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This page lists all 43 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 172,103.

Total games played: 9.

Total broadcast hours: 275 (11 days).

Average length of broadcast: 6h 24m 19s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-06-01Monday13: 20Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:28:322802
2020-06-01Monday16: 19ChessGame change  
2020-05-31Sunday12: 56Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:33:595076
2020-05-31Sunday14: 25TerrariaGame change  
2020-05-31Sunday18: 00ChessGame change  
2020-05-30Saturday13: 03Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:47:347878
2020-05-30Saturday16: 10TerrariaGame change  
2020-05-30Saturday18: 08Just ChattingGame change  
2020-05-29Friday13: 01Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:34:169578
2020-05-29Friday15: 41MinecraftGame change  
2020-05-29Friday17: 25Just ChattingGame change  
2020-05-28Thursday13: 16Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:12:438781
2020-05-28Thursday15: 22MinecraftGame change  
2020-05-27Wednesday13: 02Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:10:209586
2020-05-27Wednesday14: 11ChessGame change  
2020-05-27Wednesday15: 22Just ChattingGame change  
2020-05-27Wednesday15: 25MinecraftGame change  
2020-05-26Tuesday13: 04Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:26:169481
2020-05-26Tuesday14: 01ChessGame change  
2020-05-26Tuesday15: 37MinecraftGame change  
2020-05-25Monday12: 46Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!07:31:509546
2020-05-25Monday14: 13ChessGame change  
2020-05-25Monday14: 39MinecraftGame change  
2020-05-25Monday17: 43ChessGame change  
2020-05-24Sunday12: 50Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!06:46:5013322
2020-05-24Sunday14: 08MinecraftGame change  
2020-05-23Saturday13: 06Just Chatting@forsen, Unbanned and shit! 07:07:1020405
2020-05-23Saturday14: 39MinecraftGame change  
2020-05-06Wednesday10: 50VALORANT@forsen, [TREMENDOUS DROPS GIVEAWAY] Return of the Forsen B08:25:083290
2020-05-05Tuesday09: 45VALORANT@forsen, [TREMENDOUS DROPS GIVEAWAY] Lots of Pogress today!08:39:591382
2020-05-04Monday10: 15VALORANT@forsen, [TREMENDOUS DROPS GIVEAWAY] The god blamer! SoloQ 08:48:181198
2020-05-02Saturday11: 08VALORANT@forsen, [TREMENDOUS DROPS GIVEAWAY] Ranked soloQ! How to w07:14:381175
2020-05-01Friday14: 57VALORANT@forsen, [TREMENDOUS DROPS GIVEAWAY] Ranked soloQ today! Ho04:00:201366
2020-05-01Friday10: 03VALORANT@forsen, [TREMENDOUS DROPS GIVEAWAY] Ranked soloQ today! Ho04:52:443105
2020-04-29Wednesday12: 33Just Chatting@forsen, Ranked today!06:09:342379
2020-04-29Wednesday15: 54VALORANTGame change  
2020-04-28Tuesday13: 07Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:50:073367
2020-04-28Tuesday14: 11Drug Dealer SimulatorGame change  
2020-04-27Monday13: 10Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:51:343287
2020-04-27Monday13: 57Jump KingGame change  
2020-04-27Monday16: 43Last OasisGame change  
2020-04-26Sunday13: 15Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:45:264630
2020-04-26Sunday14: 03Jump KingGame change  
2020-04-25Saturday13: 19VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Clicking heads!05:59:021323
2020-04-23Thursday13: 06VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Pogressing! Give ranked!06:19:371363
2020-04-22Wednesday13: 04VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] New patch! Raze nerfed!06:21:101063
2020-04-21Tuesday12: 28VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] PRO scrimms! Trying out breach!05:53:141149
2020-04-20Monday11: 44VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] PRO scrimms! 4 god gamers, 1 dog ta06:46:321107
2020-04-19Sunday11: 37VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] PRO scrimms today! oh no no no 08:11:131093
2020-04-18Saturday12: 36VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Games with hot grill!05:54:521348
2020-04-17Friday13: 24VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] New characters , new forsen builds?05:37:061164
2020-04-16Thursday12: 57VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Its not easy when its hard!06:12:021088
2020-04-15Wednesday11: 50VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Cheese, exploits and missed sniper 07:06:481866
2020-04-14Tuesday10: 52VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] High skill customs! From dog tamer 07:56:402479
2020-04-13Monday13: 03VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Forsen Orb Emitting LUL ! High lvl 06:32:001564
2020-04-12Sunday12: 43VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Tournament day with taimou, dafran,04:43:522675
2020-04-11Saturday11: 40VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Pro scrimms today! Trying not be bo07:53:061837
2020-04-09Thursday13: 04Just Chatting@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Mad cause bald !06:06:092294
2020-04-09Thursday13: 17VALORANTGame change  
2020-04-08Wednesday13: 15VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] Grand Finals tournament time!! EZ G06:05:002034
2020-04-07Tuesday11: 03VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] First ever valorant tournament star08:08:302658
2020-04-07Tuesday10: 32VALORANT@forsen, [DROPS ENABLED] First ever valorant tournament star00:29:24791
2020-04-06Monday13: 24Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit! Valorant early tomorrow with drops 05:37:052968
2020-04-06Monday14: 15Last OasisGame change  
2020-04-05Sunday13: 08Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit06:16:005842
2020-04-05Sunday13: 48Resident Evil 3Game change  
2020-04-05Sunday16: 47Last OasisGame change  
2020-04-04Saturday13: 09Just Chatting@forsen, Games and shit!05:48:176482
2020-04-04Saturday14: 22Resident Evil 3Game change  
2020-04-03Friday13: 51Just Chatting@forsen, Valorant twitch rivals today! Beta key giveaways wi05:15:064749
2020-04-03Friday14: 56VALORANTGame change  

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