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This page lists all 57 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 1,236,274.

Total games played: 29.

Total broadcast hours: 498 (20 days).

Average length of broadcast: 8h 43m 55s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-12-06Monday05: 23DayZI'M BACK <3 ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan06:36:3658
2021-12-05Sunday03: 16Dead by DaylightMost Non Toxic Killer EVER <3 ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | !gfuel12:45:3728223
2021-12-05Sunday05: 01Marvel's Guardians of the GalaxyGame change  
2021-12-05Sunday07: 12Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-12-05Sunday09: 16League of LegendsGame change  
2021-12-04Saturday09: 47PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDSPuBG WHAAAAAAT ?!?! ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | !gfuel02:31:597876
2021-12-04Saturday06: 52PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDSPuBG WHAAAAAAT ?!?! ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | !gfuel02:54:169333
2021-12-03Friday04: 14BipedGame Adventures w/ DizzyKitten ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | !gfue14:06:0226140
2021-12-03Friday07: 32Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-12-03Friday11: 04League of LegendsGame change  
2021-12-02Thursday08: 20Dead by DaylightFRIENDLIEST KILLER EVER ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | !gfuel07:03:1515013
2021-12-02Thursday08: 19Dead by DaylightFRIENDLIEST KILLER EVER ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | !gfuel00:00:15416
2021-12-02Thursday06: 13Dead by DaylightFRIENDLIEST KILLER EVER ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | !gfuel02:04:395035
2021-12-01Wednesday06: 14Dead by DaylightHOLIDAY SOULS COLLECTOR ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | !gfuel09:19:0916363
2021-12-01Wednesday11: 19League of LegendsGame change  
2021-11-30Tuesday05: 06Dead by DaylightGIVE ME YOUR SOUL ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | !gfuel10:36:1422111
2021-11-30Tuesday09: 59League of LegendsGame change  
2021-11-29Monday03: 33Battlefield 2042CHESTNUTS ROASTING ON AN OPEN...... ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan | 08:25:2221997
2021-11-29Monday06: 31Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-11-28Sunday03: 14Just ChattingHanging out then Final Fantasy VII First Soldier at 10 ! 🦃 09:46:3524381
2021-11-28Sunday04: 01Final Fantasy VII: The First SoldierGame change  
2021-11-28Sunday05: 44Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-28Sunday05: 46Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-11-27Saturday04: 34Dead by DaylightPost Gobble Night Coma 🦃 | Anthony_Kongphan09:13:4518411
2021-11-27Saturday07: 48Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-27Saturday11: 14Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-11-24Wednesday15: 14Metroid DreadHappy Thanksgiving EVE 🦃 -First Playthrough- | Anthony_Kong09:34:1017723
2021-11-24Wednesday19: 43Just ChattingGame change  
2021-11-24Wednesday19: 55Curse of the Dead GodsGame change  
2021-11-23Tuesday04: 43Portal 2Portal 2 w/ DizzyKitten -First Playthrough- 🌒| Anthony_Kong06:21:0113197
2021-11-22Monday03: 18Halo InfiniteTEA BAGGING EVERYONE <3 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan07:39:2922629
2021-11-21Sunday01: 07Hellblade: Senua's SacrificeHell Blade - First Playthrough 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan09:24:0125364
2021-11-19Friday02: 25Halo Infinite<-- Tea Bagging Them <3 -->07:41:5518434
2021-11-19Friday04: 06Final Fantasy VII: The First SoldierGame change  
2021-11-19Friday06: 18Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-18Thursday08: 30Age of Empires IV<-- 🍰 Gives them Cheesecake 🍰 --> | Anthony_Kongphan 07:44:2615521
2021-11-17Wednesday07: 14Halo Infinite<-- TEA BAGGING THEM --> | Anthony_Kongphan 🌒11:13:4725758
2021-11-17Wednesday11: 18Age of Empires IVGame change  
2021-11-16Tuesday08: 33Halo InfiniteHALO Infinite Nostalgia 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan08:59:1330579
2021-11-15Monday07: 56Just ChattingCasually starting stream at 2AM 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan08:26:5519623
2021-11-15Monday08: 47Poppy PlaytimeGame change  
2021-11-15Monday09: 50Death's DoorGame change  
2021-11-15Monday07: 49Just ChattingCasually starting stream at 2AM 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan00:04:55305
2021-11-14Sunday04: 21Apex LegendsApex Cheesecake Legends w/ DizzyKitten 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan07:00:5217126
2021-11-13Saturday05: 30Battlefield 2042Battlefield Potato 2069 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan08:26:0043239
2021-11-12Friday04: 38Age of Empires IVVampire Gaming Hours 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan12:55:5836833
2021-11-12Friday07: 58Battlefield 2042Game change  
2021-11-11Thursday04: 28Goose Goose DuckThe Hentai Gang 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan06:58:4519858
2021-11-11Thursday07: 37Apex LegendsGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday08: 44Age of Empires IIWOLOLOO TIME 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan06:34:0713129
2021-11-09Tuesday09: 07Age of Empires IVGame change  
2021-11-09Tuesday04: 09Dead by DaylightRIP EARS 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan03:40:179595
2021-11-09Tuesday07: 42Age of Empires IIGame change  
2021-11-08Monday04: 27Age of Empires IV🔥 WOLOLOLOOO~ 🔥| Anthony_Kongphan10:02:1123293
2021-11-07Sunday04: 02LOST ARK🔥 Lost Ark: !Drops ENABLED #Sponsored 🔥 | Anthony_Kongphan09:22:1231673
2021-11-07Sunday05: 08Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-11-07Sunday07: 07LOST ARKGame change  
2021-11-07Sunday10: 25Age of Empires IVGame change  
2021-11-06Saturday00: 40New World🔥 Chicken Nugget Cheesecake 🔥 | Anthony_Kongphan08:01:1119066
2021-11-06Saturday01: 46Jackbox Party PacksGame change  
2021-11-06Saturday03: 17New WorldGame change  
2021-11-06Saturday05: 47Age of Empires IVGame change  
2021-11-05Friday04: 06LOST ARK🔥 LOST ARK: Closed Beta 🔥 | Anthony_Kongphan08:43:4231733
2021-11-04Thursday04: 01Pummel Party🔥 Pummel Party w/ the Fam !!! 🔥 | Anthony_Kongphan09:48:3921035
2021-11-04Thursday07: 26Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-11-04Thursday09: 34Age of Empires IVGame change  
2021-11-03Wednesday02: 05New World⚒️ Crafting a 600 tonight or deleting channel ⚒️ | Anthony_K14:58:5743487
2021-11-03Wednesday03: 10PhasmophobiaGame change  
2021-11-03Wednesday03: 16Pummel PartyGame change  
2021-11-03Wednesday03: 24PhasmophobiaGame change  
2021-11-03Wednesday06: 38New WorldGame change  
2021-11-03Wednesday08: 09Age of Empires IVGame change  
2021-11-01Monday03: 02Just Chatting🎃 Happy Halloweeeeeeen 🎃 | Anthony_Kongpha07:33:4229273
2021-11-01Monday03: 21Crab GameGame change  
2021-10-30Sunday23: 58New World🎃 Hallows Eveeeee 🎃 | Anthony_Kongpha07:42:4521495
2021-10-30Sunday05: 43Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-10-30Sunday07: 11Secret NeighborGame change  
2021-10-30Saturday02: 19Just Chatting🎃 Friday Horror Game Night 🎃 | Anthony_Kongpha07:02:4116156
2021-10-30Saturday02: 55Lost in RandomGame change  
2021-10-28Friday23: 12New World🌒 OUTPOST RUUUUSH + Spear / Bow Main 🌒 | Anthony_Kongphan10:44:5229171
2021-10-26Wednesday23: 20New World🌒 WARS & 600gs Craft Dream - Spear / Bow Main 🌒 | Anthony_14:29:0933206
2021-10-26Tuesday00: 43Phasmophobia🌒 HYEEEEEEEEEEEET 🌒 | Anthony_Kongphan10:58:2924692
2021-10-26Tuesday04: 31New WorldGame change  
2021-10-24Monday23: 19New World🌒 DEGEN HOURS | Anthony_Kongphan07:41:0621685
2021-10-24Monday05: 21The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of AshesGame change  
2021-10-22Saturday23: 40New World🌒 Invasion, Wars & House of Ashes w/ Dizzy | Anthony_Kongph09:15:2024082
2021-10-22Saturday04: 52The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of AshesGame change  
2021-10-21Thursday17: 16New World🔥 $75,000 TWITCH RIVALS - 3pm CST 🔥| Anthony_Kongphan11:43:5534759
2021-10-21Thursday02: 18New WorldGRAVEYARD SHIFT 🌒| Anthony_Kongphan07:15:1811468
2021-10-19Tuesday22: 56New World👻 WARS & Huge NW Patch Inc ! 👻| Anthony_Kongphan05:14:4216460
2021-10-18Monday22: 59New World👻 COPIUM WORLD 👻| Anthony_Kongphan09:58:1320453
2021-10-16Saturday21: 11New World👻 2 WARS 1 TIME & Also 200 Engineering TONIGHT👻 | Anthony09:59:2623938
2021-10-15Friday21: 54New World👻 Duels / Wars & Max Engineering inc 👻 | Anthony_Kongphan14:00:1227419
2021-10-14Friday23: 01New World🍰 Cheesecake World - LVL 60 🍰 | Anthony_Kongphan11:41:2220150
2021-10-14Thursday00: 51New World😈 LVL 60 - Quest to 200 Engineering 😈 | Anthony_Kongphan09:36:5316495
2021-10-13Wednesday01: 40New World😈 LVL 60 - Vamp Hours 😈 | Anthony_Kongphan07:43:5017322
2021-10-12Tuesday00: 57New World😈 LVL 60 - DROPS HERE 😈 - Spear Main l !Drops | Anthony_08:58:1421104
2021-10-10Sunday21: 14New World😈 LVL 60 - DROPS HERE 😈 - Spear Main l !Drops | Anthony_11:08:2832104
2021-10-09Saturday21: 00New World🌒 DROPS HERE🌒 Level 60 today or deleting my Twitch channel13:25:0240371
2021-10-08Friday22: 23New WorldLets talk about your favorite New World weapons ! !Drops 🌒09:44:5925441
2021-10-07Thursday20: 02New WorldWAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR ??? !Drops 🌒 | Anthony_Kongphan - 12:38:1534473

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