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This page lists all 49 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 199,894.

Total games played: 13.

Total broadcast hours: 256 (10 days).

Average length of broadcast: 5h 13m 13s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-10-28Wednesday14: 42Ghost of TsushimaI have time for one nightmare survival clear before a meetin01:36:301254
2020-10-27Tuesday14: 32Ghost of TsushimaNightmare Survival attempts - Heart Rate Monitor04:32:423080
2020-10-26Monday13: 35Ghost of TsushimaWatching a speedrun then attempting Nightmare Multiplayer - 07:36:526374
2020-10-25Sunday13: 42Ghost of TsushimaSome Multiplayer before Among us - Heart Rate Monitor04:25:383526
2020-10-24Saturday12: 37Super Mario GalaxyGetting 121 stars then watching a speed run - Heart Rate Mon05:08:552831
2020-10-22Thursday12: 22Super Mario GalaxyBlind Playthrough - Short stream, trying to feeeeeneeeeesh -05:54:202782
2020-10-21Wednesday12: 52Baldur's Gate 3Blind Playthrough - Trying really hard not to accidentally k05:36:144244
2020-10-20Tuesday12: 28Ghost of TsushimaGold Survival w/ chubs - I am really liking this multiplayer05:04:026610
2020-10-19Monday10: 57Among UsAmong us with the super chubs - Heart Rate Monitor06:20:495184
2020-10-18Sunday11: 39Baldur's Gate 3Trying not to kill everything accidentally :( - Heart Rate M06:24:406534
2020-10-17Saturday10: 40Ghost of TsushimaNEW STUFF - Muiltiplayer Co-op :) - Heart Rate Monitor04:22:324859
2020-10-16Friday11: 09Baldur's Gate 3Completely Blind - Excited to give keeses to Astarion - Hear06:20:005098
2020-10-16Friday11: 05Baldur's Gate 3Completely Blind - Excited to give keeses to Astarion - Hear00:00:1410
2020-10-14Wednesday10: 50Baldur's Gate 3Completely Blind - I'm still kinda sick so sshort stream - H03:45:274344
2020-10-10Saturday16: 08Baldur's Gate 3Completely Blind - I'm actually really excited for this - Ca07:05:315106
2020-10-08Thursday22: 55PhasmophobiaGame not Scary - w/ Kdub Lily Taaaughhh - Cake boys stay Cak02:59:221296
2020-10-08Thursday15: 20Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutSEASON 2 WHERESS MY SLIME CLIMB - Cake boys stay Cake boys -02:23:581082
2020-10-07Wednesday15: 42PhasmophobiaFirst Playthrough, Phasmaphobia with Swedes and Russians - C03:54:562002
2020-10-05Monday15: 46Super Mario GalaxyFirst Playthrough, Completely blind - Cake boys stay Cake bo04:47:042008
2020-10-04Sunday13: 47Among UsAmong us with the beeeeeeeg chubs - Cake boys stay Cake boys04:42:253303
2020-10-03Saturday14: 55Genshin ImpactI am probably going to spend money on this g- I have no idea04:41:241980
2020-10-02Friday14: 37Genshin ImpactFirst time playing - I have no idea about anything about thi04:31:182731
2020-09-30Wednesday13: 19Super Mario 3D All-StarsTrying Really Hard to Finish Sunshine Before I get too Motio06:40:593571
2020-09-30Wednesday14: 00Super Mario SunshineGame change  
2020-09-29Tuesday13: 12HadesGot the Credits so there are spoilers D: - Going for beeeeg 05:01:522598
2020-09-27Sunday11: 23HadesH A D E S until Among us :D - Cake boys stay Cake boys - Hea05:48:344785
2020-09-26Saturday10: 49Hades6 Wins - Fall guys later with some chubs - Cake boys stay Ca06:53:423790
2020-09-25Friday10: 41Super Mario 3D All-StarsPeach is NOT the mother - !pineapple No Spoilers No Backseat07:06:243383
2020-09-24Thursday11: 25Super Mario 3D All-StarsCompletely Blind playthrough - !pineapple No Spoilers No Bac08:33:227289
2020-09-23Wednesday11: 08HadesI made it to the last boss :) - Cake boys stay Cake boys - H07:36:554635
2020-09-22Tuesday11: 27Super Mario 3D All-StarsCompletely Blind Super Mario Sunshine - Cake boys stay Cake 06:56:347388
2020-09-21Monday10: 35Super Mario 3D All-StarsCompletely Blind Super Mario Sunshine - Cake boys stay Cake 05:10:365820
2020-09-20Sunday11: 08Super Mario 3D All-StarsFinishing 120 stars then starting blind Sunshine - Cake boys05:08:463580
2020-09-19Saturday10: 21Super Mario 3D All-StarsSo Longy Bowser! Cake boys stay Cake boys - Heart Rate Moni06:38:404312
2020-09-18Friday11: 16Fall Guys104/110 wins, getting a few more before picking up Mario - N03:29:542842
2020-09-17Thursday10: 24Fall GuysWatching PS5 Evennt at 100 wins - 98/100 wins - New Update! 05:55:367356
2020-09-17Thursday13: 33Special EventsGame change  
2020-09-16Wednesday09: 19Fall Guys90/100 wins - New Update! - Heart Rate Monitor05:35:546959
2020-09-13Sunday18: 46Fall GuysFall Guys Tourney With the Cake Chubs- Heart Rate Monitor03:10:102381
2020-09-13Sunday14: 57Among UsAmong Us w/ Crew - Tourney Later- Heart Rate Monitor02:38:101993
2020-09-12Saturday17: 12Fall GuysShort stream - Getting to 100 Crowns, Among Us tomorrow, Tou03:13:031814
2020-09-10Thursday16: 42Dark Souls IIIShort stream - Convergence Mod made by Couch and Tiger - Hea02:51:002099
2020-09-09Wednesday14: 45Dark Souls IIISetting up Convergance mod because im an NPC in it - Heart R04:51:224072
2020-09-08Tuesday13: 56Fall GuysFall Guys Crowns not kills :(... unless its slime clime :) -04:44:202673
2020-09-06Sunday12: 49Fall GuysAmong Us Today - Today we go for crowns instead of kills :( 07:14:065500
2020-09-05Saturday12: 31Fall GuysTournament Today @12PM EST - Today we go for crowns instead 05:46:104277
2020-09-04Friday12: 13Fall GuysToday we go for crowns instead of kills :( - Heart Rate Moni04:42:223018
2020-09-02Wednesday10: 47Fall GuysToday we go for crowns instead of kills :( - Heart Rate Moni06:20:087273
2020-09-01Tuesday13: 05Fall GuysToday we go for crowns instead of kills :( - Heart Rate Moni05:41:485318
2020-08-31Monday11: 50Fall GuysAiming for the Slime Climb Crown - Heart Rate Monitor04:01:024970
2020-08-30Sunday12: 13Fall GuysTOURNAMENT DONE! Aiming for the Slime Climb Crown - Heart Ra11:41:289960

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