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This page lists all 45 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 1,893,372.

Total games played: 13.

Total broadcast hours: 472 (19 days).

Average length of broadcast: 10h 29m 15s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2022-02-10Thursday19: 55LOST ARK 🔥 DROPS 🔥 - Day #3 of Lost Ark13:37:22459
2022-02-09Wednesday17: 18LOST ARK 🔥 DROPS 🔥 - Day #2 of Lost Ark12:15:38116135
2022-02-08Tuesday09: 05SifuSifu Day #2 & LOST ARKKKKKK 🌒19:19:19176171
2022-02-08Tuesday17: 00LOST ARKGame change  
2022-02-07Monday09: 46SifuSIFU - I HEARD THIS GAME WAS HARD LOL 🌒11:32:3942623
2022-02-06Sunday06: 12Escape from TarkovWorst schedule than Killa 🌒11:47:4542477
2022-02-04Friday05: 25Crab GameTJones B-DAY Drinks & Games !! 🌒12:38:0830230
2022-02-04Friday08: 51Pummel PartyGame change  
2022-02-04Friday10: 23Escape from TarkovGame change  
2022-02-03Thursday07: 44Life is Strange Remastered1st playthrough ever ! Life is Strange: Remastered 🌒07:01:2315281
2022-02-02Wednesday10: 57Escape from TarkovMorning Ink Cheesecake Streamer 🌒06:38:4220605
2022-02-01Tuesday05: 46Escape from TarkovThe #1 Jimmy Savior 🌒09:12:0022380
2022-01-30Sunday05: 03Escape from TarkovJAGER CAN SUCK MAH BALLS 🌒08:48:0433516
2022-01-29Saturday06: 29Escape from TarkovWeekend Drinking Tarkov Time 🌒08:24:4422379
2022-01-28Friday02: 41Just ChattingGOOD MORNING VAMPS 🌒08:54:1522323
2022-01-28Friday03: 50Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six ExtractionGame change  
2022-01-28Friday06: 12Escape from TarkovGame change  
2022-01-27Thursday03: 26Project ZomboidZombie Adventures w/ DizzyKitten 🌒12:05:0331223
2022-01-27Thursday10: 03Escape from TarkovGame change  
2022-01-25Tuesday05: 37Escape from TarkovVampire Hours to Daywalker ? 🌒08:57:5221363
2022-01-24Monday05: 10Escape from TarkovOVERTIME.... IN TARKOV 🌒09:28:1623609
2022-01-23Sunday02: 03Escape from TarkovCheesecake & Vampires Club 🌒09:56:3327665
2022-01-22Saturday02: 23Escape from TarkovMax Traders tonight or I delete channel & eat my foot 🌒10:01:2330067
2022-01-21Friday02: 01Escape from TarkovVamp Squad w/ Lil Lexi & Julien 🌒10:36:5628125
2022-01-21Friday07: 16PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDSGame change  
2022-01-21Friday10: 24Escape from TarkovGame change  
2022-01-19Wednesday03: 01Escape from TarkovTarkov Vampire Club 🌒08:55:2419495
2022-01-18Tuesday00: 08Escape from TarkovTARKOV HENTAI SQUAD 🌒11:15:2725746
2022-01-17Monday04: 15Escape from TarkovKANSAS CITTYYYYY >>>>> 🌒09:15:0221090
2022-01-16Sunday03: 00Escape from TarkovFirst Stream w/ New Lasik Eyeballs 🌒09:27:4928187
2022-01-14Friday01: 54Escape from TarkovTARKOV CHEESECAKE HOURS🌒07:55:0520652
2022-01-12Wednesday23: 16Escape from TarkovTarkov Sexy Time w/ Sacriel & Sequisha 🌒12:47:4638041
2022-01-12Wednesday07: 23Dead by DaylightGame change  
2022-01-12Wednesday09: 04Escape from TarkovGame change  
2022-01-12Wednesday02: 06Escape from TarkovGrabbing Breeki's up in here 🌒08:17:1621732
2022-01-10Monday03: 12Escape from TarkovNIGHT SHIFT TARKOV 🌒07:03:0222575
2022-01-09Sunday03: 11Escape from Tarkov<---I have better drops than them ---->06:03:4814251
2022-01-08Saturday03: 36Escape from TarkovTARKOV VAMP HOURS🌒06:47:1412661
2022-01-07Friday00: 52Escape from TarkovMy Character has a 50 times larger hitbox for Head/Eyes 09:21:1825873
2022-01-05Wednesday22: 31Escape from TarkovThree Six Nine, Dang Scav you fine10:57:0023820
2022-01-04Tuesday22: 54Escape from TarkovFirst Stream of 2022 ! Back from the plague sickness 🌒 | An10:47:4725549
2021-12-30Thursday21: 38Escape from TarkovCamping your Tarkov Airdrops allll night 🌒 | !GFuel11:54:4932452
2021-12-29Wednesday01: 11Escape from TarkovTarkov DROPS like Hotcakes 🥞 | !GFuel09:14:2021398
2021-12-28Tuesday00: 12Escape from Tarkov🎄 #1 Santa Murderer 🌒 | !GFuel08:48:1425893
2021-12-26Sunday21: 53Escape from Tarkov🎄 Happy Holidays everyone ! | Santa Hunting 10:34:5831908
2021-12-24Friday17: 07Escape from Tarkov❄️Happy Christmas Eve Stream !!! 🎄 07:38:3127342
2021-12-24Friday21: 33Just ChattingGame change  
2021-12-24Friday21: 37Watch PartiesGame change  
2021-12-24Friday22: 34Just ChattingGame change  
2021-12-24Friday22: 35New WorldGame change  
2021-12-23Thursday11: 38Escape from Tarkov❄️Super secret morning Tarkov stream🌒 | Anthony_Kongphan14:13:1546799
2021-12-22Wednesday06: 10Escape from Tarkov❄️Vampire Tarkov Hours 🌒 | Anthony_Kongphan07:08:5022001
2021-12-20Monday21: 35Escape from Tarkov❄️Tiltify Charity #ClauseMyCause stream starting 8pm CST / 613:35:2346516
2021-12-20Monday01: 56Just ChattingGame change  
2021-12-20Monday04: 00Escape from TarkovGame change  
2021-12-20Monday00: 26Escape from Tarkov❄️ STILL NO GAS ANALYZERRRR | Anthony_Kongphan10:53:1233719
2021-12-18Saturday18: 38Escape from Tarkov🎄 Grabbing Russian Butts in Tarkov | Anthony_Kongphan15:26:1844476
2021-12-17Friday00: 50Escape from Tarkov🎄 CHEDDAR BAY BISCUITS | Anthony_Kongphan11:47:2730715
2021-12-15Wednesday22: 05Escape from Tarkov🎄 TARKOV 12.12 & Sponsored Stream at 10 pm CST ❄️ | Anthony10:17:07432838
2021-12-14Tuesday18: 47Escape from TarkovTARKOV VOIP Adventures ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan13:32:1041924
2021-12-13Monday15: 35Escape from TarkovTARKOV Day#2 New Wipe ! ❄️ | Anthony_Kongphan16:42:1749088

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