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This page lists all 59 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 20,918.

Total games played: 18.

Total broadcast hours: 494 (20 days).

Average length of broadcast: 8h 22m 9s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2019-04-20Saturday05: 56Escape From Tarkov🌘You all are beautiful Vampires🌘13:53:05151
2019-04-19Friday04: 35Escape From Tarkov🌘EARLY STREAM LUL🌘06:36:36235
2019-04-18Thursday07: 03Escape From Tarkov🌘3 AM Stream - WHO DIS ?!?!🌘09:26:28173
2019-04-17Wednesday05: 02Escape From Tarkov🌘NEW BADGES & Forever Night-Walker 🌘10:39:00155
2019-04-15Monday08: 14Escape From Tarkov🍰 Birthday Stream <3 turning 534 years old 🍰12:09:42371
2019-04-14Sunday06: 33Escape From Tarkov🌘 "What a Horrible Night to have a Curse" 🌘11:59:25264
2019-04-13Saturday04: 55Escape From Tarkov🌘Escape from Daylight & then OUTWARD after🌘13:36:57262
2019-04-12Friday01: 47Just Chatting🌘Super Secret Illuminati Vampire Stream🌘14:36:49483
2019-04-12Friday02: 10OutwardGame change  
2019-04-11Thursday03: 26DayZDAYZ POG10:28:54289
2019-04-11Thursday08: 21Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-04-11Thursday09: 08Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-04-10Wednesday02: 38The Last of UsLate Night Last of Us | DLC | < Hardest Difficulty >09:38:45356
2019-04-10Wednesday07: 01Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-04-10Wednesday08: 44Escape From TarkovGame change  
2019-04-08Monday01: 20The Last of Us💦Charity Stream for Thirst Project | The Last of Us (Grounding Mode) Day #2💦22:24:45703
2019-04-06Saturday22: 09The Last of Us💦Charity Stream for Thirst Project | The Last of Us (Grounding Mode)💦16:22:57791
2019-04-05Saturday23: 06PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSCheesecake of the Month Club08:54:52312
2019-04-05Saturday02: 30Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-04-04Thursday02: 54Apex LegendsAnthony | APEX & Purple Rain 2 after09:55:21348
2019-04-04Thursday08: 47Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-04-03Wednesday00: 20Apex LegendsMOZAMBIQUE HERE04:19:38264
2019-04-02Tuesday19: 03Apex LegendsTwitch Rivals | Team "Potato of the Month Club" w/ Taydertot & Yousif - 60 sec delay05:10:11137
2019-04-02Tuesday02: 21Apex LegendsGOING PEE EVERY 15 MINUTES07:44:29162
2019-04-01Monday00: 25The Walking Dead - The Final SeasonThe Walking Dead FINAL SEASON !!! 👀10:55:51331
2019-04-01Monday05: 42Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-03-31Sunday01: 56Apex LegendsSat Night Game's Sponsored by Displate <308:27:10243
2019-03-31Sunday04: 19Battlefield VGame change  
2019-03-31Sunday04: 32Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-03-31Sunday08: 24Battlefield VGame change  
2019-03-30Saturday01: 33Mortal Kombat XMortal Kombat First Look & The WALKING DEAD FINALE ! A&F Sponsored stream at 11.09:24:40273
2019-03-30Saturday02: 08Mortal Kombat 11Game change  
2019-03-30Saturday03: 52Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-03-28Thursday02: 39Apex LegendsNEW Squad Stream feature w/ Grimmmz & Caliverse ! #Sponsored05:46:36425
2019-03-27Wednesday05: 54Battlefield VSEKIRO | We finish this TONIGHT11:18:14569
2019-03-27Wednesday06: 05Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceGame change  
2019-03-26Tuesday01: 40Battlefield V😾 Hello Kitty Battle Royale | SEKIRO after 😾07:58:52394
2019-03-25Monday03: 45Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice⚔️Vampiro ALL NIGHT⚔️-Day #4- Key/Mouse | Eng Voice/Sub 11:00:55319
2019-03-24Sunday00: 18Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice⚔️SEKIRO⚔️ Day #3- Key/Mouse | Eng Voice/Sub 08:30:15386
2019-03-22Friday23: 57Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice⚔️SEKIRO⚔️ - Key/Mouse | Eng Voice/Sub 11:41:27724
2019-03-22Friday07: 41Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice⚔️SEKIRO Chunks time ⚔️05:16:46779
2019-03-22Friday00: 17Apex Legends☕️ Madrinas 50% OFF ALEX - Sponsored Extravaganza !! ☕️07:22:33338
2019-03-22Friday06: 22Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceGame change  
2019-03-21Thursday01: 59Apex Legends⚫️ HUNTING ALL THE OCTANE'S ⚫️08:33:06222
2019-03-19Tuesday23: 45Apex Legends🔥 SEASON ONE CHUNKS 🔥09:05:17317
2019-03-19Tuesday01: 53Apex Legends🔥 Back home ! - Apex games w/ FAM BAM 🔥07:55:00225
2019-03-17Sunday22: 51Just Chatting🔥 Live from Micro-Center | Atlanta GA #Sponsored 🔥02:18:00302
2019-03-17Sunday21: 35Just Chatting🔥 Live from Micro-Center | Atlanta GA #Sponsored 🔥01:15:29115
2019-03-17Sunday21: 55Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-03-17Sunday22: 48Just ChattingGame change  
2019-03-16Saturday02: 01Apex Legends🔥 Last stream before Atlanta Micro-Center visit 🔥08:18:55438
2019-03-16Saturday07: 36Pummel PartyGame change  
2019-03-15Friday03: 48Apex Legends🌘 Secret Vampire Meeting 🌘06:04:51213
2019-03-14Thursday03: 19Just Chatting🔥 Late Night Random Vampire Games 🔥09:26:58453
2019-03-14Thursday03: 43Pogostuck: Rage With Your FriendsGame change  
2019-03-14Thursday08: 12Alien: IsolationGame change  
2019-03-13Wednesday00: 00Apex Legends🐍 SNEK-PEX 🐍07:09:09299
2019-03-12Tuesday00: 58Tom Clancy's The Division 2🔥 Division 2 Magical Access & APEXXXXX 🔥07:50:41300
2019-03-12Tuesday04: 58Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-03-11Monday23: 15Tom Clancy's The Division 2🔥 Division 2 Magical Access & APEXXXXX 🔥01:37:2076
2019-03-11Monday00: 58Apex Legends🔺APE---X GONNA GIVE IT TO YA🔺08:53:37344
2019-03-10Sunday00: 46Apex Legends🔺Secret Illuminati Sith Stream🔺07:50:59267
2019-03-09Saturday01: 33Just Chatting🍰Cheesecake of the Month Club🍰07:21:09301
2019-03-09Saturday02: 02Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-03-08Friday00: 59Apex Legends🔥The Dark-Side has Unlimited Prowlers🔥11:36:38288
2019-03-08Friday00: 15Apex Legends🔥The Dark-Side has Unlimited Prowlers🔥00:24:3930
2019-03-06Wednesday01: 28Apex Legends🔥Sith Hunting YoungWings🔥08:29:38396
2019-03-05Tuesday01: 03Apex Legends🔥 "THEY'RE ONE MORE HIT I SWEAR" 🔥06:48:44381
2019-03-03Sunday23: 46Apex Legends🔥 "THEY ARE ONE HIT" 🔥08:11:47405
2019-03-02Saturday21: 30Apex Legends🔥 HOT HOT HOT DROPS 🔥07:12:48478
2019-03-02Saturday21: 05Apex Legends🔥 HOT HOT HOT DROPS 🔥00:19:1323
2019-03-01Friday20: 14Apex Legends⚫️ Code Red Tourney: Team "Short Peruvian Egg-rolls ( 1 Min Delay ) ⚫️04:31:14543
2019-03-01Friday05: 33Apex Legends⚫️ "Short Peruvian Egg-rolls" Team - Code Red: Tourney Tomorrow 1pm PST ⚫️10:32:56216
2019-02-28Thursday02: 20Apex Legends⚫️ APEX Cheesecake Dinners ALL NIGHT !!! ⚫️10:32:48257
2019-02-27Wednesday09: 25Apex Legends⚫️ Back Home - Vampire 3 AM Stream OMEGALUL ⚫️03:56:53226
2019-02-25Monday02: 35Apex Legends⚫️ Live from the Micro Center in Tustin! ⚫️ #Sponsored01:45:35895
2019-02-25Monday02: 52Just ChattingGame change  
2019-02-25Monday01: 47Apex Legends⚫️ Juuuust "ONE MORE" stream till LA ⚫️00:42:32272
2019-02-22Friday10: 36Apex Legends⚫️ Juuuust "ONE MORE" stream till LA ⚫️08:18:58503
2019-02-21Thursday08: 05Apex Legends⚫️ LOOOOL 2 AM STREAM ⚫️11:36:02493
2018-05-12Saturday02: 12IRL✔️St. Jude Charity | $100,000 goal ! Day: 1 <3✔️14:36:26318
2018-05-12Saturday04: 13PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2017-11-18Saturday23: 57PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS✔️ Anthony | Super Saturdays !!! ✔️️04:48:271085

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