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This page lists all 54 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 274,503.

Total games played: 57.

Total broadcast hours: 320 (13 days).

Average length of broadcast: 5h 55m 1s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2019-08-17Saturday13: 22Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:51:442119
2019-08-17Saturday14: 08Remnant: From the AshesGame change  
2019-08-15Thursday13: 24Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:30:154955
2019-08-15Thursday14: 23Games + DemosGame change  
2019-08-15Thursday16: 13The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimGame change  
2019-08-14Wednesday12: 10Just Chatting@forsen, Skyrim with viewer suggested mods and legendary dif07:07:196816
2019-08-14Wednesday12: 59The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimGame change  
2019-08-14Wednesday17: 04Remnant: From the AshesGame change  
2019-08-14Wednesday18: 23The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimGame change  
2019-08-13Tuesday13: 22Just Chatting@forsen, thinking05:47:378315
2019-08-13Tuesday14: 09The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimGame change  
2019-08-12Monday13: 43Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:07:563490
2019-08-12Monday14: 44New LifeGame change  
2019-08-12Monday14: 59Electronic Super Joy IIGame change  
2019-08-12Monday16: 29Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGame change  
2019-08-11Sunday12: 56Just Chatting@forsen, LIDL games and shit!05:51:113944
2019-08-11Sunday13: 58Games + DemosGame change  
2019-08-11Sunday14: 31Adam: Lost MemoriesGame change  
2019-08-11Sunday16: 42Apsulov: End of GodsGame change  
2019-08-10Saturday13: 04Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit! RoE tournament later!05:56:324317
2019-08-10Saturday13: 48Games + DemosGame change  
2019-08-10Saturday14: 33Steel CircusGame change  
2019-08-10Saturday15: 20Ring Of ElysiumGame change  
2019-08-08Thursday13: 08Just Chatting@forsen, New releases and shit!07:00:255557
2019-08-08Thursday14: 14Stone Story RPGGame change  
2019-08-07Wednesday13: 01Just Chatting@forsen, New releases and shit! 05:46:374860
2019-08-07Wednesday13: 45Legends of AriaGame change  
2019-08-07Wednesday15: 03Games + DemosGame change  
2019-08-07Wednesday15: 13Dota 2Game change  
2019-08-06Tuesday12: 57Just Chatting@forsen, New releases and shit!05:52:364487
2019-08-06Tuesday14: 12Silver ChainsGame change  
2019-08-06Tuesday16: 49Metal Wolf Chaos XDGame change  
2019-08-06Tuesday17: 57Just ChattingGame change  
2019-08-06Tuesday18: 25Half Dead 2Game change  
2019-08-05Monday13: 15Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:07:134083
2019-08-05Monday14: 38Games + DemosGame change  
2019-08-05Monday15: 21Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGame change  
2019-08-05Monday17: 43Tekken 7Game change  
2019-08-04Sunday12: 58Just Chatting@forsen, EVO got me hyped! Lets try and punch some people.06:02:374435
2019-08-04Sunday14: 07Tekken 7Game change  
2019-08-03Saturday13: 08Just Chatting@forsen, games and shit! Also sub emote raffle later!05:47:515358
2019-08-03Saturday14: 34Vicious CircleGame change  
2019-08-03Saturday15: 42Just ChattingGame change  
2019-08-03Saturday16: 01Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeGame change  
2019-08-03Saturday18: 19Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGame change  
2019-08-01Thursday13: 10Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:50:075749
2019-08-01Thursday14: 25Tricky TowersGame change  
2019-08-01Thursday15: 02CollapsedGame change  
2019-08-01Thursday16: 17Hide Or DieGame change  
2019-08-01Thursday18: 13Pummel PartyGame change  
2019-07-31Wednesday12: 54Just Chatting@forsen, Party games and shit!06:03:086201
2019-07-31Wednesday13: 41Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-07-31Wednesday16: 14Friday the 13th: The GameGame change  
2019-07-31Wednesday18: 05The Jackbox Party Pack 4Game change  
2019-07-30Tuesday13: 02Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:03:397227
2019-07-30Tuesday14: 07Morphies LawGame change  
2019-07-30Tuesday14: 41September 1999Game change  
2019-07-30Tuesday15: 04Games + DemosGame change  
2019-07-30Tuesday15: 22Ring Of ElysiumGame change  
2019-07-30Tuesday17: 29ApparitionGame change  
2019-07-29Monday13: 09Just Chatting@forsen, The Forsen build!05:13:354093
2019-07-29Monday13: 59Castlevania: Symphony of the NightGame change  
2019-07-29Monday15: 08Just ChattingGame change  
2019-07-29Monday16: 25Golf With Your FriendsGame change  
2019-07-28Sunday13: 02Just Chatting@forsen, Fake boomer playing his first castlevania game ever05:58:133647
2019-07-28Sunday14: 31Castlevania: Symphony of the NightGame change  
2019-07-27Saturday13: 03Just Chatting@forsen, Fake boomer playing his first castlevania game ever05:51:474460
2019-07-27Saturday13: 44Tetris EffectGame change  
2019-07-27Saturday14: 09Castlevania: Symphony of the NightGame change  
2019-07-26Friday13: 05Just Chatting@forsen, games and shit!06:05:033092
2019-07-26Friday13: 53Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-26Friday17: 15Tetris EffectGame change  
2019-07-25Thursday13: 05Just Chatting@forsen, New wolfenstein waiting room!05:48:355999
2019-07-25Thursday13: 41Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-25Thursday16: 03Wolfenstein: YoungbloodGame change  
2019-07-25Thursday17: 44Use Your WordsGame change  
2019-07-24Wednesday13: 01Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:49:249164
2019-07-24Wednesday13: 47PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2019-07-22Monday13: 07Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:51:514654
2019-07-22Monday13: 52Break the G̵ameGame change  
2019-07-22Monday15: 08Red Hot VengeanceGame change  
2019-07-22Monday16: 04Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-21Sunday12: 57Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:28:525467
2019-07-21Sunday13: 50Games + DemosGame change  
2019-07-20Saturday12: 51Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:15:325368
2019-07-20Saturday13: 47Games + DemosGame change  
2019-07-18Thursday13: 01Just Chatting@forsen, New releases!05:52:186987
2019-07-18Thursday14: 03SoulfireGame change  
2019-07-18Thursday15: 27Games + DemosGame change  
2019-07-17Wednesday13: 23Teamfight Tactics@forsen, $125k tourny time. Championsen or Maldsen?05:55:124476
2019-07-16Tuesday13: 00Just Chatting@forsen, New last minute patch before tournament. Finding ou04:05:142644
2019-07-16Tuesday13: 50Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-15Monday13: 13Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:21:133300
2019-07-15Monday13: 59Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-14Sunday12: 54Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:01:195327
2019-07-14Sunday14: 02Duck SeasonGame change  
2019-07-14Sunday15: 36The Blackout ClubGame change  
2019-07-14Sunday16: 42Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-13Saturday13: 00Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:05:074974
2019-07-13Saturday13: 57Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-13Saturday16: 16She Sees RedGame change  
2019-07-13Saturday16: 50Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-07-11Thursday13: 34Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:22:005293
2019-07-11Thursday14: 20Earth Defense Forces 5Game change  
2019-07-11Thursday16: 00Call of Duty: Modern WarfareGame change  
2019-07-11Thursday16: 02Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-11Thursday18: 30The Jackbox Party Pack 3Game change  
2019-07-10Wednesday13: 07Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:53:184917
2019-07-10Wednesday13: 57Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-09Tuesday13: 11Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:57:304304
2019-07-09Tuesday14: 00Choice ChamberGame change  
2019-07-09Tuesday15: 40Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-07-08Monday13: 06Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:02:014176
2019-07-08Monday13: 55Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-07-07Sunday14: 38Visage@forsen, Visage monkaS04:47:184756
2019-07-07Sunday17: 39Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-07Sunday13: 36Just Chatting@forsen, games and shit!00:59:251727
2019-07-07Sunday14: 24VisageGame change  
2019-07-06Saturday13: 42Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit! sub emote raffle later! more NA fri08:52:216529
2019-07-06Saturday14: 20Barbie and the Magic of PegasusGame change  
2019-07-06Saturday16: 27Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-07-06Saturday19: 26WarframeGame change  
2019-07-06Saturday22: 32Just ChattingGame change  
2019-07-04Thursday13: 06Teamfight Tactics@forsen, Tournament time! Championsen strikes again?06:05:545253
2019-07-03Wednesday12: 59Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:06:412748
2019-07-03Wednesday13: 55Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-02Tuesday12: 18Just Chatting@forsen, Supa Maldio 2! More supa expert levels today?07:07:415007
2019-07-02Tuesday13: 06Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-07-02Tuesday17: 32Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-07-01Monday13: 22Just Chatting@forsen, Supa Maldio 2! Expert levels! Ranking up!?05:43:335753
2019-07-01Monday13: 55Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-06-30Sunday12: 48Just Chatting@forsen, God gamer and shit!05:59:355213
2019-06-30Sunday13: 32Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-06-29Saturday12: 52Just Chatting@forsen, God gamer trying Maldio Maker 2! 05:46:225965
2019-06-29Saturday13: 40Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-06-28Friday13: 07Just Chatting@forsen, God gamer trying Maldio Maker 2! 05:37:536144
2019-06-28Friday13: 42Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-06-27Thursday12: 59Just Chatting@forsen, God gamer doing it live! Trump TTS!05:55:328405
2019-06-27Thursday14: 18The Sinking CityGame change  
2019-06-26Wednesday13: 00Just Chatting@forsen, The Malding City ! Supa detective! Hard combat! Rap03:23:165355
2019-06-26Wednesday13: 40The Sinking CityGame change  
2019-06-25Tuesday12: 52Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:10:278397
2019-06-25Tuesday13: 45The Sinking CityGame change  
2019-06-24Monday11: 28Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit! 09:50:515151
2019-06-24Monday12: 21Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-06-23Sunday12: 58Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:36:174238
2019-06-23Sunday13: 57My Friend PedroGame change  
2019-06-23Sunday17: 57Just ChattingGame change  
2019-06-23Sunday18: 04Use Your WordsGame change  
2019-06-22Saturday12: 50Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:50:174248
2019-06-22Saturday13: 33Crash Team Racing: Nitro FueledGame change  
2019-06-22Saturday15: 16Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-06-20Thursday11: 57Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:08:466701
2019-06-20Thursday12: 28Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-06-19Wednesday12: 42Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:41:595388
2019-06-19Wednesday13: 29Teamfight TacticsGame change  
2019-06-19Wednesday18: 07Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of ZeldaGame change  
2018-05-12Saturday14: 20IRL@forsen, Games and shit07:02:093270
2018-05-12Saturday15: 14Lake RiddenGame change  

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