadcast: 7h 2m 59s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-01-16Saturday16: 51Dark Souls IIIDS3 Slow Run NG+3 Fresh Start (STR Build)07:06:1865
2021-01-15Friday16: 49Chrono TriggerChrono Trigger Day 4!06:23:0315887
2021-01-14Thursday16: 56Dark Souls IIIDS3 Slow Run...?05:20:4224757
2021-01-13Wednesday17: 00BloodborneBloodborne Arcane Run05:03:3223549
2021-01-12Tuesday16: 49Dark SoulsDS1 Of Dust & Ash | then PS5 BLOODBORNE07:26:0235770
2021-01-10Sunday16: 48Diablo IIDiablo 2 HELL! SoSnowy Outside!07:08:0922183
2021-01-09Saturday16: 56Dark SoulsPrepare to Die Again: Of Dust & Ash Mod07:05:0830455
2021-01-08Friday16: 48Chrono TriggerChrono Trigger continues! 06:25:5414981
2021-01-06Wednesday16: 52Cyberpunk 2077CYBERPUNK End Game?07:28:4223811
2021-01-04Monday16: 49Max PayneMax Payne for !podcast07:49:0825151
2021-01-03Sunday16: 56Diablo IIDiablo 2 HELL 07:13:3020295
2021-01-02Saturday16: 52Fallout 3Fallout 3 "Everyone Gets A Fat Man" Mod06:40:5630501
2021-01-01Friday16: 54Chrono TriggerHappy 2021 | Chrono Trigger Day 2!06:52:2625200
2020-12-31Thursday23: 36Dark Souls IIIt Is New Year's Eve07:37:4822642
2020-12-31Thursday16: 49Dark SoulsIt Is New Year's Eve | lobosSFX then DS206:47:0628717
2020-12-30Wednesday16: 48Dark SoulsDS1 Prepare To Die Again: Of Ash & Dust Mod07:07:3230069
2020-12-29Tuesday16: 52Diablo IIDiablo 2sday | Hell Trap Assassin07:32:3018999
2020-12-26Saturday16: 48Dark SoulsPrepare to Die Again - Of Ash & Blood MOD06:09:3638402
2020-12-25Friday16: 55Chrono TriggerChrono Trigger Begins! (Not First Playthrough) BUT FIRST...05:24:3225352
2020-12-24Thursday18: 57Just ChattingHappy Holidays!06:04:4544025
2020-12-23Wednesday16: 50Science & Technology!lobosSFX Recording 07:09:4219950
2020-12-21Monday16: 45Diablo IIDiablo II Nightmare w/ Viewers! | Trap Assassin07:25:5421696
2020-12-20Sunday17: 40Cyberpunk 2077CyberPunk Main Story Focus!06:37:4620874
2020-12-19Saturday16: 48Diablo IIAssassin NOOB | Fresh Diablo 2 Ladder w/ Viewers!07:19:3824634
2020-12-18Friday16: 48Final Fantasy X-2~Final Fantasy Friday~ Last FFF Game: FF X-2 monkaS09:51:4922208
2020-12-16Wednesday16: 51Dark Souls3090 IS HERE! Setting up !lobosSFX | CyberPunk later07:11:4628904
2020-12-14Monday16: 46PhasmophobiaPhasmo for a bit | FO3 Fatman Mod After07:19:0827470
2020-12-13Sunday16: 48Cyberpunk 2077New !PC (minus 3090) P Y B E R C U N K07:27:5026173
2020-12-12Saturday16: 56Cyberpunk 2077Mayhem in the City | NEW !PC ARRIVES TODAY!?!06:45:4525044
2020-12-11Friday16: 48Cyberpunk 2077C Y B E R P U N K DAY 207:13:0523642
2020-12-08Tuesday16: 49The Legend of Zelda[First Playthrough] The Legend of Zelda (NES) !podcast03:42:0314255
2020-12-07Monday16: 47The Legend of Zelda[First Playthrough] The Legend of Zelda (NES) !podcast07:34:1731592
2020-12-06Sunday16: 48Demon's SoulsI'd like to PVP07:10:1029420
2020-12-05Saturday14: 39Demon's SoulsDemon's Souls Speedrun Tournament | !donate to Save The Chil03:25:5620120
2020-12-04Friday16: 53Final Fantasy X-2FFX-2 is the least cringy game ever07:05:0819074
2020-12-03Thursday16: 46Demon's SoulsDemon's Souls SHIELD ONLY Run !tournament !pc06:52:3026855
2020-12-02Wednesday16: 52Demon's Souls!tournament Speedrun Practice07:11:5525716
2020-11-30Monday16: 48Demon's SoulsGlitchless All Bosses (No Magic) Speedruns07:19:2637021
2020-11-29Sunday16: 48Demon's SoulsGlitchless Any% (No Magic) Speedruns06:27:5228519
2020-11-28Saturday16: 52Demon's SoulsDBS Speed Run Practice Runs06:45:5725674
2020-11-27Friday16: 49Final Fantasy X-2FFX-2 | Last FFF Game!!06:55:0419789
2020-11-25Wednesday16: 48Dark Souls!lobosSFX recording then Demon's Souls No Heal Items Run07:12:2235700
2020-11-23Monday16: 47Demon's SoulsDeS No Healing Run! | WoW: Shadowlands LAUNCH later!10:10:4339839
2020-11-22Sunday16: 47Demon's SoulsSL1 Demon's Souls Run!07:23:0844313
2020-11-21Saturday16: 45Demon's SoulsDeS Bow Only QUICK RUN07:24:4837471
2020-11-20Friday16: 58Final Fantasy XVFinal Fantasy Friday | Finishing XV! | DeS Returns Saturday07:12:3722072
2020-11-19Thursday16: 47Demon's SoulsCeramic Coin Hunt! New Item for !DOOR?!?11:17:46111173
2020-11-18Wednesday16: 47Demon's SoulsDemon's Souls Bow Only?08:02:3449061

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