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This page lists all 743 of the past broadcasts for the channel

Total video views: 5,709,658.

Total games played: 185.

Total broadcast hours: 5,712 (238 days).

Average length of broadcast: 7h 41m 17s.

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DateDayTime (UTC)GameTitleRuntimeViews
2020-06-01Monday15: 03Terraria[Master/Hardcore] I will not die :)| @AdmiralBahroo on Twitt02:04:582799
2020-05-31Sunday15: 37Terraria[Master/Hardcore] Doing this till !DnD tonight05:59:273600
2020-05-31Sunday15: 01Terraria[Master/Hardcore] Doing this till !DnD tonight00:35:23627
2020-05-30Saturday15: 02Terraria[Master/Hardcore] I wont stop till we win. Cheer me on rooCr07:33:363951
2020-05-30Saturday18: 21Just ChattingGame change  
2020-05-30Saturday18: 40TerrariaGame change  
2020-05-29Friday15: 01TerrariaStarting a new Hardcore run because I wont be happy till I b08:12:285044
2020-05-28Thursday14: 59Darkest DungeonDarkest Dungeon Butcher's Circus DLC! (Its pvp) | Terraria w09:57:217079
2020-05-27Wednesday15: 01TerrariaClick on this if you a bored | Darkest Dungeon DLC tomorrow08:29:064243
2020-05-26Tuesday15: 03Terraria[Master/For the Worthy] !worthy Today we beat a bunch of bos00:07:013149
2020-05-25Monday15: 01TerrariaSlowandSteady [Master/For the Worthy] This is going to hurt07:50:457009
2020-05-24Sunday15: 03Terraria[Master/Hardcore/HARDMODE] WE WILL NOT DIE! Mechanical bosse09:12:547733
2020-05-23Saturday15: 00Next Stream: Saturday @11AM CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter11:14:016016
2020-05-23Saturday15: 09TerrariaGame change  
2020-05-23Saturday22: 10CrucibleGame change  
2020-05-22Friday15: 00Terraria[Hardcore/Master] Today we enter HardMode! (Hopefully)13:00:197511
2020-05-22Friday23: 54Just ChattingGame change  
2020-05-22Friday23: 58CrucibleGame change  
2020-05-20Wednesday15: 02Terraria[Hardcore/Master] 3 Bosses down, how much further can I get?10:49:538800
2020-05-19Tuesday15: 02Terraria[Hardcore/Master] 50 Subs if I die but thankfully I have lea10:09:288357
2020-05-18Monday15: 02Terrariaim Addicted. [Master/Hardcore] 100 Friends if I die 09:27:347886
2020-05-17Sunday15: 02TerrariaTerrarria Master Mode, Strap in for a long stream rooC09:06:287703
2020-05-16Saturday15: 00TerrariaTerraria Land's End Update! (Master Mode) Advice welcomed09:20:3611954
2020-05-14Thursday15: 00Just ChattingGoing deep into the mines today, rooTink08:13:148671
2020-05-14Thursday15: 10Deep Rock GalacticGame change  
2020-05-13Wednesday15: 02Just ChattingI got lost finding this page05:40:584895
2020-05-13Wednesday15: 27Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-05-12Tuesday17: 20Just ChattingIts been a long time | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter | [91/365]04:18:204653
2020-05-12Tuesday17: 57XCOM 2Game change  
2020-05-11Monday15: 00Just ChattingComfy vibes only | @AdmrialBahroo on Twitter 07:55:175310
2020-05-11Monday15: 39Iratus: Lord of the DeadGame change  
2020-05-10Sunday15: 00Just ChattingWholesome video gaming with your local panda dealer04:29:443977
2020-05-10Sunday15: 38Dead by daylightGame change  
2020-05-09Saturday15: 00Just ChattingFinishing up Iratus and then maybe harder difficulty? 08:07:366687
2020-05-09Saturday15: 23Iratus: Lord of the DeadGame change  
2020-05-08Friday12: 34Iratus: Lord of the DeadEarly stream! More !Iratus today, Floor 3+ rooC04:40:064933
2020-05-07Thursday15: 03Just ChattingHello there :D08:15:026465
2020-05-07Thursday15: 56Iratus: Lord of the DeadGame change  
2020-05-06Wednesday15: 01Remnant: From the AshesLevel 1 Apoc Run (Prepare for pain) | Terraria tomorrow? | 07:50:003011
2020-05-05Tuesday17: 14Not feeling so hot sorry, short stream rooC00:58:061944
2020-05-05Tuesday17: 29Remnant: From the AshesGame change  
2020-05-04Monday15: 00XCOM: Chimera SquadShort stream, finishing Xcom today | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitt06:26:544355
2020-05-03Sunday15: 04Remnant: From the AshesGoing for a 100 Boss run, strap in.| [82/365]09:55:224619
2020-05-02Saturday15: 05Gears TacticsGrenade Tactics [Insane] | [80/365]07:33:244377
2020-05-01Friday15: 04Next Stream: Friday @11Am CDT | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter | 07:51:344653
2020-05-01Friday15: 05Gears TacticsGame change  
2020-04-30Thursday15: 01Today is my day off so I can do whatever I want :) | [79/311:53:345575
2020-04-30Thursday15: 23Remnant: From the AshesGame change  
2020-04-29Wednesday15: 02Gears TacticsChecking out Gears Tactics :o | [76/365]08:00:457829
2020-04-28Tuesday15: 02Remnant: From the AshesChecking out Remnant Survival Update :O Tournament in 1 hour10:20:306019
2020-04-27Monday15: 04XCOM: Chimera SquadMore XCOM! Impossible Day 4 -> Remnant and Gears Tactics Tom05:54:484350
2020-04-26Sunday15: 01XCOM: Chimera SquadXcom Ironman/Impossible/Hardcore, Day 3, streaming till !DND08:53:566060
2020-04-25Saturday15: 02XCOM: Chimera Squad[Impossible/Hardcore/Ironman] XCOM: Chimera Squad. | @Admira08:17:366854
2020-04-24Friday15: 02XCOM: Chimera SquadChecking out XCOM: Chimera Squad, you miss 100% of the shots07:58:5611594
2020-04-23Thursday15: 00Iratus: Lord of the DeadChecking Out Iratus Full Release rooC| @AdmiralBahroo on Twi06:53:567144
2020-04-22Wednesday15: 01Fallout 76PERMADEATH Fallout 76 :o | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter | [7108:48:264158
2020-04-21Tuesday15: 01I truly have no clue what I am doing on any given day. | @Ad09:12:124550
2020-04-21Tuesday15: 41Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-04-21Tuesday17: 56Fallout 76Game change  
2020-04-20Monday15: 29Just ChattingGifting 1000 Subs @ 12 :) | [68/365] | New Games tomorrow! 04:56:543579
2020-04-20Monday15: 33Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-04-20Monday15: 03Just ChattingGifting 1000 Subs @ 12 :) | [68/365]00:24:30834
2020-04-20Monday15: 06They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-04-20Monday15: 14Just ChattingGame change  
2020-04-19Sunday15: 02Just ChattingStreaming till !DnD tonight | [67/365]06:17:443405
2020-04-19Sunday16: 06They are BillionsGame change  
2020-04-19Sunday16: 52RimWorldGame change  
2020-04-19Sunday17: 24They are BillionsGame change  
2020-04-19Sunday17: 27rimworldGame change  
2020-04-19Sunday17: 28RimWorldGame change  
2020-04-18Saturday15: 04Not FF7 05:25:104643
2020-04-18Saturday15: 06Just ChattingGame change  
2020-04-18Saturday15: 28Fallout 76Game change  
2020-04-16Thursday15: 01Final Fantasy VII Remake100% Finishing it today | This is pain and suffering :)14:47:406220
2020-04-15Wednesday15: 03Final Fantasy VII Remake[100%] Not stopping till its done. 10:12:254050
2020-04-14Tuesday15: 04Final Fantasy VII Remake100% [Hard Mode] FF7 rooC06:38:323304
2020-04-14Tuesday15: 23Just ChattingGame change  
2020-04-14Tuesday15: 35Final Fantasy VII RemakeGame change  
2020-04-13Monday15: 20Final Fantasy VII Remake!Schedule FF7 HARD MODE (Enemies are hard and you cant use i05:33:084948
2020-04-12Sunday15: 01Final Fantasy VII Remake!Schedule FF7 Remake Continues! Day 4 (100% / Normal) Come s11:22:2417917
2020-04-11Saturday15: 03Final Fantasy VII Remake!Schedule FF7 Remake Continues! Day 3 (100% / Normal) Come s07:10:5313942
2020-04-10Friday15: 00Final Fantasy VII RemakeMore FF7 Remake! (100%) Day 2 | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter 08:42:0117758
2020-04-09Thursday13: 00Final Fantasy VII RemakeFF7 Remake All Day! 100% Run, FF7 Emotes are live come say h10:57:1525266
2020-04-08Wednesday15: 07Just ChattingFF7 remake Tomorrow | Today is a filler episode03:04:333133
2020-04-08Wednesday15: 33Resident Evil 3Game change  
2020-04-08Wednesday16: 01rimworldGame change  
2020-04-08Wednesday16: 01RimWorldGame change  
2020-04-08Wednesday16: 11One Step from EdenGame change  
2020-04-08Wednesday17: 39They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-04-07Tuesday15: 09Just ChattingNo drops here, only pandas. rooVV06:31:093950
2020-04-07Tuesday15: 28Exit the GungeonGame change  
2020-04-07Tuesday17: 34One Step from EdenGame change  
2020-04-06Monday15: 02Resident Evil 3More RE3! Attempting challenge runs today and maybe another 06:37:462541
2020-04-05Sunday15: 04Resident Evil 3 🔥 Inferno Difficulty 🔥 Checking out Resistance later? St07:07:364023
2020-04-04Saturday15: 01Resident Evil 3Resident Evil 3 NG+! Trying out Nightmare mode and maybe eve06:31:044657
2020-04-03Friday15: 06Resident Evil 3RE3 Remake (Hardcore) | Beat Rimworld Last Night :O | 52/36507:54:2812709
2020-04-02Thursday15: 00RimWorldNot stopping the stream till I die or we win. Strap in10:57:5111932
2020-04-01Wednesday15: 03RimWorld*Witty april fools joke* 09:15:405934
2020-03-31Tuesday15: 02RimWorldR I M W O R L D - I W I L L W I N T H I S R U N08:47:046025
2020-03-30Monday15: 00RimWorldDont act surprised10:08:056646
2020-03-29Sunday15: 03RimWorldRIMWORLD BECAUSE ITS THE ONLY THING I STREAM I GUESS (300 su09:47:346253
2020-03-28Saturday16: 01RimWorldFINAL COLONY TO SAVE ESCAPE WITH 09:22:506073
2020-03-27Friday16: 01RimWorldRimworldRimworldRimworldRimworldRimworldRimworldRimworldRimw07:50:166102
2020-03-26Thursday16: 00RimWorldIts rimworld, you already knew this. Dont act surprised | @08:40:495721
2020-03-25Wednesday16: 02RimWorldR I M W O R L D | 100 Subs if (When) I die | @AdmiralBahr08:26:235489
2020-03-24Tuesday16: 00RimWorldMORE RIMWORLD, Still trying to win and I wont stop :) | @Ad08:43:465750
2020-03-23Monday16: 01RimWorldLast Colony died, But this one will live. More Rimworld unti08:09:186793
2020-03-22Sunday16: 01RimWorldRimworld (Randy/Savage) Still not dead! | !Twitter !AllYear 09:28:137194
2020-03-21Saturday16: 02RimWorldRimworld until I win | [39/365]08:05:585832
2020-03-20Friday16: 21Doom EternalComfy stream, comfy vibes only | Ultra Nightmare attempt (Ju05:37:124522
2020-03-20Friday18: 46Animal Crossing: New HorizonsGame change  
2020-03-19Thursday16: 01Doom EternalDOOM ETERNAL ALL DAY | NIGHTMARE 100% rooGun11:55:1615428
2020-03-18Wednesday18: 25Doom EternalDOOM ETERNAL NIGHTMARE 100% (Thanks Bethesda for the Early C04:59:2812058
2020-03-18Wednesday18: 15Doom EternalDOOM ETERNAL NIGHTMARE 100% (Thanks Bethesda for the Early C00:08:322083
2020-03-18Wednesday16: 02RimWorldDoom Eternal Waiting room | 36/36502:10:412305
2020-03-18Wednesday18: 07Doom EternalGame change  
2020-03-17Tuesday16: 00RimWorldNo gods nor kings, only Rimworld. Until I win09:07:517005
2020-03-16Monday16: 01RimWorldrooHaz Stay Safe | Nioh 2 if I die | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitt10:14:386837
2020-03-15Sunday16: 00RimWorldSub Sunday, get your suit today rooHaz | streaming till !DND09:32:545699
2020-03-14Saturday16: 02RimWorldrooHaz Stay away if your sick | Nioh 2 Tomorrow :) | @Admira09:44:486372
2020-03-13Friday16: 03RimWorldrooHaz I cannot be contaminated | 1 more day of Rimworld I p06:04:274953
2020-03-12Thursday16: 04RimWorldRandy wants me dead rooCry | Randy/Savage | @AdmiralBahroo o07:14:056287
2020-03-11Wednesday21: 00RimWorldThis colony has last 2 days without dying. 150 Subs if it di07:04:486679
2020-03-10Tuesday16: 04RimWorldRimworld, Randy/Savage 100 Friends if I lose :) | !plushie 07:53:547482
2020-03-09Monday16: 02RimWorldI WILL NOT LOSE THIS COLONY.. maybe | !plushie | @AdmiralBah10:33:227975
2020-03-08Sunday16: 05RimWorldNaked Brutality / Randy Merciless. LETS GO | !plushie | @Adm09:33:257131
2020-03-07Saturday17: 01RimWorldRandy Merciless, 100 Subs if I lose the colony because I won08:15:387271
2020-03-06Friday17: 00RimWorldTHIS IS IT, THE COLONY TO ASCEND TO THE STARS| @AdmiralBahro09:18:307828
2020-03-05Thursday17: 02RimWorldStill Addicted, Randy NO MERCY | !plushie | @AdmiralBahroo 09:03:287314
2020-03-04Wednesday17: 03RimWorld!Plushie Crippling addiction continues | @AdmiralBahroo on T08:54:147530
2020-03-03Tuesday17: 01RimWorldShort Stream (doc appointment) but still addicted to Rimworl04:04:155263
2020-03-02Monday17: 00Final Fantasy VII RemakeFF7 Remake 7 with you and me :) | Rimworld after | @Admiral07:44:408523
2020-03-02Monday18: 25RimWorldGame change  
2020-03-01Sunday17: 01Just ChattingTrying out a new game then more rimworld till DnD | @Admira09:33:326648
2020-03-01Sunday17: 20ForegoneGame change  
2020-03-01Sunday20: 46RimWorldGame change  
2020-02-29Saturday17: 01RimWorldMore Rimworld with Randy/Savage Help me | @AdmiralBahroo on 08:22:477267
2020-02-28Friday16: 59RimWorldRimworld Randy Savage - > GTFO @ 3 - > ?? Late night | All 11:55:388900
2020-02-28Friday21: 31GTFOGame change  
2020-02-27Thursday17: 00RimWorldAttempting to build a functioning colony with 2 hours total 07:02:2610661
2020-02-25Tuesday17: 01Just ChattingPanda emote salesmen doesnt know what he is doing today | @06:10:227698
2020-02-25Tuesday17: 24They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-02-24Monday17: 02Just ChattingIts Monday, post rooSmush, TAB Custom Campaign Continues! | 06:41:317234
2020-02-24Monday17: 30They are BillionsGame change  
2020-02-24Monday17: 38They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-02-23Sunday17: 02Just ChattingPACKED Day today, lets have a fun Sunday <3 | @AdmiralBahroo07:43:166724
2020-02-23Sunday17: 38They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-02-23Sunday21: 35GTFOGame change  
2020-02-22Saturday17: 00Just ChattingEducational Gameplay, DbD - > TAB Customs | [11/365] !AllYea09:50:579974
2020-02-22Saturday17: 21Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-02-22Saturday21: 41They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-02-21Friday20: 11This title is missing a leter. | [10/365] !AllYear02:01:373949
2020-02-21Friday20: 38Dungeon Defenders: AwakenedGame change  
2020-02-19Wednesday17: 00Stoneshard[Permadeath] Stoneshard continues, I dont know what I am doi05:54:565356
2020-02-18Tuesday16: 58Dead by DaylightThey did it, they gave the killer a gun05:31:288312
2020-02-17Monday17: 12StoneshardFinally trying Stoneshard, dont you dare rooBobble today08:40:067119
2020-02-16Sunday17: 04The day is Sunday, Day of Button Push, and long time stream 08:48:105846
2020-02-16Sunday17: 11Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-02-16Sunday21: 22Wolcen: Lords of MayhemGame change  
2020-02-15Saturday17: 02Wolcen: Lords of MayhemWolcen Endgame, Im addicted [Man with Gun Build]06:49:488721
2020-02-14Friday16: 59Wolcen: Lords of MayhemHappy Valentines! More Wolcen because I am addicted (Hobo, S07:30:545391
2020-02-13Thursday17: 00Wolcen: Lords of MayhemIts my day off so I can do whatever I want rooD | Trying out05:39:207329
2020-02-12Wednesday17: 00They Are BillionsNo gods nor kings, only TAB. 900% difficulty TODAY IS THE DA06:00:108378
2020-02-11Tuesday17: 00They Are BillionsMinor announcement to start the stream and then WE CONTINUE 08:00:085599
2020-02-09Sunday16: 59Next Stream: Sunday @11AM CST | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter07:57:596280
2020-02-09Sunday17: 14They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-02-08Saturday17: 00They Are BillionsBeating 900% in TAB or else | Stoneshard (New Game) Afterwar07:35:066367
2020-02-07Friday19: 02Games! GTFO and More!07:08:217178
2020-02-07Friday19: 32SubnauticaGame change  
2020-02-07Friday20: 59GTFOGame change  
2020-02-05Wednesday17: 01It is Wednesday my pandas04:51:005380
2020-02-05Wednesday17: 28They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-02-05Wednesday17: 28Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-02-05Wednesday20: 11Synthetik: Legion RisingGame change  
2020-02-04Tuesday23: 57Later than usual panda04:19:095023
2020-02-04Tuesday23: 57They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-02-04Tuesday17: 01Long stream, 05:41:362563
2020-02-04Tuesday17: 03Just ChattingGame change  
2020-02-04Tuesday18: 07Apex LegendsGame change  
2020-02-03Monday17: 00You must announce your arrival with peepoArrive | Twitter @08:14:134751
2020-02-03Monday17: 34ElderbornGame change  
2020-02-03Monday17: 55SynthetikGame change  
2020-02-03Monday17: 55Synthetik: Legion RisingGame change  
2020-02-02Sunday17: 00Providing shelter from the land of handegg sports talk !Sche07:37:506038
2020-02-02Sunday17: 22darkest dungeonGame change  
2020-02-02Sunday17: 22Darkest DungeonGame change  
2020-02-02Sunday21: 47They are BillionsGame change  
2020-02-02Sunday21: 48They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-01-31Friday15: 09Hello its me, the panda salesmen 11:09:1912850
2020-01-31Friday15: 34dead by daylightGame change  
2020-01-31Friday19: 25They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-01-31Friday20: 49Papers, PleaseGame change  
2020-01-30Thursday00: 36Journey to the Savage PlanetIm the panda emote salesman, buy a panda. | !Goal !NewSched00:22:562786
2020-01-29Wednesday15: 51Im the panda emote salesman, buy a panda. | !Goal !NewSched08:42:136303
2020-01-29Wednesday16: 08Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-01-29Wednesday19: 12Journey to the Savage PlanetGame change  
2020-01-28Tuesday20: 03Journey to the Savage PlanetChecking out something new that might be fun :D` | !Goal !Ne04:28:007332
2020-01-28Tuesday15: 05I am ready for a new game already !Goal !NewSchedule 03:34:592293
2020-01-28Tuesday15: 25Escape From TarkovGame change  
2020-01-27Monday16: 08Still having a blast today! DbD to start and then probably a07:57:345022
2020-01-27Monday16: 34dead by daylightGame change  
2020-01-27Monday16: 34Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-01-27Monday17: 57DemonCrawlGame change  
2020-01-27Monday21: 55They Are BillionsGame change  
2020-01-26Sunday15: 2215 hour stream today, Today we begin Day 1 of our !goal 10:22:127368
2020-01-26Sunday15: 41Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-01-26Sunday19: 03HadesGame change  
2020-01-26Sunday23: 46Slay the SpireGame change  
2020-01-25Saturday15: 01MYAAA Im live but idk what to stream MYAAA06:21:084844
2020-01-25Saturday15: 20Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-01-24Friday15: 00FrostpunkIts time to beat this DLC! More Frostpunk and I will sacrifi09:49:387432
2020-01-22Wednesday15: 00FrostpunkChecking out the new Frostpunk DLC! Should be fun | @Admiral07:10:329219
2020-01-21Tuesday15: 00Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot!NewSchedule Cell Saga Pt2, finishing tomorrow? | | @Admiral12:15:0810951
2020-01-20Monday15: 01Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot!NewSchedule More DBZ - Android/Cell Arc10:01:307830
2020-01-19Sunday17: 03Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot!NewSchedule More DBZ, Freiza Saga08:19:177155
2020-01-18Saturday17: 01widepeepoHappy Good times widepeepoHappy 07:18:048413
2020-01-18Saturday17: 20Dragon Ball Z: KakarotGame change  
2020-01-17Friday17: 05Video games08:14:385973
2020-01-17Friday17: 19Dead by DaylightGame change  
2020-01-17Friday20: 36Monster Hunter World: IceborneGame change  
2020-01-15Wednesday17: 01Another full day of good times. Slay the Spire till DnD @505:46:448813
2020-01-15Wednesday17: 26Slay the SpireGame change  
2020-01-14Tuesday17: 01Farm fresh streams. More MHW and then Slay the Spire update?10:13:247641
2020-01-14Tuesday17: 16Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2020-01-14Tuesday23: 54Slay the SpireGame change  
2020-01-13Monday18: 26Fresh Apartment, fresh stream, new year. rooBibble rooBobble08:42:325580
2020-01-13Monday18: 54Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2020-01-10Friday17: 03Monster Hunter WorldLast stream before the !move More MHW Iceborne!05:02:285570
2020-01-09Thursday15: 05Monster Hunter WorldMonster Hunter World! New Iceborne Expansion (@ 11AM CST), c08:41:447326
2020-01-07Tuesday17: 03Monster Hunter WorldGetting ready for Iceborne! Lets hunt EVERYTHING. 19:25:168868
2020-01-06Monday23: 20Monster Hunter WorldPrepping for Iceborne in 2 days and praying my internet stay03:07:172958
2020-01-05Sunday01: 02Late night panda, shouldnt you be asleep?03:11:103523
2020-01-05Sunday01: 16Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2020-01-04Saturday16: 59MH:W Fresh File! Getting ready for Iceborne on PC, come hang06:28:425479
2020-01-04Saturday17: 13Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2020-01-03Friday17: 00Actual job now Pog07:59:087931
2020-01-03Friday17: 13HadesGame change  
2020-01-01Wednesday16: 59Its my birthday (Yes really it is) | Announcement @ 1PM Cent05:06:539682
2020-01-01Wednesday17: 15hadesGame change  
2020-01-01Wednesday18: 51just chattingGame change  
2020-01-01Wednesday19: 11hadesGame change  
2020-01-01Wednesday19: 14HadesGame change  
2019-12-31Tuesday19: 30Final Stream of the Year/Decade rooAww06:48:548756
2019-12-31Tuesday19: 46HadesGame change  
2019-12-30Monday17: 13I broke my foot IRL by jumping in video games10:01:4410010
2019-12-30Monday17: 34XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-30Monday20: 49HadesGame change  
2019-12-29Sunday17: 123 Days remain. What will you do?08:21:075474
2019-12-29Sunday17: 26Jump KingGame change  
2019-12-29Sunday17: 093 Days remain. What will you do?00:01:571003
2019-12-28Saturday08: 47Graveyard stream08:33:309853
2019-12-28Saturday09: 04Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-12-28Saturday13: 50Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-12-25Wednesday17: 05Merry Christmas, 500 Subs an hour07:44:4213603
2019-12-25Wednesday17: 39XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-25Wednesday22: 41dead by daylightGame change  
2019-12-24Tuesday17: 42XCOM 2: War of the ChosenFINAL DAY of !giftmas07:39:1212533
2019-12-24Tuesday01: 20nothingGame change  
2019-12-23Monday16: 16XCOM 2: War of the Chosen2 Days left on !Giftmas | ** Heavily Modded XCOM Leg/Ironman07:03:4411152
2019-12-22Sunday18: 04XCOM 2: War of the ChosenLast Day of !Giftmas06:51:4010483
2019-12-21Saturday17: 02XCOM 2: War of the Chosen2 DAYS on !giftmas | Xcom 2 ** HEAVILY MODDED ** Legendary 09:25:0015171
2019-12-20Friday17: 004 Days left on !Giftmas MYAAA STRIMMER | @Admiralbahroo on T08:46:2010966
2019-12-20Friday17: 24dead by daylightGame change  
2019-12-20Friday21: 53Xcom 2 War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-20Friday21: 54XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-19Thursday18: 34 widepeepoHappy 👉 ❤️05:03:315588
2019-12-19Thursday18: 47Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-12-19Thursday21: 55Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-12-17Tuesday17: 03Risk of Rain 2I burnt steamable broccoli AMA07:51:188894
2019-12-17Tuesday22: 25World War ZGame change  
2019-12-16Monday17: 02rooAww07:15:1414124
2019-12-16Monday17: 20XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-16Monday00: 12nothingGame change  
2019-12-14Saturday17: 01If you are reading this then I hope you are having a great d08:22:044511
2019-12-14Saturday17: 13WarframeGame change  
2019-12-14Saturday01: 19nothingGame change  
2019-12-13Friday17: 04Today I become a space pirate | Xcom to Start, Warframe @3PM08:36:1511702
2019-12-13Friday17: 25XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-13Friday21: 03WarframeGame change  
2019-12-13Friday01: 36nothingGame change  
2019-12-12Thursday23: 17Watching the Game Awards like everyone else05:28:586632
2019-12-12Thursday23: 46dead by daylightGame change  
2019-12-12Thursday00: 53Special EventsGame change  
2019-12-10Tuesday18: 15Bright Future ahead :) 10:16:5013255
2019-12-10Tuesday18: 32XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-10Tuesday23: 46Call of Duty: Modern WarfareGame change  
2019-12-09Monday17: 03nothingNext Stream = Monday @ 11AM CST!08:19:1015141
2019-12-09Monday17: 06XCOM 2: WAR OF THE CHOSENGame change  
2019-12-08Sunday17: 04rooD Help I am frozen and I must scream | Matching all !Gif07:26:1512911
2019-12-08Sunday17: 22XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-08Sunday17: 23xcom 2: war of the chosenGame change  
2019-12-08Sunday00: 27nothingGame change  
2019-12-07Saturday17: 04I am watching you rooD2 | @Admiralbahroo on Twitter07:58:367332
2019-12-07Saturday17: 23Darksiders GenesisGame change  
2019-12-06Friday17: 01nothing!giftmas | Happy Friday!06:48:3214202
2019-12-06Friday17: 32XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-04Wednesday17: 26!giftmas Xcom 2 *HEAVILY MODDED* Legendary/Ironman07:41:3019643
2019-12-04Wednesday18: 11XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-04Wednesday01: 05nothingGame change  
2019-12-04Wednesday17: 09!giftmas Xcom 2 *HEAVILY MODDED* Legendary/Ironman00:12:262428
2019-12-03Tuesday20: 54Phoenix Point!Giftmas Checking out Phoenix Point! 05:32:049674
2019-12-03Tuesday21: 05phoenix pointGame change  
2019-12-03Tuesday17: 00!giftmas Checking Out Pheonix Point at 1PM CDT!01:52:174432
2019-12-03Tuesday17: 12dead by daylightGame change  
2019-12-01Sunday17: 43xcom 2Game change  
2019-12-01Sunday17: 45XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-12-01Sunday22: 53nothingGame change  
2019-11-30Saturday17: 00Hello rooSnow | Starting with DbD and then Stardew or Xcom a03:42:206472
2019-11-30Saturday17: 25dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-30Saturday20: 32stardew valleyGame change  
2019-11-30Saturday20: 41nothingGame change  
2019-11-29Friday17: 01Christmas Pandas are here! Have fun with them. !Docket !What05:14:395667
2019-11-29Friday17: 12dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-29Friday22: 13nothingGame change  
2019-11-27Wednesday18: 02!whathappened Hello I am waiting on the birth of my child03:38:487028
2019-11-27Wednesday18: 19dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-27Wednesday21: 37nothingGame change  
2019-11-24Sunday17: 13Hey I just wanted to say, I hope you have a good day today. 00:45:306623
2019-11-24Sunday17: 43dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-23Saturday17: 05Next Stream: Saturday @ 11AM CST | @Admiralbahroo on Twitter06:48:108406
2019-11-23Saturday17: 24dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-22Friday18: 15Darkest DungeonDARKEST DUNGEON FINALE PART 207:45:2410030
2019-11-22Friday22: 22dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-22Friday00: 58Old School RuneScapeGame change  
2019-11-21Thursday19: 52Borderlands 3Borderlands 3 Raid & Mayhem 403:17:376370
2019-11-20Wednesday17: 02Darkest DungeonDarkest Dungeon Finale! | Twitter @Admiralbahroo07:27:5010338
2019-11-19Tuesday17: 00Dead by Daylight"The Oni" New Killer! Please dont suck please dont suck plea03:19:576582
2019-11-18Monday19: 05In this house, we post rooBobble only 3 times. | Twitter @A04:59:384566
2019-11-18Monday19: 18dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-17Sunday17: 00I have a good feeling about today | Twitter @Admiralbahroo13:12:2812054
2019-11-17Sunday17: 20dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-17Sunday21: 557 days to dieGame change  
2019-11-15Friday17: 11Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderHardest Difficulty, one stream. Lets go19:16:1820007
2019-11-13Wednesday16: 02Darkest Dungeon[Bloodmoon] Week 50+ Can we finish DD before Pokemon on Frid06:46:5910744
2019-11-13Wednesday16: 13darkest dungeonGame change  
2019-11-12Tuesday18: 02Able was I Ere I saw rooDuck | @admiralbahroo on Twitter04:57:225145
2019-11-12Tuesday18: 21dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-11Monday17: 05Hello rooVV | @admiralbahroo on twitter08:28:005353
2019-11-11Monday17: 17dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-10Sunday17: 03Some people dont think it be that way, but it do. | @admiral14:06:4412533
2019-11-10Sunday17: 19dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-10Sunday23: 007 days to dieGame change  
2019-11-09Saturday17: 02Just chilling today| @admiralbahroo on Twitter06:24:044956
2019-11-09Saturday17: 14dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-09Saturday19: 55Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-11-09Saturday23: 26nothingGame change  
2019-11-08Friday18: 00Death StrandingWalking the entirety of Death Stranding04:57:2110552
2019-11-06Wednesday18: 03Darkest DungeonDay 4 | Darkest Dungeon all Day rooAww | @admiralbahroo on t05:10:389648
2019-11-06Wednesday23: 14nothingGame change  
2019-11-05Tuesday17: 05Dead by DaylightDay 3, A small adventure into DbD and then we explore more D07:02:518027
2019-11-05Tuesday17: 18dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-05Tuesday20: 40darkest dungeonGame change  
2019-11-04Monday17: 00Day 2, A wee bit of DbD and then more Darkest Dungeon | @adm07:38:287368
2019-11-04Monday17: 11dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-04Monday21: 33darkest dungeonGame change  
2019-11-03Sunday21: 57Day 1: The start of a new rooDuck07:56:418643
2019-11-03Sunday22: 09Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-11-03Sunday22: 487 Days to DieGame change  
2019-11-03Sunday17: 51Day 1: The start of a new rooDuck00:28:022421
2019-11-03Sunday18: 01dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-03Sunday17: 14Day 1: The start of a new rooDuck00:10:471768
2019-11-03Sunday17: 01Day 1: The start of a new rooDuck00:10:131302
2019-11-02Saturday16: 0101110010 01101111 01101111 01010110 01010110 00100000 01110107:34:366772
2019-11-02Saturday16: 14dead by daylightGame change  
2019-11-02Saturday19: 53darkest dungeonGame change  
2019-11-01Friday16: 04This is such a crazy title because I am trying to make it as07:01:047408
2019-11-01Friday16: 21darkest dungeonGame change  
2019-11-01Friday23: 04nothingGame change  
2019-11-01Friday00: 04Dead by DaylightHappy Halloween :D04:46:376885
2019-10-30Wednesday16: 00Announcement @ 12PM CDT05:59:345779
2019-10-30Wednesday16: 13dead by daylightGame change  
2019-10-30Wednesday21: 58nothingGame change  
2019-10-29Tuesday16: 01Next Stream: Tuesday @11AM CST | @admiralbahroo on Twitter06:57:295841
2019-10-29Tuesday16: 16dead by daylightGame change  
2019-10-29Tuesday20: 37darkest dungeonGame change  
2019-10-29Tuesday22: 55nothingGame change  
2019-10-28Monday16: 00Hello :) | @admiralbahroo on Twitter06:25:168350
2019-10-28Monday16: 18darkest dungeonGame change  
2019-10-26Saturday15: 01Next Stream @11AM CST | @admiralbahroo on Twitter20:57:428939
2019-10-26Saturday15: 02The Outer WorldsGame change  
2019-10-26Saturday15: 21the outer worldsGame change  
2019-10-25Friday15: 19Chat is out of this world | @admiralbahroo on Twitter09:35:1010825
2019-10-25Friday15: 32Outer WorldsGame change  
2019-10-25Friday15: 33The Outer WorldsGame change  
2019-10-24Thursday22: 59Borderlands 3Checking out the new Halloween event | @admiralbahroo on Twi02:18:184370
2019-10-24Thursday01: 01Graveyard shift | @admiralbahroo on Twitter08:16:328984
2019-10-24Thursday01: 20Dead By DaylightGame change  
2019-10-24Thursday06: 08Darkest DungeonGame change  
2019-10-23Wednesday15: 01The duck has taken my hostage please save me | @admiralbahr00:16:342889
2019-10-22Tuesday16: 01Be nice to chat day | @admiralbahroo on twitter02:55:124082
2019-10-22Tuesday16: 15dead by daylightGame change  
2019-10-21Monday15: 03Its Monday, so that means you need to post rooDuck | @Admira06:17:586382
2019-10-21Monday15: 23dead by daylightGame change  
2019-10-21Monday18: 03darkest dungeonGame change  
2019-10-20Sunday15: 00Comfy sunday | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter06:30:286184
2019-10-20Sunday15: 16dead by daylightGame change  
2019-10-20Sunday19: 10darkest dungeonGame change  
2019-10-20Sunday19: 11Darkest DungeonGame change  
2019-10-18Friday15: 02!1Sub02:54:395185
2019-10-18Friday15: 217 days to dieGame change  
2019-10-16Wednesday15: 00Next Stream: Wednesday @11AM CST | @admiralbahroo on twitter06:23:126233
2019-10-16Wednesday15: 017 Days to DieGame change  
2019-10-15Tuesday15: 01Next Stream: Tuesday @11AM CST | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter!05:51:104002
2019-10-15Tuesday15: 16dead by daylightGame change  
2019-10-15Tuesday16: 33noitaGame change  
2019-10-15Tuesday18: 27they are billionsGame change  
2019-10-14Monday16: 00!docket Checking out Dark Souls rooOWO Edition | @AdmiralBah08:02:124352
2019-10-14Monday16: 25FortniteGame change  
2019-10-14Monday16: 32Code VeinGame change  
2019-10-14Monday22: 21NoitaGame change  
2019-10-13Sunday14: 00Next Stream = Sunday @ 10AM CST! | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter08:21:286305
2019-10-13Sunday14: 007 Days to DieGame change  
2019-10-12Saturday16: 00!Docket A full day of positvity rooAww | Halloween emotes ar06:21:084843
2019-10-12Saturday16: 09Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-10-12Saturday19: 22They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-10-11Friday16: 04Feeling good, feeling positive <3 | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitte10:44:255994
2019-10-11Friday16: 06Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-10-11Friday20: 16They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-10-08Tuesday15: 01Borderlands 3Building the best character ever| @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter04:39:486703
2019-10-08Tuesday17: 14Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-10-08Tuesday18: 15Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-10-07Monday15: 00Next Stream: Monday @11 AM CSt | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter07:27:225933
2019-10-07Monday15: 01Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-10-07Monday16: 01Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-10-06Sunday15: 01AI: The Somnium FilesFinishing this today? | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter14:15:0218286
2019-10-05Saturday15: 00AI: The Somnium Files230[9w4u78hyrndpfiogjn07:59:1211220
2019-10-04Friday16: 25AI: The Somnium FilesrooDuck | @AdmiralBahroo on Twitter07:01:4212711
2019-10-02Wednesday15: 01Borderlands 3MELEE ONLY NO BULLETS | @Admiralbahroo on Twitter 06:09:528649
2019-10-01Tuesday15: 00Untitled Goose GamerooOld Get off my lawn | @Admiralbahroo on Twitter09:04:305581
2019-10-01Tuesday17: 24Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-10-01Tuesday18: 02Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-10-01Tuesday19: 01Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-10-01Tuesday19: 01Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-09-26Thursday13: 00Borderlands 3Last stream before Twitchcon | No gun Amara03:59:5011195
2019-09-25Wednesday15: 39The Surge 2More Surge 2 | Borderlands 3 Returns tomorrow rooVV 07:24:303978
2019-09-24Tuesday15: 08The Surge 2Local Panda attempts to play video games | Going to Twitchco08:58:365615
2019-09-23Monday15: 01Borderlands 3Zombies EE Hunt today in 1 Hour! Matching all sub10:07:1812513
2019-09-23Monday16: 02Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Game change  
2019-09-22Sunday15: 05Borderlands 3Finishing TVHM on Moze Part 500, #Borderlands # Sweepstakes 07:17:068204
2019-09-21Saturday15: 05Borderlands 3Matching all gifted subs, 2 days on !Subtember | Finishing T08:16:405682
2019-09-20Friday16: 00Borderlands 33 Days left 50% off subs rooCry Adopt a panda today05:54:407727
2019-09-19Thursday20: 32Risk of Rain 2Checking out the massive RoR 2 update! | More BL3 Tomorrow04:04:165556
2019-09-19Thursday17: 01Borderlands 350% off Subs, pls help| Morning Borderlands with Bahroo, Far00:34:082452
2019-09-19Thursday13: 00Borderlands 3Morning Borderlands with Bahroo, Farming for Project 1-shot 04:00:483981
2019-09-18Wednesday15: 05Borderlands 3Time to win Twitch Rivals Borderlands 3 Competition 06:46:488639
2019-09-17Tuesday15: 03Borderlands 3Next Stream: Wednesday @11AM CST07:15:368226
2019-09-16Monday19: 35Borderlands 3Level 50 Moze, TVHM Mayhem3 I have become a god03:03:348485
2019-09-16Monday19: 19Next Stream = Check Twitter for Updates!00:15:421218
2019-09-16Monday19: 21Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-09-16Monday19: 17Next Stream = Check Twitter for Updates!00:02:24553
2019-09-15Sunday15: 03Borderlands 3Creating the ultimate Moze07:44:0816897
2019-09-14Saturday14: 58Borderlands 3Finishing main story today! | Creator Code: ROOSPY09:18:2826088
2019-09-13Friday15: 00Borderlands 3Moze Gang 100% Run! | Spoiler Warning | Creator Code: ROOSP09:34:0131503
2019-09-12Thursday10: 03Borderlands 3I love this game <3 | Creator Code: ROOSPY12:36:2336404
2019-09-11Wednesday01: 01Borderlands 2BORDERLANDS 3 IN 5 HOURS! | Creator Code: ROOSPY14:06:0759372
2019-09-11Wednesday04: 29Borderlands 3Game change  
2019-09-09Monday18: 02Remnant: From the AshesNext Stream: Monday @2pm CST Stay Tuned on Twitter and Disco02:01:215390
2019-09-08Sunday16: 09Borderlands 2Its so close now, | Creator Code: ROOSPY08:50:554858
2019-09-07Saturday16: 14Next Stream Saturday @12PM | Creator Code: ROOSPY09:11:596410
2019-09-07Saturday16: 32Gears 5Game change  
2019-09-07Saturday22: 48Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon BreakpointGame change  
2019-09-05Thursday17: 16Gears 5Finishing Gears 5 Campaign! | Creator Code: ROOSPY04:03:446378
2019-09-05Thursday17: 03Gears 5Finishing Gears 5 Campaign! | Creator Code: ROOSPY00:01:461186
2019-09-05Thursday13: 18Borderlands 2Borderlands 2 with Alex #Sponsored | Finishing Gear 5 @ 1PM 03:43:582051
2019-09-05Thursday13: 04Stream Will Be Back Thursday at 9 AM CDT rooHug | Twitter @A00:13:38261
2019-09-05Thursday13: 04Borderlands 2Game change  
2019-09-04Wednesday16: 05Gear 5 Campaign today! | 8 Days till Borderlands 3 | Creator12:23:4611301
2019-09-04Wednesday16: 38Gears 5Game change  
2019-09-04Wednesday21: 05Dungeons & DragonsGame change  
2019-09-04Wednesday23: 33Gears 5Game change  
2019-09-03Tuesday19: 25Next Stream = Tonight at 7 or 8PM CST! | Creator Code: rooSp09:38:329786
2019-09-03Tuesday19: 26Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-09-03Tuesday23: 44Gears 5Game change  
2019-09-03Tuesday15: 04Every stream is a filler episode till Borderlands 3 | Creato02:13:291867
2019-09-03Tuesday15: 30Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-09-02Monday15: 00!Subtember Start tomorrow so dont sub at all today | Creator06:13:513677
2019-09-02Monday15: 04Just ChattingGame change  
2019-09-02Monday15: 23Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-08-30Friday20: 04Risk of Rain 2Its a little wet03:55:506727
2019-08-30Friday20: 32Talk Shows & PodcastsGame change  
2019-08-30Friday20: 59Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-08-30Friday15: 35Astral ChainChecking out Astral Chain!03:31:595249
2019-08-30Friday17: 17Astral ChainGame change  
2019-08-30Friday17: 18Cyberpunk 2077Game change  
2019-08-30Friday17: 35Astral ChainGame change  
2019-08-28Wednesday15: 01Just Chatting16 Days till BL3 | Creator Code: rooSpy, go buy BL305:30:344714
2019-08-28Wednesday15: 26They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-08-27Tuesday19: 34MinecraftJust chillin (Hardcore) | Creator Code: rooSpy03:09:243743
2019-08-27Tuesday15: 05ControlNOT WOW | Checking out Control! | Creator Code: ROOSPY01:15:482187
2019-08-26Monday17: 01Oxygen Not IncludedThere isnt much air, hold your breath pandas!04:12:024899
2019-08-25Sunday15: 05ControlChecking out Control! Thanks Remedy for the key.02:03:024425
2019-08-24Saturday15: 00MinecraftHardcore Minecraft because waiting for BL3 is taking forever07:40:555895
2019-08-23Friday15: 06MinecraftShort stream | Announcing winners @ 12PM CDT | Chill Hardco01:34:433486
2019-08-22Thursday13: 01Borderlands 2Chill stream <300:14:332797
2019-08-21Wednesday15: 17Remnant: From the AshesRemnant Finale! Hardest Difficulty solo05:43:386310
2019-08-20Tuesday15: 21Remnant: From the Ashes<Literally Impossible Difficulty> Its time to dethrone a kin09:59:447606
2019-08-19Monday15: 02Remnant: From the Ashes<Literally Impossible Difficulty> We have moved to Zone 3 an10:00:327115
2019-08-18Sunday15: 04Remnant: From the Ashes<Literally Impossible Difficulty> We have beaten 1 boss, 3 r08:30:137050
2019-08-17Saturday15: 01Remnant: From the AshesRemnant from the Ashes! [Nightmare Difficulty] 5 Subs if I d09:31:178970
2019-08-16Friday15: 01Remnant: From the AshesNew game! Remnant from the Ashes09:06:1114976
2019-08-15Thursday13: 03Borderlands 3Borderlands 3 FL4K Hype! #Sponsored by Gearbox & 2K04:00:3832112
2019-08-14Wednesday13: 48Borderlands 3Borderlands 3 FL4K Gameplay!00:13:069393
2019-08-12Monday15: 04Fire Emblem: Three HousesFinishing Fire Emblem | Streaming BORDERLANDS 3 on Wednesday09:24:3516610
2019-08-11Sunday15: 06Fire Emblem: Three HousesFinishing this game 7 Chapters left | $10K Art !Contest - En09:01:2810158
2019-08-10Saturday15: 02Fire Emblem: Three HousesBeating this Game by Monday I promise 09:04:1912507
2019-08-09Friday15: 32Fire Emblem: Three HousesMore Fire Emblem! | Streaming BL3 on Aug 14th08:32:417815
2019-08-09Friday21: 18Age of Wonders: PlanetfallGame change  
2019-08-07Wednesday15: 02Fire Emblem: Three HousesMore FE! 1 is dead, how many more will die? | 8 Days left on05:53:549863
2019-08-06Tuesday15: 01Still Addicted | !contest08:43:458272
2019-08-06Tuesday15: 21Fire Emblem: Three HousesGame change  
2019-08-06Tuesday20: 57Age of Wonders: PlanetfallGame change  
2019-08-05Monday15: 34Still Addicted | !contest08:02:249731
2019-08-05Monday15: 47Fire Emblem: Three HousesGame change  
2019-08-04Sunday15: 01Fire Emblem: Three HousesPermadeath/No Rewind/Deer | 10 Days left on $10K !Contest 08:31:4910514
2019-08-03Saturday15: 02Fire Emblem: Three HousesAddiction09:05:3412352
2019-08-02Friday17: 54Fire Emblem: Three HousesIm taking today off, dont watch. [Permadeath/No Rewind/Hard/04:17:5310131
2019-08-01Thursday21: 02Tales from the BorderlandsRunning on 1 hour of sleep so we are watching a movie #spons02:30:253966
2019-08-01Thursday16: 05The 100% Borderlands Series begins NOW!02:39:443966
2019-08-01Thursday16: 19BorderlandsGame change  
2019-07-31Wednesday15: 02Fire Emblem: Three HousesFinishing Fire Emblem TODAY | !Borderlands TOMORROW!15:47:0725686
2019-07-30Tuesday19: 39Fire Emblem: Three HousesI fixed it "Maybe". [Permadeath/Classic | $10K art !contest 04:49:1411550
2019-07-30Tuesday15: 32Next Stream: Tuesday @ 11:30AM CST | $10K art !contest | !bo02:53:348863
2019-07-30Tuesday15: 32Fire Emblem: Three HousesGame change  
2019-07-29Monday20: 42Fire Emblem: Three Houses[Perma Death/Hard] I love this game | $10K art !contest | !b07:52:0820388
2019-07-29Monday15: 01Fire Emblem: Three Houses[Hard/Classic] I love this game05:39:4310968
2019-07-27Saturday15: 02Fire Emblem: Three Houses[Hard/Classic] Fire Emblem Sub-a-Thon (All subs add 30 secon08:26:2754138
2019-07-27Saturday21: 05Dungeons & DragonsGame change  
2019-07-27Saturday23: 25Fire Emblem: Three HousesGame change  
2019-07-26Friday15: 01Fire Emblem: Three HousesFirst Fire Emblem ever, lets see how it is | $10K !contest09:05:5433878
2019-07-25Thursday13: 07Borderlands 2Borderlands #Sponsored | $10K Art !contest | !Borderlands03:50:523936
2019-07-24Wednesday15: 02Darkest DungeonIts a dark dark day. DD to start, new game later | $10K Art 11:41:2818171
2019-07-24Wednesday19: 25Iratus: Lord of the DeadGame change  
2019-07-23Tuesday15: 07Darkest DungeonReading this increases your IQ by 2 points. | $10K Art !cont06:55:2310780
2019-07-22Monday15: 4547% of people dont read the title, thats why I want to say y08:05:2611655
2019-07-22Monday16: 00Darkest DungeonGame change  
2019-07-21Sunday15: 02rooH Day 3 | $10,000 !conest | !Borderlands09:29:4213254
2019-07-21Sunday15: 18Darkest DungeonGame change  
2019-07-20Saturday15: 02Darkest DungeonThe Pit Day 2 | $10,000 Art !contest | !Borderlands08:13:1012552
2019-07-19Friday15: 07Darkest DungeonBACK TO THE PIT! | $10,000 Art !contest | !Borderlands08:00:5616750
2019-07-18Thursday13: 03Borderlands 2Borderlands Thursday rooAww #Sponsored03:57:494246
2019-07-17Wednesday15: 03They Are BillionsFlawless 800% Campaign TODAY IS THE DAY! | $10K Art Contest!11:38:5315421
2019-07-16Tuesday12: 32Borderlands 3Borderlands 3 announcement in 30 minutes13:23:168098
2019-07-16Tuesday13: 06They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-07-16Tuesday13: 15They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-07-15Monday15: 02They Are BillionsAnnouncement @ 1PM CST11:11:506303
2019-07-14Sunday14: 59They Are BillionsEventually I will play a different game | Flawless 800% Camp08:42:304984
2019-07-13Saturday15: 02They Are BillionsStill sick, still playing TAB | Flawless (No fail) Campaign 09:18:065195
2019-07-12Friday15: 01They Are BillionsStill sick but chill stream rooComfy 10:30:466028
2019-07-09Tuesday21: 11Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Zombies EE Returns! Time to snag a victory again!04:55:0914780
2019-07-09Tuesday13: 17Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Zombies Returns! Time to snag a victrory again07:00:277189
2019-07-08Monday15: 02They Are BillionsFlawless 800% Campaign, no rooVVs allowed in the colony! | Z09:03:567353
2019-07-07Sunday21: 01They Are BillionsIm back! I missed you all | !Borderlands 08:38:496273
2019-07-06Saturday19: 41rooVV Hello I am streaming from GuardianCon | Checking out W02:45:363236
2019-07-06Saturday20: 06WarframeGame change  
2019-07-04Thursday13: 01Borderlands 2Borderlands #Sponsored04:01:245327
2019-07-03Wednesday15: 06They Are BillionsIm addicted | Going to GuardianCon in 2 days | !Borderlands09:38:0611741
2019-07-02Tuesday15: 32Just ChattingI am feeling rooDuck today | !Borderlands 08:21:575762
2019-07-02Tuesday15: 52Super Mario Maker 2Game change  
2019-07-01Monday15: 03They Are BillionsYou, Me, & the Final TAB Mission10:55:2521276
2019-06-30Sunday15: 01They Are BillionsThis is it! The FINAL MISSION! 09:38:3313159
2019-06-28Friday15: 01They Are BillionsIts the campaign that never ends (Hardest Difficulty)14:43:0421025
2019-06-27Thursday17: 01They Are BillionsI FINISH THIS TODAY OR ELSE08:31:3211247
2019-06-27Thursday16: 39Borderlands 2Borderlands featuring Borderlands #sponsored00:21:27935
2019-06-27Thursday14: 01Borderlands 2Borderlands featuring Borderlands #sponsored02:37:231524
2019-06-27Thursday13: 17Borderlands 2Borderlands featuring Borderlands #sponsored00:43:05714
2019-06-26Wednesday14: 59They Are BillionsDay 338 of TAB Campaign Apocalyptic difficulty12:04:3711890
2019-06-25Tuesday15: 02They Are BillionsThey Are Billions New APOCALYPTIC difficulty | Risk of Rain12:31:4812453
2019-06-24Monday15: 01They Are BillionsTotally finishing this game Pt.210:23:2314265
2019-06-23Sunday15: 01Next Stream Sunday @ 11am CST12:04:0611684
2019-06-23Sunday15: 05They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-06-22Saturday14: 59They Are BillionsMore of the TAB Campaign (Hardest difficulty)05:59:258816
2019-06-21Friday15: 02They Are BillionsMore They Are Billions Nightmare Campaign!12:41:1516355
2019-06-19Wednesday15: 01They Are BillionsThey Are BILLIONS! Nightmare Campaign Day 210:33:3119714
2019-06-18Tuesday15: 01Next Stream = Tuesday @ 11AM CST!09:09:5819124
2019-06-18Tuesday15: 02They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-06-17Monday15: 01Just ChattingIts good to be back09:47:279797
2019-06-17Monday16: 02TerrariaGame change  
2019-06-17Monday23: 59Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of ZeldaGame change  
2019-06-13Thursday13: 01Borderlands 2#Sponsored Borderlands Sponsored by Borderlands and we in th03:59:027930
2019-06-12Wednesday15: 06Just ChattingSomething special05:20:488769
2019-06-12Wednesday15: 33Borderlands 2Game change  
2019-06-12Wednesday17: 00Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-06-11Tuesday16: 44Borderlands 2I love video games00:26:343776
2019-06-09Sunday13: 03Borderlands 2BIG DAY, You will wanna be here11:47:2025611
2019-06-09Sunday18: 28Special EventsGame change  
2019-06-09Sunday20: 23Borderlands 2Game change  
2019-06-09Sunday23: 33Special EventsGame change  
2019-06-07Friday15: 03Just ChattingFriday fun.05:19:177038
2019-06-07Friday15: 34Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-06-06Thursday13: 00Borderlands 2Wow look at this new DLC! ITS CRAWMERAX04:00:107851
2019-06-04Tuesday15: 01Dead by DaylightChecking out Ghost Face on DbD03:57:098733
2019-06-04Tuesday18: 15Borderlands 2Game change  
2019-06-04Tuesday18: 26Just ChattingGame change  
2019-06-03Monday15: 01Void BastardsVoid B- Hardest Difficulty, Permadeath , 100 Subs if I die08:10:508085
2019-06-01Saturday14: 04Just ChattingJust skip this stream10:24:149294
2019-05-31Friday17: 06Void BastardsFriday fun | Checking out Void Bastards and Layers of Fear 205:39:044852
2019-05-31Friday19: 23Layers of Fear 2Game change  
2019-05-31Friday20: 41Void BastardsGame change  
2019-05-31Friday14: 05Just ChattingFriday fun03:00:453340
2019-05-31Friday14: 31Void BastardsGame change  
2019-05-30Thursday13: 00Borderlands 2Farming in some good ole BL203:58:393406
2019-05-26Monday23: 07World of WarcraftWoW Classic Permadeath with Strippin03:30:464927
2019-05-24Friday14: 29Just ChattingSub-A-Thon! Every Sub adds time09:22:2414685
2019-05-24Friday14: 44Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-05-24Friday18: 20Nioh 2Game change  
2019-05-24Friday00: 13World of WarcraftGame change  
2019-05-24Friday12: 24Auto ChessGame change  
2019-05-24Friday20: 027 Days to DieGame change  
2019-05-24Friday22: 12Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-05-23Thursday13: 01Borderlands 2Ask me about Borderlands 3 #Sponsored04:00:524626
2019-05-22Wednesday14: 02Just ChattingStarting with a game and then a new game after that07:33:136551
2019-05-22Wednesday14: 19Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-05-22Wednesday16: 54ObservationGame change  
2019-05-20Monday14: 34Just ChattingOh no its monday08:15:255819
2019-05-20Monday15: 14Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-05-20Monday17: 49Auto ChessGame change  
2019-05-19Sunday15: 09Just Chatting!dartboard I play based on my ability to throw03:55:465116
2019-05-19Sunday15: 29DepthGame change  
2019-05-19Sunday15: 54Just ChattingGame change  
2019-05-19Sunday15: 55FrostpunkGame change  
2019-05-19Sunday17: 15Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-05-19Sunday17: 54RaftGame change  
2019-05-18Saturday14: 58Just ChattingIts Saturday my dudes06:01:037158
2019-05-18Saturday15: 32Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-05-17Friday17: 09Rage 2Finishing Rage 206:00:505223
2019-05-17Friday18: 52Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-05-17Friday16: 33Rage 2Finishing Rage 200:35:07743
2019-05-16Thursday13: 09Borderlands 2Thursday Borderlands - # Sponsored03:48:554793
2019-05-16Thursday13: 01Borderlands 2Thursday Borderlands - # Sponsored00:07:59550
2019-05-15Wednesday16: 12Rage 2(Nightmare) Anger management class Day 207:04:523557
2019-05-14Tuesday14: 04Rage 2Im very angry and must rage08:58:377549
2019-05-13Monday14: 03Just Chatting:D05:50:114708
2019-05-13Monday14: 15Blazing BeaksGame change  
2019-05-12Sunday14: 04Just ChattingRe-sub Sunday | Matching all gifted subs today because I can09:35:298256
2019-05-12Sunday14: 29Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-05-12Sunday16: 00MinecraftGame change  
2019-05-11Saturday15: 01Just ChattingWow would you look at that08:14:417603
2019-05-11Saturday15: 16Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-05-11Saturday18: 58MinecraftGame change  
2019-05-10Friday14: 03Dead by DaylightPost rooSip, its the law Longish stream today12:30:057061
2019-05-10Friday17: 00A Hat in TimeGame change  
2019-05-10Friday17: 44Jump KingGame change  
2019-05-09Thursday13: 02Borderlands 2Borderlands 2 1Life Krieg with Bahwoo #Sponsored03:57:115342
2019-05-08Wednesday14: 33MinecraftGunna chop a lot of wood04:32:165679
2019-05-07Tuesday14: 02Just ChattingDay 6 without playing Borderlands 305:21:586498
2019-05-07Tuesday14: 15Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-05-06Monday15: 38Dead by DaylightI have reached a whole new level of bored. This is a cry for06:44:167316
2019-05-05Sunday14: 01Just ChattingIm back! I miss you all rooSmush06:40:297989
2019-05-05Sunday14: 41Borderlands 2Game change  
2019-05-01Wednesday22: 55Borderlands 3Borderlands 3 GAMEPLAY REVEAL! #Sponsored | Be Back at 5:15 01:57:0216908
2019-05-01Wednesday15: 26Borderlands 3Borderlands 3 GAMEPLAY REVEAL!03:32:0335338
2019-04-27Saturday14: 30Borderlands 212 Hour BL2 Reborn Sub-a-Thon | Last stream before BL3!!! !S05:51:0712040
2019-04-26Friday14: 01Just ChattingStill hurt, gunna do a small stream, 5 days till our lives c09:24:0611877
2019-04-26Friday14: 31ForagerGame change  
2019-04-21Sunday14: 00Borderlands 2Borderlands 2 Reborn Mod!| !May1st | Follow @AdmiralBahroo o09:45:1316349
2019-04-21Sunday18: 00Hollow KnightGame change  
2019-04-19Friday14: 04Risk of Rain 2RoR Monsoon runs to start, Anno Co-Op @ 4PM | !May1st | Foll11:41:2512102
2019-04-19Friday20: 03Anno 1800Game change  
2019-04-18Thursday13: 00Borderlands 2Borderlands 1Life Krieg (2nd session) | !May1st | @AdmiralB04:01:207828
2019-04-17Wednesday14: 44Risk of Rain 2Checking out the new patch for Risk of Rain then WWZ @ 1 wit04:40:556759
2019-04-17Wednesday16: 42World War ZGame change  
2019-04-16Tuesday14: 04Hollow Knight112%07:33:176817
2019-04-16Tuesday16: 35Just ChattingGame change  
2019-04-16Tuesday17: 00World War ZGame change  
2019-04-16Tuesday19: 37Anno 1800Game change  
2019-04-15Monday14: 04Hollow KnightFINISHING HOLLOW KNIGHT roo407:48:107662
2019-04-14Sunday14: 02Hollow KnightXD HI | Finishing Hollow Knight TONIGHT!08:49:147461
2019-04-14Sunday16: 33Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-04-14Sunday20: 12Hollow KnightGame change  
2019-04-13Saturday14: 02Hollow KnightHollow Knight Continues | May1st | Follow @AdmiralBahroo on 07:24:268931
2019-04-12Friday14: 06Just ChattingNew Game today?| !May1st | @AdmiralBahroo08:47:2715802
2019-04-12Friday14: 21Hollow KnightGame change  
2019-04-11Thursday13: 25Borderlands 2Borderlands 2 1Life Krieg #Sponsored by Gearbox | !May1st | 03:33:468556
2019-04-11Thursday13: 00Borderlands 2Borderlands 2 1Life Krieg #Sponsored by Gearbox | !May1st | 00:23:401237
2019-04-10Wednesday14: 04SatisfactoryChilling and making a Factory | !May1st | @AdmiralBahroo07:04:524600
2019-04-10Wednesday18: 48Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-04-09Tuesday19: 59Borderlands 2Announcement @5PM CST03:22:184232
2019-04-09Tuesday21: 11SatisfactoryGame change  
2019-04-09Tuesday14: 02Just ChattingThis title is just a duck, a giant rooDuck03:47:253222
2019-04-09Tuesday14: 28Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-04-08Monday15: 03Just ChattingTitle08:21:125559
2019-04-08Monday15: 24Enter the GungeonGame change  
2019-04-08Monday18: 12Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-04-07Sunday21: 04Risk of Rain 2Chill late night uew[0r4p8igfuyhae[r0oiguhyew4r[0o'tg 03:51:544191
2019-04-07Sunday14: 01Borderlands32w4yg4ertjhnbrdtywu2w4w3E4E4D65TIJ05:36:416276
2019-04-06Saturday14: 03BorderlandsBorderlands 1 Remastered | @admiralbaroo06:42:267820
2019-04-06Saturday14: 15BorderlandsGame change  
2019-04-06Saturday14: 15Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-04-05Friday14: 18Enter the GungeonChecking out Gungeon Update + Division 2 WT510:58:047312
2019-04-05Friday20: 29Tom Clancy's The Division 2Game change  
2019-04-05Friday21: 34Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-04-03Wednesday19: 27BorderlandsMore Borderlands 1 Remastered! !Creator !VIP !Partner03:14:527417
2019-04-03Wednesday11: 37BorderlandsBorderlands 1 Remastered! [Borderlands Partner]04:38:268851
2019-04-02Tuesday12: 23BorderlandsBorderlands 1 Remastered!09:27:2426420
2019-04-01Monday14: 05Just ChattingTOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!08:27:535616
2019-04-01Monday14: 34Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-03-30Saturday15: 03Risk of Rain 2Starting off with some RoR2 co-op with Alex and then Modded 08:55:049771
2019-03-30Saturday21: 00XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2019-03-29Friday15: 59Risk of Rain 2Time for a chill day after the hype that was yesterday08:27:459015
2019-03-28Thursday14: 00Borderlands 2HUGE DAY FOR BORDERLANDS FANS!10:32:4924387
2019-03-28Thursday17: 01BorderlandsGame change  
2019-03-28Thursday17: 01Borderlands 2Game change  
2019-03-28Thursday20: 37Risk of Rain 2Game change  
2019-03-27Wednesday16: 03Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Borderlands announcement tomorrow, my excitement knows no bo02:47:157184
2019-03-26Tuesday15: 01Call of Duty: Black Ops 4[Zombies] Ancient Evil EE Hunt! Time to snag a world first19:24:3215625
2019-03-24Sunday15: 02Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceGifting 100 Subs every hour because I love you | @admiralbah07:44:257466
2019-03-23Saturday15: 00Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceSEKIRO 1 Death = 2 Gifted Subs | @admiralbahroo on Social 10:55:588548
2019-03-22Friday03: 06Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice[PC] Sekiro Playthrough! 1 Death = 2 Gifted Subed | @admiral16:31:1719192
2019-03-21Thursday15: 03Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceSekiro Early Copy! Thanks Activision for the code | @admiral03:16:137514
2019-03-20Wednesday15: 00SatisfactoryCome with me, and you'll see, a world of OSHA violations | @09:34:0810164
2019-03-19Tuesday15: 02Dead by DaylightWaiting on Satisfactory | @admiralbahroo on Social09:42:117036
2019-03-19Tuesday15: 13Tom Clancy's The Division 2Game change  
2019-03-19Tuesday16: 51SatisfactoryGame change  
2019-03-18Monday23: 06Left 4 Dead 2Left 4 Dead with friends rooAww | @admiralbahroo on Social04:15:003744
2019-03-17Sunday15: 01Just ChattingThe !Anti Sub-a-Thon! (Live @10AM CST20:10:5414431
2019-03-17Sunday15: 16Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-03-17Sunday20: 46The Binding of Isaac: AfterbirthGame change  
2019-03-17Sunday22: 01Enter the GungeonGame change  
2019-03-17Sunday00: 45They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-03-17Sunday02: 30Slay the SpireGame change  
2019-03-17Sunday04: 24BaBa Is YouGame change  
2019-03-17Sunday06: 18They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-03-17Sunday09: 33Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-03-16Saturday22: 00Tom Clancy's The Division 2Late night Division 2 Endgame rooComfy | @Admiralbahroo on S03:19:121697
2019-03-16Saturday19: 40Tom Clancy's The Division 2Time to create the most OP build | @Admiralbahroo on Social 00:04:06973
2019-03-16Saturday15: 08Tom Clancy's The Division 2Time to create the most OP build | @Admiralbahroo on Social 04:30:371050
2019-03-16Saturday15: 01Tom Clancy's The Division 2Time to create the most OP build | @Admiralbahroo on Social 00:04:35223
2019-03-15Friday14: 59Tom Clancy's The Division 2Division 2 Grinding to that E N D G A M E | @Admiralbahroo 11:48:192374
2019-03-13Wednesday15: 00Tom Clancy's The Division 2Next stream = 10 AM CST09:37:504150
2019-03-12Tuesday15: 02Tom Clancy's The Division 21+1=210:36:583676
2019-03-11Monday17: 09Tom Clancy's The Division 2The Division 2 FULL GAME! | Code Provided by Ubisoft07:54:314763
2019-03-11Monday16: 15Tom Clancy's The Division 2The Division 2 FULL GAME! | Code Provided by Ubisoft00:48:451788
2019-03-11Monday15: 03Just ChattingToday is a rooDuck kind of day01:09:461105
2019-03-11Monday15: 14Tom Clancy's The Division 2Game change  
2019-03-10Sunday15: 01SatisfactoryNext stream = 10AM CST10:02:165466
2019-03-09Saturday16: 02Devil May Cry 5Next stream = Saturday @10AM CST08:17:016998
2019-03-09Saturday16: 02SatisfactoryGame change  
2019-03-08Friday16: 24Devil May Cry 5rooDevil may rooCry 5 [ First Playthrough] [Devil Hunter]07:49:5811718
2019-03-08Friday16: 22Devil May Cry 5rooDevil may rooCry 5 [ First Playthrough] [Devil Hunter]00:00:51526
2019-03-08Friday16: 18Devil May Cry 5rooDevil may rooCry 5 [ First Playthrough] [Devil Hunter]00:02:54289
2019-03-08Friday16: 15Devil May Cry 5rooDevil may rooCry 5 [ First Playthrough] [Devil Hunter]00:01:30283
2019-03-08Friday15: 59Devil May Cry 5rooDevil may rooCry 5 [ First Playthrough] [Devil Hunter]00:14:30775
2019-03-07Thursday16: 00Devil May Cry 5rooDevil may rooCry 505:13:1012571
2019-03-06Wednesday16: 01Torchlight FrontiersChecking out Torchlight Frontiers and then DbD @ 12PM08:52:028090
2019-03-06Wednesday18: 21Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-03-06Wednesday20: 48They Are BillionsGame change  
2019-03-05Tuesday16: 01They Are BillionsI love you all09:10:317257
2019-02-23Saturday16: 01AnthemAnthem! Endgame grinding for the perfect build! rooHappy com05:49:114638
2019-02-23Saturday20: 38Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-02-22Friday16: 01AnthemJust one more quest... I think08:58:502995
2019-02-21Thursday16: 00AnthemToday we finish Trial of Valor and break the game with a new09:35:482756
2019-02-20Wednesday16: 00Metro ExodusMetro! First playthrough (Ranger Hardcore)10:22:184224
2019-02-20Wednesday19: 41AnthemGame change  
2019-02-18Monday16: 17AnthemAnthem! Going to try and beat this final quest of doing 200 05:21:564049
2019-02-17Sunday20: 19AnthemSunday Funday with me you and that weird guy in the corner08:52:142600
2019-02-17Sunday16: 02Just ChattingNext Stream = Sunday @ 10AM CST04:15:301056
2019-02-17Sunday16: 15AnthemGame change  
2019-02-16Saturday16: 02AnthemAnthem, lets shoot for Endgame. (Hard)08:47:523823
2019-02-15Friday13: 32AnthemAnthem waiting room | Going all day13:10:248100
2019-02-14Thursday16: 02Just ChattingSingles Depression day rooCry02:24:162907
2019-02-14Thursday16: 13Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-02-13Wednesday19: 46Metro: Last LightAnthem is tomorrow, Metro is today || Survival/Ranger Hardco00:33:501821
2019-02-13Wednesday16: 05Apex LegendsrooCry I need a Valentine for tomorrow03:40:222087
2019-02-13Wednesday16: 12Metro: Last LightGame change  
2019-02-12Tuesday16: 07Apex Legends7$ Tournament Sponsored by Chat08:03:262950
2019-02-10Sunday21: 08Apex LegendsIm terrible at this game please dont watch05:48:503087
2019-02-10Sunday16: 07Apex LegendsIm terrible at this game please dont watch04:54:002061
2019-02-09Saturday16: 01Tom Clancy's The Division 2Checking out the Division 2 Beta!10:57:263719
2019-02-09Saturday22: 26Just ChattingGame change  
2019-02-09Saturday22: 30Metro 2033Game change  
2019-02-09Saturday22: 37Apex LegendsGame change  
2019-02-08Friday16: 09Just ChattingHello! Time for a good Friday stream :)07:57:474786
2019-02-08Friday16: 34God Eater 3Game change  
2019-02-08Friday19: 36WarGrooveGame change  
2019-02-06Wednesday21: 11Borderlands 2Streaming for a little bit 358/900 09:09:1310668
2019-02-05Tuesday17: 03Borderlands 2I just wanna play video games man 63/900 20:17:2813539
2019-02-04Monday16: 05Borderlands 2Hunt 2019 12:40:3815390
2019-02-03Sunday16: 01Just ChattingrooVV ate the title. Borderlands 2 tomorrow12:33:485756
2019-02-03Sunday16: 19Anno 1800Game change  
2019-02-03Sunday01: 02Borderlands 2Game change  
2019-02-03Sunday03: 58Just ChattingGame change  
2019-02-03Sunday04: 07Borderlands 2Game change  
2019-02-02Saturday16: 00Just ChattingI have a secret and im not gunna tell you what it is08:46:406041
2019-02-02Saturday16: 21Subnautica: Below ZeroGame change  
2019-02-02Saturday18: 35Anno 1800Game change  
2019-02-02Saturday00: 42Just ChattingGame change  
2019-02-01Friday16: 01AnthemTrying out the Anthem Demo and then Subnautica It Cold Editi07:11:245279
2019-02-01Friday17: 55My Time at PortiaGame change  
2019-01-31Thursday16: 01Kingdom Hearts IIIProud / 100% run !alerts | Finishing today?10:52:5420983
2019-01-30Wednesday16: 02Kingdom Hearts IIII have waited 13 years for this. Max Difficulty / 100% run !11:04:1819937
2019-01-29Tuesday20: 29Kingdom Hearts IIII have waited 13 years for this. Max Difficulty / 100% run !07:09:2122098
2019-01-29Tuesday01: 21My Time at PortiaKH3 waiting roo, launches @ 11PM CST09:51:1032493
2019-01-29Tuesday04: 11Kingdom Hearts IIIGame change  
2019-01-28Monday16: 21Just ChattingKH3 waiting room02:29:183665
2019-01-28Monday16: 52My Time at PortiaGame change  
2019-01-27Sunday16: 13Just ChattingNew PC, please dont crash! KH3 TOMORROW NIGHT!06:24:1010088
2019-01-27Sunday17: 10Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixGame change  
2019-01-27Sunday17: 54My Time at PortiaGame change  
2019-01-27Sunday17: 56Resident Evil 2Game change  
2019-01-26Saturday16: 49Resident Evil 2Resident Evil 2 Claire Side! [Hardcore] rooCult08:33:3713083
2019-01-26Saturday16: 09Resident Evil 2Live @ 10AM CST00:38:001716
2019-01-26Saturday16: 10Just ChattingGame change  
2019-01-26Saturday16: 38Resident Evil 2Game change  
2019-01-25Friday17: 01AnthemAnthem! Please dont suck please dont suck please dont suck p06:50:128460
2019-01-25Friday00: 14Resident Evil 2Early RE2! [HARDCORE] Full run in one sitting? (Spoilers, du03:07:369674
2019-01-24Thursday16: 04My Time at PortiaNot cool enough for an early RE2 PepeHands08:06:4017827
2019-01-24Thursday16: 08Resident Evil 2 Remake (working title)Game change  
2019-01-23Wednesday16: 04Borderlands 2Listen I like you, dont come to stream today.08:59:486945
2019-01-23Wednesday18: 26My Time at PortiaGame change  
2019-01-22Tuesday17: 00Just ChattingrooCult ONE OF US rooCult05:51:076393
2019-01-22Tuesday17: 21Slay the SpireGame change  
2019-01-22Tuesday20: 13Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-01-21Monday21: 22Portal 2rooCult ONE OF US rooCult04:03:364479
2019-01-21Monday16: 01Just ChattingAnother day on the grind05:18:004150
2019-01-21Monday16: 20Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixGame change  
2019-01-21Monday21: 10Portal 2Game change  
2019-01-20Sunday16: 53Dead by DaylightIm back08:10:268609
2019-01-20Sunday22: 17Slay the SpireGame change  
2019-01-20Sunday00: 27Resident Evil 2 Remake (working title)Game change  
2019-01-20Sunday16: 00Just ChattingOn Vacation, back on Jan 20th @10AM CST00:49:40826
2019-01-20Sunday16: 45Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-01-14Monday16: 02Darkest DungeonLast stream before I leave for 5 days10:54:189593
2019-01-14Monday16: 11Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-01-14Monday17: 54Darkest DungeonGame change  
2019-01-14Monday21: 19Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixGame change  
2019-01-13Sunday16: 01Dead by DaylightFunday Sunday !Docket07:53:379206
2019-01-13Sunday17: 26Darkest DungeonGame change  
2019-01-12Saturday16: 00Just ChattingSaturday morning pandas05:25:086411
2019-01-12Saturday16: 16Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-01-11Friday16: 00Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixKH2 (Critical) You are cute10:10:0210566
2019-01-09Wednesday16: 02Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixKH Series Playthrough (KH2 CRITICAL Mode)06:56:477505
2019-01-09Wednesday16: 24Just ChattingGame change  
2019-01-09Wednesday17: 33Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixGame change  
2019-01-08Tuesday16: 11Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixKH Series Playthrough (KH2 CRITICAL Mode)09:15:579615
2019-01-07Monday16: 01Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixKH Series Playthrough (KH2 CRITICAL Mode)04:03:368021
2019-01-06Sunday16: 00Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixKingdom Heart Series Playthrough (RE:Chain of Memories) Day10:46:269319
2019-01-05Saturday16: 01Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixKingdom Heart Series Playthrough (RE:Chain of Memories) Day11:50:107488
2019-01-04Friday16: 00Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixKingdom Heart Series Playthrough (Proud Mode KH1) Day 313:13:068198
2019-01-03Thursday16: 00Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixKingdom Heart Series Playthrough (Proud Mode KH1) Day 210:09:557736
2019-01-02Wednesday16: 01Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 RemixThis will interesting08:50:2010801
2019-01-01Tuesday16: 01Just ChattingIts my Birthday :)11:26:148834
2019-01-01Tuesday16: 32Dead by DaylightGame change  
2019-01-01Tuesday21: 197 Days to DieGame change  
2018-12-31Monday15: 59Dead by DaylightLast stream of the year14:04:437694
2018-12-31Monday19: 52AtlasGame change  
2018-12-31Monday22: 51Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-31Monday23: 23Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesGame change  
2018-12-31Monday05: 24Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-30Sunday16: 02AtlasThe year is almost over :o09:32:565594
2018-12-30Sunday16: 08Just ChattingGame change  
2018-12-30Sunday16: 10AtlasGame change  
2018-12-30Sunday16: 38Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-30Sunday20: 53AtlasGame change  
2018-12-29Saturday16: 03Just ChattingNew Apartment, pray for my internet.05:16:297744
2018-12-29Saturday16: 22Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-29Saturday17: 23Borderlands 2Game change  
2018-12-27Thursday16: 02Just ChattingrooVV12:33:018012
2018-12-27Thursday16: 27Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-27Thursday18: 02AtlasGame change  
2018-12-26Wednesday16: 01Just ChattingAYAYA only chat09:20:306624
2018-12-26Wednesday16: 22Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-26Wednesday19: 53Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2018-12-25Tuesday15: 58Just ChattingMerry Christmas | Gifting 100 Subs every hour | !Giftmas10:13:309255
2018-12-25Tuesday16: 28Borderlands 2Game change  
2018-12-24Monday16: 01AtlasArk with Water ( Official Servers )00:14:082703
2018-12-24Monday16: 03Just ChattingGame change  
2018-12-23Sunday11: 14AtlasArk with Water07:33:377475
2018-12-22Saturday11: 46Atlas4Head12:07:147886
2018-12-22Saturday01: 27AtlasATLAS IS HERE.... KINDA 04:34:405362
2018-12-22Saturday01: 24AtlasATLAS IS HERE.... KINDA 00:02:001494
2018-12-22Saturday01: 15AtlasATLAS IS HERE.... KINDA 00:01:30358
2018-12-22Saturday00: 44AtlasATLAS IS HERE.... KINDA 00:29:00893
2018-12-21Friday16: 01Atlas"Atlas is Delayed Again" Waiting room04:45:503235
2018-12-20Thursday16: 00Just ChattingWhere is my rooDuck07:38:128791
2018-12-20Thursday16: 35Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-12-20Thursday21: 10Last Year: The NightmareGame change  
2018-12-20Thursday23: 38AtlasGame change  
2018-12-19Wednesday23: 21AtlasAtlas waiting room02:33:052865
2018-12-19Wednesday23: 49Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-19Wednesday16: 01Just ChattingrooVV made this title | !charity !contest 04:01:524706
2018-12-19Wednesday16: 05Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-18Tuesday16: 01Just ChattingThe only real Nightmare is rooVV | !charity !contest 07:14:385477
2018-12-18Tuesday17: 36Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-12-18Tuesday18: 19Last Year: The NightmareGame change  
2018-12-18Tuesday21: 00Just ChattingGame change  
2018-12-18Tuesday21: 50AshenGame change  
2018-12-18Tuesday22: 42Just ChattingGame change  
2018-12-17Monday16: 01Dead by DaylightREEE | !charity !contest 09:29:387311
2018-12-17Monday18: 11Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-12-17Monday22: 24HadesGame change  
2018-12-16Sunday16: 00Slay the SpireYou better be nice, rooDuck is watching | !charity !contest 10:06:496972
2018-12-16Sunday18: 36Book of DemonsGame change  
2018-12-16Sunday22: 32Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-15Saturday16: 00Slay the Spire Hey :) | !charity !contest 05:51:426324
2018-12-15Saturday18: 12FortniteGame change  
2018-12-14Friday16: 01Dead by Daylight!charity | Hey, you. You are doing a great job.07:28:387592
2018-12-14Friday19: 00Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-12-14Friday22: 42BelowGame change  
2018-12-13Thursday16: 01Dead by Daylight!charity | Today is a chill day of rooDuck09:39:278228
2018-12-13Thursday22: 15HadesGame change  
2018-12-11Tuesday16: 01Call of Duty: Black Ops 4The Zombies Master returns! A new EE Hunt is afoot 00:05:4322290
2018-12-10Monday16: 00Super Smash Bros. UltimateFinishing Story mode rooD4 | Contest 12:55:537738
2018-12-09Sunday15: 59Super Smash Bros. UltimateGoing to try and beat Story mode and then maybe be less bad 11:50:085426
2018-12-08Saturday16: 00Super Smash Bros. UltimateGoing to try and beat Story mode and then maybe be less bad 09:23:124773
2018-12-07Friday16: 23Super Smash Bros. UltimateDoing the Story mode and then maybe viewer matches | Contest10:18:429030
2018-12-07Friday16: 01Super Smash Bros. UltimateSmashin' it up. | Contest 00:18:05939
2018-12-06Thursday16: 00Slay the SpireNew pc, ready for everything to crash and burn | !contest //12:52:5812164
2018-12-06Thursday23: 33Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-12-06Thursday01: 04The Game AwardsGame change  
2018-12-05Wednesday16: 00Mutant Year Zero: Road to EdenrooDucks and CHAOS | !contest // !docket |08:22:525186
2018-12-05Wednesday16: 53Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-12-04Tuesday15: 59Mutant Year Zero: Road to EdenNew Game! Its Xcom but with a rooDuck | !contest // !docket 10:12:529560
2018-12-04Tuesday00: 31Just Cause 4Game change  
2018-12-03Monday19: 00Just Chatting I will never be late ever again after today | !Contest !doc05:40:365508
2018-12-03Monday19: 23Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-12-02Sunday16: 29Just Cause 4Just Cause 4Head | !Contest | Key Provided by Square Enix10:14:457412
2018-12-02Sunday16: 30Just ChattingGame change  
2018-12-02Sunday16: 49Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-12-02Sunday20: 02XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2018-12-02Sunday23: 43Just Cause 4Game change  
2018-12-01Saturday16: 00Slay the SpireSometimes it really do be like that | !Contest08:35:287371
2018-12-01Saturday20: 53Just Cause 4Game change  
2018-11-30Friday16: 05Just ChattingSmile please :) | !Contest08:53:177206
2018-11-30Friday16: 25Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-11-28Wednesday16: 03Darksiders IIIDarksiders 3 [Hardest Dif] rooD :Mega: HEY 08:45:447642
2018-11-28Wednesday02: 36Darksiders III5 Year Partner Anniversary | Matching all gifted subs.00:23:462253
2018-11-28Wednesday02: 33Darksiders III5 Year Partner Anniversary | Matching all gifted subs.00:00:50788
2018-11-27Tuesday16: 09Just Chatting5 Year Partner Anniversary 10:22:4010181
2018-11-27Tuesday16: 53Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-11-27Tuesday21: 04Darksiders IIIGame change  
2018-11-26Monday16: 02Darksiders IIIHARDEST DIFFICULTY Darksiders 3! Please be good after 6 year06:54:0810273
2018-11-25Sunday16: 04Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!High Octane Double Video Gaming | !schedule !Contest08:39:313222
2018-11-24Saturday16: 10Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!OMEGAROLLING through the story then maybe we hunt offcolor p12:24:286125
2018-11-23Friday16: 00Just ChattingRecovering from a food coma, what year is it?11:59:385484
2018-11-23Friday16: 43Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!Game change  
2018-11-21Wednesday18: 32Just ChattingI have used up all my creative titles for this week. rooDu10:27:4010245
2018-11-21Wednesday19: 38Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!Game change  
2018-11-20Tuesday19: 07FrostpunkFinally checking out the XCOM DLC06:28:387877
2018-11-20Tuesday19: 14XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2018-11-20Tuesday02: 05Fallout 76[Permadeath] I have lost all control of my life. Streaming f11:23:466414
2018-11-20Tuesday06: 40FrostpunkGame change  
2018-11-19Monday01: 47Just ChattingStreaming for a little bit to see if my internet is fixed10:57:346218
2018-11-19Monday02: 07Fallout 76Game change  
2018-11-19Monday10: 38Just ChattingGame change  
2018-11-19Monday10: 49Fallout 76Game change  
2018-11-18Sunday18: 04Just ChattingSometimes it be like that | Short Stream01:51:482625
2018-11-18Sunday18: 49XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2018-11-18Sunday19: 31Just ChattingGame change  
2018-11-17Saturday16: 01Just ChattingrooDuck Long stream today08:44:288449
2018-11-17Saturday16: 15Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-11-17Saturday23: 24They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-11-16Friday18: 05Warhammer 40,000: MechanicusNew game, looks neat?07:07:183523
2018-11-16Friday01: 52Fallout 76Permadeath | IThe bad game is growing on me | Fixing my sle07:02:163849
2018-11-15Thursday09: 40Fallout 76Fallout 76 Marathon 1Sub = remove 1 minute of VVault | It Ju02:40:322807
2018-11-14Wednesday03: 11Fallout 76Fallout 76 Marathon 1Sub = 1 Minute of VVault |16:57:0614653
2018-11-12Monday18: 05Red Dead Redemption 2Finishing Red Dead 100% just like I promised07:08:095321
2018-11-11Sunday18: 05Warframe[WF Partner] *Tuna joke*09:24:322253
2018-11-11Sunday02: 00Warframe[WF Partner] Im literally just fishing02:40:561243
2018-11-09Friday18: 01Warframe[WF Partner] Twitch Drops, Tuna, and the number 4. Lets go.22:40:486444
2018-11-08Thursday17: 56Dead by DaylightWaiting on 4 Tuna to launch in Warframe05:29:483711
2018-11-07Wednesday18: 01Just ChattingI cant think of a title today so lets just rooDuck03:22:154855
2018-11-06Tuesday18: 03Red Dead Redemption 2Finishing this game TODAY11:10:148473
2018-11-05Monday18: 10Red Dead Redemption 2This Stream is sponsored by Chat and rooVV 06:12:595504
2018-11-04Sunday17: 59Last Year: The NightmareTrying out some more "Last Year" and then Red Dead @ night09:00:106684
2018-11-03Saturday17: 02Last Year: The NightmareTrying out a new Game! Its DbD + LFD206:11:307142
2018-11-02Friday20: 36Red Dead Redemption 2Press R2 to Talk to Stranger 04:32:224841
2018-11-01Thursday20: 09Fallout 76Fallout 76! Lets try this thing out06:31:528547
2018-10-31Wednesday14: 01Red Dead Redemption 2Howdy Pardner 04:33:046011
2018-10-30Tuesday14: 00Red Dead Redemption 2100%! Red 4Head Redemption 212:27:2115062
2018-10-29Monday23: 03Red Dead Redemption 2Back from TwitchCon! First look at RDR2!03:57:5210023
2018-10-29Monday21: 41Red Dead Redemption 2Back from TwitchCon! First look at RDR2!01:20:502557
2018-10-24Wednesday16: 11Dead by DaylightONE MORE STREAM BEFORE TWITCHCON07:19:179545
2018-10-24Wednesday19: 57Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Game change  
2018-10-24Wednesday23: 28Red Dead Redemption 2Game change  
2018-10-24Wednesday23: 29Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-10-23Tuesday16: 05Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Last stream before Twitchcon | I am putting my tinfoil hat o11:28:197018
2018-10-22Monday16: 36Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Trick or Treat rooCry | MORE ZOMBIES IM ADDICTED | Twitchcon08:30:335190
2018-10-21Sunday16: 03Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Back to the Zombie Grind! | !Twitchcon in 4 days07:49:565920
2018-10-19Friday16: 19Call of Duty: Black Ops 4WF BOTD | Classified EE Hunt09:41:1812528
2018-10-18Thursday18: 08Call of Duty: Black Ops 4SOLVING BLOOD TONIGHT I PROMISE 06:22:1522238
2018-10-17Wednesday16: 01Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Solving BOTD Tonight20:40:4116862
2018-10-16Tuesday07: 11Call of Duty: Black Ops 4SOLVING VOYAGE TONIGHT12:42:2013764
2018-10-15Monday21: 02Call of Duty: Black Ops 4IX is SOLVED! Onto Voyage! ZOMBIES EE HUNT DAY 409:47:1612010
2018-10-14Sunday16: 00Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Day 2 Black Ops 4 Zombie EE Hunt17:42:2617842
2018-10-13Saturday18: 05Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Day 2 Black Ops 4 Zombie EE Hunt15:08:2510522
2018-10-12Friday14: 14Call of Duty: Black Ops 4EASTER EGG HUNT BEGINS @ 12PM CTST18:32:0819682
2018-10-12Friday02: 33Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Waiting for Black Ops 4 Zombies to unlock | EE WF Hunt begin06:50:4611488
2018-10-10Wednesday15: 15Assassin's Creed OdysseyStreaming until I beat the story | Zombie Marathon tomorrow 11:25:1210864
2018-10-09Tuesday15: 59Assassin's Creed OdysseyMain Story focused today! | <Nightmare Diff> | !Twitchcon !p08:18:197033
2018-10-08Monday09: 40Assassin's Creed OdysseyA very rare EU friendly stream! | <Nightmare Diff> | !Twitch13:57:3810710
2018-10-06Saturday16: 02Assassin's Creed Odyssey[24 Hour] <Nightmare Dif> | Going all night long, lets explo03:53:2017704
2018-10-05Friday16: 01Assassin's Creed Odyssey<Nightmare Difficulty> Assassin's Creed THIS IS SPARTA Editi09:53:5211893
2018-10-03Wednesday16: 01Dead by Daylight1 Hour of DbD and then with go to Greece | !Twitchcon !brew07:55:4315350
2018-10-03Wednesday17: 35Assassin's Creed OdysseyGame change  
2018-10-02Tuesday16: 01Dead by DaylightEducational stream of how to always throw | !Twitchcon !brew04:26:448197
2018-10-01Monday16: 03Dead by DaylightrooSpy No pandas here! | !Twitchcon !Plushie06:52:528880
2018-09-30Sunday16: 01Dead by DaylightFinal day of !Subtember Matching ALL new/gifted subs! 11:20:388299
2018-09-30Sunday23: 14They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-09-29Saturday16: 02Dead by DaylightMatching every sub for the final day of !subtember. | DbD th11:08:096679
2018-09-29Saturday20: 06CrossCodeGame change  
2018-09-28Friday16: 01Dead by DaylightNo Thursday stream, cya on Friday!09:08:025726
2018-09-28Friday20: 00CrossCodeGame change  
2018-09-26Wednesday16: 02CrossCode[Shakes Head] Finishing CrossCode Today! !Subtember !Twitch08:15:445490
2018-09-25Tuesday16: 00Dead by DaylightWe are all rooDucks now. CC @ 3PM| !Subtember !Twitchcon !Pl07:56:067236
2018-09-25Tuesday19: 17CrossCodeGame change  
2018-09-24Monday16: 01CrossCode[Nods] Day 2 CrossCode Continues! Zombies @ Late Night | !Su10:36:397473
2018-09-24Monday23: 04Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIGame change  
2018-09-23Sunday16: 04Dead by DaylightSome Double Bloodpoints then a new game? | !Subtember !Twit08:37:2610996
2018-09-23Sunday20: 01CrossCodeGame change  
2018-09-22Saturday16: 01Dead by DaylightDouble Bloodpoint goodness | !Twitchcon !Plushie06:23:508635
2018-09-21Friday15: 59FrostpunkNew Frostpunk DLC! We must burn the ducks to keep warm. | !T11:29:288444
2018-09-19Wednesday16: 04Dead by DaylightAYAYA Hello !Twitchcon !Plushie04:54:227899
2018-09-18Tuesday16: 01Dead by DaylightNew DLC, who this? !Twitchcon08:00:4010124
2018-09-17Monday16: 12Dead by Daylightrelaxing Monday stream !Twitchcon07:29:346385
2018-09-17Monday19: 49They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-09-16Sunday15: 59A Hat in TimeA rooAww in time "Seal the Deal" DLC | Cod BR Later | !Twitc07:03:334132
2018-09-16Sunday20: 17Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Game change  
2018-09-15Saturday16: 01A Hat in TimeA rooAww in time "Seal the Deal" DLC | !Twitchcon11:25:265581
2018-09-14Friday19: 48Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Everything is now a BR, even Twitch chat | !Twitchcon03:26:273308
2018-09-14Friday16: 01Dead by DaylightEverything is now a BR, even Twitch chat | !Twitchcon03:43:304669
2018-09-14Friday19: 28Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Game change  
2018-09-12Wednesday20: 46Talk Shows & PodcastsLara exploded my stream02:15:493364
2018-09-12Wednesday21: 38Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-09-12Wednesday21: 42Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2018-09-12Wednesday16: 07Shadow of the Tomb RaiderThese tombs aint gunna raid themselves. !plushie !Twitchcon 04:33:003795
2018-09-11Tuesday16: 12Dead by DaylightJust chillin today, dont make too much noise please. | Gifte08:29:108261
2018-09-11Tuesday18: 53They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-09-10Monday16: 02Dead by DaylightStarting with DbD and then we hunt a pickle later | Gifted s08:26:337448
2018-09-10Monday19: 48Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2018-09-08Saturday15: 01Marvel's Spider-ManSpiderman Continues! 100% Playthrough on HardMode | !plushie19:18:3424453
2018-09-07Friday15: 59Marvel's Spider-ManI feel pretty damn good Mr Stark | Spiderman all day| !plush10:39:3221308
2018-09-06Thursday16: 00Dead by DaylightI just wanna play Spiderman | !plushie !Twitchcon !gog !dis08:28:008754
2018-09-06Thursday21: 19They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-09-05Wednesday16: 01WarframeSome warframe to start then some DeeBeeDee | !plushie !Twitc00:53:382923
2018-09-04Tuesday16: 00Dragon Quest XIIm going on a quest rooAww (First Dragon Quest) | !plushie !07:53:067373
2018-09-04Tuesday19: 17Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-09-04Tuesday22: 01IRLGame change  
2018-09-04Tuesday22: 56They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-09-03Monday16: 03They Are BillionsOk listen. I am beating 800% TODAY. | !Twitchcon !gog !disc12:15:5812768
2018-09-02Sunday16: 00RimWorldRimworld! (First time playing) | Co-op game @4PM | !Twitchco10:50:525731
2018-09-02Sunday20: 02Strange BrigadeGame change  
2018-09-01Saturday16: 00Dead by Daylight12 Hours of fun | !Twitchcon !gog !discord !WF10:51:149820
2018-09-01Saturday20: 48They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-08-31Friday17: 47They Are BillionsNew apartment, I hope nothing explodes (chill stream today) 03:59:434464
2018-08-29Wednesday16: 01They Are Billions800% to start and then some Warframe later! | !Twitchcon !go05:11:056798
2018-08-28Tuesday15: 59Dead by DaylightNew killer! | !Twitchcon !gog !discord !WF10:58:5616168
2018-08-28Tuesday22: 24They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-08-27Monday16: 03Dead by DaylightNew Killer tomorrow rooPog | !Twitchcon !gog !discord !WF10:18:326735
2018-08-27Monday21: 14They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-08-26Sunday16: 00They Are BillionsWe beat Map2 now onto Map3. DbD Killer on Tuesday | !Twitchc08:30:026348
2018-08-25Saturday15: 50They Are BillionsBeating Map2/3 then DbD late night | !Twitchcon !gog !disco14:16:337384
2018-08-24Friday16: 00They Are BillionsBeating 800% or else I sell off rooVV | !Twitchcon !gog !di10:01:546061
2018-08-23Thursday20: 10Dead by DaylightOffday Chill Stream | !Twitchcon !gog !discord 06:08:257480
2018-08-23Thursday23: 33They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-08-22Wednesday16: 05They Are BillionsIm gunna bonk you face. | !gog !20k !discord !WF 06:36:566731
2018-08-22Wednesday21: 24Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-08-21Tuesday16: 00Graveyard KeeperTODAY IS THE DAY! WE ARE FINISHING THIS | !gog !20k !discord07:18:227091
2018-08-20Monday16: 01Graveyard KeeperAnother day, another grave.| !gog !20k !discord !WF 10:11:525355
2018-08-20Monday16: 15Talk ShowsGame change  
2018-08-20Monday17: 07Graveyard KeeperGame change  
2018-08-19Sunday16: 01Graveyard KeeperHelp im stuck in this world with no way out rooCry | !gog !210:15:226201
2018-08-18Saturday16: 00Graveyard KeeperBahroo died of MH:W Overdose and now tends to his Graveyard.09:40:449145
2018-08-17Friday16: 00Monster Hunter WorldLast day of MHW I promise. Please let me play this one more 07:14:483961
2018-08-16Thursday17: 01Graveyard KeeperAnnouncement at Start of stream | !20k !discord !WF 07:25:357705
2018-08-16Thursday21: 00Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2018-08-15Wednesday16: 03Dead by DaylightIm back from the dead | Death's Gambit & Graveyard Keeper t08:47:087395
2018-08-15Wednesday20: 57Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2018-08-11Saturday16: 01Dead by DaylightSuper Mega Sub-a-Thon | !Games06:06:3617778
2018-08-11Saturday00: 11They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-08-11Saturday10: 29Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2018-08-11Saturday16: 12Dead CellsGame change  
2018-08-11Saturday17: 07They Are BillionsGame change  
2018-08-11Saturday18: 32Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-08-10Friday16: 01Monster Hunter WorldPC Monster Hunter | High Rank | HBG/LBG Main09:28:544321
2018-08-09Thursday17: 18Monster Hunter WorldPC Monster Hunter World. High Rank Hunts!07:42:344878
2018-08-08Wednesday22: 12Dead by DaylightSecret stream, dont tell anyone06:39:586246
2018-08-08Wednesday23: 46Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2018-08-07Tuesday16: 01Dead CellsDead Cells Launch :D | !discord !WF21:59:2611132
2018-08-07Tuesday22: 10Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-08-07Tuesday22: 31Dead CellsGame change  
2018-08-07Tuesday22: 47Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-08-07Tuesday22: 49Monster Hunter WorldGame change  
2018-08-06Monday16: 01They Are BillionsThey are Billions NIGHTMARE Update | !discord !WF07:04:058234
2018-08-05Sunday16: 00They Are BillionsThey are Ducks! Derusting before update tomorrow | !discord 08:21:085650
2018-08-05Sunday20: 10XCOM 2: War of the ChosenGame change  
2018-08-05Sunday22: 52Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-08-04Saturday16: 00XCOM 2: War of the ChosenXcom 2 WoTC (Heavily Modded) Leg/Ironman | TAB on Sunday? | 07:31:327947
2018-08-03Friday16: 03WarframeOnly person in the world to seel their Chroma | !discord !Pl07:56:565007
2018-08-03Friday19: 23Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-08-02Thursday18: 34No Man's SkyLive @2PM CST05:29:383278
2018-08-02Thursday23: 14WarframeGame change  
2018-08-01Wednesday16: 07Dead by DaylightALL OF MY PLANS HAVE BEEN RUINED BY rooLick | !Plushie !WF !02:09:485714
2018-07-31Tuesday16: 03Dead by DaylightDbD n Warframe @4 | !Plushie !WF 06:24:246018
2018-07-31Tuesday20: 53WarframeGame change  
2018-07-30Monday16: 32WarframeWarframe n DbD| Buy a plushie today 07:04:043900
2018-07-30Monday21: 21Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-07-29Sunday16: 03Dead by DaylightDbD n Warframe | Buy a plushie today 06:46:305078
2018-07-29Sunday20: 57WarframeGame change  
2018-07-28Saturday16: 00Dead by DaylightrooLick has taken over this channel | Warframe @5 |
2018-07-28Saturday21: 14WarframeGame change  
2018-07-27Friday16: 01Dead by DaylightrooVV Ate this title.07:06:145783
2018-07-25Wednesday16: 00No Man's | Permadeath NMS, to the STARS08:14:195175
2018-07-24Tuesday16: 02Dead by | New DbD Patch! | No Man's Sky @ 4PM09:07:365418
2018-07-23Monday16: 00Dead by DaylightrooHappy plushies go live today! | Best DbD Killer in the en06:51:393787
2018-07-21Saturday16: 00Octopath TravelerOcotopath day 8 - Streaming until this game is over, yes eve05:24:528403
2018-07-20Friday16: 00Octopath TravelerI am going to stream until this is finished. Say good bye to06:07:583158
2018-07-19Thursday20: 51Enter the GungeonToday is my day off so just pretend I am not here00:34:271564
2018-07-19Thursday18: 00Enter the GungeonToday is my day off so just pretend I am not here02:50:322867
2018-07-18Wednesday16: 00Octopath TravelerNew Gungeon Update! Advanced Gungeons and Draguns!10:28:207764
2018-07-18Wednesday16: 03Enter the GungeonGame change  
2018-07-17Tuesday16: 03MothergunshipMothergunship first look! | Octopath continue @4PM10:02:563803
2018-07-17Tuesday20: 01Octopath TravelerGame change  
2018-07-16Monday16: 01Dead by DaylightrooAww you're cute! DbD to start | Octopath @4PM | 10:30:386097
2018-07-16Monday20: 03Project Octopath TravelerGame change  
2018-07-16Monday00: 11Octopath TravelerGame change  
2018-07-15Sunday16: 00Project Octopath TravelerOctopath Traveler! Day 3, Chapter 2 FINALLY!09:49:404023
2018-07-15Sunday21: 24Enter the GungeonGame change  
2018-07-14Saturday15: 59Project Octopath TravelerOctopath Traveler! Day 2, still no 8 ways paths in sight.08:08:565020
2018-07-13Friday16: 01Project Octopath TravelerLive @ 12PM CST09:17:358878
2018-07-11Wednesday16: 14FTL: Faster Than LightFTL, rooVV is best spaceman09:16:524000
2018-07-11Wednesday20: 11Shining ResonanceGame change  
2018-07-11Wednesday22: 09FTL: Faster Than LightGame change  
2018-07-10Tuesday15: 59Dead by DaylightNew PTB changes, Man with Machete 2.0 | Warframe n Chill lat06:22:583993
2018-07-10Tuesday19: 19WarframeGame change  
2018-07-09Monday16: 04Dead by DaylightStarting up with some DbD and then Warframe @4PM00:35:381278
2018-07-08Sunday16: 01WarframeHello! rooVV says boop | DbD to start, Warframe continues @ 07:09:472992
2018-07-08Sunday16: 04Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-07-08Sunday20: 18WarframeGame change  
2018-07-07Saturday16: 02WarframeWarframe! Tennocon 2018 is here! Today's Broadcast sponsored06:03:382097
2018-07-06Friday16: 04Dead by DaylightDouble BP DbD to start / Warframe later tonight07:36:173448
2018-07-06Friday20: 56WarframeGame change  
2018-07-05Thursday16: 59WarframeWarframe n Chill then DbD when double XP kicks in.09:09:242180
2018-07-05Thursday21: 22Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-07-04Wednesday16: 00FTL: Faster Than LightHappy Explosion day10:19:345530
2018-07-04Wednesday20: 17WarframeGame change  
2018-07-04Wednesday20: 19FTL: Faster Than LightGame change  
2018-07-02Monday16: 08Dead by DaylightIts one of THOSE days. 08:52:308316
2018-07-01Sunday17: 00Mario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleMario Xcom DLC! rooVV Tactics in full effect06:50:445643
2018-06-30Saturday16: 03WarframeWarframe n Chill, how is your weekend so far?08:13:062560
2018-06-29Friday16: 01Darkest DungeonBloodmoon Wk 70. We are running out of time monkaS07:19:4420564
2018-06-27Wednesday16: 00Warframe[WF Partner] Warframe Wednesday! | DD @ 6PM10:08:246627
2018-06-27Wednesday22: 13Darkest DungeonGame change  
2018-06-26Wednesday23: 54Darkest DungeonBloodmoon Wk 49 | This stream is sponsored by roo400:45:306020
2018-06-26Tuesday16: 00Darkest DungeonBloodmoon Wk 36 | This is a rooAww only chat now07:52:5218706
2018-06-25Monday16: 04Darkest DungeonBloodmoon Wk 36 | This is a rooAww only chat now08:29:2222648
2018-06-24Sunday16: 07Darkest DungeonBloodmoon Wk 25, More Darkest Dungeon, more rooVV07:57:0119681
2018-06-23Saturday16: 00Darkest DungeonrooVV will eat the pit07:42:5832051
2018-06-22Friday18: 35Darkest DungeonBack to the pit09:27:038396
2018-06-22Friday21: 18Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-06-22Friday18: 32Darkest DungeonBack to the pit00:01:10634
2018-06-22Friday16: 01Darkest DungeonBack to the pit02:22:502913
2018-06-20Wednesday15: 59Warframe[WF Partner] Drop here, get ya drops here! Warframe Wednesda08:58:325529
2018-06-20Wednesday22: 14Darkest DungeonGame change  
2018-06-19Tuesday16: 01Darkest DungeonLets fall into madness all over again08:15:0812388
2018-06-18Monday16: 15Dead by DaylightDbD n Chill till Deathgarden @3PM | Darkest Dungeon tomorrow07:34:026063
2018-06-18Monday19: 13DeathgardenGame change  
2018-06-17Sunday16: 00The Last of UsBahroo plays The Last of Us (First Playthrough) Remastered/P08:51:249661
2018-06-16Saturday16: 44The Last of UsBahroo plays The Last of Us (First Playthrough) Remastered/P08:31:3012521
2018-06-16Saturday16: 42WarframeBahroo plays The Last of Us (First Playthrough) Remastered/P00:01:12845
2018-06-16Saturday16: 43The Last of UsGame change  
2018-06-15Friday15: 59WarframeDbd 2.0 for 2.0 Hour then Warframe @ 2 / 20th hours for the 08:17:052949
2018-06-15Friday16: 11Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-06-15Friday18: 58WarframeGame change  
2018-06-14Thursday15: 42Warframe[Partner] Time for some more Warframe! New update today?10:40:232514
2018-06-13Wednesday15: 59WarframeWarframe to start! DbD 2.0 @4PM | Last of Us this weekend10:04:023497
2018-06-13Wednesday20: 09Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-06-12Tuesday15: 50Dead by DaylightDbD 2.0 is OUT!05:35:005394
2018-06-11Monday17: 09Dead by DaylightDbD till Ubisoft Conference03:53:182081
2018-06-11Monday17: 27E3 2018Game change  
2018-06-11Monday17: 49Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-06-11Monday18: 57E3 2018Game change  
2018-06-11Monday15: 46Dead by DaylightNext stream at 10AM?00:00:10467
2018-06-10Sunday16: 00E3Just waiting for the E3 Microsoft conference02:22:221776
2018-06-10Sunday16: 04Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-06-10Sunday16: 11Enter the GungeonGame change  
2018-06-09Saturday19: 17Dead by DaylightDbD | 2.0 on Tuesday | Talking about E3 coverage n stuff03:52:392688
2018-06-08Friday16: 01Dark SoulsDark Souls remaster, rooCry08:31:543174
2018-06-06Wednesday16: 00VampyrGunna S U C C chat dry07:21:105442
2018-06-06Wednesday21: 18Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-06-05Tuesday16: 00VampyrVampyr with Bahroo, lemme S U C C08:46:213845
2018-06-04Monday16: 00Dead by DaylightEvery time you post rooVV he grows in power | DbD to start, 05:56:263180
2018-06-04Monday21: 03WarframeGame change  
2018-06-03Sunday16: 00Dead by DaylightDbd to start then Minecraft in 2018 @ 3 OMEGAROLL09:14:133830
2018-06-03Sunday18: 53MinecraftGame change  
2018-06-02Saturday17: 30Dead by DaylightI was late and so my pandas will riot06:44:242735
2018-06-01Friday16: 00Dead by DaylightA bit of variety today. Dbd | New game | Warframe to chill07:41:552580
2018-06-01Friday19: 00Phantom DoctrineGame change  
2018-06-01Friday21: 01WarframeGame change  
2018-06-01Friday21: 07Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-06-01Friday21: 16WarframeGame change  
2018-05-30Wednesday16: 20Dead by DaylightMore Dbd... for now07:35:503327
2018-05-29Tuesday15: 40Dead by DaylightNew killer is live, and its a clown. Hep08:06:404802
2018-05-29Tuesday22: 13AgonyGame change  
2018-05-29Tuesday22: 53Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-05-28Monday16: 02Graveyard KeeperDay 2 of Graveyard Keeper! DbD later today (New Killer tomor06:53:522258
2018-05-28Monday19: 01Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-05-27Sunday16: 00Graveyard KeeperGraveyard Keeper (Alpha) First look at a Stardew valley with06:40:053660
2018-05-26Saturday16: 13Detroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become Panda | [PS4 Pro]11:17:586274
2018-05-25Friday16: 18Detroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become Panda | Just click on this, I got nothing. [10:57:3812432
2018-05-25Friday16: 00Detroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become Panda | Just click on this, I got nothing. [00:15:321260
2018-05-23Wednesday16: 13IRLrooVV09:13:023559
2018-05-23Wednesday16: 32Talk ShowsGame change  
2018-05-23Wednesday17: 03RaftGame change  
2018-05-22Tuesday16: 07MoonlighterBecoming the #1 Merchant in the world, by selling pandas | S06:24:382268
2018-05-22Tuesday19: 17State of Decay 2Game change  
2018-05-22Tuesday20: 08Wizard of LegendGame change  
2018-05-21Monday16: 02MoonlighterChecking out a new game! More Wizard later?08:38:242953
2018-05-20Sunday16: 02State of Decay 2Finishing State of Decay 209:49:551863
2018-05-20Sunday19: 15Wizard of LegendGame change  
2018-05-19Saturday16: 03Wizard of LegendWizard of Legend! | State of Decay 2 later tonight07:31:002241
2018-05-19Saturday21: 13State of Decay 2Game change  
2018-05-18Friday16: 01Wizard of LegendIm a magical wizard rooAww 08:40:263523
2018-05-16Wednesday16: 02State of Decay 2Surviving the world of Zombies, come say hi!07:50:493283
2018-05-15Tuesday16: 06State of Decay 2The Most chat interactive stream to date (Low Latency mode E08:55:592572
2018-05-14Monday16: 56State of Decay 2Checking out State of Decay 207:41:464295
2018-05-12Saturday16: 01Slay the Spire!Marathon Thank you for 500K Followers! <3 Giving away 500 S00:03:406701
2018-05-12Saturday20: 07Borderlands 2Game change  
2018-05-12Saturday10: 12Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-05-11Friday16: 01Dead by Daylight!500K Playing some DbD for today! Marathon tomorrow!05:51:223114
2018-05-09Wednesday19: 31DeathgardenNew game who dis?05:32:553068
2018-05-08Tuesday16: 02Slay the SpireTaking the Robot to A15 today, pray for me.05:25:283353
2018-05-07Monday16: 01Slay the SpirerooVV is in control of this stream07:21:312613
2018-05-06Sunday16: 01Slay the SpireRe-Sub Sunday with you the chat and this robot thing08:03:253732
2018-05-06Sunday20: 16Stardew ValleyGame change  
2018-05-05Saturday16: 01They Are BillionsThey are Billions Update!?!08:02:243705
2018-05-05Saturday21: 29Slay the SpireGame change  
2018-05-04Friday16: 01Slay the SpireTrying out Slay the Spire's 3rd Character! | Stardew later t10:01:455203
2018-05-04Friday20: 23Stardew ValleyGame change  
2018-05-02Wednesday16: 01Stardew ValleyI just wanna make a big old farm rooAww08:04:156013
2018-05-01Tuesday16: 03Dead by DaylightDbD until Richard is ready for Stardew08:02:013973
2018-05-01Tuesday17: 46The Binding of Isaac: AfterbirthGame change  
2018-04-30Monday16: 07FrostpunkFrostpunk Hard mode?10:37:093536
2018-04-30Monday21: 13Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-04-30Monday23: 267 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-29Sunday16: 06FrostpunkRe-Sub Sunday Its really cold edition05:29:562898
2018-04-29Sunday20: 22Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-04-28Saturday16: 02FrostpunkDOWN WITH THE TYRANT PANDA LORD!09:56:414642
2018-04-28Saturday20: 47Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-04-28Saturday22: 567 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-27Friday16: 00Dead by DaylightDbD to start, then Frostpunk09:41:025006
2018-04-27Friday21: 26FrostpunkGame change  
2018-04-25Wednesday16: 03Dead by DaylightDbD Ranking up! | Finishing off God of War 100% @ 4PM | Chec11:56:114022
2018-04-25Wednesday19: 29God of WarGame change  
2018-04-23Monday14: 03God of WarDad of War Day 5 | Hardest Difficulty | 100% |Main Story is 14:37:3021633
2018-04-22Sunday14: 04God of WarDad of War Day 4 | Hardest Difficulty | 100% 12:53:1525380
2018-04-21Saturday14: 01God of WarDad of War Day 3 | Hardest Difficulty | 100% LETSA GO!11:01:0121355
2018-04-20Friday14: 03God of WarGod of War Day 2 | Give me a Challenge mode | 100% | #Thanks12:25:5822819
2018-04-19Thursday16: 30God of WarGod of War FULL Game | Hardest Difficulty | 100% | #ThanksSo09:26:1118308
2018-04-18Wednesday16: 05Dead by DaylightOnly the top tier Memes builds today | God of War tomorrow!09:53:294283
2018-04-18Wednesday21: 037 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-17Tuesday16: 02Dead by DaylightPost rooNya07:16:492557
2018-04-17Tuesday22: 06FortniteGame change  
2018-04-16Monday16: 00Dead by DaylightHewwo rooVV07:43:452848
2018-04-15Sunday16: 02Dead by DaylightStarting with DbD, GoW 3 in 1-2 hours.12:18:405058
2018-04-15Sunday17: 59God of War IIIGame change  
2018-04-14Saturday16: 17Dead by DaylightVIDEO GAAAAAAMESSSSS10:35:514214
2018-04-14Saturday23: 087 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-13Friday16: 01Borderlands 2Permadeath run as Krieg, !1life10:33:355165
2018-04-13Friday18: 11Dead by DaylightGame change  
2018-04-13Friday23: 027 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-11Wednesday16: 01Dead by DaylightHuge Patch fixes everything!!?!13:08:175372
2018-04-11Wednesday23: 007 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-10Tuesday16: 00Borderlands 2Some of that BL2 action and then some good ol 7Days2Sleep @ 12:46:535375
2018-04-10Tuesday16: 49Radical HeightsGame change  
2018-04-10Tuesday17: 14BorderlandsGame change  
2018-04-10Tuesday17: 14Borderlands 2Game change  
2018-04-10Tuesday22: 477 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-09Monday16: 03Borderlands 2UVHM Funtimes rooAww 06:54:173655
2018-04-08Sunday18: 02Borderlands 2Borderlands 2 UVHM Continues! 50% chance its heads04:34:493800
2018-04-07Saturday16: 02Borderlands 2UVHM AXTON! More 7 Days to chill @ 713:17:415984
2018-04-07Saturday22: 597 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-06Friday16: 01Borderlands 2Another wonderful day of streaming rooAww13:12:074987
2018-04-06Friday23: 137 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-04Wednesday16: 12Borderlands 2Borderlands Continues! Onto to TVHM! | !Sellout08:46:146624
2018-04-04Wednesday22: 55Honkai ImpactGame change  
2018-04-03Tuesday16: 07Borderlands 2Borderlands! | 7 Days later tonight @ 713:05:477034
2018-04-03Tuesday23: 017 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-02Monday16: 31Borderlands 2THE RETURN OF BORDERLANDS! !Patch 12:22:188232
2018-04-02Monday22: 497 Days to DieGame change  
2018-04-01Sunday16: 00Dead by DaylightDbD then 7Days | !special | 60% off !coffee11:51:224141
2018-04-01Sunday19: 417 Days to DieGame change  
2018-03-31Saturday16: 02Dead by DaylightA wee bit of Dee Bee Dee then fun stuff | !special | 60% off06:37:002915
2018-03-30Friday22: 59Dead by DaylightStarting with DbD | !special | 60% off !coffee01:02:231624
2018-03-30Friday23: 15Golfing Over It with Alva MajoGame change  
2018-03-30Friday16: 01Dead by DaylightStarting with DbD | Special thing @2PM06:53:471916
2018-03-28Wednesday16: 01Far Cry 5Far Cry 5 Finale?04:43:381499
2018-03-27Tuesday16: 02Far Cry 5100% (Hard) Far Cry 5! LETS GOOOOO!05:39:402018
2018-03-26Monday16: 01Far Cry 5FAAAAAAAARCRYYYYYYY 509:38:543462
2018-03-25Sunday16: 04Dead by DaylightStarting with some DbD and then playing FarCry 507:56:173804
2018-03-25Sunday18: 13Far Cry 5Game change  

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