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This page lists all 55 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 5,428,336.

Total games played: 27.

Total broadcast hours: 451 (18 days).

Average length of broadcast: 8h 11m 48s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-10-28Wednesday14: 59Dead Space 2Hardcore Mode + No Upgrades - Sekiro at 6pm! @Elajjaz Twitt09:26:10127737
2020-10-27Tuesday14: 59Stallion SquadGhostrunner today! Stalling until release @Elajjaz Twitter/I08:22:00110082
2020-10-26Monday14: 59Dead Space 2Hardcore Mode, no upgrades, 3 saves - Dead Space 2 @Elajjaz 07:41:32101121
2020-10-25Sunday14: 59Dead SpaceDead Space - Impossible mode + no upgrades YAHOOOO @Elajjaz 09:40:56125477
2020-10-23Friday21: 58NoitaCozy late-night Noita @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram01:16:4612501
2020-10-23Friday13: 02Dead SpaceDead Space - Impossible Mode, NO upgrades @Elajjaz Twitter/I08:55:2498176
2020-10-23Friday12: 59Dead SpaceDead Space - Impossible Mode, NO upgrades @Elajjaz Twitter/I00:03:101411
2020-10-22Thursday12: 58DOOM EternalDOOM DLC! - The Ancient Gods @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram09:22:38102208
2020-10-21Wednesday12: 59SingularityFull playthrough of Singularity @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram07:20:2281676
2020-10-20Tuesday12: 59Just ChattingDeciding what to start with, finishing Amnesia later! @Elajj08:58:38105162
2020-10-19Monday12: 58Just ChattingAmnesia Rebirth 8pm CEST @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram09:27:06135225
2020-10-18Sunday12: 59F.E.A.R.Full Playthrough of F.E.A.R @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram09:54:29112731
2020-10-16Friday12: 59Alien: IsolationAlien Isholashion - Improved AI mod + Nightmare @Elajjaz Twi12:04:54118217
2020-10-15Thursday12: 59Alien: IsolationAlien Isolation - Improved AI Mod + Nightmare! | Noita at 7p09:17:26105873
2020-10-14Wednesday12: 59Just ChattingDeciding on what horror game to play! @Elajjaz Twitter/Insta09:10:19113373
2020-10-13Tuesday12: 59Remothered: Broken PorcelainRemothered Sequel! - @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram09:05:22113179
2020-10-12Monday12: 59Alice: Madness ReturnsFinishing this today :) - First playthrough @Elajjaz Twitter10:05:03120323
2020-10-11Sunday12: 59Alice: Madness ReturnsFeelsDankMan - First playthrough @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram08:16:18106702
2020-10-09Friday12: 59Just ChattingDeciding what horror games to play! @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagr09:55:37127411
2020-10-08Thursday12: 59Remothered: Tormented FathersHorror games all day! - Remothered @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagra08:22:25106225
2020-10-07Wednesday12: 59Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimeFinishing Today! (Actually true) - More horror after! @Elajj08:45:44104598
2020-10-06Tuesday13: 59Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimeFinishing game! - Horror with lads at 9pm @Elajjaz Twitter/I10:51:06136089
2020-10-05Monday12: 59Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimePlatforming god - Finish today or bust @Elajjaz Twitter/Inst08:15:20110501
2020-10-03Saturday08: 56Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceAll Souls games, All Bosses @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram20:32:38287293
2020-10-02Friday18: 35PhasmophobiaHorror with the LADS @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram03:25:3646178
2020-10-02Friday12: 59Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimePlatforming GOD - Crash 4 @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram05:34:5167626
2020-10-01Thursday12: 56The Evil Within 2The pain ends TODAY! - Evil Within 2 Akumu + Classic + First11:42:45127264
2020-09-30Wednesday15: 43The Evil Within 2Akumu + Classic + First Person Mode! - Evil Within 2 @Elajja05:09:2844899
2020-09-29Tuesday12: 59The Evil Within 2Akumu + First Person + Classic Mode - Evil Within 2 @Elajjaz09:26:4292797
2020-09-28Monday12: 59Mafia: Definitive EditionFinishing Mafia! - Hardest Difficulty! @Elajjaz Twitter/Ins07:57:4888595
2020-09-25Friday15: 08Mafia: Definitive EditionMafia Remake! 🔫🤠 @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram06:38:0669880
2020-09-25Friday12: 59Mafia: Definitive EditionMafia Remake! 🔫🤠 @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram02:08:3228471
2020-09-24Thursday09: 49Special EventsTokyo Game Show 2020 with some Elden Ring..right? @Elajjaz T10:42:50136254
2020-09-23Wednesday12: 59The Evil Within 2First Person, Akumu, Classic Mode - Evil Within 2! @Elajjaz 07:52:1283994
2020-09-22Tuesday12: 59The Evil WithinEvil Within DLC! - Evil Within 2 after! | @Elajjaz Twitter/I10:12:34110286
2020-09-21Monday12: 59Medieval DynastyWIFE TODAY LOGGERS | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram08:19:3892748
2020-09-20Sunday12: 59Medieval DynastyGetting a wife today I promise - Finishing EW1 later! | @Ela07:55:02101482
2020-09-18Friday12: 59Medieval DynastyGett a wife today! - Medieval Dynasty | @Elajjaz Twitter/Ins09:19:1887076
2020-09-17Thursday12: 59Medieval DynastyMedieval Dynasty! - Making swedish viking village | @Elajjaz07:39:56107236
2020-09-16Wednesday12: 59The Evil WithinAkumu Mode! - The Evil Within | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram08:32:25118251
2020-09-15Tuesday12: 59The Evil WithinAkumu Mode! - The Evil Within | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram08:26:09117191
2020-09-14Monday12: 59Pro GymnastPro Gymnast | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram07:51:3897031
2020-09-13Sunday14: 58Pro GymnastPro Gymnast | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram07:00:5888315
2020-09-11Friday12: 59Elasto ManiaBoomers only - Elasto Mania | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram08:37:2279673
2020-09-10Thursday12: 59Titanfall 2Titanfall 2 Campaign - Full/First playthrough | @Elajjaz Twi08:15:5098379
2020-09-09Wednesday13: 26Arx FatalisFinishing another classic - Arx Fatalis | @Elajjaz Twitter/I07:43:1076850
2020-09-08Tuesday12: 59Arx FatalisArx Fatalis (Pie maker build) - First Playthrough | @Elajjaz08:01:1379781
2020-09-07Monday13: 26Mighty FlingMighty Fling! (Like Jump King, but im not going to the bog) 07:30:23104567
2020-09-06Sunday12: 59Gothic 3Gothic 3 - FINISHING NOOOOOOW | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram08:21:53116029
2020-09-04Friday12: 59Gothic 3Gothic 3! - BIG EPIC MAGE 🤠 | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram08:21:4475748
2020-09-02Wednesday13: 37Among UsAmong us with FRIENDS 🤠 | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram06:06:2680972
2020-09-02Wednesday12: 56Among UsAmong us with FRIENDS 🤠 | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram00:41:169308
2020-09-01Tuesday12: 58Gothic 3Gothic 3! - Big epic mage build / Nvidia event 6pm! | @Elaj08:51:50114177
2020-08-31Monday12: 59Gothic 3Gothic 3! - Big epic mage build | @Elajjaz Twitter/Instagram08:35:0998064
2020-08-30Sunday12: 59Among UsAmong Us with friendos 🤠 - Finishing Outer Wilds later! | @08:34:54125923

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