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This page lists all 283 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 39,429,060.

Total games played: 69.

Total broadcast hours: 2,197 (91 days).

Average length of broadcast: 7h 45m 45s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2021-09-26Sunday14: 10XCOM 2XCOM 2 Legendary/Ironman !xcommods | !merch: https://www.bah01:50:0639
2021-09-25Saturday13: 59XCOM 2Xcom Legendary/Ironman !Xcommods |Merch https://www.bahroo.s07:49:18113187
2021-09-24Friday16: 16Darkest DungeonMerch is live | Use code Bahroo fo04:49:1478303
2021-09-24Friday17: 12The Last SpellGame change  
2021-09-22Wednesday14: 06Darkest DungeonDeathless, Torchless, Bloodmoon. Elp06:26:08105057
2021-09-21Tuesday14: 03Darkest DungeonDeathless, Torchless, Bloodmoon. I am become insane06:05:1497340
2021-09-20Monday14: 39Just ChattingMaster Artist Panda draws friends OCs in perfect detail.05:39:56112875
2021-09-20Monday15: 06ArtGame change  
2021-09-20Monday17: 25Super Mario PartyGame change  
2021-09-20Monday19: 43Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-09-19Sunday14: 01Next Stream: Sunday @10AM CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter11:05:58183979
2021-09-19Sunday14: 02Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-09-19Sunday19: 01Genshin ImpactGame change  
2021-09-17Friday14: 05Darkest DungeonTorchless Bloodmoon, rooD I am scared06:54:58115143
2021-09-17Friday17: 59Special EventsGame change  
2021-09-17Friday18: 28Destroy All Humans! 2Game change  
2021-09-17Friday18: 53Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-09-16Thursday14: 02Darkest DungeonTorchless Bloodmoon, so far no deaths. :D06:26:23107812
2021-09-13Monday14: 09Darkest Dungeon*!Deathmoon* Extremely modded Darkest Dungeon.07:57:08149843
2021-09-13Monday14: 26Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-13Monday15: 01Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-09-12Sunday14: 07Darkest Dungeon*!Deathmoon* Difficulty | Modded DD on an extreme level08:59:42160516
2021-09-11Saturday14: 06Darkest Dungeon**Deathmoon difficulty** I am back in the pit.08:37:02155997
2021-09-11Saturday14: 19Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-11Saturday19: 54For The KingGame change  
2021-09-10Friday14: 06The Pit.09:11:24149061
2021-09-10Friday14: 06Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-09-10Friday17: 39No Man's SkyGame change  
2021-09-10Friday20: 52Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-09-09Thursday17: 00Darkest Dungeon!Extreme Subathon | Darkest Dungeon All Bosses Max Difficult05:36:5297743
2021-09-09Thursday19: 28Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-08Wednesday15: 23Darkest DungeonDarkest Dungeon, hardest difficulty01:00:0722762
2021-09-07Tuesday14: 06Dead by DaylightrooWaddle You opened the Box, we came rooWaddle08:09:42142823
2021-09-07Tuesday17: 26Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-06Monday14: 12Bloons TD 6Return to Monke08:06:14161344
2021-09-05Sunday14: 20Darkest DungeonEducational DD - > Bloons TD09:11:42167127
2021-09-05Sunday18: 29Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-04Saturday14: 03Darkest DungeonComfy and fun Darkest Dungeon :D07:03:04125102
2021-09-04Saturday16: 44Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-09-04Saturday16: 48Bloons TD 6Game change  
2021-09-03Friday19: 31XCOM 2Xcom 2 Educational run Legend/Ironman, Waddle on in.00:51:2221092
2021-09-03Friday15: 09XCOM 2Xcom 2 Educational run Legend/Ironman, Waddle on in.04:20:0868435
2021-09-02Thursday14: 03Darkest DungeonWaddle in09:11:58154044
2021-09-02Thursday14: 18Cookie ClickerGame change  
2021-09-02Thursday16: 27Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-08-31Tuesday14: 32Darkest DungeonUse this place to recharge yourself03:40:0782452
2021-08-29Sunday14: 02Darkest DungeonEducational Darkest Dungeon, Max Difficulty, ask questions r06:24:32103019
2021-08-28Saturday14: 04Darkest DungeonEducational Playthrough, ask questions and learn rooComfies07:24:35109859
2021-08-28Saturday19: 19Special EventsGame change  
2021-08-28Saturday19: 49Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-08-27Friday14: 15RimWorldBack to Rimworld, if this colony dies then I Uninstall rooG07:13:1594845
2021-08-27Friday19: 30Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-08-26Thursday14: 07Darkest DungeonComfy Darkest Dungeon rooAww06:02:0689951
2021-08-24Tuesday14: 06Darkest DungeonComfy Darkest Dungeon !Soulbound Challenge07:51:50116407
2021-08-24Tuesday19: 41RimWorldGame change  
2021-08-23Monday14: 07Darkest DungeonComfy Darkest Dungeon !Soulbound Challenge07:56:35123868
2021-08-21Saturday14: 01Darkest Dungeon!Soulbound Challenge, Comfy no-stress Darkest Dungeon08:03:46136686
2021-08-21Saturday20: 20Project ZomboidGame change  
2021-08-20Friday14: 00Darkest Dungeon!Soulbound challenge continues Week 25+07:13:16120163
2021-08-20Friday14: 15Project ZomboidGame change  
2021-08-19Thursday14: 03Darkest DungeonDarkest Dungeon till 12 Minutes is out06:45:23162568
2021-08-19Thursday15: 03Twelve MinutesGame change  
2021-08-18Wednesday15: 31RimWorld reroll, starvation, mental break, raid, kidnapping, man in 01:28:2228490
2021-08-18Wednesday14: 11RimWorld reroll, starvation, mental break, raid, kidnapping, man in 01:16:4323605
2021-08-18Wednesday14: 02RimWorldReroll, Mountain Base, Siege, Reroll, Mountain Base, Siege, 00:06:564133
2021-08-17Tuesday14: 02Just ChattingI am back rooC04:54:0880086
2021-08-17Tuesday14: 04Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-08-17Tuesday15: 57RimWorldGame change  
2021-08-13Friday14: 02Darkest Dungeon!Soulbound Darkest Dungeon Challenge | Last stream before I 07:17:04128041
2021-08-11Wednesday19: 01RimWorldRimworld Continues! (Sponsored by Artesian Builds) | DD Cont05:53:3685796
2021-08-10Tuesday15: 58RimWorldTesting new NASA PC, Prayge07:29:47117793
2021-08-10Tuesday21: 12Darkest DungeonGame change  
2021-08-09Monday15: 57RimWorldEducational Stream, Explaining Rimworld, Darkest Dungeon Mod06:02:1295928
2021-08-09Monday14: 04RimWorldEducational Stream, Explaining Rinmworld, Darkest Dungeon Mo01:47:4041078
2021-08-06Friday14: 05RimWorldThe panda explodes in 5 minutes.22:41:46358987
2021-08-06Friday20: 19Mario Party 2Game change  
2021-08-06Friday22: 59Back 4 BloodGame change  
2021-08-06Friday10: 40RimWorldGame change  
2021-08-04Wednesday14: 03RimWorldMy Rimworld Colony is in shambles rooD09:37:17138065
2021-08-03Tuesday15: 05RimWorldI am back rooC05:06:5480697
2021-07-30Friday15: 06RimWorldLast stream till Tuesday | More Rimworld rooAww05:03:1084774
2021-07-30Friday14: 06RimWorldLast stream till Tuesday | More Rimworld rooAww00:59:1519684
2021-07-28Wednesday17: 43Tribes of MidgardRunning it back and getting revenge on this game roo4 | Rimw06:05:3695806
2021-07-28Wednesday20: 01RimWorldGame change  
2021-07-28Wednesday17: 42Tribes of MidgardRunning it back and getting revenge on this game roo4 | Rimw00:00:145679
2021-07-28Wednesday17: 39Tribes of MidgardRunning it back and getting revenge on this game roo4 | Rimw00:01:304071
2021-07-28Wednesday14: 03Tribes of MidgardRunning it back and getting revenge on this game roo4 | Rimw03:31:2662865
2021-07-27Tuesday14: 05Next Stream: Tuesday @10AM CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on twitter09:05:46151207
2021-07-27Tuesday14: 05RimWorldGame change  
2021-07-27Tuesday19: 23Tribes of MidgardGame change  
2021-07-26Monday14: 04Just ChattingNext Stream: Monday @10am CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter12:04:59166287
2021-07-26Monday14: 05RimWorldGame change  
2021-07-26Monday23: 59Genshin ImpactGame change  
2021-07-26Monday01: 59Genshin Impact!download | I promise to not whale too hard rooVV #ad00:04:419324
2021-07-26Monday01: 58Genshin Impact!download | I promise to not whale too hard rooVV #ad00:00:184711
2021-07-25Sunday14: 01Next Stream: Sunday @10am CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter11:57:10190743
2021-07-25Sunday14: 01RimWorldGame change  
2021-07-25Sunday23: 52Genshin ImpactGame change  
2021-07-23Friday14: 04Next Stream: Friday 10am CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter03:28:1260115
2021-07-23Friday14: 04RimWorldGame change  
2021-07-22Thursday14: 58The Kingdom of JADE grows !Diff | Sponsored stream @ 4pm CST07:48:30124912
2021-07-22Thursday15: 18RimWorldGame change  
2021-07-22Thursday20: 01Lemnis GateGame change  
2021-07-21Wednesday14: 02RimWorldRimworld 1.3, the Jade Cult Rises09:10:14148129
2021-07-20Tuesday14: 00Death's DoorLong stream, Death's Door first look! | Rimworld 1.3 @4PM09:25:58159476
2021-07-19Monday14: 28Just ChattingRimworld & Death's Door tomorrow! But today we play other st03:25:4861588
2021-07-19Monday14: 57Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-07-18Sunday16: 04Next stream: TBD05:04:0695537
2021-07-18Sunday16: 06RimWorldGame change  
2021-07-18Sunday16: 34XCOM 2Game change  
2021-07-16Friday16: 00Terraria24 Hour | Terraria Master Mode Permadeath, 500 Subs if I don23:49:54308758
2021-07-14Wednesday13: 59RimWorldRimworld Tribal -> Royalty Victory | !Difficulty06:27:5899733
2021-07-13Tuesday14: 00TerrariaNext Stream: Tuesday @10am CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter08:58:27136032
2021-07-13Tuesday15: 25TerrariaGame change  
2021-07-13Tuesday15: 25RimWorldGame change  
2021-07-12Monday17: 20TerrariaOne Final Attempt. Hardcore, For the Worthy, Master Mode. 10:02:04134329
2021-07-11Sunday14: 01TerrariaPermadeath, For the Worthy, Master Mode, I will be free of t08:07:34149459
2021-07-11Sunday15: 12Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-07-11Sunday18: 29RimWorldGame change  
2021-07-10Saturday16: 45Just ChattingRory Stream06:56:53101127
2021-07-10Saturday17: 41TerrariaGame change  
2021-07-09Friday14: 01TerrariaFOR THE WORTHY, Master, Permadeath | I hate fun09:01:23116245
2021-07-09Friday19: 57Genshin ImpactGame change  
2021-07-09Friday21: 11TerrariaGame change  
2021-07-07Wednesday14: 03TerrariaNew !Challenge Today | Dying Light @ 4PM | Rimworld soon!10:28:48144433
2021-07-07Wednesday20: 10Dying LightGame change  
2021-07-06Tuesday14: 03Just ChattingGood morning Pandas.07:44:46129127
2021-07-06Tuesday15: 06Until We DieGame change  
2021-07-05Monday14: 01Just ChattingClick this for pandas01:54:1942182
2021-07-05Monday14: 16TerrariaGame change  
2021-07-03Saturday16: 02TerrariaCalamity Hardest Difficulty, today we destroy pre-hardmode08:51:34134386
2021-07-02Friday16: 02TerrariaCalamity HARDEST DIFFICULTY | Blind | Scared | Stuck in Glue08:01:23132658
2021-07-01Thursday16: 02TerrariaCalamity Mod! Death Mode Difficulty | First run = Hardcore, 06:21:02137678
2021-07-01Thursday17: 59Dying Light 2: Stay HumanGame change  
2021-07-01Thursday18: 55Dying LightGame change  
2021-07-01Thursday19: 06TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-30Wednesday14: 04TerrariaSmall chat and then video games11:07:44197434
2021-06-29Tuesday15: 35TerrariaComfy Laid back chill vibes while I reset my schedule | Stil07:00:02170805
2021-06-29Tuesday00: 47TerrariaComfy Laid back chill vibes while I reset my schedule | Stil14:43:36241647
2021-06-27Sunday14: 00TerrariaMoonlord dies tonight01:32:46518100
2021-06-26Saturday14: 00TerrariaGOD GAMER RETURNS TO DESTROY THE CLOWN | Terraria PERMADEATH08:49:30178431
2021-06-22Tuesday14: 00Next Stream: Tuesday @10AM CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter07:56:28161290
2021-06-22Tuesday14: 01TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-22Tuesday19: 32Dungeons & Dragons: Dark AllianceGame change  
2021-06-22Tuesday21: 48Just ChattingGame change  
2021-06-21Monday14: 00TerrariaNext Stream: Monday @10am CDT / @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter11:31:50214695
2021-06-20Sunday14: 00Terraria!LastDeath Terraria Permadeath08:40:02202198
2021-06-19Saturday14: 01Deepest Chamber Next Stream: Saturday @10AM CDT | !AdmiralBahroo on Twitter08:37:24153988
2021-06-19Saturday14: 01TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-18Friday13: 58TerrariarooBobble07:42:25132757
2021-06-18Friday19: 21Deepest ChamberGame change  
2021-06-16Wednesday14: 00Dead by DaylightMy chat has turned into a flock of birds, perfectly normal.09:21:16216414
2021-06-16Wednesday18: 22TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-14Monday13: 59Next Stream: Monday @10AM CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter08:00:02181256
2021-06-14Monday14: 00Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-14Monday14: 21TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-14Monday20: 23Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-14Monday20: 51TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-13Sunday14: 01TerrariaTerraria Permadeath - > E3 Coverage 09:24:12211639
2021-06-13Sunday15: 47Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-13Sunday17: 38TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-13Sunday17: 48Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-12Saturday14: 11Just ChattingE3 Coverage Today! Yay video games08:37:38177843
2021-06-12Saturday14: 21TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-12Saturday17: 54Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-12Saturday20: 04TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-11Friday14: 02The Last SpellApoc 4 Difficulty || More Last spell05:58:04126511
2021-06-11Friday14: 03Just ChattingGame change  
2021-06-11Friday14: 22The Last SpellGame change  
2021-06-11Friday17: 51Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-10Thursday14: 07The Last SpellApoc 4 Difficulty || Last spell until Summer Games Festival 07:36:20160746
2021-06-10Thursday16: 57Summer Game FestGame change  
2021-06-10Thursday16: 58Special EventsGame change  
2021-06-10Thursday18: 49The Last SpellGame change  
2021-06-09Wednesday15: 02The Last SpellMore Last Spell! Really enjoying it 07:50:33139083
2021-06-07Monday14: 39The Last Spell$50,000 Art Contest winners @ 6PM CST08:41:58190128
2021-06-07Monday22: 23Just ChattingGame change  
2021-06-06Sunday14: 04The Last SpellMore "The Last Spell" and then Terraria after08:51:17193824
2021-06-05Saturday14: 08The Last SpellChecking out a new game "The Last Spell" !TerrariaDeath07:59:42177493
2021-06-05Saturday18: 05Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2021-06-04Friday15: 03TerrariaTerraria Master Mode / PERMADEATH rooD08:20:46178226
2021-06-04Friday21: 17Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm GroundGame change  
2021-06-03Thursday14: 15Just ChattingArt Contest 2021 Showcase!08:17:16202275
2021-06-02Wednesday14: 41Just ChattingAlways On time, Never late, punctual streamer.07:30:01184324
2021-06-02Wednesday15: 41TerrariaGame change  
2021-06-02Wednesday20: 00Necromunda: Hired GunGame change  
2021-05-31Monday20: 00TerrariaNext Stream: Monday @4PM CST / @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter06:28:06151679
2021-05-31Monday22: 01Dying LightGame change  
2021-05-31Monday14: 01TerrariaPERMADEATH / MASTER MODE CRAZY ALL CAPS TITLE BECAUSE I AM T00:35:4324879
2021-05-30Sunday14: 07TerrariaIt has been [1] Day[s] since the lateest glue accident.07:56:28181099
2021-05-29Saturday16: 00TerrariaTerraria, MasterMode/PermaDeath Why? Because I want to.08:19:50174279
2021-05-28Friday14: 06TerrariaI am here.07:23:03167967
2021-05-25Tuesday14: 04Dead by DaylightNEW Resident Evil Killer today :o07:36:02186501
2021-05-24Monday14: 16Just Chatting!Contest Glueba06:35:19128062
2021-05-24Monday15: 15Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-05-24Monday20: 07RimWorldGame change  
2021-05-23Sunday17: 03Just ChattingIf you see this then you have to say hello to the pandas04:51:03101626
2021-05-23Sunday17: 21Just ChattingGame change  
2021-05-23Sunday17: 21Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-05-22Saturday14: 07Just ChattingGlue07:12:01140866
2021-05-22Saturday15: 03Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-05-19Wednesday14: 02Darkest Dungeon!Contest !Goal | Back to the pit.08:58:50193836
2021-05-19Wednesday19: 39Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-05-17Monday14: 03Just Chatting!Contest !Goal | I am the one who glues06:56:46129437
2021-05-17Monday15: 01Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-05-15Saturday15: 50The Binding of Isaac: Repentance!Contest !Goal | Isaac til I lose01:06:3034655
2021-05-15Saturday16: 21Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-05-15Saturday14: 04Just Chatting!Contest !Goal | No clue what I am doing today01:43:0234205
2021-05-15Saturday14: 27The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceGame change  
2021-05-14Friday14: 06Subnautica: Below Zero!Contest !Goal | Hold your breath pandas, we are going in de07:39:59132297
2021-05-14Friday17: 37Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-05-12Wednesday14: 07The Binding of Isaac: Repentance$50K !Contest Isaac until I lose and then ???09:28:38176095
2021-05-12Wednesday16: 11Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-05-12Wednesday18: 08Resident Evil VillageGame change  
2021-05-11Tuesday14: 08The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceThe panda is stuck in glue | $50K !Contest07:01:45132797
2021-05-11Tuesday16: 25Dead by DaylightGame change  
2021-05-10Monday14: 35$50K !contest | Next Stream: Monday @10:30AM CDT | @AdmiralB05:27:56105036
2021-05-10Monday14: 35The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceGame change  
2021-05-09Sunday15: 03The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceThe binding of Pandas, the neverending unlocks09:29:03181587
2021-05-09Sunday22: 07Hood: Outlaws & LegendsGame change  
2021-05-09Sunday00: 30Just ChattingGame change  
2021-05-08Saturday14: 01The Binding of Isaac: Repentance$50K !contest | More Isaac unlocks !Village02:50:0855804
2021-05-07Friday14: 00Resident Evil VillageRESIDENT VILLAGE IDIOT - HARDCORE $50K !contest12:27:04243434
2021-05-05Wednesday14: 01The Binding of Isaac: Repentance$50K !Contest | Hot tub stream but without the hot tub. RE8 08:09:12139734
2021-05-05Wednesday19: 55Genshin ImpactGame change  
2021-05-04Tuesday14: 04The Binding of Isaac: Repentance$50K !Contest | The Binding of Pandas rooC09:28:20147897
2021-05-04Tuesday21: 17WarpipsGame change  
2021-05-02Sunday14: 04The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceAnnouncement at 11PM CST09:18:24194482
2021-05-02Sunday19: 06Warhammer: Vermintide 2Game change  
2021-05-01Saturday14: 06ReturnalReturnal | Completely Deathless rooVV06:28:15103585
2021-04-30Friday14: 10The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceIts a jam packed day today :D !Docket09:24:38165792
2021-04-30Friday15: 52ReturnalGame change  
2021-04-29Thursday14: 23The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceI'd rather stream than take a day off09:20:25155115
2021-04-29Thursday21: 07Legend of KeepersGame change  
2021-04-28Wednesday14: 04The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceWowee more Isaac unlocks with your fun little panda :D08:52:24140434
2021-04-27Tuesday15: 01The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceThe binding if Suffering | RE7 DLC @ 5PM tonight10:14:38163444
2021-04-27Tuesday20: 57Resident Evil 7 biohazardGame change  
2021-04-26Monday14: 02The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceHello :D More Isaac and RE7 @ 4PM tonight09:54:32169784
2021-04-26Monday19: 55Resident Evil 7 biohazardGame change  
2021-04-25Sunday14: 02The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceMore Isaac Funtimes! RE7 @ 5PM tonight, bring a blanket11:22:00213222
2021-04-25Sunday21: 26Resident Evil 7 biohazardGame change  
2021-04-24Saturday14: 01The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceHey there08:07:12131557
2021-04-21Wednesday14: 04The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceWe unlocked the B-Side :D | 5 Gifts if I lose a run. Current03:28:5277540
2021-04-20Tuesday14: 19The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceUnlocking everything | 5 Gifted subs per run I fail. rooVV08:23:14147422
2021-04-19Monday14: 02The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceStreaming until I lose rooVV10:57:54170302
2021-04-18Sunday14: 07Just ChattingHellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo07:16:08123911
2021-04-18Sunday14: 39The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceGame change  
2021-04-17Saturday14: 01The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceThe binding of Pandas, Repent. 06:41:58101931
2021-04-16Friday14: 09The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceRepent with an offering of Jade or else | Isaac Fresh File :08:36:54127184
2021-04-14Wednesday14: 18The Binding of Isaac: RepentanceRepent, the panda is here | Isaac Fresh file :D07:52:19141333
2021-04-13Tuesday14: 07XCOM 2Xcom Finale, I hope. Impossible / Ironman10:45:40165576
2021-04-12Monday14: 03XCOM 2Xcom Impossible/Ironman | The end is near. 07:07:30116405
2021-04-11Sunday14: 05XCOM 2Finishing XCOM? Impossible/Ironman09:13:50152222
2021-04-09Friday14: 03XCOM 2!Pandathon You control how long we go today. !docket21:59:56326042
2021-04-09Friday19: 18It Takes TwoGame change  
2021-04-09Friday00: 13XCOM 2Game change  
2021-04-07Wednesday17: 41XCOM 2Xcom Continues | Impossible / Ironman06:50:58109940
2021-04-06Tuesday14: 08XCOM 2It has been [1] Day[s] since Gatecrasher | Impossible/Ironm07:50:12145065
2021-04-06Tuesday17: 07It Takes TwoGame change  
2021-04-05Monday14: 35XCOM 2Streaming until I pass out | Xcom Impossible / Ironman !Mods08:50:36153963
2021-04-04Sunday14: 02XCOM 2Xcom, Pandas Gambit, Legendary/Ironman09:07:40173496
2021-04-04Sunday18: 45The Binding of Isaac: AfterbirthGame change  
2021-04-04Sunday20: 42XCOM 2Game change  
2021-04-03Saturday14: 02XCOM 2Xcom Continues, Legendary/Ironman I will not gatecrash roo407:42:15144551
2021-04-02Friday15: 59Just ChattingPanda Vtuber Debut!04:30:46520905
2021-04-02Friday16: 51XCOM 2Game change  
2021-04-01Thursday15: 34XCOM 2!Debut Tomorrow 12PM CST Be there | Xcom Legendary Ironman08:10:02115029
2021-03-31Wednesday16: 59XCOM 2!Debut in 2 days | Xcom Legendary/Ironman05:22:3080002
2021-03-31Wednesday14: 52XCOM 2!Debut in 2 days | Xcom Legendary/Ironman02:05:0841528
2021-03-31Wednesday14: 04XCOM 2!Debut in 2 days | Xcom Legendary/Ironman00:43:2416828
2021-03-30Tuesday14: 01XCOM 2!Debut in 3 Days ahhh | Xcom 2 Ironman/Legendary08:36:38119750
2021-03-29Monday14: 05XCOM 2!Debut ON APRIL 2nd | Xcom 2 Legendary/Ironman run | It Tak08:45:32149151
2021-03-29Monday19: 18It Takes TwoGame change  
2021-03-28Sunday14: 02XCOM 2!Debut on APRIL 2nd!! Xcom NEW RUN, Ironman/Legendary | 08:52:25140807
2021-03-27Saturday15: 06XCOM 2!Debut Xcom Season 2 | Ironman / Legendary | DND @ 6PM05:30:4898994
2021-03-26Friday15: 02XCOM 2!Debut !Xcom Season 2 Legendary/Ironman | Monster Hunter Ris11:17:58882823
2021-03-26Friday22: 10Monster Hunter RiseGame change  
2021-03-25Thursday20: 01Risk of Rain 2[Chill Stream] Checking out RoR2 Update | Xcom returns tomor05:07:3681454
2021-03-24Wednesday15: 04XCOM 2!Debut Xcom Season 2 Legendary/Ironman (Same run Day 3)04:25:1680039
2021-03-23Tuesday15: 06XCOM 2!Debut Xcom Season 2 | Legendary Ironman Campaign09:06:20149556
2021-03-22Monday15: 03XCOM 2!Xcom Season 2, Legendary/Ironman09:20:18155598
2021-03-21Sunday15: 02XCOM 2!Xcom Season 2, All of the testing is done :D09:08:26163815
2021-03-20Saturday15: 01XCOM 2!XCOM Season 2 | Legendary/Ironman Campaign of many mods07:49:00151093
2021-03-19Friday15: 02Octopath TravelerOctopath... finale? XCOM RETURNS THIS SUNDAY11:35:04126184
2021-03-18Thursday15: 00XCOM 2Special Thursday Stream :D00:20:2916958
2021-03-17Wednesday15: 01Octopath Traveler!Debut !Octopath Day 5 rooW Almost done. .... Almost done.07:09:2176775
2021-03-16Tuesday15: 07Octopath Traveler!Debut !Octopath Day 4 - Elp07:13:5277745
2021-03-15Monday15: 03Octopath Traveler!Debut !Otopath Day 3 I have made a huge mistake07:10:4893754
2021-03-14Sunday15: 12Octopath Traveler!Debut !Octopath Day 2 WAYTOOROO10:29:50150923
2021-03-13Saturday16: 06RimWorld!Debut This colony honestly shouldnt be alive right now07:32:52140007
2021-03-13Saturday16: 34Octopath TravelerGame change  
2021-03-12Friday16: 04Just ChattingLocal panda streamer10:14:34147116
2021-03-12Friday16: 25RimWorldGame change  
2021-03-12Friday20: 117 Days to DieGame change  
2021-03-10Wednesday16: 01Mario Party 3Ruining friendships08:32:38149835
2021-03-10Wednesday21: 01Curse of the Dead GodsGame change  
2021-03-08Monday16: 21Next Stream: Monday @10am CST | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter05:48:5493056
2021-03-08Monday16: 24Curse of the Dead GodsGame change  
2021-03-07Sunday16: 03Curse of the Dead GodsCurse of the Dead god Finale Pt4 - > Rimworld Finale Part 4509:09:06143397
2021-03-06Saturday16: 00Loop HeroLoop Hero Final Day | Every time I die, a duck is born.06:17:5490221
2021-03-05Friday16: 01Loop HeroLoop Hero Day 3 | yes game is very good08:32:56131777
2021-03-03Wednesday16: 05Loop HeroLoop Hero Day 2, Now with more loops09:59:10174053
2021-03-02Tuesday16: 08Loop HeroChecking out Loop Hero 09:26:24173708
2021-03-01Monday16: 01Curse of the Dead GodsFinishing this game Part 2 | Loop Hero tomorrow :D06:55:22102070
2021-02-28Sunday16: 07Curse of the Dead GodsFinishing up Curse of the Dead god today and then I am play08:12:48124161
2021-02-27Saturday16: 03Curse of the Dead GodsIf you see this then you are required to have a good day08:22:13121536
2021-02-26Friday16: 03Just ChattingHello, its me, the panda man09:49:02165643
2021-02-26Friday16: 20OutridersGame change  
2021-02-26Friday19: 31Curse of the Dead GodsGame change  
2021-02-26Friday22: 31ValheimGame change  
2021-02-24Wednesday16: 05ValheimStill addicted, 2 bosses down09:35:36145182
2021-02-23Tuesday02: 52ValheimExploring a vast world of Jade | Rimworld Continues tomorrow10:09:30123445
2021-02-22Monday18: 43ValheimExploring a vast world of Jade | Rimworld Continues tomorrow05:35:5991483
2021-02-21Sunday16: 03RimWorldMarathon stream that will go on for as long as I want it to17:16:44233583
2021-02-20Saturday16: 02RimWorldI bet $1000 this colony would not fail.08:25:38117436
2021-02-19Friday16: 02RimWorldBack to the regularly scheduled panda antics 08:39:09116854
2021-02-18Thursday18: 22Just ChattingI HAVE BEEN RELEASED FROM MY ICY PRISON07:47:23130973
2021-02-18Thursday19: 04ValheimGame change  
2021-02-18Thursday22: 14RimWorldGame change  
2021-02-15Monday16: 01RimWorldThis colony has survived [1] Day(s) under panda control !dif01:13:1346262
2021-02-13Saturday16: 01RimWorldMake new Colony - > Get to Electricity -> Die -> Repeat for 10:29:50161243
2021-02-13Saturday22: 33ValheimGame change  
2021-02-12Friday16: 01RimWorldThis is the best colony I have made so far. Randy Random, Lo07:07:4499575
2021-02-10Wednesday16: 03RimWorld500% Threat, Randy Random. Oh god help me09:23:14132755
2021-02-09Tuesday16: 10RimWorldStarting a new !challenge in Rimworld rooH08:10:22127929
2021-02-09Tuesday21: 18ValheimGame change  
2021-02-08Monday16: 03RimWorldRimworld now, Valhiem with momo later12:44:56188434
2021-02-08Monday22: 52ValheimGame change  
2021-02-07Sunday16: 01RimWorldBehold as thousands of people watch a man make the same mist07:34:50122829
2021-02-06Saturday16: 02RimWorldRimworld continues, if anyone dies then I blame somebody in 08:28:34122650
2021-02-05Friday16: 00RimWorldRimworld continues, if anyone dies then I blame somebody in 08:17:56116837
2021-02-03Wednesday16: 01RimWorldRimworld but with a panda running it, !Difficulty !Mods09:12:14151169
2021-02-03Wednesday00: 22Killing Floor 2Game change  
2021-02-02Tuesday17: 20RimWorldRimworld but with a panda running it, !Difficulty !Mods06:50:51126351
2021-02-01Monday16: 00RimWorldRimworld, Randy Random, Losing is Fun difficulty :) !Mods07:53:46145862
2021-01-31Sunday16: 02RimWorldRimworld, Randy Random, Losing is Fun difficulty :)10:53:56192997
2021-01-30Saturday16: 00Stardew ValleyFINISHING THE 100% STARDEW AND THEN RIMWORLD, CAPSLOCK08:23:18151781
2021-01-30Saturday19: 48RimWorldGame change  
2021-01-29Friday16: 02Just ChattingHello my internet has been dead for 3 days. What did I miss10:34:35157244
2021-01-29Friday16: 24Stardew ValleyGame change  
2021-01-29Friday22: 25The RaftGame change  
2021-01-29Friday22: 31RaftGame change  
2021-01-25Monday16: 01Stardew ValleyStardew Valley 100% run, Rimworld Tomorrow rooVV13:42:48244826
2021-01-25Monday20: 29Stardew ValleyGame change  
2021-01-24Sunday16: 00Stardew Valleynext stream = Sunday @ 10AM CST09:20:54128452
2021-01-24Sunday22: 42The ForestGame change  
2021-01-23Saturday16: 00Stardew ValleyStardew Valley! Finally at the 1.5 Content | More Forest @ 13:08:02196627
2021-01-22Friday16: 00Stardew ValleyStardew Valley 1.5 Content finally :D | The Forest with Momo12:44:10185381
2021-01-20Wednesday16: 00Stardew Valley!Goal Stardew Valley (Year 2) I am marrying the entire town.07:12:2591200
2021-01-19Tuesday16: 00Stardew Valley!goal Starcrack Valley Continues. Year 1 is Complete!07:29:3097555
2021-01-18Monday16: 00Stardew Valley!goal Starcrack Valley Continues. Finishing Year 104:12:5763539
2021-01-17Sunday16: 00Stardew Valley!goal Stardew Year 1 Continues, yes somehow this is year one06:23:2091269
2021-01-16Saturday16: 00Stardew Valley!goal Stardew Addiction continues08:03:14113114
2021-01-15Friday16: 00!Goal Comfiest Steam with the most stressful farm, The cranb07:18:01113821
2021-01-13Wednesday16: 00Stardew ValleyStardew Valley Day 3 | I planted 1000 Blueberries rooSuffer09:15:19155424
2021-01-12Tuesday16: 00Stardew ValleyStardew Valley Day 2 | Playing in a way that induces sufferi07:50:26142387
2021-01-11Monday16: 00Stardew ValleyPlaying stardew incorrectly (New run)08:01:22133955
2021-01-09Saturday16: 00Bloons TD 6Hello there, I am a panda.13:07:28217371
2021-01-08Friday16: 00Bloons TD 6Haha bloon go Pop07:29:10129577
2021-01-07Thursday21: 41Bloons TD 6KomodoHype | Sponsored stream @ 5:3004:50:04103990
2021-01-06Wednesday16: 00Bloons TD 6Finish all maps -> Black Border?06:13:41125706
2021-01-05Tuesday16: 00Bloons TD 6I must pop the Bloon.11:41:54200307
2021-01-03Sunday16: 00Bloons TD 6Return the M O N K E Y08:48:28177202
2021-01-02Saturday16: 00Bloons TD 6Behold, an addiction.05:04:10123283
2021-01-01Friday16: 01Just ChattingIts my Birthday09:45:33194001
2020-12-31Thursday17: 20Just ChattingSo long 2020, NYE Streaming till its my Birthday :D12:47:12165000
2020-12-31Thursday02: 11Bloons TD 6Game change  
2020-12-30Wednesday16: 02Stardew ValleyStardew 1.5 Update rooComfy | Rimworld on Jan 1st :D07:11:28113005
2020-12-28Monday16: 02Stardew ValleyPretty sure I am sick so lets be comfy rooC | Stardew 1.504:37:4674846
2020-12-27Sunday16: 01Just ChattingIts almost the end of the year 09:23:18147830
2020-12-27Sunday16: 41Stardew ValleyGame change  
2020-12-25Friday16: 09Just ChattingDon't spend Christmas alone, the pandas are here rooLove05:39:38114366
2020-12-25Friday16: 43Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-12-23Wednesday16: 09They Are Billions[They Are Billions] Finishing TAB No Pause and then Genshin 09:32:16127082
2020-12-22Tuesday16: 06They Are Billions[They Are Billions] Chill stream to hang out and gamble all 07:57:1291845
2020-12-21Monday16: 03They Are Billions[They Are Billions] The pandas are running amok right now ro07:45:1094881
2020-12-20Sunday16: 02Just ChattingTAB NO PAUSE Campaign - > Rimworld if I beat it and then DND09:24:34116495
2020-12-20Sunday16: 38They are BillionsGame change  
2020-12-19Saturday16: 10Just ChattingYou wont guess what I am doing today07:30:1097647
2020-12-18Friday17: 04Yakuza: Like a DragonYaBuza side story stuff and then Back4Blood @ 2PM06:36:5297943
2020-12-16Wednesday16: 41Just ChattingFINISHING YAKUZA 09:52:03114483
2020-12-16Wednesday17: 24Yakuza: Like A DragonGame change  
2020-12-16Wednesday19: 57Yakuza: Like A DragonGame change  
2020-12-15Tuesday16: 07Just Chatting!Stjude Yakuza Main story till I finish KasugaYeah06:32:1666055
2020-12-14Monday16: 02Just ChattingToday will be a good day because rooDuck is here07:18:5278038
2020-12-14Monday17: 04Yakuza: Like A DragonGame change  
2020-12-13Sunday16: 04Just ChattingI couldn't think of a title10:10:24124188
2020-12-12Saturday16: 01Just ChattingChatting and then letting chat vote on a game after06:24:36110816
2020-12-11Friday18: 03Cyberpunk 2077!Stjude Cyberjank 2077 Main story all day | #EpicPartner Cod04:03:3647881
2020-12-10Thursday12: 24Cyberpunk 2077Cyberpunk 2077 <Very Hard> [Seizure Warning] Main Story cont03:40:3864486
2020-12-09Wednesday11: 25Cyberpunk 2077Cyberpunk 2077 Early Access! Its time12:50:55308605
2020-12-09Wednesday10: 11Cyberpunk 2077Cyberpunk 2077 Early Access! Its time01:11:3656504
2020-12-08Tuesday16: 03They Are BillionsI am continuing to play TAB while I wait for Cyberpunk rooVV06:43:1983053
2020-12-07Monday16: 01Immortals Fenyx RisingCyberpunk Waiting room08:08:26119229
2020-12-06Sunday16: 02Immortals Fenyx RisingCyberpunk Waiting room01:04:3622247
2020-12-05Saturday17: 02Immortals Fenyx Rising1 Hour of sleep gamer tries to play games | #EpicPartner Cod07:12:16115977
2020-12-05Saturday16: 59Immortals Fenyx Rising1 Hour of sleep gamer tries to play games | #EpicPartner Cod00:02:003683
2020-12-05Saturday16: 08Immortals Fenyx Rising1 Hour of sleep gamer tries to play games | #EpicPartner Cod00:46:1013350
2020-12-04Friday16: 04Immortals Fenyx RisingChecking out Immortals Fenix Rising, Its basically Breath of08:54:56820412
2020-12-02Wednesday16: 06Yakuza: Like a DragonLike a Panda, Main Story focus today KasugaYeah07:49:10103261
2020-12-01Tuesday16: 04Yakuza: Like a DragonMain Story Focus I promise I wont get distrac.... oh look a 08:31:52129258
2020-11-30Monday16: 00Yakuza: Like a DragonMinigames ARE the main story KasugaYeah08:14:36109447
2020-11-29Sunday16: 05Just ChattingGenshin -> Like a Dragon - > DND SCATTERED CLOWNS10:50:00156942
2020-11-29Sunday16: 32Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-28Saturday16: 07Just ChattingChristmas Panda are everywhere :D | !Docket07:44:42127637
2020-11-28Saturday16: 49Genshin ImpoctGame change  
2020-11-28Saturday16: 49Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-27Friday16: 00Just Chatting7 Year Anniversary, Gifting 21,000 Subs Chill here to become08:15:14267209
2020-11-26Thursday16: 02Just ChattingHappy Thanksgiving, feel free to chill here rooC | Genshin E08:17:38154051
2020-11-26Thursday17: 15Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-24Tuesday16: 35Just Chattingim late rooCry06:14:1893698
2020-11-24Tuesday16: 56They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-23Monday18: 05Just ChattingTalking for a bit rooG04:57:3685307
2020-11-22Sunday16: 04Demon's Souls[Blind] Finishing Demon Souls rooG09:48:56166212
2020-11-22Sunday21: 15They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-21Saturday16: 01Demon's Souls[Blind] Demon Souls Day 2, if I die then I ban a duck roo408:43:37141499
2020-11-20Friday16: 35Demon's Souls[Blind] First time playing Demon Souls and I have no clue wh09:28:16167246
2020-11-20Friday16: 03Demon's Souls[Blind] First time playing Demon Souls and I have no clue wh00:31:2814270
2020-11-19Thursday16: 12Just Chatting!7 I have not slept and I must game.06:54:57114641
2020-11-17Tuesday17: 02Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarZombies, yes still. 09:56:44201400
2020-11-16Monday06: 27Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarZombies because I have lost all control of my life.14:46:54271757
2020-11-15Sunday16: 08Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarMore Zombies, going for round 500. 06:28:36142446
2020-11-14Saturday16: 19Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarZombies, going for round 100 because im an addict. :)09:07:14242258
2020-11-13Friday08: 01Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarZombies EE Hunt (It unlocks @ 10:30AM CST)20:10:00534200
2020-11-12Thursday16: 20GodfallZombie Tomorrow @ 4AM | Finishing Godfall -> Genshin 1.1 @4P08:41:56154265
2020-11-11Wednesday15: 05Genshin Impact!7 Genshin 1.1 - > Godfall @ 12PM CST10:48:53233913
2020-11-10Tuesday16: 04They Are Billions!7 So many games to play starting tomorrow rooScream08:02:22127555
2020-11-09Monday14: 07Assassin's Creed: Valhalla!7 Valhalla Playthrough Continues! [Hardest Difficulty] #Epi12:08:38186905
2020-11-08Sunday16: 08They Are Billions!7 | Ranger Only Campaign continues! !Valhalla 10:22:01182547
2020-11-07Saturday16: 09Assassin's Creed: Valhalla!7 | AC: Valhalla Early Access rooAww | #EpicPartner | EGS C09:57:59168111
2020-11-06Friday16: 02Just Chatting!7 Another day, another stream with no plan at all.07:34:14162513
2020-11-06Friday16: 27They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-04Wednesday17: 04Just Chatting!7 Doing my best to not think about what is going on :)08:02:18156261
2020-11-04Wednesday17: 38Heroes of HammerwatchGame change  
2020-11-04Wednesday19: 26They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-03Tuesday16: 03Just Chatting!7 Election fallout shelter, comfy vibes07:06:59127733
2020-11-03Tuesday16: 32Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-11-03Tuesday17: 37They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-03Tuesday21: 03Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-02Monday16: 11Just Chatting!7 Panda plays video games, wow08:12:02141972
2020-11-02Monday16: 03Just Chatting!7 Panda plays video games, wow00:07:164174
2020-11-01Sunday16: 02Just Chatting!7 <---09:52:06177678
2020-11-01Sunday16: 24Genshin ImpactGame change  
2020-11-01Sunday17: 18They are BillionsGame change  
2020-11-01Sunday21: 27Iratus: Lord of the DeadGame change  
2020-10-31Saturday15: 05Dead by DaylightTwitch Rivals @ 3PM rooG07:17:02150250
2020-10-30Friday15: 03Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact AR 45 Today! Then probably zombies or TAB aft08:43:08133498
2020-10-28Wednesday15: 03Just Chatting!Vods Today's stream is going to be weird07:51:36118474

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