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This page lists all 74 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 10,609,053.

Total games played: 18.

Total broadcast hours: 582 (24 days).

Average length of broadcast: 7h 52m 15s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-01-16Saturday16: 00Stardew Valley!goal Stardew Addiction continues07:59:09329
2021-01-15Friday16: 00!Goal Comfiest Steam with the most stressful farm, The cranb07:18:01110310
2021-01-13Wednesday16: 00Stardew ValleyStardew Valley Day 3 | I planted 1000 Blueberries rooSuffer09:15:19151393
2021-01-12Tuesday16: 00Stardew ValleyStardew Valley Day 2 | Playing in a way that induces sufferi07:50:26138638
2021-01-11Monday16: 00Stardew ValleyPlaying stardew incorrectly (New run)08:01:22128133
2021-01-09Saturday16: 00Bloons TD 6Hello there, I am a panda.13:07:28216218
2021-01-08Friday16: 00Bloons TD 6Haha bloon go Pop07:29:10128132
2021-01-07Thursday21: 41Bloons TD 6KomodoHype | Sponsored stream @ 5:3004:50:04103447
2021-01-06Wednesday16: 00Bloons TD 6Finish all maps -> Black Border?06:13:41124738
2021-01-05Tuesday16: 00Bloons TD 6I must pop the Bloon.11:41:54198586
2021-01-03Sunday16: 00Bloons TD 6Return the M O N K E Y08:48:28175861
2021-01-02Saturday16: 00Bloons TD 6Behold, an addiction.05:04:10122389
2021-01-01Friday16: 01Just ChattingIts my Birthday09:45:33192835
2020-12-31Thursday17: 20Just ChattingSo long 2020, NYE Streaming till its my Birthday :D12:47:12164238
2020-12-31Thursday02: 11Bloons TD 6Game change  
2020-12-30Wednesday16: 02Stardew ValleyStardew 1.5 Update rooComfy | Rimworld on Jan 1st :D07:11:28112693
2020-12-28Monday16: 02Stardew ValleyPretty sure I am sick so lets be comfy rooC | Stardew 1.504:37:4674437
2020-12-27Sunday16: 01Just ChattingIts almost the end of the year 09:23:18147003
2020-12-27Sunday16: 41Stardew ValleyGame change  
2020-12-25Friday16: 09Just ChattingDon't spend Christmas alone, the pandas are here rooLove05:39:38114135
2020-12-25Friday16: 43Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-12-23Wednesday16: 09They Are Billions[They Are Billions] Finishing TAB No Pause and then Genshin 09:32:16126424
2020-12-22Tuesday16: 06They Are Billions[They Are Billions] Chill stream to hang out and gamble all 07:57:1291405
2020-12-21Monday16: 03They Are Billions[They Are Billions] The pandas are running amok right now ro07:45:1094517
2020-12-20Sunday16: 02Just ChattingTAB NO PAUSE Campaign - > Rimworld if I beat it and then DND09:24:34116074
2020-12-20Sunday16: 38They are BillionsGame change  
2020-12-19Saturday16: 10Just ChattingYou wont guess what I am doing today07:30:1097004
2020-12-18Friday17: 04Yakuza: Like a DragonYaBuza side story stuff and then Back4Blood @ 2PM06:36:5297673
2020-12-16Wednesday16: 41Just ChattingFINISHING YAKUZA 09:52:03113582
2020-12-16Wednesday17: 24Yakuza: Like A DragonGame change  
2020-12-16Wednesday19: 57Yakuza: Like A DragonGame change  
2020-12-15Tuesday16: 07Just Chatting!Stjude Yakuza Main story till I finish KasugaYeah06:32:1665311
2020-12-14Monday16: 02Just ChattingToday will be a good day because rooDuck is here07:18:5277467
2020-12-14Monday17: 04Yakuza: Like A DragonGame change  
2020-12-13Sunday16: 04Just ChattingI couldn't think of a title10:10:24123312
2020-12-12Saturday16: 01Just ChattingChatting and then letting chat vote on a game after06:24:36110690
2020-12-11Friday18: 03Cyberpunk 2077!Stjude Cyberjank 2077 Main story all day | #EpicPartner Cod04:03:3647708
2020-12-10Thursday12: 24Cyberpunk 2077Cyberpunk 2077 <Very Hard> [Seizure Warning] Main Story cont03:40:3864275
2020-12-09Wednesday11: 25Cyberpunk 2077Cyberpunk 2077 Early Access! Its time12:50:55307753
2020-12-09Wednesday10: 11Cyberpunk 2077Cyberpunk 2077 Early Access! Its time01:11:3656403
2020-12-08Tuesday16: 03They Are BillionsI am continuing to play TAB while I wait for Cyberpunk rooVV06:43:1982937
2020-12-07Monday16: 01Immortals Fenyx RisingCyberpunk Waiting room08:08:26119116
2020-12-06Sunday16: 02Immortals Fenyx RisingCyberpunk Waiting room01:04:3622216
2020-12-05Saturday17: 02Immortals Fenyx Rising1 Hour of sleep gamer tries to play games | #EpicPartner Cod07:12:16115872
2020-12-05Saturday16: 59Immortals Fenyx Rising1 Hour of sleep gamer tries to play games | #EpicPartner Cod00:02:003615
2020-12-05Saturday16: 08Immortals Fenyx Rising1 Hour of sleep gamer tries to play games | #EpicPartner Cod00:46:1013320
2020-12-04Friday16: 04Immortals Fenyx RisingChecking out Immortals Fenix Rising, Its basically Breath of08:54:56820167
2020-12-02Wednesday16: 06Yakuza: Like a DragonLike a Panda, Main Story focus today KasugaYeah07:49:10102651
2020-12-01Tuesday16: 04Yakuza: Like a DragonMain Story Focus I promise I wont get distrac.... oh look a 08:31:52128591
2020-11-30Monday16: 00Yakuza: Like a DragonMinigames ARE the main story KasugaYeah08:14:36109001
2020-11-29Sunday16: 05Just ChattingGenshin -> Like a Dragon - > DND SCATTERED CLOWNS10:50:00156217
2020-11-29Sunday16: 32Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-28Saturday16: 07Just ChattingChristmas Panda are everywhere :D | !Docket07:44:42126990
2020-11-28Saturday16: 49Genshin ImpoctGame change  
2020-11-28Saturday16: 49Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-27Friday16: 00Just Chatting7 Year Anniversary, Gifting 21,000 Subs Chill here to become08:15:14266729
2020-11-26Thursday16: 02Just ChattingHappy Thanksgiving, feel free to chill here rooC | Genshin E08:17:38153248
2020-11-26Thursday17: 15Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-24Tuesday16: 35Just Chattingim late rooCry06:14:1893611
2020-11-24Tuesday16: 56They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-23Monday18: 05Just ChattingTalking for a bit rooG04:57:3685265
2020-11-22Sunday16: 04Demon's Souls[Blind] Finishing Demon Souls rooG09:48:56165732
2020-11-22Sunday21: 15They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-21Saturday16: 01Demon's Souls[Blind] Demon Souls Day 2, if I die then I ban a duck roo408:43:37141134
2020-11-20Friday16: 35Demon's Souls[Blind] First time playing Demon Souls and I have no clue wh09:28:16166540
2020-11-20Friday16: 03Demon's Souls[Blind] First time playing Demon Souls and I have no clue wh00:31:2814178
2020-11-19Thursday16: 12Just Chatting!7 I have not slept and I must game.06:54:57114536
2020-11-17Tuesday17: 02Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarZombies, yes still. 09:56:44201339
2020-11-16Monday06: 27Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarZombies because I have lost all control of my life.14:46:54271698
2020-11-15Sunday16: 08Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarMore Zombies, going for round 500. 06:28:36142377
2020-11-14Saturday16: 19Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarZombies, going for round 100 because im an addict. :)09:07:14242142
2020-11-13Friday08: 01Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarZombies EE Hunt (It unlocks @ 10:30AM CST)20:10:00533426
2020-11-12Thursday16: 20GodfallZombie Tomorrow @ 4AM | Finishing Godfall -> Genshin 1.1 @4P08:41:56154202
2020-11-11Wednesday15: 05Genshin Impact!7 Genshin 1.1 - > Godfall @ 12PM CST10:48:53233797
2020-11-10Tuesday16: 04They Are Billions!7 So many games to play starting tomorrow rooScream08:02:22127373
2020-11-09Monday14: 07Assassin's Creed: Valhalla!7 Valhalla Playthrough Continues! [Hardest Difficulty] #Epi12:08:38186773
2020-11-08Sunday16: 08They Are Billions!7 | Ranger Only Campaign continues! !Valhalla 10:22:01182272
2020-11-07Saturday16: 09Assassin's Creed: Valhalla!7 | AC: Valhalla Early Access rooAww | #EpicPartner | EGS C09:57:59167966
2020-11-06Friday16: 02Just Chatting!7 Another day, another stream with no plan at all.07:34:14162373
2020-11-06Friday16: 27They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-04Wednesday17: 04Just Chatting!7 Doing my best to not think about what is going on :)08:02:18156104
2020-11-04Wednesday17: 38Heroes of HammerwatchGame change  
2020-11-04Wednesday19: 26They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-03Tuesday16: 03Just Chatting!7 Election fallout shelter, comfy vibes07:06:59127605
2020-11-03Tuesday16: 32Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-11-03Tuesday17: 37They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-03Tuesday21: 03Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-02Monday16: 11Just Chatting!7 Panda plays video games, wow08:12:02141824
2020-11-02Monday16: 03Just Chatting!7 Panda plays video games, wow00:07:164154
2020-11-01Sunday16: 02Just Chatting!7 <---09:52:06177505
2020-11-01Sunday16: 24Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-01Sunday17: 18They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-01Sunday21: 27Iratus: Lord of the DeadGame change  
2020-10-31Saturday15: 05Dead by DaylightTwitch Rivals @ 3PM rooG07:17:02149863
2020-10-30Friday15: 03Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact AR 45 Today! Then probably zombies or TAB aft08:43:08133222
2020-10-28Wednesday15: 03Just Chatting!Vods Today's stream is going to be weird07:51:36118259

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