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This page lists all 55 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 6,091.

Total games played: 20.

Total broadcast hours: 335 (13 days).

Average length of broadcast: 6h 5m 3s.

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DateDay Time (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2018-10-19Friday14: 40Mega Man 11Any% Runs Todayyyyyy - !shirt - !pw07:14:2745
2018-10-18Thursday13: 40Mega Man 11Perfect Practice makes Perfect! - !shirt - !pw06:19:4667
2018-10-17Wednesday11: 06Dark Souls IIIViewer Commentary - Chubs Kill Bosses - !shirt - !pw06:36:36136
2018-10-15Monday13: 49Dark Souls IIIOptimizing Run - !shirt - !pw06:17:2784
2018-10-15Monday14: 13Mega Man 11Game change  
2018-10-14Sunday13: 39Dark Souls IIIViewer Commentary Run. Chubs Kill bosses - !shirt 06:10:26190
2018-10-12Friday13: 50Mega Man 11Learning New Route - Fastest PS4 Player :O - !shirt 07:54:08129
2018-10-11Thursday13: 02Mega Man 11Any% Speedruns - Front Page Today! - !shirt 06:27:1843
2018-10-10Wednesday11: 09Mega Man 11Any% Speedruns - Front Page Today! - !shirt 07:56:1458
2018-10-09Tuesday11: 06Mega Man 11Learning Speedrun - !shirt 07:15:5049
2018-10-08Monday15: 31Mega Man 11Learning Speedrun - !shirt 06:48:3837
2018-10-07Sunday11: 30Mega Man 11Learning Speedrun - !shirt 07:37:1432
2018-10-06Saturday12: 33Mega Man 11Learning Speedrun - !shirt 06:56:04120
2018-10-05Friday10: 08BloodborneNo Hunters Dream Runnnnn - !shirt 03:41:1699
2018-10-05Friday12: 33Mega Man 11Game change  
2018-10-05Friday10: 04Mega Man 11MegaChub - !shirt 00:01:085
2018-10-05Friday10: 05BloodborneGame change  
2018-10-04Thursday10: 30BloodborneNo Hunters Dream Run then Megaman aftah - !shirt 06:12:30114
2018-10-04Thursday12: 17Mega Man 11Game change  
2018-10-04Thursday10: 11BloodborneNo Hunters Dream Run then Megaman aftah - !shirt 00:18:5225
2018-10-03Wednesday07: 25Demon's SoulsFinishing !soulsathon - viewers add difficulty - !shirt 06:42:4682
2018-10-03Wednesday10: 19Mega Man 11Game change  
2018-09-30Sunday13: 17Dark Souls!soulsathon - viewers add difficulty - !shirt !subtember11:22:21310
2018-09-30Sunday18: 09Dark Souls IIIGame change  
2018-09-30Sunday21: 21BloodborneGame change  
2018-09-30Sunday23: 06Demon's SoulsGame change  
2018-09-29Saturday17: 12BloodborneNo Hunters Dream Run - !soulsathon this Sunday - !shirt !subtember05:46:4895
2018-09-29Saturday19: 36Soulcalibur VIGame change  
2018-09-29Saturday21: 05Demon's SoulsGame change  
2018-09-29Saturday22: 13Life Is Strange 2Game change  
2018-09-28Friday14: 13BloodborneNo Hunters Dream - !soulsathon this Sunday - !shirt !subtember09:38:19178
2018-09-28Friday16: 30Life Is Strange 2Game change  
2018-09-28Friday19: 15Soulcalibur VIGame change  
2018-09-27Thursday14: 39Dark Souls IIPractice for !soulsathon this Sunday - !shirt !subtember05:00:58114
2018-09-27Thursday15: 24Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinGame change  
2018-09-25Tuesday10: 14BloodbornePractice for !soulsathon this Sunday - !shirt !subtember02:51:52185
2018-09-24Monday16: 58Dead CellsI Have Become Chub, Destroyer of Dinners - !shirt !subtember04:53:3276
2018-09-24Monday18: 36Marvel's Spider-ManGame change  
2018-09-24Monday20: 35Detroit: Become HumanGame change  
2018-09-23Sunday15: 12Dark Souls IIIDS3 No Hit Tourney Grand Finals Commentary W/ McRapt0r - !shirt !subtember06:12:26119
2018-09-21Friday16: 01Dark Souls IIII am not a Squilla so I will not be Killa'd - !shirt !subtember06:30:54173
2018-09-20Thursday15: 50Dark Souls IIILosers Round 2 Im Making a DonnyThicc CAKE! - !shirt !subtember06:29:26107
2018-09-20Thursday19: 16Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-09-20Thursday20: 21Marvel's Spider-ManGame change  
2018-09-19Wednesday15: 34Dark Souls IIILosers Round 1 Vs Coltrain45- !shirt !subtember06:45:51130
2018-09-19Wednesday17: 39dead by daylightGame change  
2018-09-19Wednesday17: 39Dark Souls IIIGame change  
2018-09-19Wednesday20: 03Marvel's Spider-ManGame change  
2018-09-18Tuesday16: 07Dark Souls IIIDs3 Tournament Round 1 vs GinoMachino- !shirt !subtember02:35:57158
2018-09-18Tuesday18: 40Marvel's Spider-ManGame change  
2018-09-18Tuesday15: 46Dark Souls IIIDs3 Tournament Round 1 vs GinoMachino- !shirt !subtember00:19:4417
2018-09-17Monday16: 46Dark Souls IIIPractice for Ds3 !Tournament Tomorrow- !shirt !subtember02:13:3275
2018-09-16Sunday15: 15Dark Souls IIIDS3 Tourny Practice - Gino Gino Gino EZ EZ EZ- !shirt !subtember08:23:1658
2018-09-16Sunday20: 38EgressGame change  
2018-09-15Saturday16: 04Dark Souls IIIDs3 Tourney Practice that I dont need because Gino isnt good at this game D: - !shirt !subtember08:03:4068
2018-09-15Saturday20: 49Darkest DungeonGame change  
2018-09-15Saturday22: 37Marvel's Spider-ManGame change  
2018-09-14Friday14: 30Dark Souls IIIDS3 Tournament Derust and Practice - !shirt !subtember09:35:04106
2018-09-14Friday19: 02Marvel's Spider-ManGame change  
2018-09-12Wednesday12: 38Marvel's Spider-Man[Spectacular] SpiderKhan and then No Hit Commentary with squilla - !shirt !subtember06:55:24221
2018-09-11Tuesday11: 57Dead CellsDead Cells and then a NEW GAME! - !shirt !subtember09:17:04134
2018-09-11Tuesday14: 40Marvel's Spider-ManGame change  
2018-09-10Monday12: 07Dead CellsDead Cells Streamer Mode - !shirt !subtember03:54:1866
2018-09-09Sunday12: 43Dead CellsDead Cells - No Backseating Or I Will Combust- !shirt07:26:46103
2018-09-09Sunday17: 38Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-09-07Friday11: 19Hollow KnightRadiant Bosses and then Dead Cells - !shirt07:40:32124
2018-09-06Thursday09: 41Hollow KnightWhen I beat Pantheon 5 I will play Dead Cells: - !shirt07:03:40132
2018-09-06Thursday14: 25Dead CellsGame change  
2018-09-05Wednesday10: 36Hollow KnightPantheon 5 D: - !shirt06:12:4882
2018-09-04Tuesday08: 00Hollow KnightHollow Knight Because Maybe GDQ! - !shirt08:52:02105
2018-09-04Tuesday14: 01BloodborneGame change  
2018-09-02Sunday15: 39Dark SoulsTournament Round 2 Vs SquillaLateBoy and then HobalobRollyBoy - !shirt06:53:22171
2018-09-01Saturday15: 49Dark SoulsTournament Round 1 Vs. Squeela and then Hobalob - !shirt06:12:40135
2018-09-01Saturday15: 05Dark SoulsTournament Round 1 Vs. Squeela and then Hobalob - !shirt00:42:0629
2018-08-31Friday20: 14Dark SoulsNo Hit Run derust for !tournament this weekend and then Hollow Knightttttttttt - !shirt03:56:5663
2018-08-30Thursday06: 54Dark SoulsNo Hit Run derust for !tournament this weekend and then Hollow Knightttttttttt - !shirt09:59:24174
2018-08-30Thursday10: 28Hollow KnightGame change  
2018-08-29Wednesday05: 43Dark SoulsNo Hit Run derust for !tournament this Saturday and Sunday - !shirt06:34:5484
2018-08-27Monday09: 31Dark Souls IIIDs3 Derust All Content :( - !shirt07:45:20170
2018-08-27Monday13: 26Dark SoulsGame change  
2018-08-26Sunday14: 18BloodborneQuick Stream Before Casting !tournament with Mcrapt0r - !shirt01:17:2882
2018-08-25Saturday11: 29BloodborneNo Hitting for Redemption - !shirt07:49:0491
2018-08-24Friday15: 16BloodborneLosers Bracket Matchh With VikingBaradda, then commentary- !shirt01:59:24152
2018-08-23Thursday11: 10BloodbornePractice for Round 2 With Squilla- !shirt07:18:04191
2018-08-22Wednesday10: 03BloodborneFirst Round vs. Colmer Today !Tournament - !shirt06:49:16258
2018-08-22Wednesday15: 30Death's GambitGame change  
2018-08-21Tuesday11: 18BloodborneQualifier Run for Tournament - !shirt04:48:56144
2018-05-12Saturday19: 03Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocDang Gan Ron Pa! - !shirt07:54:5096
2018-05-12Saturday01: 08Danganronpa 2: Goodbye DespairGame change  

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