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This page lists all 48 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 30,910.

Total games played: 11.

Total broadcast hours: 445 (18 days).

Average length of broadcast: 9h 16m 23s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-08-09Sunday03: 44Horizon Zero DawnHorizon Day #2 (PC) Ultra Hard Difficulty🔺 !Partie | Anth10:08:41186
2020-08-07Saturday23: 23Horizon Zero DawnHorizon (PC) Hardest Difficulty🔺 !Partie | Anthony_Kongphan11:20:51457
2020-08-07Friday01: 33Escape From TarkovHMMM....VERY... INTERESTING. 🔺 !Partie | Anthony_Kongphan07:05:25500
2020-08-06Thursday00: 01Fall GuysHMMM.... INTERESTING. 🔺 !Partie @AnthonyKongphan09:39:22475
2020-08-05Wednesday00: 47Escape From TarkovHEAD -EYES -BALLS - !Partie 🔺 @AnthonyKongphan09:44:03443
2020-08-03Monday02: 06Escape From TarkovREAL-GAMING-HOURS - !Partie 🌘 @AnthonyKongphan08:39:57548
2020-08-01Saturday18: 30Escape From TarkovEFT & TennoLive at 4pm CST🔺@AnthonyKongphan08:43:53428
2020-08-01Saturday00: 57Escape From TarkovC-C-CHUNKSSS - !SimpleMobile 🔺@AnthonyKongphan08:06:40312
2020-07-31Friday01: 31Escape From Tarkov SHOOTING EVERYTHING - 30% off - !GFuel 🔺@AnthonyKongphan10:32:48707
2020-07-30Thursday00: 24GroundedHoney I Shrunk the Hentai Crew 🔺@AnthonyKongphan09:29:33561
2020-07-28Wednesday23: 42Escape From TarkovDOING LABS UNTIL WE FIND AXE 🪓@AnthonyKongphan09:17:58488
2020-07-28Tuesday00: 10Escape From TarkovNew Patch ! Killing EVERYTHING tonight + KAPPA 🔺@AnthonyKon10:08:16381
2020-07-26Monday23: 16Escape From TarkovSTUPID SNIPER LVL QUEST FOR KAPPA 🔺@AnthonyKongphan10:59:27404
2020-07-24Saturday23: 42Escape From more lvl till Kappa 🔺 @AnthonyKongphan09:28:43535
2020-07-23Friday23: 42Escape From TarkovKAPPA TONIGHT ??- !partie 🔺 @AnthonyKongphan08:47:06349
2020-07-21Wednesday23: 39Escape From Tarkov2 Quest left till Kappa !partie 🔺 @AnthonyKongphan09:15:32510
2020-07-21Tuesday01: 05Escape From TarkovGuide Quest pt. 69 !partie 🔺 @AnthonyKongphan08:49:31364
2020-07-20Monday00: 32Ghost of TsushimaGhost of H E N T A I - Day #3 | Hardest Difficulty 🔺09:28:25453
2020-07-18Sunday23: 51Ghost of TsushimaGhost of Cheesecake | Day #2 | Hardest Difficulty 🔺10:34:26542
2020-07-17Saturday23: 27Ghost of TsushimaGhost of Sushi | Hardest Difficulty 🔺 !Simplemobile | @Anth09:49:381420
2020-07-17Friday05: 12Escape From Tarkov"DID HE FINISH GUIDE QUEST YET ??" 🔺 !Partie | @AnthonyKong02:47:41256
2020-07-16Friday23: 07Escape From Tarkov"DID HE FINISH GUIDE QUEST YET ??" 🔺 !Partie | @AnthonyKong06:02:29299
2020-07-15Wednesday21: 28Escape From TarkovDoubling your Bitcoins in EFT 💰 !Partie | @AnthonyKongphan12:14:17507
2020-07-14Tuesday21: 12Escape From TarkovESCAPE FROM CAKE 🍰 !Partie | @AnthonyKongphan09:02:06357
2020-07-13Tuesday23: 06Call of Duty: Modern WarfareH E N T A I 🖤 | @AnthonyKongphan07:35:46411
2020-07-13Tuesday23: 26Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-07-12Sunday21: 46Escape From TarkovH E N T A I 🖤 | @AnthonyKongphan08:08:52384
2020-07-12Sunday01: 45Call of Duty: Modern WarfareGame change  
2020-07-12Sunday00: 53Escape From TarkovVampire Hours 🌘 | @AnthonyKongphan06:57:21328
2020-07-10Friday19: 18Escape From TarkovYOU ALREADY KNOW 🔺 | @AnthonyKongphan08:57:07333
2020-07-07Tuesday18: 11Escape From TarkovProfessional Slither Streamer 🔺 [!partie] - @AnthonyKongpha06:50:15459
2020-07-06Monday18: 37Escape From TarkovLeeloo Dallas Multi-pass 🔺 [!partie] - @AnthonyKongphan12:28:08405
2020-07-06Monday04: 19Hyper ScapeGame change  
2020-07-05Sunday13: 05Mortal ShellSuper Secret Early Stream [!partie] - @AnthonyKongphan10:31:52303
2020-07-05Sunday16: 06Hyper ScapeGame change  
2020-07-03Friday19: 41Escape From Tarkov[!partie] HEY U CUTE | @AnthonyKongphan08:46:44510
2020-07-03Friday23: 58Hunt: ShowdownGame change  
2020-07-02Thursday17: 03Hunt: Showdown[!partie] HUNT DROPS & Eft Afterwards| @AnthonyKongphan07:43:38429
2020-06-30Tuesday16: 07Escape From TarkovTHAT EARLY EARLY STREAM | @AnthonyKongphan08:04:25515
2020-06-28Sunday06: 36Escape From TarkovSunday Funday | @AnthonyKongphan09:55:54718
2020-06-26Friday09: 25Escape From TarkovEscape From 2020 🖤 | @AnthonyKongphan09:43:19457
2020-06-25Thursday04: 23Escape From TarkovLate Night Games 🖤 | @AnthonyKongphan09:50:08474
2020-06-23Tuesday02: 19The Last of Us Part IIDay #3 The Last of Us Pt. 2 🌿 Hardest Difficulty - PS4 Pro 10:01:042174
2020-06-21Sunday02: 33The Last of Us Part IIDay #2 The Last of Us Pt. 2 🌿 Hardest Difficulty - PS4 Pro 11:59:193025
2020-06-19Saturday23: 06The Last of Us Part IIThe Last of Us Part 2 🌿 Hardest Difficulty - PS4 Pro | @Ant11:08:523626
2020-06-18Thursday22: 01Escape From TarkovTarkov Adventures All Night 🌘 | @AnthonyKongphan10:24:55681
2020-06-18Thursday02: 48Escape From TarkovGCX Charity Stream warm up |
2020-06-17Wednesday07: 40Escape From TarkovSchedule was fixed for 1 day | @AnthonyKongphan02:04:22242
2020-06-16Tuesday22: 12Escape From TarkovTARKY & Sponsored stream at 10pm CST 🏝️ | @AnthonyKongphan09:23:57375
2020-06-16Tuesday02: 01RAN: Lost IslandsGame change  
2020-06-16Tuesday04: 19Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-06-15Monday10: 46Escape From TarkovMORNING STREAM WHAT ?!?! ☕️ | @AnthonyKongphan09:40:06445
2020-06-13Saturday03: 08Escape From Tarkov24 Hr - EFT !Drops Stream 🔥 | @AnthonyKongphan00:02:391749
2020-06-12Friday03: 18Escape From TarkovIt's that time, EFT TIME 🌘| @AnthonyKongphan10:43:21566
2020-06-11Thursday04: 18Escape From TarkovMidnight Stream 🌘 | @AnthonyKongphan09:47:31528

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