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This page lists all 53 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 146,649.

Total games played: 5.

Total broadcast hours: 635 (26 days).

Average length of broadcast: 11h 58m 23s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-02-26Wednesday18: 57Grand Theft Auto VBrian's Revenge - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITT14:49:401982
2020-02-25Tuesday20: 16Grand Theft Auto VBrian Off-Duty - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITTE11:44:101895
2020-02-24Monday19: 34Grand Theft Auto VBrian Chases Pogs - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWI11:56:384058
2020-02-23Sunday18: 52Grand Theft Auto VBrian Gets Vaccinated - NoPixel | !permathon !giveaway !you10:28:401343
2020-02-21Friday16: 00Grand Theft Auto VPERMATHON - NoPixel | !permathon !giveaway !youtube !wiki |20:31:484143
2020-02-19Wednesday19: 16Grand Theft Auto VBrian Goes Hard - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWIT14:07:502665
2020-02-18Tuesday19: 38Grand Theft Auto VBrian Avoids Paperwork - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki12:33:152622
2020-02-17Monday19: 36Grand Theft Auto VBrian Balls Out Again - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki 10:46:481576
2020-02-16Sunday18: 59Grand Theft Auto V495 41 - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: @das13:05:083802
2020-02-15Saturday19: 34Grand Theft Auto VBrian's (Final) Final Eval - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !12:18:103332
2020-02-14Friday19: 04Grand Theft Auto VBrian's (Final) Final Eval - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !13:41:302723
2020-02-12Wednesday19: 11Grand Theft Auto VBrian Writes Reports | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: 13:47:534255
2020-02-11Tuesday14: 58Grand Theft Auto VBrian's Early Morning - NoPixel | !d2 !giveaway !youtube !wi11:58:451466
2020-02-11Tuesday18: 27Tom Clancy's The Division 2Game change  
2020-02-11Tuesday21: 01Grand Theft Auto VGame change  
2020-02-10Monday20: 03Grand Theft Auto VBrian Final Eval - NoPixel | !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: @dasM10:34:363945
2020-02-09Sunday18: 30Grand Theft Auto VBrian Goes Vegan Pt 2 - NoPixel | !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: 17:12:422685
2020-02-08Saturday19: 23Grand Theft Auto VBrian Goes Vegan - NoPixel | !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: @dasM12:51:412005
2020-02-07Friday19: 14Grand Theft Auto VBrian Needs a Doctor - NoPixel | !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: @12:46:022870
2020-02-05Wednesday20: 04Grand Theft Auto VReema - The Whorelord - NoPixel | !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: 11:04:572115
2020-02-04Tuesday18: 48Grand Theft Auto VBrian's Coin Toss - NoPixel | !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: @das13:43:192890
2020-02-04Tuesday08: 07Just ChattingGame change  
2020-02-03Monday20: 29Grand Theft Auto VBrian gets Acne - NoPixel | !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: @dasME10:27:241811
2020-02-02Sunday19: 33Grand Theft Auto VBrian's Superbowl - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWI12:15:224405
2020-02-01Saturday17: 51Grand Theft Auto VBrian's Roid Rage - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWI11:39:381616
2020-02-01Saturday00: 38Grand Theft Auto VBrian takes Steroids - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | 08:49:031350
2020-01-31Friday19: 12Grand Theft Auto VBrian takes Steroids | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: @05:21:421109
2020-01-29Wednesday19: 10Grand Theft Auto VBrian Balls Out - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITT11:18:072824
2020-01-28Tuesday19: 07Grand Theft Auto VBrian discovers Coffee - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki 11:32:521809
2020-01-28Tuesday18: 36Grand Theft Auto VBrian discovers Coffee - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki 00:20:16140
2020-01-27Monday16: 50Grand Theft Auto VBrian gets Pregnant - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | T12:08:362078
2020-01-26Sunday16: 27Grand Theft Auto VBrian does EU | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: @dasMEHD14:35:422607
2020-01-24Friday16: 01Grand Theft Auto VPERMATHON - NoPixel | !permathon !giveaway !youtube !wiki | 21:19:076556
2020-01-22Wednesday20: 21Grand Theft Auto VBrian's Vacation - NoPixel | !permathon !giveaway !youtube !07:48:302622
2020-01-21Tuesday20: 14Grand Theft Auto VBrian Gets Food Poisoning - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wi10:29:571761
2020-01-20Monday19: 20Grand Theft Auto VBrian Orders Wings - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TW12:09:582797
2020-01-19Sunday20: 08Grand Theft Auto VBrian's Sunday - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITTE11:54:006613
2020-01-18Saturday19: 54Grand Theft Auto VBrian gets Trained - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TW12:09:183292
2020-01-17Friday18: 49Grand Theft Auto VBrian gets Addicted | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITTER: @d15:46:163378
2020-01-15Wednesday19: 21Grand Theft Auto VBrian Gets Serious - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TW12:43:484447
2020-01-14Tuesday20: 37Grand Theft Auto VBrian of Duty - NoPixel | !giveaway !youtube !wiki | TWITTER09:14:402489
2020-01-13Monday20: 10Grand Theft Auto VBriant's Hangover - NoPixel | !giveaway !wiki | TWITTER: @da13:19:052766
2020-01-12Sunday18: 17Grand Theft Auto VBrian Evades Taxes - NoPixel | !raid !wiki | TWITTER: @dasME12:02:152094
2020-01-11Saturday18: 34Grand Theft Auto VBriant: Mutations - NoPixel | !raid !wiki | TWITTER: @dasMEH13:07:562607
2020-01-10Friday17: 44Grand Theft Auto VBrianathon - NoPixel | !raid !brianathon | TWITTER: @dasMEHD11:47:542446
2020-01-10Friday17: 43Monster Hunter WorldBrianathon - NoPixel | !raid !brianathon | TWITTER: @dasMEHD00:00:28109
2020-01-09Thursday18: 08Grand Theft Auto VBriant: Blood and Wine | !iceborne !raid !giveaway TWITTER: 08:50:531742
2020-01-09Thursday00: 00Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2020-01-08Wednesday19: 03Grand Theft Auto VBriant: Law of Surprise - NoPixel | TWITTER: @dasMEHDI11:24:062918
2020-01-07Tuesday20: 22Grand Theft Auto VBriant: The Wild Hunt - NoPixel | TWITTER: @dasMEHDI11:55:492912
2020-01-06Monday19: 37Grand Theft Auto VBriant of Los Santos - NoPixel | TWITTER: @dasMEHDI11:05:482785
2020-01-05Sunday17: 00Grand Theft Auto VBrian does Police Training - Part 1 - NoPixel | TWITTER: @da15:57:386057
2020-01-04Saturday19: 23Grand Theft Auto VBrian Solo Certified - NoPixel | TWITTER: @dasMEHDI12:36:272284
2020-01-03Friday19: 25Grand Theft Auto VBrian's New Voicebox - NoPixel | TWITTER: @dasMEHDI12:16:052716
2020-01-01Wednesday19: 30Grand Theft Auto VNew Year New Brian - NoPixel | !giveaway | TWITTER: @dasMEHD12:41:583447
2020-01-01Wednesday04: 50Pummel PartyGame change  
2019-12-31Tuesday16: 49Grand Theft Auto VBrian's New Year - NoPixel | !giveaway | TWITTER: @dasMEHDI16:37:354026
2019-12-30Monday21: 13Grand Theft Auto V"Brian is Late" | !giveaway | TWITTER: @dasMEHDI08:43:181664

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