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This page lists all 29 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 6,751,836.

Total games played: 2.

Total broadcast hours: 159 (6 days).

Average length of broadcast: 5h 28m 27s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-01-16Saturday17: 51Just ChattingNew strat = new record LULW06:08:371110
2021-01-15Friday17: 57Just ChattingOne days rest, lets put it to the test! Pepepains .oO(LULW)06:15:59252718
2021-01-13Wednesday18: 06Just ChattingGamblers anonymous!06:00:48228458
2021-01-12Tuesday17: 52Just ChattingDestroying blond banged punk kids all day!06:20:02261043
2021-01-11Monday17: 07Just ChattingWinners never quit and quitters never win!06:55:45299512
2021-01-10Sunday17: 58Just ChattingHandsome man turns doubters into believers! [LIVE]05:51:12233543
2021-01-09Saturday18: 20Just ChattingNew Forsen Bajs Language pack!06:01:40217362
2021-01-08Friday17: 50Just ChattingPogChamp in 2021 LULW06:10:07235476
2021-01-07Thursday17: 50Just ChattingTime to throw PogChamp away! Time to throw PogChamp away! Ti06:16:06308641
2021-01-06Wednesday17: 58Just ChattingEdge of tomorrow!06:05:58233806
2021-01-05Tuesday17: 45Just ChattingGod gamer stops pretending [LIVE]06:26:22261003
2021-01-04Monday18: 03Just ChattingDoubting in 2021 LULW06:43:44269496
2021-01-03Sunday18: 09Just ChattingTaking back what is rightfully mine!05:56:56267561
2021-01-02Saturday17: 58Just Chatting2020 memes in 2021 LULW06:17:14285958
2021-01-01Friday17: 55Just ChattingHappy International Pizza Day!06:49:43366596
2020-12-31Thursday13: 35Just ChattingEarly and short pre-new years stream! 05:21:51296848
2020-12-30Wednesday18: 05MinecraftCaffeine = new stream timezone LULW05:56:36241986
2020-12-28Monday18: 03Just ChattingEasing into it!06:31:00444361
2020-12-27Sunday18: 11Just ChattingWe Back! Might have forgotten how to stream!05:43:28568436
2020-11-25Wednesday15: 02Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:55:18232367
2020-11-24Tuesday15: 01Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:05:04175492
2020-11-23Monday15: 05Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:06:54191427
2020-11-22Sunday15: 57Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:05:02192567
2020-11-22Sunday15: 32Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!00:02:069495
2020-11-22Sunday15: 21Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!00:01:189936
2020-11-22Sunday15: 15Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!00:00:249279
2020-11-21Saturday14: 59Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:40:48200820
2020-11-19Thursday15: 02Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:58:08236250
2020-11-18Wednesday14: 58Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:57:08220289

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